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Date Joined: August 18, 2012
Last Online: January 7, 2016
Birthday: December 6
Country: United States
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About Me

Update: I have been off swapbot for a little bit I had a very sick cat with cancer so that kept me off the computer for awhile. I've been very busy but I am going to try to be on more often now.

Hi Im someone who loves to swap! I am not a picky person.

I love love love history (my favorite time periods are the American revolution and the french revolution)

Im a high school history teacher (I teach World History and African American History) (I am also certified to teach English as well)

I also am in charge of several after school activities.

So any school supplies, decorations, etc would be very much appriciated

To make extra income I also sell Perfectly Posh and Paparazzi.

If you would like to order anything please contact me! Or if you would like to become a consultant as well, please contact me!!

Perfectly Posh also has fundraisers that are very easy to do if you would like more information let me know!

Heres a link to my store as well: https://www.perfectlyposh.com/autumnshuty

I speak French and I love french culture and also a speak a little Japanesse and love Japanesse Culture.

One of my favorite colors is Tardis Blue (if your not sure what I am refering too is has to do with Doctor Who (and you can also look it up)

I have 4 pets. Two dogs and 2 cats. My 1st dog is a girl and shes a begale terrier mix, my second dog is a boy and hes a long haired dapple doxie!!!! My cat is named Coraline but we call her Cora or Corabelle (because she is so pretty)! She is a pacth tabby and shes almost a year old now. We also got a new kitten a few weeks ago her name is Pepper! So I am always looking for pet stuff!

Favorite Music

I like all kinds of music except country and rap! I love musicals so musical sountracks or showtunes are kind of all I listen too most of the time

Favorite Books

I will read anything I can get my hands on! i am an avid bookworm!

I also love love love audio books! (I have a cassette and CD player at home but only a CD player in the car so CD is my prefered method of listining) (I do NOT like books I have to listen to on the computer or electronically)

Books I adore: THE GREAT GATSBY HARRY POTTER DAISY MILLER FOOL EXTREMELY LOUD &iNCREDIBLY CLOSE ABE LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER THE BOOK THIEF there are also probably a few im forgeting Some of my favorite authors are Christopher Moore, J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain, Poe, Michael Chabon, Shakespeare, David Levithan, and Many more

I also love YA and Graphic Novels

Favorite Movies

I wacth all kinds of movies! I love movie musicals! comedies and dramas are also among my favorites!

I love Tim Burton Movies also movies with Johnny Deep in them

I also like Frank Oz movies and British Movies and Independent stuff


Favorite Television

Glee Doctor Who (classic and new) (David Tennant is my favorite Doctor) Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and all of Joss Whedon's other shows) Supernatural Mork and Mindy Raising Hope Charmed Once Upon A Time The Neighbors Raising Hope My Name is Earl Under The Dome Whose Line is it anyway? The Goldbergs Galavant Scream Queens

Favorite Crafts

Knitting (I use wooden knitting needles) Oragami sewing kits Plushies Softies

Im always up for a new challege when it comes to crafting so im open to trying anything!

I just started to Latchhook and am pretty good at it so any Latchhook stuff would be great!

Candlemaking stuff


For clothes I am a plus size women.

Shoes: 9 Bra: 42 D Shirts XL-2x Bottoms-16-20

I like girly things and vintage things Styles: Torrid, Victoria Secret, Lane Bryant,Claires

Jewelry: I love it! Like I said above I love girly things and vintage things but I also love cute jewelry.

I love earrings alot but unfortunatly for me I can not wear pierced so I love wearing clip ons (but they are sometimes hard to find)

Rings: I love funky and oversized ones! Cute ones and Owl ones but im for trying anything my ring size is 9-9.5

Collections/other things

I also collect trading cards

I also love crossword puzzles and Suduko!

I also like postcards and I am looking for things to hold postcards in to keep them protected because I collect them as well as use them!

Like I said above though Im not picky,however I do wish postcards in swaps to be sent to me in an envie!

I also like Hello Kitty

Graphic Novels and Comics

Things with London or Paris on them


Also Adress Labels and business cards always come in handy!

I am also a Renthead! (I adore the musical RENT!) so any RENT things would be nice. With that being said I also like Johnathan Larson's other works but it more hard to find ,J.P. Morgan saves the nation and Tick, Tick, Boom! (my current obsession! So any of thing from those two musicals as well would be great!

Also I love coupons they always come in handy!

I like Hallmark things as well

I like Grumpy Cat as well!!

I love Perfectly Posh!!!

I love Paparazzi!!

I love Jamberry!


ATCS (unless they are somehow related to my likes, like Doctor Who, history, etc)

ZINES (unless they are something related to my likes)


Note on the 3s: Yes I have many threes and I have tried to fix them but some people dont want resends or if I resend wont change their ratings. I try to work with them, I can not help this. It just makes me so frustrated because I get comments and banned from swaps when there are people with worst ratings on here that are aloud to participate in swaps.

Update on most recent 3: I offered to resend as you can see from my responce to this person rating but as you can see from her comment on my profile she does not want a resend. I would be more then happy to resend but my resend would not be welcome and my rate would most likely not be changed if I did resend. I also understand its your swap so people have the right to ban me if they want. They say they have to be fair to the other swappers but what about being fair to me? (Im not tring to sound selfish here Im just making a point)

Why cant people communicate with me their feelings or concerns and let me give my side of the story instead of this is what I see or what others have said to me about you so Im banning you thats really not fair to me, I feel. I also not trying to call anyone out or make anyone mad at me but I just need to relay my frustrations and I would do it on the boards but I have had mean comments made their to me by other swappers so I have to make this very long post (and Im so sorry its long I shouldnt have to be posting things like this at all but this is whats happenig to me on here and I am not getting any help or support even though I have asked for it)

Note on my 1: I sent this swap (international) 3 times to my partner. She claims she never got it all 3 times except she did say she got the envie with the note but nothing in it. Tried to contact her to send it again and never heard back. The user is partially suspended now and has 13 ones but is still in swaps? I hate to point out things like this and am not trying to cause drama but just pointing this out so people can understand my frustrations.

Note on ratings: My area was part of that polar vortex thing awhile ago so Im thinking that maybe why some of my items had been arriving late to people because of that. I can not help this I do not control the weather or the post office!

I would be happy to resend (if your resend request is resonable (one time for a swap I got a 3 on I offered to resend but then she started trying to bully me into buying her a very expensive gift as well and the cordinator agreed and did the same thing, yet her swap had no dollar value on it so long story short I decided not to resend but thats the only time I ever did)

For swaps please rate fairly! Please dont give me a bad rating just because you dont like what you got. I had that happen several times and I dont think its fair.

I am more then willing to working with people and negotiating

I always follow swap guidlines and get things there by the due date. And I pledge to always rate fairly.

Im sorry I had to put this up because it may seem harsh. However I feel like I had to with a couple recent ratings that I have recieved.

Also please dont be rude to me on my profile, in emails or on the forums posts. Tag games and things like that are meant to be fun please dont spoil the fun by telling someone they shouldnt be here or by telling everyone they have bad ratings. If you are rude to me I will block you!

Also I hate to sound rude and mean on here but please dont go gossiping about people to a group admin or a cordinator of a swap behind someones back. (This has happened to me) if there is a problem please let me know DONT give me a 1 or 3 and then let me know because that is very rude.

Also international swaps take a long time to get there from where I live so if you dont receive it within a week and your international please dont give me a 1 it makes you look like a jerk because sending though the regular mail takes longer, and I hate to say this but maybe if you cant be patient in waiting for mail you should really consider if swapbot the right place for you.

I came to swapbot because I like sending and receiving mail and sharing ideas and because it sounded like a good idea and very fun. So it makes me upset to know that there are people on here that can be very rude and mean and almost bully other swappers like me, just because I dont met your standards doesnt mean you should treat me like dirt and give me bad ratings or ban me from swaps and make rude comments about why I have been banned.

Also please dont bully me and pressure me into sending you very expensive items because that is very greedy of you and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do this to somebody!

Now I know there are people on here who dont treat people like this and I want to thank all of you!

I just hate having to say things like this on my profile page. Im NOT trying to cause drama. Ive learned some people can be very judgemental on here so im just trying to make a point dont judge based on what others say or what you see because you do not know the whole story!

Also if there is a problem with a swap and I am contacted by my partner I might let the cordinator of the swap know as well so if the problem persists he/she wont be blindsided and then angry like why didnt you come to me sooner that kind of thing.

If there is a problem I also like getting advice form the cordinator because some of them have been around swapbot for a while and I respect their opinions.

Also if things really excalate and I feel the need to go to the swapbot admin I wil contact the admin as well (only had to do this twice on swapbot).

Also Ive been accused of being defensive on here sometimes. I dont feel I am but It might look that way because I am telling my side of the story and I think I should have a right to explain my side I cant beleive there are people on here who dont agree (but I have met them)

I dont understand why people think its ok to bully others on here! IT NOT OK ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME!


Tardis Blue Yarn (or any yarn) Fuzzy yarn, Black Yarn, White Yarn

Tardis Blue or any Doctor Who material

I would like to learn to Crochet so any crochet stuff!

Softies/ or plushies

classroom decorations for my classroom or classroom supplies

audio books

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson original cast album (also searching for book/script)

Pippin searching for DVD (also searching for book/script)

Spring Awakening also searching for book/script

American Idiot the Musical original cast album(also searching for book/script)

Hamilton original cast album (also searching for book/script)

Dimensions Savvy Stitches Kits

Dimensions Feltwork fun kits/ feltworks kits

Hann craft kits

Doctor who stuff

I Love Lucy Stuff or Lucy Stuff

Pet Stuff

A Christmas Story Stuff

Grumpy Cat

Boo (The worlds cutest dog)

Lacthhook stuff

Clip Earrings

Adress Labels (I have none so I really need these)!

Craft kits in General

Direct Sales Items (I love trying new things)



Gift Cards for school supplies, craft stores, Hot Topic, and Shutterfly (I utilize shutterfly for class bullitien boards and newsletters, etc) (I dont really expect these and I not asking for them but its just wishful thinking...)

Any cookbook by Lisa Shively

Downton Abbey stuff


IrinaBG rated for 3Teabags on Mar 9, 2016
Comment: I hope everything is OK with you and you'll come back some day.
alitana77 rated for Bookmarks' Swap (February) on Mar 5, 2016
Comment: I don't know the reason you have not sent the swaps this month... but, if I receive the swap, I will change the rate.
mamajoy rated for Bookmarks' Swap (February) on Feb 29, 2016
Comment: I gave you extra days to send. You said you would. I will change this rating if I ever receive.
Comment: I am sorry to hear of your current situation and I hate to do this but... This swap was supposed to be sent back in early December. You said you would get a resend out but have not yet done so. I will consider re-rating if the swap is made up.
Comment: Today is Feb.6, you did communicate with me on this missing swap on Jan 7, I still have not received anything. I will be happy to change this rating when I do. Hope you are okay.
Comment: Thank you for your card!! Happy 2016!
suepier rated for Glitter Snowman Cards on Jan 22, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the pretty Christmas card.
kajsab rated for Bookmarks' Swap (January) on Jan 19, 2016
Comment: Cheers for the bookmarks! Much appreciated.
shirleyinCA rated for Bookmarks' Swap (January) on Jan 15, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the bookmarks!
widelo123 rated for A New Book for the New Year! on Jan 15, 2016
Comment: Autumn thank you for the this is Mexico book. I haven' read it yet, have you?
thebeholder rated for Glitter Snowman Cards on Jan 14, 2016
Comment: Wow this was really late. Post date says January 11th and the deadline to send was December 4th. And I have to ask--this doesn't even look like a card-did you cut a card in half and just send the front to me? You didn't really send a card you sent half of one and you didn't contact me to say you would be so late so that's why I'm rating you a 3. I did take a picture of the swap for proof. You took an old card that someone gave you probably/cut it in half and sent me the picture part. I think you deserve a 1 personally. I have read your other ratings and it seems like this follows the same pattern. Seriously. Cards are not expensive. This was an easy swap. You could have bought a dollar store card and that would have been nicer than what you sent me. Stop swapping if you are just going to send trash to people. It's not good manners.
RachH rated for Christmas Card Swap 5 partners on Jan 4, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the nice card
tammielynn1969 rated for CHRISTMAS CARD/QUICK INTRO on Dec 31, 2015
NorthStar07 rated for Christmas card with small gift on Dec 30, 2015
Comment: Hi :) I loved the card and postcard ✨😊 thank you so much! Happy New Year✨ much love ❤
HelenG6 rated for Nativity card + Christmas wishes on Dec 29, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the nice card. Happy New Year!
pandagigante rated for Christmas card with small gift on Dec 29, 2015
Comment: Thank you

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pammykn on Apr 1, 2015:

I did not say I did not like what you sent, I said you did not meet the requirements. IF you decide to send the wrong thing then it is your responsibility to contact me. I am so tired of you consistently sending whatever you want when you know it does not follow the rules. Most of the time I just choose not to rate you because you are always so defensive. Accept responsibilty and send the right thing the first time. I do not wish to receive anything else from you and please accept the rating you earned.

piratecaptainmo on Jan 30, 2015:

please update your offers in the PF destash tag

anrtist on Dec 29, 2014:

WELCOME to the APDGroup!

You are an officer so you may host some fun swaps for us too! ;-) Hope you Have a HAPPY & Blessed New YEAR! cc

streetjewel on Dec 5, 2014:


streetjewel on Dec 5, 2014:

Tommorow is your birthday! Yey! Happy birthday!!!!
Thank you for joining my swap!

nanthom on Aug 3, 2014:

Thanks for the row by row pattern! You are the best!!!

jesslynne on Jul 11, 2014:

Hope to see you in the swaps!

ladydy5 on Apr 27, 2014:

You may have a lot of 3 ratings but non for our Thriftstore Group so I am not banning you from my group until that happens. But be aware I am giving you a chance please.

EmilyT on Mar 9, 2014:

I need to remove you from the cross stitch group - you just have too many re-sends and not meeting swap requirements

bbsporty on Dec 31, 2013:

Wishing you a healthy and happy new year!

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