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Hello again. I am back after a long hiatus. Since I have been away from the bot I have crazy busy but I have managed to start knitting again. I am obsessed with yarns, now more than ever. Ravelry is a favorite hang out. On my list of projects is the the Beekeepers Quilt!

summer days...


Arlonzia Pettway, "Housetop" nine-block variation, 1982, 87x80 inches. From the book "Gee's Bend: The Women and Their Quilts," Tinwood Books 2002)

I savor my time at home! I enjoy all things crafty and domestic, sometimes with humor and irony in the mix. My tastes are diverse and dark, airy and bright, depends on my mood. I love beautiful and unusual things but hate predictable pretty. It is so sad to see an idea or look become cliche, it is something I am always trying to fight.

My listing of stuff is to give you an idea about who I am and what makes me tingle. I enjoy swapping unusual items and fun stuff but please don't consider my list of likes a shopping list. I can buy, make do and do without - just fine. I am primarily here to share, be creative and get inspired.


I don't like to pressure anyone about rating but I do follow up if I don't hear anything, generally 2 weeks for packages and 3 weeks for postcards. I am incredibly busy myself and don't like to bother my partners with unnecessary messages. I send my postcards out early and packages are sent with delivery confirmation when possible.

Favorite Crafts

Sewing and Needlework

Gees Bend style, quilting (fresh modern, Victorian crazy quilts,), embroidery(Subversive/Sublime, irreverent and vintage/anthropomorphic patterns,) dolls:raggedy ann, monster dolls, ala Junker Jane style

  • vintage, retro and novelty buttons!!!
  • wools, cottons and linens (the best come from old clothing)
  • denims, chenille, recyled t-shirt fabric, (jersey knit)

Interested in trading?

Fabrics, looking for thrifted vintage sheets, salvaged curtains with fun designs or roses, unusual or irreverent items

Kitsch (I am looking for Jesus and Mary items they are beautiful on packaging tape and stickers, but I am not interested in negative or vulgar references.

Favorite Craft Magazines

UK and Japanese craft magazines like Cotton Time, Molly-Makes and Making,
Cloth Paper Scissors Green Craft

Artists that make me drool...


Margaret Kilgallen
Nick Bantock
Yoko Inoue

Favorite themes

Dark Victoriana
Decadent New Orleans
Old time Jazz "The Devils Music"
anthropormorphic cats!

Favorite People

The Virgin Mary
Harriet Tubman
Marie Antoinette
Mary Wollstonecraft

Favorite lil' things

Lucky cat, any Kawaii cat items
fun kitty cat items in general. Korean stationary,stickers. stamps for diary, the translations from Korean to English are so fun, love it! teeny tiny crochet items like mushrooms or robots, kokeshi dolls!
doll sized buttons, fabrics with super small prints

Ridiculous cute stuff I like:

creepy antique dolls

Sad and serious stuff I like:

Victorian mourning items: junk and broken jewels, velvet ribbons, cabochons, beads and settings, heart and star shaped charms, macabre and mysterious looking trinkets
old cemeteries
any musical piece in minor key
Schubert and Chopin
dilapidated mansions
graffiti scrawl
gray clouds

Found objects and random-ness

There is so much good design out there (street art, packaging, advertisements, the back of boxes etc). I am not above picking up random items stuck in gravel on parking lots, cleaning them up and saving them for something. I gravitate towards odd metal bits and broken jewelry or ran over, rusty pieces, in my opinion they have a poetic quality. I don't like to see any of it go to waste. Also I am a firm believer that nature is the best art teacher. I pay attention and take notes.

anything heart or star shaped
the effects of weather on wood, painted surfaces and metal
birds nests (I once spotted an abandoned nest with paper from Hershey kisses.
urban graffiti (stencils)


I mainly read non-fiction. I do have a list of classical fiction that I need to read before I die. However I would love and appreciate any fictional book recommendations. I don't go to the movies and I seldom watch tv but I love a good story.

Express yourself!

I love the printed word and trying to carve out more time in the day to do creative journaling. I enjoy altering text and images but i am trying not to get hung up on the pretty factor. I like a piece to look good but i would rather be raw and productive than perfect and pretty, easier said than done, at least for me.

Styles I love

Zakka: (anything in Cotton Time Magazine, and Japanese craft books)

urban graffiti: street art especially Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Margaret Killgallen)

New Orleans: (decadent decay, trees with hanging moss...infused with some voodoo and mystery
Victoriana on the edge, Hippy or Goth...

Cool stores with websites I love to visit:
Love this look especially the colors

Fairytale themes:
Alice in Wonderland
Little Red Riding Hood
Hans Christian Anderson
The Brothers Grimm
Folk tales

Papers and more papers...

I collect quotations and forgotten grocery lists. I am fascinated with bits of paper with handwriting; diaries, love letters, handwritten recipes.

I've been a fan of collage for years, since I was very young. I just never knew the name for it. I have a crumbly yellowed collage I assembled for my husband over 24 years ago, with scotch tape!

One of my goals is to learn more about mail art. Good old fashion correspondence, altered, new and vintage postcards. Trying my hand at making stencils and stamps, my efforts look raw and primitive but in a sexy way and I happen to love the look!

  • office stamps or stamps for crafting, new or used.

  • postage stamps of all eras: flowers, birds, women, cats, I love hearts and stars, typography, text, Great Britian, Eastern European, Japan and China.

Cookery, Chocolate and Teas

If I had to choose what type of teas I prefer I guess I would have to say the blacks, especially fruity or flavored but there are very good green and white teas as well. I tend to lean towards the earl greys but I am always excited to try new flavors.

I admit it. I am a chocoholic. It does not matter if it is common or gourmet. I like the tried and true American chocolate candy like Reese's and Hersey's, snickers bars etc, there are some fabulous new chocolatiers, higher end stuff that I enjoy sampling as well, burnt salty caramel fillings, or cacao from sustainable or eco minded souces. European chocolates are DIVINE! I would love to try your favorites whether gourmet or not!

I can spend hours reading new and vintage cookbooks. I collect cookbooks of all types. Zines with cooking themes are a great addition to my kitchen library. Next on my list of major book purchases is the The Darwin Cookbook. Yippee!

More about me

My Dad was from Mexico and my Mother was from Texas. I had a rich and diverse childhood. Growing up I was constantly asking questions. My parents never denied me books or trips to the library. I had the best of both worlds. My Father with his cultural superstitions and practices would proudly sit and listen to me read. He was a gardener who specialized in growing roses and chili peppers. My Mother was a proud Texan and I inherited my love of learning from her.

I probably spend too much money on books, magazines, and newspapers. I never go anywhere without my nook. I am intensely interested in the world around me and I relish the freedom I have as a citizen to stay informed. Generally speaking however I am here to share artsy crafty stuff.
Swapbot is my escape.

I get giddy when I receive a package from another country

*What is it? The handwriting, the stamps, the think the paper is different too! Who knows? I just love it!

It is an honor to learn about other cultures and countries and would love to trade almost anything with international swappers.

Please note: I am constantly reading on people's profiles their distaste and horror in receiving anything religious or patriotic. I wish I knew what swappers are bombarding folks with religious and nationalistic themed items. No worries from my end swappers. I won't send you anything even remotely religious or patriotic, but...

If you so desire, please share with me any patriotic items from your country! The same applies to religion! I enjoy learning about world religions and the influence on culture and society or in your personal life! By the way, if you happen to have any crosses or rosaries lying around without a home. send them my way for trade! I am a cradle catholic and religious iconography has tremendous meaning and value in my life.

  • Catholic saints or santos
  • rosaries
  • crosses ( anything classic or kitsch, glow in the dark and LED are totally wonderful too.)
  • prayer cards
  • sacred, bleeding or flaming heart
  • heart in hand (this a Quaker motif?)
  • vintage images of the Virgin Mary/baby Jesus and their manifestations (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fatima, The Holy Infant of Prague, Santo Nino de Atocha)
    • Any pins, items or pieces that say "I love Jesus"

Do I dislike anything?

I don't want to inhibit anyone's creativity and I love surprises. In fact I prefer you share the stuff you love to receive or make yourself. If you love it. I am sure I will too! There are a few things however that I really don't need or that I don't like.

  • magnetic note pads. I buy these for myself and have cool ones to share.
  • Disney/ Princess items
  • no scrap paper.

Favorite Music

Classical piano, violin concertos: Vivaldi, Handel, Bach. 1970's rock, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zepplin, 1980's rock revisted, The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette soundtrack, Pink Martini, world music, Buddha Bar type.

Classical and Mississippi River Blues

Classic gospel and church hymns.


The French Quarter( New Orleans)
Historic Savannah Georgia
Little Five Points in Atlanta Georgia
Big churches, tiny churches...

Superstitions, folklore, traditions...I get my inspiration everywhere.

tattered loveliness
the most beautiful ugly babies
A Fanciful Twist
American Couture

Local Southern Discoveries


Puchita rated for Send me tea MEGA SWAP on Jun 19, 2012
Comment: OHHH LOLA! I absolutely love the package you sent me! (as always) It's really nice receiving something from you because you put a lot of feelings and heart on your swap! You are a friend, Amiga! Hope we can get on contact because i really appreciate you! You deserve thousands of hearts!
CarrieLynn rated for QUICK Happy mail #14 on Jun 6, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the goodies- loved them all!
sonja rated for CAT item swap on May 31, 2012
Comment: thanks for the cat swap verry happy...
Response: You are so welcome Sonja! ! I am tickled that you like your cat items and that your package arrived in record time! Thanks for the heart!
Coco26 rated for st-ART-er kit #2 on May 24, 2012
Comment: Thank you sooo much Lola!! I love LOVE the package you sent!! The stickers are exactly what I wanted, the Loteria cards are fantastic and I LOVE the ATC blanks and tags you made!!
Response: Cool...I am really happy you can use what I sent and that you are pleased! Thanks for the nice rating!
biasbabe rated for Cat Nip Mouse-Sewing on May 21, 2012
Comment: Oh my the kitty just loves the mouse. You did a awesome job on the mouse. Whiskers and all. I can't get a still picture of him cause he keeps kicking it and throwing it around in the air lol. Awesome job dear. Thanks for Signing up for the swap, and I am glad you liked it as well.
Response: Thank you for the sweet rating, I am so happy kitty loves his toy! Go kitty...go kitty...
ReneeinPittsburgh rated for Quick letter and tea swap on May 13, 2012
Comment: I love Lola! She is a doll!! I loved her letter and found it not only helpful, but very sweet, I also liked mix of teas she sent......I have never heard of chocolate, rooibos & vanilla tea....and fear once I have it once I try it, I will never go back to regular tea again! Thank you so much Lola, you rock!!!
Response: Girl, please don't tell anyone how much I paid you to say such nice things about our swap! Seriously, thanks so much for the kind words! I really enjoyed reading your profile, I know you are going to have a lot of fun here!
Lexidh rated for QUICK Rubber stamp swap #69 on May 13, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome stamps =) Got to make a card for my husband with the nutty squirrels very soon!
Response: You are so welcome! Cool deal, making art cards for the man! I am so happy you liked your stamps!
HayleyS rated for Chocomania #3 on May 9, 2012
Comment: Great partner- messaged me a couple times with updates and sent huge bars of chocolate, om nom nom, instead of just the standard size that was required- thank you! x
Response: You are so welcome! I was a bit worried. No chocolate lover should have to wait that long to get a fix through the mail. Thanks for letting me know it arrived and for the nice rating!
cerenaleigh rated for QUICK Happy mail #11 on May 7, 2012
Comment: WOW. This has to be one of the most amazing and meaningful packages I've gotten on SB. Your note was incredibly sweet and I am keeping it with other important letters I have gotten from friends in my room. The vintage stamps are amazing and even though they can be used, I'm putting them in my stamp collection! I am in love with everything you sent. Thank you so so much. And thank you to your husband for his time in the army. I am so very happy that you were my partner for this!
Response: What a lovely and generous rating and comment! I am equally touched by what you do! Three cheers for heartfelt and happy swapping! Thank you so much Chica!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful charms, I shall to incorporate them into my collages, I haven't used beads or charms before. And I totally love the ATC blanks!
Response: With your drawing ability I can only imagine what gorgeous atcs you'll come up with. Thanks for the rating and corazon!
Comment: I love the tiny stamps thank you very much! They will be perfect for a few things i am working on! Very thoughtfully chosen I appreciate that! Pat
Response: Glad to hear they arrived without incident or injury! Thanks for the kind words and heart!
Comment: Love the Bingo card with buttons! And the embroidery thread! Love those colors! Thanks so much!
Response: You are so welcome! I love that display idea. Glad to hear you enjoyed everything!
Comment: I just got this envelope and I loved it!! Thank you very much. The letter was great, the recipes look wonderful (I can't wait to try them!!), the teas look amazing (peach is my favorite!!) and I really have to give you an extra special thank you for the owl stickers, they are adorable! Great swapper :)
Response: I was happy to share my childhood vegan (i.e. too poor to eat meat ) and early married vegetarian recipes with you! I am curious to hear what you think about the noveau vegan recipes.
Comment: Thanks for the lovely stamps! I appreciate the time you put into picking them out. I know what you mean about some of those older American stamps, they can be very pretty even with a single color :)
Response: Great to hear! I would love to see the notecards you make with them, especially the bright florals and folksy polish types!
yannajk rated for Found Randomness from My Life on Mar 28, 2012
Comment: wow! i cannot begin to describe how much fun i had going through the package! it was so interesting, i really felt jealous of how rich culture and lifestyle you have all around you! loved that u wrote lttle notes on every thing! and i do LOVE polka dots! the little gift bag was adorable! and that little soldier card and cellphone bag for soldiers were too cute! BUT have got to admit i was soooo thrilled about the candy! we dont have them here s israel, and i was sooooo excited to receiver them! thank you so so so so much! you seem like a great person! i would love t if we would stay in touch, maybe do some private swaps if you'd like t :) XOXOXO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: I am so happy you enjoyed your package! We absolutely must keep in touch and arrange for a private swap soon! Thanks so much for your kind words!
HippieChick rated for Found Randomness from My Life on Mar 24, 2012
Comment: I love this package! Thank you so much. I have to say I love the mandrake postcard. Also, we have a collection of found earrings that I hang from a fishnet on the ceiling; the earring that you found will be a great addition! <3
Response: I would love to see your collection of found earrings, what a cool way to display them! I am so glad you enjoyed your package. Thank you for the kind words and corazon!
Puchita rated for Almeria and Alabama on Apr 29, 2011
Comment: Dear Lola!!! FINALLY I HAVE IT!!!!! I've got the lovely and super cool cool package you sent me!!! After my Easter Holidays it was waiting for me in my PO BOX and believe me, i love every single item you sent me! It's all lovely, a lot of things and i love love love all, believe me, you spoiled me and definetely you make me really happy! Irene is totally happy too and she is enjoying with me of the Reeses Chocolate hahahaha! Tomorrow i will write you a pm, now it's to late and i feel exhausted! A big hug from your spanish family!!
Response: A big sigh of relief and lots of hugs from your familia in Alabama! I am tickled to hear you and Irene enjoyed everything! xoxo
Jester777 rated for Unusual Food Month (feb) on Mar 8, 2011
Comment: Oh wow! What a wonderful package! Ahhh can't wait to try everything, but so far the milk candies are sooo yum! I adore Asian goodies, thanks so much, totally awesome! :D ♥
SimpleSeamstress rated for Hear No Evil, See No Evil on Mar 7, 2011
misscorbeau rated for Hear No Evil, See No Evil on Feb 24, 2011
Comment: Ay Dios mio, you spoil me! I love everything!! Can't wait to eat the goodies and use the salt. YOUR CARD is is adorable and sadly touching at the same time. Gracias amiga!

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jillybird on Jan 5, 2013:

HI, LOLA! I was randomly reading profiles while enjoying my Saturday morning coffee and came across yours - so much fun to read! When I saw that you like music in minor keys, I was going to recommend Que Sera, Sera by Pink Martini. Then when I got further into your profile, I saw that you like them too! Have a great day!

tangledthreads on Dec 21, 2012:


tangledthreads on Aug 26, 2012:


Thinking of you today! xo

tangledthreads on Feb 7, 2012:

Welcome back, Sweet Lola!! I sure missed you, girl!! XOXOXO

misscorbeau on Feb 28, 2011:

Eating my yummy candy, nomnom! xox

AlphaChick on Feb 26, 2011:

Got the CG not so crappy tag from you, and the pencils and bookcover are TOOO CUUUTE! Plus that stamp on the front of the envie was FUN-KNEE! :) Thank you

showniez on Nov 7, 2010:

Happy Halloween, gypsy lady ;)

RyeRye on Nov 5, 2010:

thehappyhoneybee on Oct 8, 2010:

I'm so lucky to get not one, but two postcards from you! Thanks so much for the notes you sent for the Naked Postcards WTA tag. I love them both, especially the one with the elephant, erm, blowing out the birthday candle. :)

tangledthreads on Oct 7, 2010:

Hey, Chica! I received your fabulous package today..love, love love everything! The Rice bag packaging was so unique and wonderful! It just made my day! xoxo

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