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Date Joined: November 4, 2012
Last Online: April 13, 2015

Country: Bahamas
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About Me

Born, raised, and still living in The Bahamas. I plan to move in 2-3 years. Canada is my top choice, and the UK is in second place.

I went to university in Nova Scotia and loved it. I studied economics. I enjoy learning and would stay in school forever if it was feasible.

I spend a lot of time reading and writing. I write short stories, flash fiction, and I'm currently working on my first (to-be-published) novel. I'm in love with words.

I'm a bucket full of quirks. My sense of humour is ridiculous. I like it dry, dark, sarcastic, real, and highly hilarious. I don't like cheesy funny, and I'm not into standup comedy. Louis CK and Bill Burr are the exceptions. I like pretty much everything on WaldoPancake (UK friends, send me things from there for hearts!) and KnockKnockStuff.com.

Multipotentialite. Interested in lots of things. My work history is quite eclectic. Operations manager (ticketing company), yearbook editor (university), career assistant (university career development centre), youth worker, accounts manager (freight-forwarding company), administrator (non-profit). Add that to a truckload of volunteering, and you have my crazy resume.

Apple green is my favourite colour. I buy almost anything I see that's apple green. Love it! My bags, glasses, Pandora bracelet charms, cellphone case, water bottle... All apple green. :D

I love black tea (flavoured and unflavoured). I LOVE things with owls, elephants, and turtles. Other than those, I'm not fond of animals.


The packages that make me happiest have a mix of things I like, and are not just 5 bags of tea if it's a 5-item profile-based swap. I like variety. :)

I use a family post office box which is checked every Thursday. I usually collect my mail from the pile by Friday, but sometimes it doesn't happen until family dinner on Sundays.

I rate as soon as I receive packages, right in the middle of all the excitement. :)

If you are sending anything larger than a letter envelope, please include a little typed invoice outlining what you have sent with $1 or less as the value for each thing. Customs duties here are brutal! Doing that will help me as I will have to pay less to receive the awesomeness you have sent.

I absolutely love private swaps. Contact me if you'd like to set one up!


I ALWAYS send! Snail mail from The Bahamas is not the speediest. Please be patient! If you have not received your package from me in 2 weeks (5 weeks for UK, 6 weeks for Australia), please let me know. I want you to receive your package and love it. :)

If you do not receive an electronic swap by the deadline, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I have found that, unfortunately, people just wait to rate a one; if I don't contact to ask about the rating, they don't contact me to say they did not receive. There is no way for me to know you didn't receive something if you don't tell me. Please communicate!


I have been having major issues with the local post office. They have been losing packages (incoming and outgoing), sending them late (maybe after they find them?), and taking a long time to get notices to me about packages I need to collect. I can't tell you how many times I received packages months later stamped MISSENT TO BERMUDA or MISSENT TO BARBADOS which is ridiculous. If I owe you a package that you have not yet received, it may be on the way, but it may also be lost. If it has been 4+ weeks, PLEASE send me a message. I will resend as soon as I possibly can. I apologize for this ridiculous inconvenience and will do my best to make up for it.

Favorite Music

Gotye, Lisa Mitchell, Julia & Angus Stone, Scala & the Kolacny Brothers, Bedouin Soundclash, TaDa, The Illest, No Doubt, Austra, Sarah Blasko, Justin Nozuka, Ben Howard, Agnes Obel, The Xx, Fleet Foxes

I absolutely love finding new artists/bands, and I tend to like indie artists far better than mainstream ones getting all the airplay.

Favorite Books

The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold); Lullabies for Little Criminals (Heather O'Neill); A Piece of Cake (Cupcake Brown); Shoot Me (Lesley Crewe); The House at Riverton (Kate Morton); The Book of Negroes (also know as Someone Knows My Name, Lawrence Hill); The Night Circus (Erin Morgernstern); To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

Recently read: The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon Currently Reading: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Favorite Television

Modern Family; Downton Abbey; The New Normal; Switched at Birth; Criminal Minds; Homeland; Scandal; Person of Interest; Master Chef; Revenge; Rev; Little Mosque; Orange is the New Black; Newsroom; Californication; Orphan Black; Call the Midwife

Things I Love


  • Owls
  • Turtles
  • Elephants
  • Apple green
  • Celtic
  • Literary
  • Bright colours
  • Stripes / Polkadots / Argyle
  • Willow Trees
  • Tree of Life
  • Vintage
  • UK style
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Celestial sun and moon


  • Bookmarks (especially magnetic and bracelet style)
  • Stationery
  • Milk chocolate (No fillings; with nuts is okay)
  • Fine point pens, black ink
  • Cool socks
  • Coins from other places (Not the USA)
  • Bouncy balls (Like the colourful ones in the 50 cent machines in grocery stores)
  • Notebooks/Journals
  • Black tea (Flavoured and unflavoured)
  • Ampersands
  • Bakeware
  • Almonds
  • Colouring books
  • Crayola crayons
  • Gel pens
  • Nutella
  • Antique keys
  • Leaf things (charms, art, rubber stamps, etc.)
  • Long letters
  • Postcards showing cool parts of a city/island/country (landmarks, major tourist attractions, statues, museums, interesting architecture, etc.)


  • Long term pen palling
  • Learning about other countries
  • Travelling
  • Finding new music/books
  • Finding new blogs and websites
  • Cooking and baking
  • Extreme/Thrilling Adventures (like skydiving)

Things I Don't Like

  • Pastel colours
  • Used items
  • Pencils
  • Hair things (my hair is only 1 inch at longest. Haha)
  • Sewing items
  • Chocolate with fillings (Nuts are okay.)
  • Floral prints
  • Coffee
  • Cartoons/Cartoon Characters
  • Animal themed items (aside from owls/turtles/elephants), but I can get down with funky coloured prints, like hot pink zebra
  • Girly items (overly pink things, too many hearts, glitter)
  • Scented items
  • Craft supplies (Sadly, I'm terrible at crafts.)
  • STASH tea
  • Fruity tea
  • Green tea


  • Cool, textured paper a bit stiffer than copy paper (I can print my letterhead on it)
  • Envelopes in bright colours
  • Small envelopes for tiny goodies (to fit into regular envelopes)
  • Apple green earbuds
  • Decorative tape (for envelopes/packages)
  • Magnetic bookmarks
  • Bracelet bookmarks
  • Apple green mug
  • Kraft fold-up envelopes
  • Notebooks
  • Magnets w/ quotes
  • Magnets from different places
  • Runner's caps (black, lime green, hot pink, or any bright colour)
  • Shoelaces in bright colours/fun patterns
  • Cool socks
  • Shot glasses from around the world
  • Novelty items with owls/elephants/turtles
  • CDs with great indie music
  • Stationery (especially in themes I like)
  • Elephant fabric
  • Willow Angels
  • Things with the letter "A"
  • Things with ampersands (&)
  • Supplies for Zentangling
  • Zentangle pattern books
  • Journals (especially in themes I like)
  • Magnetic poetry
  • Celtic knot earrings

Things I Always Love Receiving

  • Souvenir shot glasses
  • Cool socks (US 10)
  • Lime green trinkets
  • Notebooks/Journals
  • Black Teas (Note: If you're only sending one thing, I'd rather it not be a teabag. Feel free to add a teabag to a package, but please don't send it as THE item.)
  • CDs w/ great indie music
  • Bookmarks
  • Funny/Nerdy badges/pins
  • Notebooks/Journals of any kind
  • Peacock things (for my partner)
  • Things w/ elephants/owls/turtles
  • Things w/ the letter "A"
  • Foreign currency
  • Old currency (for my partner)
  • Writerly items
  • Cool Chopsticks
  • Indie music suggestions
  • Lip balm (especially Carmex!)
  • Alice in Wonderland items
  • Things with the sun and moon together (where they blend together to make a face)
  • Funny notepads (Like those available on knockknockstuff.com and waldopancake.com)
  • Mixed CDs
  • Packages with a variety of goodies

Please include a letter in packages you send to me. I love reading all about people and where they live. :)

Automatic Hearts

I'm really not hard to please, especially when it's obvious that you read my profile and did your best to make me smile.

I know some people are all about the hearts, so if you want to be sure you'll get one, here are some items that guarantee it:

  • Willow Angels
  • Marabou Mandelsplit/Hazelnut chocolate
  • Magnetic or bracelet bookmark
  • Cool Socks
  • Owl Timer
  • Shot glass from your city/state/island
  • Anything peacock (for my partner)
  • Owl Magnetic Page Markers
  • Owl/Elephant/Turtle/Tree of Life/Willow tree rubber stamps
  • Owl/Elephant/Turtle stickers
  • Lime green notebook/journal
  • Willow Tree or Tree of Life themed item
  • Raspberry Earl Black Tea from Zhena Gypsy
  • Pilot P-500 pens, black
  • New books, fiction (Especially by Kate Morton, Lesley Crew, or a classic)
  • Zentangle pattern books
  • Zentangle supplies
  • Return address labels (considering my likes)
  • Alphabet stamp set
  • Kinder Surprises
  • Vintage-looking brown paper fold-up envelopes and/or note paper
  • Curl Junkie hair products
  • Lime green stationery set
  • Colourful, short, strapless summery dresses (Small)
  • Havaianas flip-flops in fun colours (US 10)
  • Funny/Nerdy Writer gear (totebags, stickers, magnets, notebooks, etc.)
  • Sponsor my Camp NaNo novel - All funds go directly to The Office of Letters and Light, the organizer of National Novel Writing Month and all affiliated events


  • Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion
  • Paul Mitchel Foaming Pomade
  • Curl Junkie moisturizers/leave-ins (any one)
  • Aveeno lotion
  • Dark/Dry/Sarcastically funny things
  • Kinder surprises
  • Washi/Deco tape
  • Rubber stamps
  • Pretty Bubble Mailers
  • Ink pads (other than black)
  • Cool/Funny/Nerdy stickers, magnets, and notepads
  • Pretty writing paper
  • Dove go fresh cool essentials deodorant, cucumber and green tea scent
  • Buckley's White Rub
  • Buckley's Cough Mixture

Random Updates


I finally decided to look into the whole zentangle thing that everyone loves. Now THAT is art I can handle. I have focus and can follow instructions, so maybe I'd be good at it? Haha.

If you're into zentangling and have any tips (the best supplies, where to find low prices, best pattern books, etc.), please let me know! And if you have any extras you'd like to pass on, I'd dance dance dance!


Yes, please! I'd love to do private swaps for:

  • Tea
  • Letters
  • A few weeks of letters w/ little trinkets
  • Profile surprises
  • Country/Island/State exchanges (souvenirs, traditional recipes, coins, info about your country/island/state)
  • Postcards


modranhoria rated for Touristic Postcard Swap on Jun 14, 2015
Comment: Never got anything!!!
Comment: So dissapointed that u r flaker
Comment: Never received anything although you said you've sent it. I've contacted you again but since you haven't been online over a month I guess it's fruitless.
Comment: Received nothing. You ignore my messages.
Comment: Never receive the items at all and it is already May. Contacted but went missing. Beware of her.
Comment: This swap was originally sent on 1 Feb. I did not receive anything. You promised to resend on 14 April. I still have not received anything. I will HAPPILY re-rate when I receive your envelope of items.
DanielleOliva2014 rated for My favourite.... on Apr 29, 2015
picupurcross rated for March mini zine on Apr 23, 2015
Comment: Deadline for sending was April 3. I haven't heard from you and haven't received anything. I'll rerate if/when I do.
lr77 rated for My favourite.... on Apr 12, 2015
Comment: Your forwarded message shows that you did send this at an earlier date, but still past the swap deadline. I think 3 is fair. Thanks.
Response: I sent this out, but I resent it today. It is a forward of the original, so you will see that it was actually sent earlier.
Dasha rated for Tea and a notecard ~ NEWBIE FRIENDLY! on Apr 12, 2015
Comment: Never get anything. After two months you said you would resend it, but after two more months still nothing received. I am happy to change the rating once i get something from you.
Response: Happy to resend for you! I haven't been on here in a while due to some internet complications. Sorry about the unread messages!
OlDonut rated for March mini zine on Apr 11, 2015
Comment: Thank you!
paraxparaxnoia rated for the 15 questions-swap #5 on Mar 26, 2015
Comment: Thanks for your answers, happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your trip!
tmdockery rated for the 15 questions-swap #5 on Mar 21, 2015
Comment: Great responses.Thanks for sharing!
Response: Thanks! :)
midge rated for the 15 questions-swap #5 on Mar 21, 2015
Comment: Really enjoyed your answers especially about the world stating over. I agree! We've messed this one up thoroughly - maybe it will be better the next time around. I'm looking forward to reading your blog!
Response: Thanks! Yeah, we definitely have a lot of work to do in our corners of the world. Let me know what you think of the blog. :)
AnnaHines rated for My favourite.... on Mar 14, 2015
MCGalaxy rated for My favourite.... on Mar 8, 2015
Comment: I still have not gotten an email from you
Comment: Thank you for the lovely stickers :-)
Response: You're welcome!
Colour86 rated for Postcard swap 2015 on Mar 3, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card & stamp, love it.
Response: You're welcome!
Calochortus rated for My playlist in January 2015 on Feb 19, 2015
Comment: I'm so sorry this rating is late -- my account kicked your email into the spam folder! I can honestly say that there's only one familiar name in your list, so I have some listening to do! I'm super excited, though, because your explanations really make me want to listen to everything now! Thank you!
Response: No problem. I'm glad you found it! And you're welcome! Happy listening. :)

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RETIREDARTGAL on May 6, 2015:

February mini zine...rate me if you ever come back to the swap site.

Gnoe on Jul 31, 2014:

Wow! My first sent found you after more than a year! That's amazing! Better late than never -- prefer the goodies to get to their recipient anyway than stay lost or reside with a thief! ;) Sweet of you to send something in return, I hope it'll get here because last time you said so it didn't :( Bahamas PO s*cks! Have a lovely day.

nyanSan on Mar 9, 2014:

:) I hope that if you decide to go to Europe you'll be having lots of fun with your partner :D. Let me know where you want to go in Germany XD. It's a nice country to visit :).

kats on Jan 23, 2014:

Hey! I'm glad you liked the parcel I sent you! Still waiting patiently on yours. Don't forget to rate me when you have a moment :)

kats on Sep 19, 2013:

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know your parcel is almost ready to be mailed! I had so much fun making it for you, I hope you like it! :)

nyanSan on Sep 3, 2013:

Hi there! You haven't logged in since August 28, is everything alright with you? You haven't marked our swap sent also. Please let me know how you are doing :).

mara76 on Jun 25, 2013:

Hi Alicia, I'm still waiting for your swaps..it's been a while.=( nearly two months for the I'm from.. and a month for our private swap. I am hopeful they will still get here. I am hoping, too, that my swap will reach you very soon.

mayuze on Jun 11, 2013:

I'm doing a resend again tomorrow. you can find a picture of it on my instagram mayuzebelgium. Hope this one will reach you safe!

Gnoe on Jun 9, 2013:

Yeah I thought the book charm was perfect too - it was one of a kind so you can imagine how eager I was for it to reach you :D

kitterslady18 on Jun 5, 2013:

Hello, did you ever review my swap for the international coin swap? Thank you

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