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Birthday: April 27, 1979
Country: United States

Shipping Issues

4/19/17:Also I recently found a bag of mail from when we moved last year so I also have slowly been going thru that so if I suddenly rate you for something from 2015 or 2016 that's why. It was in a box that wound up in my storage room with my portable nebulizer, back ups of all of my medications and so important documents. I've been looking for that box for a year and thankfully finally found it. Yahoo !!!!!

4/10/17: I'm slowly getting thru my mail from the last 3 weeks so please have patience with me. Btwn illness and holiday preparation I've been a little behind.

3/6/17: I recently found a bag of swaps from the summer/fall 2016 so this weekend I've started updating the swaps. So if you see an old rating from me that's why. I deeply apologize for that. I hope by next weekend to have all past and current swaps updated. I'm so sorry for the delay in rating.

If you don't get any swaps from me please message me before rating. I almost always send on time and I try to message if I'm going to be late. I don't mark sent until after a swap has left my hand, phone or computer. Though after that time I have little control with what happens to it.

I suffered a severe illness 3 years ago where I spent 12 weeks in the ICU and then 6 months in rehabilitation recovering. Though I'm 75% recovered I do still have issues walking, with my memory and continued seizures. Therefore though I was finally able to return to work last year on modified duty I still travel by paratransit. Also I occasionally do wind up in bed or worst hospitalized and therefore without internet access for a few days.

Since I can't make it to the PO anymore my mother does almost all of my mailing for me so the day that I mark something mailed is the day that I give it to her but she sometimes does not make it to the PO for 2 or 3 business days so please understand that the day I mark something mailed is the day that I give it to her to mail but she might not mail it for another day or 2

Also I live in a low income urban community. The mailboxes in the building are not secure so I get all of my mail sent to a PO BOX but I can only check it on Saturdays and if its a busy weekend then it might take me a few days to get thru my mail

Also the PO has the bad habit of putting mail into the wrong boxes. So sometimes I have mail especially postcards disappear. I've spoken to them about this but they deny it happening though I have gotten other people's mail in my box before too. So if I haven't rated something in 2 weeks after you've sent it please contact me to follow up

The same goes for outgoing mail. Sometimes it takes major detours so please contact me if you haven't received a swap within 2 weeks since it was sent. Please contact me before giving me a negative rating. I'm desperately trying to raise my score up but have had no success due to problems with the mail.


My email account tends to sometimes trash things without me seeing them so please send all pinterest and email swaps (unless the swap says otherwise) to my swap-bot account.

5/1/17: Also a couple of months ago something went wrong with my email and I was unaware of it but it began sending all my outgoing mail into an outgoing folder instead of sending it. A few weeks ago I discovered this problem and updated my password and my email then sent out all of the messages that were pending in my outgoing mailbox. So it made it look like some messages including some swaps were "sent late" when they were actually originally "sent" on time but they just didn't leave my mailbox on time. I have since updated my password and I think that that fixed the problem but if you still haven't received a email or pinterest swap from me on time please drop me a swap-bot message.

Also I know pinterest swaps are supposed to be done by computer but during the week the only computer I usually have access to is my work computer which allows me to access swap-bot but not pinterest. Though I can access pinterest from my phone but not swap-bot. I love doing pinterest swaps though so I'd love to continue doing them though I can only do them thru email but now that my email issue is fixed it should be running smoothly. I have an amazon fire now so that problem has basically been fixed now.

Favorite Books

I love chick lit, Christian fiction, cozy mysteries and memoirs especially parenting or medical ones. The best books I've read recently are The Real Life of a Pediatrician (Kaplan Voices: Doctors) and Coming Back To Me by Caroline Leavitt

Favorite Movies and Music

I love romantic comedies. My favorite movies are Just Wright, Love and Basketball, Crazy/ Beautiful, Grease, Dirty Dancing, You've Got Mail and Save the Last Dance

I love R&B and 80s/90s music. Back when the lyrics actually made sense

Favorite Television

I love reality shows, some comedies and medical based shows. My favorite shows are ER, NYMed, Friends, Facts of Life, Family Ties, Small Wonder, Doogie Howser, Mad About You, Blackish, Modern Family, SVU, 19 Kids and Counting, Kate Plus 8, Raising Hope, Guys with Kids, Baby Daddy, The Chew, Chopped, Guys Grocery Games, Food Network Star. And yes I know majority of those show are now off the air but that's because there are few good shows on the current line up. And I've recently discovered and become addicted to Chicago Med. It's ER all over again. Also recently discovered Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

Favorite Crafts

I used to scrapbook and make cards and bookmarks all the time but lately I just haven't found the time to do it. Though I did make my own Christmas cards again a couple of years ago. Once I get my living room organized I want to start cardmaking again and possibly scrapbooking since I have nothing done past the first 3 months of my daugher's life because that's when I fell ill. I love stickers especially chipboard, cardstock 3D or dimensional ones. I've started to get into ATC's and pocket letters (thanks to swap-bot) and really enjoying them. So I can always use 2x3 papers for them and tiny alphas, washi tape and other small embellishments

Things that I like

Address Labels (I'm not picky about the design as long as its not nasty or demonic).... these are desperately needed since I moved last year.

Colored Sharpie markers

Notecards & Greeting Cards

Writing paper


Silver Earrings



Broadway Musicals


Reusable shopping bags

Office supplies

Italian and Thai food

Tea (mostly fruity tea or Chai. I'm not too fond of apple or banana or licorice flavors or green tea.)

Crystal Light Drop-ins

Scrapbooking paper (any size from 2x3 on up)

Microwave Popcorn

Peppermint Flavored gum


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Cooking magazines and cookbooks

Craft Magazines

Handmade bookmarks

Shopping on Ebay

Food Network and TLC


Bright or funny post-it notes or note pads

Funny magnets

Magnets from Different states/countries

Romantic Comedies

White Chocolate (especially Godiva)

Pot Holders and dishtowels

K-Cups -flavored coffees (nothing BOLD) or tea or hot chocolate (Again no green tea, licorice, banana or apple flavors)

Stickers especially 3D ones

Postcards from beautiful places (new and in an envie are preferred whenever the swap allows)

Coke Rewards and Pamper Points

B&BW Hand Gels and B&BW samples and travel sized products

Silver jewelry

Colored Pencils

Stress balls and other items for working the hands

The color turquoise and neutral colors like beige, black, brown, tan, khaki and white

Things with stripes or polka dots or animal or geometric prints

Neutral colors like brown, beige, cream and black

Ann Geddes type images of babies

Pocket Letters and items to make them

Atcs and thing to make them like 2x3 paper, washi tape, tiny alphas and tiny stamps

Those fat advertising pens. You know the thick ones. The free ones that you get from different companies. They're easier for my hand to hold with the nerve damage than regular pens

Adult coloring books

For calendar swaps: I like scenic or ocean or cute babies or puppies or cartoons or funny comics

For ornament swaps: I prefer novelty(such as the hallmark ones rather than traditional ones (like snowmen, Santa and reindeer). I also like well made homemade ones (just please no paper) and I prefer to not have delicate, fragile easy to break ones since I have a 3 year old. My colors are turquoise and hot pink but please don't stick to this color scheme. Basically if its cute and funny then I'm bound to love it

Coupons: We could use: Coke, Pampers Wipes, Lactaid, Pull-Ups, Good Nites, Depends, Poland Spring, Slimfast, chicken, any juices, pastas, sauces, rice, tofu, frozen dinners, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers, lunchables,. lunch box snacks

Also in terms of stores we can always use giftcards/coupons for:

Olive Garden, CVS, Rite Aid, Carters, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Old Navy,

Things my family likes

My daughter Gabriella is 4 and her birthday is 12-2

she likes:

hair accessories especially in pink, purple, orange or blue

Cute pencils, erasers and sharpeners for her hw

Doc McStuffins

Paw Patrol

Little Einsteins

Lion King

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (especially Minnie Mouse)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Super Why


Thomas the Train

Sesame Street

Electric Company

Shimmer and Shine

Dora the Explorer (but not the series with the teenage Dora)

Fresh Beat Band (but not band of spies)

Actually anything on Nick Jr, PBS Kids and Disney Jr

Veggie Tales

Puzzles (she's just starting to get into jigsaw puzzles so puzzles with no more than 20 large pieces would be fine)

Her toy kitchen and play food

Fisher price little people (she can never have too many of those either current or vintage is fine)

Little figures either the 3"-4" kind we had in the 80s or the current tinier ones are fine.

Surprise bags and kinder eggs (if you're in a country where you can buy kinder eggs then she would loooove some)

Computers and her electronic toys or games. The only device she has is an amazon fire.

Fruit Snacks and Animal Crackers

Puppies (but only figurines.. please no more stuffed animals)

Blocks especially lego type ones (the ones for 2-5 year olds)

Dolls & Baby Doll Clothes


Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers

Playing Doctor and tea party with her dolls

Toy Cars and trains especially Thomas

Mr. Potato Head


The color purple

Anything to do with dress-up except for shoes, fake nails and make-up

Anything to do with princesses especially the Disney princesses

Anything to teach ABCs or Numbers such as workbooks or DVDs just please no more flashcards.

Anything involving potty training including pull-ups if you have any that you don't need anymore size 5T or overnight pull-ups to fit a 45lb child

Also she wears a uniform for school and uniforms can be really expensive and get stained and torn way too easily. So if you have size 6X/7 navy blue bottoms that you can pass on they would be very appreciated.

For any mail for her you can address the package to her: Gabriella Meyers so that I know its for her and can let her open it

Please nothing to do with dairy products or apples due to allergies

Also at the moment we don't need any more coloring books, stuffed animals, crayons, bubbles or playdough

My husband is 37 and his birthday is 11-26.

He's a bit of a geek and loves:

marvel comics

subway systems thru out the world

colors blue and black

low sodium snack foods that are not gummy

Green Tea (bags only- no mixes)

Unique pens in black ink

Axe body products


Sarcastic t-shirts

Hooded Sweat shirts



Comic themed movies

Politics and the news


He's also lactose intolerant and allergic to cigarette smoke and bananas.

He has also recently been diagnosed with congestive heart failure so well wishes, recipe and health tips would definitively be appreciated.

Things I dislike/ allergies

Carrots (I'm allergic)

Wool (I'm allergic)

Cats(I'm allergic)

Flowers or things that are floral scented(I'm allergic)

Strong perfumes and air freshners (I'm allergic)

Dairy (I'm semi-lactose intolerant)


Things that smell like smoke (again allergy)

Gold jewelry

Green Tea


Please do not send me glittery items, as in the kind of glitter that shakes off a card and gets all over the place. The same goes for loose sequins or confetti in an envelope. Definite dislike!!

This should go without saying but from past experience I have to say it: Nothing dirty, smelly, stained or torn

Clothing Sizes

I wear a 24/3X and size 12W shoe

My daughter wears a Girls 6X and size 12.5 toddler shoe

My husband wears a size 3/4X and a size 15 shoe

I'm more than willing to accept any clothing donations since money's always tight .


I love almost all postcards. I prefer them blank and unwritten unless the swap calls for otherwise My favorites are:

Oceans and beaches and the animals that live in or on them

Urban postcards (especially night time ones)


humorous ones

Disney characters

Sculptures and modern art

African American and Latino art and artists

Cute babies and puppies

Dislikes:(I won't rate you down if you send one of these) but:

Regency or historical postcards

Black and white or sepia tone

No Vintage, Free, Rack or Ad cards

Paintings and other artwork except see above

People including actors and other celebrities except see above

Farmland and other rural pictures


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Comment: Enjoyed your board...thank you for sharing.......always fun to look over other states... :)
Comment: Thank you for putting together a beautiful pinterest board about California. I enjoyed looking at it. My favourite was the mosaic staircases. You had found lots of pictures I hadn't found so I hope you don't mind but I saved them to my board too :)
Response: No feel free to save anything you want. I got those from other people's boards anyway. And I loved those staircases too. I wish I could have seen them on one of my trips to CA.
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Comment: Thanks for the lovely map card which happens to be a new one for my collection.
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Comment: Melissa I felt that I did get to know you as a human by the answered questions you were willing to share, I've been to a Brooklyn and it was as a visitor in NYC and I liked getting around the area. I was not able to meet many people while I was there and it might have been fun to meet some people and have had a meal with them to see how others live in their comfort zone! This helped me to do that without leaving my home. Thank you!
Response: Next time you come to Brooklyn as a visitor let me know. I'd be glad to show you around.
MailLadyJane rated for 20 Questions - Email swap on Sep 14, 2017

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Profile Check for: Profile Bible Verse #3 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you will enjoy it and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!

jaimierandolph on Oct 14, 2017:

Profile Check for: Profile Bible Verse #3 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you will enjoy it and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!

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