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UPDATE: Due to recent health issues (not COVID19), I will also not join any swaps for a while, except private swaps with those I am already familiar with. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Wishing everyone good health and happy hearts. Updated: November 4, 2020

"Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and its produced the most extraordinary results in human culture" - Ken Robinson

My name is Zoe. I am 4X years young. I live in California. I have two teens and a wonderful husband. I am self-employed full time (ish) in a career that I love that involves helping others heal. I enjoy writing letters to my pen friends worldwide and paper crafts. I typically join the two (snail mail and paper crafting). I joined Swap-Bot in 2018 and enjoy it. Watching crafting videos on YouTube is enjoyable to me. Twice a month I meet with some other crafty ladies and we make cards/create together, sharing our designs and joy of paper crafts. Things that bring me joy are hearing my children laugh, seeing my husband smile, watching nature (esp. butterflies and birds), and of course making happy mail and crafting.

I enjoy my spa days and lunch with friends. I feel blessed to have an amazing family, friends, a great imagination, and happy memories.

Instagram Note: My IG account is for papercrafting, happy mail, and mix media inspiration. If your IG account isn't about these things I will probably not follow you. I don't use this account to keep up with friends and loved ones. I do that through letters, in person, and with phone calls. It doesn't mean I don't like you or not interested in what you have to say. Remember, tech is a tool, NOT the master.

Current Pen Friend Count: 20 (21 if you count my wonderful 94 year old great aunt)


Color: violet and green

Drink: Bundaberg ginger beer and limeade

Flower: lily, violets, and roses (but love all flowers and succulents)

Movie: murder on the orient express & the original star wars

Scents: lavender, sage, tangerine

Season: winter and spring

Tea: jasmine, green tea, herbal, fruity

Time: I am a morning person

Candy: ALL. Kidding...but I do have a sweet tooth. Some of my favorites are: bottlecaps, smash-mallow, smarties, rocky road, candy corn, jelly belly, gummy bears, caramel and hazelnut m&m...and so on...(think 80's retro candy)


  • Paper-crafts& Stationary,

  • Exchanging Letters with Pen Friends,

  • Making Happy Mail & Granting Wishes

  • Word games & puzzles,

  • Cooking/baking,

  • Documentaries,

  • Fountain pens & hand-lettering,

  • Nature photos,

  • Tea

  • Spa Treatments of all kinds

  • Travel to warm climates,

  • Walks,

  • Swimming,

  • Handwriting Practice Books

  • Extreme Dot-to-Dot

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy paper crafts, specifically making cards to send to pen pals as happy mail. I enjoy making tags but typically use them on cards. I use die cuts, stamps, stickers, ribbon, color pencils, glitter, sealing wax, and other embellishments. My tools include a paper cutter, color pencils, Zig markers, Empress die cut machine, heat tool, stamping platform, and envelope score board. I like to use anything postage or snail mail themed for my cards and to decorate my letters. I also like butterflies, owls, elephants, zebras, anything snail mail, things decorated with books, teacups/teapots, and flowers. Recently have become interested in some mixed media art and art journals.

Note: I am NO LONGER swapping DECOS's. If I receive some, I will return them to you as I don't have anyone to pass them on to. I DO NOT scrapbook or make ATC's. Just cards, happy mail, loaded bags/envies, and occasionally flip books or pocket letters.

Places to Travel

We enjoy traveling to warm climates. I have traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Belize, Cuba, and St. Lucia. Our next adventure will hopefully be to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In the USA, I have been to many cities in California, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico (Carlsbad Caverns), Alabama, New York, Chicago, and Indiana. Our next adventure will hopefully be Washington DC.


Please note that: Extras are NOT expected or necessary for me. I don't rate my swaps based on extras.

This list is for someone to pick one thing for swaps that call for a PROFILE SURPRISE or HAPPY MAIL.

  • Tea related ephemera (e.g. die cuts, stamped images, washi, stickers, etc.)

  • Roasted green tea or Matcha powder from Japan (LOVE!!!)

  • Snail Mail related ephemera (e.g. images of mail boxes, letters, stamps, etc.)

  • Herbal, Fruity, or Green Tea

  • vellum floral stickers

  • avril yarn sample from Japan

  • Face Mask Sheets

  • Photograph of outdoors/flowers taken by you

  • Floral or Butterfly ephemera (esp. magazine pages of floral images)

  • Address labels with my address on them

  • VINTAGE: "Vintage" often indicates that the item is at least 20 years old, while items a century old or more can be considered antique.

I have recently began acquiring vintage items over the past year or so and have come to enjoy vintage items such as ledger paper, book pages, photos, transportation tickets, maps, used stamps, coupons, advertisements, cancelled checks, envelopes, onion skin/typing paper, and register tapes. I prefer things from 1975 or earlier.

I especially enjoy vintage items that are postal themed, images of flowers, sewing patterns, and typewriters. Triple bonus if the vintage photos are of people of color (e.g. African American, Asian, etc.). Finally, I love, a little too much, vintage numbering stamps. I have a small collection, but only out of restraint not desire.

  • Book/Library themed ephemera (e.g. vintage library cards, book die cuts, vintage book pages, etc.)

  • A2 or A7 Envelopes made by you (e.g. snail mail themed, purple, textured, etc.) appropriate for mailing.

  • Personalized Swap Cards

  • We R' Memory Keepers (or similar) Eyelets - Standard

  • washi with script

  • Used postal stamps

  • A profile based photo or gif posted on my profile

  • A profile based quote posted on my profile

  • Something from or inspired by my ETSY wish list

  • Something from or inspired by my AMAZON wish list

  • A letter about how you incorporate kindness into your day

I am open to private swaps with those who have a shared interest worldwide. I enjoy swapping vintage papers, ephemera, homemade cards, tea, used postage stamps, etc. Currently NOT accepting new pen friends.

Favorite Television

I don't have or want even basic cable. I'd rather spend my $$$ on craft supplies or a spa day. But a couple of shows have caught my eye and they are:

YouTube Card Making/Mix Media/Snail Mail Videos (let's be honest - this is mostly what I watch)

Agatha Christie (Miss. Marple/HP)

Sherlock Holmes

Anne of Green Gables

The Librarians

Dr. Who

Star Trek

70's & 80's Saturday Morning Cartoons :-)

News Comedy (e.g. The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, etc.)


I pledge to rate.

(If I have not given you a rating, I have not received your item.)

Note: I enjoy swapping in the USA and internationally. A while ago, I decided to use Stamps.com to save money and time. This means, your mail will not have pretty stamps or be decorated on the outside (unless it is a mail art swap). International postage rates have gone up in 2020. I will continue to happily participate in international swaps, however, all international happy mail will be flat. Thanks for your understanding.


Last updated: November 2020


kclicquot rated for I&B: 3-2-1 CONTACT! on Sep 25, 2020
Comment: I love the story about your name, and my fondest memories are also of summers gone by. . . . Thanks for another wonderful assortment of goodies too!!!
Response: You are quite welcome. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy crafting!
1OldfoolPlanner rated for VES: A Mix of this and that! on Sep 24, 2020
Comment: Omg Zoe! I cannot thank you enough for your amazing package. It is so professionally wrapped and beautiful I hated to even open it. This is really a next level swap and it is really making me rethink how I send out my swaps in the future! I love the little business card that you use to indicate if it’s a swap or an RAK, etc! You just really have great ideas. And I haven’t even mentioned all the amazing things IN the swap yet LOL - one of my favorite all-time things are old bingo cards so I was so happy to see that. I love all of the stamps you sent thank you so much and a little note to the mail carriers is adorable. I just love all your little details. I cannot thank you enough what a thrilling swap to receive. It completely made my day. Hugs, Jill ♥️
Response: Awwww you are so welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. I love open swaps where I can express myself and have fun. Thanks for amazing rating. Happy creating!
Smsands2 rated for MAE: Handmade Flower Envies ~ US on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: Wow! so many lovely envelopes! Wow! Thank you so much!
Response: You are quite welcome. Thanks for the prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
shellbede rated for Handmade Art Journal Go Round R53 on Sep 5, 2020
Comment: What a gorgeous spread you did! It's beautiful. And the vintage extras will definitely get used - thanks!
Response: Thank you so much for the compliments on my work. I was inspired by a trip I took to St. Lucia. The snorkeling was amazing there. Thank you for the prompt rating and heart. Happy creating!
MamaD rated for CPG Aug '20 Move a US Deco - US Only on Aug 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you-Thank you!! What a fantastic package!! I love it! This made my day!! When I read the stickers I was cracking up at the "bribe" one!! Thank you so much for being a great partner!!
Response: You are quite welcome. I thought those may give you a giggle. :-) Thanks for the prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
BusyB rated for Vintage Transportation Ephemera! on Aug 18, 2020
Comment: LOVE what you did with the little folder that holds the tickets! Thank you for a special swap and sharing your creativity with me. Hope you are doing well.
Response: I am glad you enjoyed the goodies. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping!
Comment: Thanks for this great stuff! I love the envelope from Israel the best, it's so cool. And I love Mr. Zippy! THANKS :):):)
Response: So happy you liked the little treasures. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Enjoy and happy swapping.
shelleym rated for VES: Vintage Ephemera Flat Envie #4 on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: YOU HAVE SPOILED ME ROTTEN! Thanks so much Zoe, I love the vintage treasures you picked out for me. The cancelled cheque, the 1953 calendar page, and the gummed red number 14 are probably my favourite. Thank you!!
Response: Yay! So glad you liked the items. I do hoard cancelled checks...Thanks for the prompt rating and heart. Enjoy and happy swapping!
kclicquot rated for VES: Vintage Book Pages Swap #2 on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: I get so excited to receive an envelope from DrMom! And this one disappoint! The presentation, the variety, the emnvelope it was mailed in are all works of art! Thank you Zoe!
Response: Ha! You are so sweet! Thank you! Happy you like everything. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping!
Tamawi rated for Decos Only - 8/2020 on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: I have already made a page in 1 of the 2 decos. You'll want to check for that in the future. Thanks for the stickers.
Response: Oh no! I am SO very sorry. I thought I checked, but clearly not close enough. Gosh, I am so so very sorry.
shellbede rated for Handmade Art Journal Go Round R52 on Jul 25, 2020
Comment: What a gorgeous spread you created! And the extras and envelope all fitting the theme - you are good!
Response: Yay! It arrived safely. I am glad to hear it. Thanks for compliment. Enjoy creating. Thanks for prompt rating and heart.
1koolkrafter rated for CPG Handmade Envies - US Only on Jul 24, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for the envies that you sent me and the extras. They were all very nice.
Response: You are quite welcome. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
saturnsrings rated for SMSUSA: Handmade Envelopes on Jul 12, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the lovely envelopes Zoe, I will definitely use them for my upcoming swaps!
Response: You are welcome. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
joppagirl rated for Decos Only - 6/2020 on Jul 12, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the nice decos. I can't imagine how thick the Shabby Chic Deco will be when 7 more pages are finished!
Response: Oh goodness, that is a good point. Probably quite thick. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
kclicquot rated for I&B: Pick-Me-Up #4 on Jul 8, 2020
Comment: WOW! The peacock cards are so beautiful! the envelopes are subtle enough to be decorative, but save all the excitement for the card itself! This was the bright spot of my day! Pick-Me-Up SUCCESS!!! Thank you!!!!
Response: So happy you liked the note cards. Wishing you well. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping.
mandigutterrose rated for Happy Maill Swap on Jul 5, 2020
Comment: I'm so sorry this has taken to so long to rate! I misplaced the swap card that was in the package and I just found it. I absolutely loved it, so many pretty papers and I love the sturdy envelopes. Thank you so much!
Response: Happy you enjoyed everything. Thanks for rating and heart. Happy swapping.
jeka396 rated for CPG Color Combo Swap #4 - US Only on Jun 29, 2020
Comment: Oh my, thank you for this completely gorgeous swap! I love the letterset and addy labels. The pens write well, I had to try them right away! Also, I just came into possession of a bunch of calligraphy nibs and can’t wait to try them on the memo pad!
Response: Yay! You liked the stuff. I am so glad. You are quite welcome. Enjoy your new goodies. Thanks for prompt rating and heart. Happy swapping 💜
Comment: very cool! I think you hit on every item on my wishlist! Thank you!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for prompt rating and the 💖 Happy swapping.
Comment: Thank you Zoe for the Dragonfly Deco Book, the little extras & the patriotic postage stamps. Hope you & your family enjoy a safe & good health summer.
Response: You're welcome. I am happy you liked the items. Enjoy! Thanks for prompt rating and the 💖 Happy swapping.
CookieMomster78 rated for I&B: Pick-Me-Up #3* on Jun 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing yet another amazing swap with me, Zoe! I adore the gelli printed matchbooks that you made and am tickled pink that you filled each one with vintage tix galore! The faux wax seals are super great too! Then, there’s these custom swap cards that I am just grinning from ear to ear over - I imagine you had to have searched extra hard for an image of Cookie Monsters’ MOM!!! I only remember seeing her once in the years I watched SS! LOL! My fave is the one with Cookie’ eating a MOM-shaped cookie though! You brought true joy to my heart today! THANK YOU again, for sharing SO MANY (not just a few) of my favorite things & always going ABOVE & BEYOND!
Response: Yay! I am so glad you liked the cards. I wasn't sure. The matchbooks are so much fun to make. My crafty friend was coveting them so I will have to make her some too. Glad you liked everything. I actually made the seals. I make a bunch at once and then use them as I go along. You are very welcome. Thank you for prompt rating and heart. Happy crafting.

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MrsAlderman on Jun 23, 2020:

Thank you so much for the ink spray RAK!!!! I'm going to have a ton of fun learning how to use these!! it made it safe!

Kirkdebb on Feb 26, 2020:

Thank you for the Cheers to That stamp set RAK! I am excited use it! Also, thank you for the cute decorated clothespins! I think I'll add some magnetic tape on the back and put them on my fridge.

loveretro on Feb 14, 2020:

Dear Zoe,

wishing you a very happy birthday !


many thanks for your happy mail ! Monique x

Heirloom on Dec 31, 2019:

From the USA Happy Mail group

grammypammy on Dec 23, 2019:


Hugs, Pam

Whovian487 on Dec 20, 2019:

Thanks for your letter and all the great goodies you sent. 😀 I love the Doctor Who saying on the mailbox. Thanks again!

Cgscdy on Dec 14, 2019:

For the awesome pen RAK! Loved the pens, paper and especially the card those are some CUTE stamps!!! Never seen a happymail envie or packages like that I will definitely be looking for that set Lol! Many thanks!!

glennasgarden on Oct 22, 2019:

What a lovely surprise I received from you! I love the way you wrapped up the RAK Thank you so much!

groundhogstamper on Sep 26, 2019:

What a treat to win a RAK from you! I love the tiny stationery and, even more, the way you packaged it so beautifully. Thank you.

MSturgill87 on Jul 26, 2019:

Thank you for the birthday card! It was funny! I also just sent your letter!

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