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Country: Belgium
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If my stuff are ever late, send me a message first. I could be because my post office is in problems again and i don't know about it yet. if I do know about it, I will send you a message telling you know I'll be late.

The thing is. The post office here isn't very organised. Things happen, things get lost and they have to find it. It's a mess over there. Sometimes there's no mail going out, simply because they lost something or they can't reach the other post offices or the people that get the mail to other countries or some other stupid reason. You'd think a big city like this could organize his own post offices, apparently not ...

About Me

I'm a very creative person and I love to swap all kind of stuff. I like animals, books, tv-shows, movies, .... I LOVE shirts (size M), bags, etc with I LOVE (city) on it. so if you could send me one of those you'd make my day.

I've been flaked on by kyleniebob with the nyan cat ATC. I myself don't care for nyan cat but I joined it for my little sister and she never got anything. me and my sister would be very thankfull.- this is kindly Angeled by @wunderland My sister and I loved it

Things I collect

I collect these things so you'd make my week if you could send me one of these.

  • shirts(size M), bags, sweatshirts, ect with I LOVE (city/country) on it.
  • Dragons
  • Robin Hood
  • Merlin
  • King Arthur
  • cute erasers (so not the plain ones, think hearts, dinasaurs, words, ...)
  • anything with skulls


I don't like:

  • history books (unless it's more a myth or a legend like king arthur, robin hood and stuff)
  • pink (no idea why, I just don't like the color pink)
  • french (sorry french people, nothing against you, I simply don't like your language, it's too hard for me to learn, so big thumbs up because you can speak french and I can't :p)
  • Spiders, I have serious arachnaphobia so, please do not send me spiders, thank you

Favorite Books

there's just too much of them to name here but here are some:

  • twilight
  • harry potter
  • laws of magic
  • kaatje pech
  • the hunger games series
  • ver voorbij het diepe woud
  • voor ik ga slapen
  • the dwarfs series
  • de grijze jager series
  • chosen
  • host
  • Lord of the rings series
  • the vampire diaries
  • memoirs of a geisha
  • watership down
  • wicca
  • Robin hood

Favorite Movies

Jeez, where do i start? let's see:

  • Harry potter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.1 and 7.2,
  • Superman
  • superman returns
  • back to the future
  • spider man 1, 2 and 3
  • The twilight series
  • pirates of the caraiben 1, 2 and 3
  • lord of the rings
  • watership down
  • lion king
  • Remember me
  • red riding hood
  • Mrs Doubtfire
  • sucker punch
  • season of the witch
  • let me in
  • X-men
  • fantastic four
  • national treasure
  • ghosts of girlfriends past
  • the prinses and the frog
  • tangled
  • the fox and the hound
  • robin hood
  • prinsess of thieves
  • prince of thieves
  • robin and marian
  • beyond sherwood forest
  • igor
  • dispicable me
  • the prince and me 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • seventyfive
  • premenition
  • interview with the vampire
  • the vampire Lestat
  • Buffy the vampire diaries
  • V for Vendeta
  • knight and day
  • hapily n'ever after 1 and 2
  • blood and chocolate
  • right about every disney movie out there, ....


You can always make me happy with anything Robin Hood, King Arthur, Melin or otherwise magic-related.

I also like:

  • I LOVE shirts(size M), bags, ect with I LOVE (city) on it. if you could send me one of those, you'd make my day, no my year. I collect them
  • Harry potter
  • twilight
  • disney
  • charms (love those)
  • juwelery (Yes, I wrote that wrong) mostly necklaces
  • fairy tales
  • gothic stuff
  • Anime or Manga
  • drawings
  • fashion
  • anything about magic (withes, wizards, werewolves, vampires, etc)
  • pokémon
  • charmed
  • Nana
  • garfield
  • books
  • computer games
  • sequins/ pailletten / paillettes / whatever you want to call them, just google one of these and you'll get a picture if you don't know what it is by name
  • Toys/books/ ... for children, I babysit a lot so i'll find a use for them
  • tea
  • candles
  • anything with owls
  • treats or toys for my two dogs or my bunny
  • stuffed animals
  • rubber stamps for my sister
  • wicca stuff
  • picture books
  • pieces of fabric I can use to make stuffed animals and their clothes
  • small eyepins
  • gothic, metal, rock ,.. music cd's. Doesn't matter if they're not new, if they play it's fine.
  • anything else you think I might like...

I also like private swaps, so If you want to private swap with me, you can always sent me a message with your Idea and I will answer a.s.a.p

Favorite Television

Some of my favorite TV shows:

  • Bones
  • NCIS
  • The vampire diaries
  • Waterschip down
  • Beestenbos is boos
  • Smallville
  • One tree hill
  • Ghost whisperer
  • Angel
  • Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Camelot
  • Merlin
  • Charmed
  • Pokémon
  • Paikiller Jane
  • Lois and clark
  • Family
  • Doctor who

Favorite Crafts

  • Polymer clay
  • Drawng
  • Photography
  • sewing


I don't understand why someone would flake. It's simply sad.

I've been flaked on by kyleniebob with the nyan cat ATC -- this was kindly Angeled by @wunderland My sister and I loved it

I've been flaked on by @lucyjeong in the "I love (city/country)" swap. I am super upset about this because I hosted it and was really looking forward to getting a T-Shirt from her but never got anything. Would anyone like to angel? I'd be very grateful


Comment: Coming up on 7 weeks since mail deadline. Communication ok, though I have to initiate each time. Initially sickness was stated as cause of lateness, and now ATCs appear to be lost in mail :( I will be happy to rerate once/if I receive these ATCs.
Comment: Thank you Jill! :)
HarleyQuinn rated for HP quoted bookmark on Mar 17, 2014
BluGinhm rated for HP and the prisoner of azkaban ATC on Dec 30, 2013
Comment: I got it! It's lovely - thanks!
bluebear rated for international christmas gift swap on Dec 20, 2013
Comment: Rating a 1 for the time being as i havent received anything - jillow tells me that her post office have told her the package has got lost - unsure how they can do that when it wasnt sent with any tracking - will change the rating if i receive anything Edit- rating a 5 as i received the package this morning - thank you
Response: i do not feel this rating to be fair, i do not exactly know how they can tell me it is lost, i just know they can. it is not my fault that the package got lost but i took my responsibility to you and swap-bot and i have resend the package past saterday. so it would get to you in time for christmas. this is not my fault and therefore i do not deserve this rating
emmalouiise91 rated for Show me a new fandom on Dec 19, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your fandom letter and the ATC ! It was interesting to read about Dr Who. I have seen a few episodes but still not into it =]
Comment: Thank you, I always liked the spiders quote :)
craktpot rated for Doctor who ATC on Sep 26, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the nice Dr. Who ATC's they are great! And fun/ny too. Bowties are cool! :D
FairyLady rated for HP and the philosopher's stone ATC on Sep 21, 2013
Comment: Super schattige ATC. De eerste ATC dak ontvang, da verdient een hartje ^_^
wandofhawthorn rated for What I'm Working On on Apr 22, 2013
Comment: Sorry for the late rating! Thanks!
jgazin13 rated for Show Me Your Books! on Dec 19, 2012
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Sorry it took me so long to rate. :)
BusyB rated for christmas card on Dec 15, 2012
Comment: I love it! Especially since its in Dutch, my first one. White Christmas is one of my fave holiday songs. Thank you!
ica1986 rated for Christmas gift surprice on Dec 8, 2012
Comment: I picked out the package at friday and I havent open it yet I will wait to christmas eve and open it
Response: I am glad it got to you this time :) let me know what you think of the presents when you have opened them
Bluegirl rated for Show Me Your Books! on Dec 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you for showing us your books.
AZBobbi rated for Show Me Your Books! on Dec 8, 2012
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
justined0414 rated for Show Me Your Books! on Dec 7, 2012
Comment: Thanks for sharing your bookshelf and joining the swap! Happy swapping!
Lima rated for Show Me Your Books! on Dec 7, 2012
Comment: Thank you for your photo!
Spencerette rated for Doctor Who in a Bag on Nov 30, 2012
Comment: 12/19/12- Final swap item received along with an additional item as promised. Thank you for fulfilling your swap commitment! 11/30/12- Swap description called for a minimum of 7 item and only 6 were included in the swap. Per our pm convo on 10/14 a 7th item was promised, but to date nothing has arrived and I have received no further communication. I will be happy to update this if final item is received.
Response: so sorry forgot about it, i will send you two more things (instead of the promissed one) on monday
Nserviam rated for Wrimos Write-in on Nov 26, 2012
Comment: Great job on your word count!

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urocyonfox on Apr 4, 2016:

I see you were on recently this year, I still have t received feedback for the 5 Pokemon card swap u hosted last year. Did you get the cards or do I need to resend?

urocyonfox on Jun 10, 2015:

Still waiting to see if you have received the 5x pokemon trading cards from the swap you hosted. Please let me know if you have or if I need to resend, I haven't heard back from you

Watsonc7 on May 9, 2015:

I see that you are back on swap-bot and hosting a swap. Are you planning on making good on the Dr Who x3 ATC swap that you hosted and still owe me from last year?

rainbowafterrain81 on Dec 13, 2012:

hello! i got the No so Secret Santa (International) swap today...I intend to rate on Christmas but wanted to let you know it arrived...thanks!

RyeRye on Oct 15, 2012:

KateKintail on Aug 31, 2012:

Doctor Who in a Bag

Doctor Who in a Bag swap profile check. Have fun with this swap! :-)

Moochew12 on May 17, 2012:

Thank you for my joining my Touristy T-Shirt Swap! =)

millie52 on Jan 18, 2012:

Thank you for the cute christmas card you angeled for the quick cute animal christmas card swap. I got one from you and one from another angel on the same day. Thank you very much, even though it is January I still appreciate the christmas card!

wunderland on Jan 6, 2012:

I finished your Nyan ATC last night and mailed it today. I really hope that you and your sister like it! Please let me know when you receive it :D

Happy New Year

CometaGuavaberry on Sep 30, 2011:

Here is your drawing for the Draw Me International Swap i did !

It is bigger here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cometa-guvaberry-correu/6198813889/in/photostream

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