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Date Joined: January 26, 2015
Last Online: February 18, 2018
Birthday: August 25
Country: United Kingdom
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About Me

Hello from England! I'm back after a bit of a break, I'm hoping to take part in a few swaps here and there whilst i'm getting back into things :)

5th May 2017 - I've been going through a really tough time lately and happy mail and surprises are always appreciated. Thank you in advance :) My address is;
Jess Tebbett
27 The Heathers,
Boughton, Newark,
NG22 9HE

I love sending mail, and receiving mail and everything to do with mail! It just makes me smile when I come hope to a big letter-shaped surprise in my postbox. I like to spend time thinking of exactly what to send to each person.

Since joining postcrossing a few years ago I have gained a few wonderful penpals that I write to regularly. But random letters and postcards here and there are always fun to!

I live near the city of Nottingham. My hometown is famous, due to it being the home of Sherwood Forest, and the legend of Robin Hood, the famous outlaw. I live in a little farming village, surrounded by fields and forests, and i love living in the countryside.

I work in an office, and deal with the accounts and paperwork for a small business, but I would much rather be doing something more creative.

I love...

✰ Reading - especially murder mysteries. I love books with surprises and twists, and stories where you never know wha tis going to happen until the last minuet. I love a good book that you just can't put down.

✰ Films - all sorts, mainly comedy/action/adventure. I used to never turn a film off until it got to the end, even if I didn't like it. However, i've recently gotten more ruthless! If i don't like the first 10 minutes, I don't watch it! it makes me feel a little mean, but also awfully powerfull

✰ Television - especially comedy and panel shows. I love a finding a TV show that makes me laugh out loud, but unfortunaly it dosn't happen very often.

✰ Musicals - I love going to watch musicals at the theatre. I have seen a lot, including Cats, Annie, Chicago and more! I most recently went to watch Mamma Mia in London, but my favourite is Matilda the Musical.

✰ Crafts - everything from quilling, to wood carving, to sewing, and more. You name a craft and I will try it!

✰ Mail - letters, postcards, photos, gifts, random lists, surprises! Anything that comes through my mailbox will be a favourite of mine!

✰ Moose - the animal, not the food. I'm not sure what it is about them, but they are just so adorable! Send me anything with a moose on and I will love you forever!

✰ Harry Potter - everything Harry Potter! Books, films, clothes, stationary, badges, wands, Platform 9 3/4s, Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Favorite Books

I love so many books, its hard to choose my favourites! I love fantasy/adventure novels, but I have also recently discovered a love for Murder/Crime Mystery novels. In this genre I particulaly love the writers Kate Atkinson and Linwood Barclay.

My absolute all time favourite series' are...

✰ Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

✰ Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon

✰ Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke

✰ His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.

Favorite Crafts

I like to have a go at all sorts of crafts and seem to fall in love with all of them (except knitting, I could never get the hang of that!) If you have any suggestions for crafts for me to try, please let me know becuase i am always up for giving new things a try.

My favourite crafts change on a weekly basis, but at the moment I love...

✰ Sewing/Quilting - I'm not really one for making clothes, but i like making little things like cushions, bunting, bags etc.

✰ Cross-Stitch - My latest and favourite cross stich project is a large Hogwarts Crest Cross Stitch. I'm quite slow and only do bits now and again, but i hope to do all the houses as well eventually.

✰ Felting - I've had a go at both wet-felting and needle-felting and i'm not particulaly good it either, but i like them anyway!

✰ Card making - I like making cards, but they never seem to come out as spectacualr as i expect. I guess it's the thought that counts!

✰ Quilling - I like incorporating quilling into my cards, and although my designs arn't very extravagent, i think they are very cute!

✰ Wood Carving - I like having a go at this, but I often get bored half way through my creations! I currently have a half finished mouse, rabbit and snoopy!

✰ Soapstone Carving - Again, I love having a go at this but never know how to finish my projects. In fact I currently have a half finished fairy house sitting in my bedroom!

✰ Pyrography - fancy name for wood burning. It is a little pen-like burner that you can use to burn patterns and pictures onto wood.

✰ MailArt - I'm new to this, please bear with me if they aren't very good!

✰ Decopage - I love the brand Decopatach, they have such pretty papers and i love looking on their website for ideas.

✰ Colouring - I got given a couple of adult colouring books for Christmas and i love them so much! It is such a good idea, why were adults never alowed to colour before!

Favourite Movies and TV Shows

I like a wide range of films, and am always up for trying new ones, so I am open to your suggestions! I really love...

✰ Harry Potter.

✰ Moulin Rouge.

✰ Hot Fuzz.

✰ I Love You Phillip Morris.

✰ National Treasure.

✰ Tangled.

✰ Up.

✰ Ratatouille.

I love television shows that make me laugh out loud, although that doesn't happen very often unfortunaltely. I like a mixture of shows from comedy panel shows, to dramas and random stuff inbetween. Generally i prefer British TV shows. A few of my favourite shows are;

✰ Derren Brown (Trick or Treat, Trick of the Mind, Apocolypse, Svengali, Etc).

✰ Pushing Daisies.

✰ Orphan Black.

✰ Miranda.

✰ Sherlock.

✰ Call The Midwife.

✰ Doctor Who.

✰ Broadchurch.

✰ Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

✰ Would I Lie To You?

Favourite Hobbies

Postcrossing - I have been a member of Postcrossing for the past couple of years and i love it so much! I love the excitment of requesting a new address and picking our the perfect card for them. Through Postcrossing I have made a few very good friends, all over the world, who I write to on a regular basis. It is such a lovely community.

Geocaching - I love going Geocaching in my local area with my dog. I like to go out in the summer and find trails with a few on so i can go and 'treasure hunt' for a couple of hours. I have even hidden a couple myself.

I Would Love

I love surprises so i'm sure I will love anything you send me so please let your imagination go wild! You may end up sending me something amazing that i love, but haven't even thought of before! But to give you a few ideas, i particulaly love;

✰ Letters - I love full envelopes, they just make me smile! Write about anything! Or just send me a random list!

✰ Postcards - Both written on and sent, or sent blank so i can use them. I like all sorts of postcards! Touristy, cartoony, animals! Any postcards you have spare will be welcome!

✰ Photographs - Of you, your family, your pets, your hometown, your crafts!

✰ Bright Colours - I really like any bright, happy colours, but my favourite colours are yellow and purple.

✰ Moose - Anything with Moose, Deer, Stags, on! I think they're really adorable, but unfortunatly there don't seem to be many moose related products out there.

✰ Harry Potter - Anything Harry Potter themed! I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter and would love anything you can find about the books, films or wizarding world in general.

✰ Ice Cream - Obviously i know you can't send real ice cream in the mail! However, I love anything ice cream or ice cream van themed!

✰ Fabric - I love sewing, quliting and patchwork, so if you have some space chunks of fabric that you would like to spare, i would love to make something with them.

✰ Totes/Shopping bags - Any strong reusable shopping bag or tote, i don't mind what material it is made from, plastic, material, canvas, etc.

✰ Gift bags/Gift wrap - I like the patterned cellophane or paper gift bags that are used to put small gifts or homemade items in. I also like pretty or patterned tissue paper and wrapping paper.

✰ Sweets/ Candy/ Chocolate - I like trying sweets from different countries that we aren't able to get very easily in the UK. I think it's really interesting to see what different tastes we have all over the world.

✰ Craft supplies - Any craft supplies would be welcome, i have listed my favourte crafts above so perhaps something that could be incorporated into one of these.

✰ Cross Stitch Kits - I particulaly like small kits (i tend to get bord with larger projects that take too long). I would love any kit you send (they would ALL be used), but i really like christmas themed ones.

✰ Stickers - Any random stickers, but i particulaly like small ones that i can stick on postcards so they don't take up to much room.

Please Don't Send

I don't want to be ungrateful for anything that you send, but i would prefer it if you didn't send...

✰ Ear rings - I don't have my ears pierced, so they would be wasted on me.

✰ Clothes, T-Shirts, etc - Perhaps I just have a strange body type, but I always need to try clothes on before I buy them.

✰ Bath items - Bath salts, Bath Bombs, Etc. I don't have a bath, just a shower and they just don't have the same effect when using them in a shower.

Etsy Shop

I have my own Etsy shop selling postcards! All the postcards I sell on there are made using my own photographs or drawings!

I have images of nature, animals, and famous landmarks from the UK, France and the USA.

It would be lovely if you could check it out. I know there are a lot of postcard swaps here on Swap-bot, and also a lot of Postcrossers on here so you might find something to add to you collection :)


Notes About My Mail

✰ I will not sign up for a swap unless i am 100% commited to sending it, so if you do not receive anything from me, please contact me and i will arrange to re-send.

✰ The same goes for if you are planing on rating me down, if i have sent the wrong thing, or for whatever reason. I will try and read through everything carefully, but we all make mistakes sometimes. Please contact me first and i will try my best to solve the issue.

✰ I usually post my items at night after work, which means they will not be picked up until the next day. Please take this into consideration in the date on the postmark is slightly different to the date i have marked as sent.

✰ I do have a very fluffy dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and although i will try and keep him away from swaps if people request on their profiles, it is almost impossible not to have a bit of his fur get in there. So i apologise in advance for this, and i will try and avoid it, but it literally gets everywhere!


Comment: Receipt the group of pieces today, will continue them on their journey. Thank you also for your PC, I love the fact that you put a picture of yourself and your puppy on the back and your wax stamp it’s pretty cool.
Gabrielle rated for First Line of a book PC #1 on Feb 10, 2018
Comment: Beautiful card, wonderful stamps, and what sounds like a great book! I have always wanted to visit Scotland and Ireland, as I have ancestors from both countries, so appreciate the PC very much. I will also have to look into the book -- sounds like something I would also enjoy. Thanks, and happy swapping!
BeckyG56 rated for Collaboration #50 on Feb 5, 2018
Comment: Pretty card. Thanks for the postcard,and nice note. I've been to London, and would love to go again.
Nassenheider rated for Multi Multiview PC swap #18 on Jan 30, 2018
Comment: Hello Jessica, thanks a lot for your interesting postcard. It Made mehr very happy. Greetings from Germany !
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcard and England goodies!! Your wax seal looks lovely and made it through the mail just about perfectly! I was near Nottinghamshire last September when I went to see Newstead Abbey. Such a lovely place!
Amalia25 rated for Ugly PC swap #1 on Jan 23, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. The wax seal was gorgeous. It brightens up the postcard 😝
draco rated for Another postcard bag swap on Jan 22, 2018
Comment: thank you. i'll get it signed and passed along
ContraryHousewife rated for B&W PCs JAN on Jan 17, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the view of London and the cool wax stamp. It survived the post!
mjhaertling rated for Collaboration #49 on Jan 16, 2018
Comment: What a wonderful card! Don't really know what to add; it's so good as it is. Thank you for the beautiful card from London. Happy hunting for Robin Hood and for the Yeti. LOL
Comment: Got it last week I think, sry didn't rate sooner. Have it ready for the next round ;)
radasedl rated for Space Postcard Swap INTL #2 on Jan 15, 2018
Comment: Dear Jess, thanks a lot for the great card by Kennedy Space Center Florida! I love it and I also admire your wax stamping craft, I need this, too! :)
Comment: Thanks for letting me know where one of my cards are. :) And thanks for the extra card!
Comment: First I have to ask, did you get the job? What a neat set of history to have a for your hometown, ours is not that exciting at all. Don't you just love the cat postcard that we were are forwarding on 😂😂. Thank you very much for sending it forward and your postcard, I will send them on their way as well when the time comes.
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: Thank you, you know I have a Manxism card in my stash. Going to get some more when we go over in 2018. I hope there are a few more in the next round.
amandaboo rated for Collaborative Colouring PC #3 on Oct 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully coloured postcard :)
Tessssssa rated for Collaboration PC #44 on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Sorry for the late rating!
katiepumpkin rated for MISHAP pc SEPTEMBER on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Love the postcard thank you :)
marinda rated for I Love Disney - International on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the neat postcard and great stamps!
liveve308 rated for I Love Disney - International on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thanl you for the lovely PC, its somehow SO early 2000s with the foil and metallic effect :D And I love the many stamps<3

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CindyST on Nov 16, 2017:

I received my Colab colouring PC back. Thank you so much :D

CurlyTea on Sep 1, 2017:

A bit belated, but Happy Birthday!

midwestkiwi on Aug 31, 2017:

thanks for your contribution to the Security Envelope Background Pass and Paste PC!

forever0lost on Aug 9, 2017:

Thank you for the lovely birthday postcard x

katiepumpkin on Jul 11, 2017:

Posted your letter today! I hope it reaches you safely :)

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wolfeagle on Apr 5, 2017:

Thank you for working on my pass and paste. I love all the little birds you added.

user6937 on Nov 19, 2016:

PFATW WTA Sept - thanks for the map card of the UK & a multi view of London :)

anrtist on Nov 8, 2016:

There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,.. esp on this election day!
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

wolfeagle on Oct 31, 2016:


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