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Date Joined: May 17, 2011
Last Online: December 17, 2011
Birthday: November 8
Country: United States
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Favorite Books

I'm an avid reader of nearly anything but, mostly I buy tons of craft/art books from amazon each month and enjoy reading all the new ideas and seeing such wonderful works from fellow artist. The gallerys that are found in most craft magazines and books serve as wonderful sources of inspiration for me.

Favorite Movies

I'm not a great movie watcher unless the tv is serving as background noise with LMN movies and CNN/FOX news.

Favorite Crafts

I started about a year ago playing with poly clays and trying to teach myself to sculpt. By this date, I've bought nearly all books on clay for jewerly, sculpting faces, boxes, ect.

A great artist that I've been following is Laurie Mika. Her book, " Mixed-Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads & Other Embellishments" has been a great place for inspiration and I've completed several of the projects in the book with great sucess.

About Me

I am old enough to know better and mostly still to damn nosie to resist the danger.

I look forward to gaining new art friends and sharing ideas and crafts. To this end I hope all of my projects are well received.


I'm interested in making dolls of any type. So, please email me if you would like to do individual swaps. I am now experimenting with grotesque dolls. This is defiantly outside of my realm but I love to try new things. My other fascination is BJD's. I've been doing a lot of reading on how to craft your own and I am about ready to attempt making this lil darl'ins.


I can appreciate and see whimsy & value in almost anything. So, just about any craft supply, stickers, felt, wood items (even damaged) I will fix It., pendulum boards, canvas, wire,

Gothic-any items

Supernatural- any items

Religions of all kinds- Buddha, Hinduism, Wiccan, Pagan, Shinto’s, ECT. I.e. charms

Charms of all types i.e. fairies, mythology, butterflies, Wiccan, Celtic crosses, beads any colors

Halloween / samhain at any time of year

Steampunk- art, gears, ideas, clipart


Dia los Muertos


Any and all craft products All craft books and ideas i.e. pamphlets on how to’s, idea sheets ECT.

Talented people (they are hard to package in boxes they squeal to much)

Ocean/ all items originating from there

Wildlife- all of it. But NO snakes

Feathers- natural

All colors esp. aqua’s any shade

New friends-esp. creative ones


Art dolls-all types

Eyes, hands, body parts from clay, paper, plastic ECT. Even bones from birds if they died naturally.

poly clays all colors and sculptures, faces or even things made from molds, geez, I could go on forever with likes cause everything is likable to some degree and other items has some creative use. You just have to find it.

If you’re sending items, anything will be received and appreciated for your kindness the most important thing to me is the note that shares something about yourself and your art.

Oh yeah a word about this, I have NO allergies.

Dislikes: 1. People that DO NOT COMMUNICATE. If something came up just pm and let me know that you can’t send. Life happens and that is fine. But I really don’t like chasing someone around to figure out why they have not sent.

  1. Host/Hostess/ Group Founders, that DO NOT watch after the groups welfare and letting known flakers in on the swaps.

  2. NON Raters (didn’t your mom tell you to say thank-you) and Flakers (you basically stole from the swap group and your partner.)


I will honor all of my swaps and will do work that I am proud to send and not just good enough to shove in the mail and scratch it from my list. My work is very personal, so, my heart and soul is put into each piece and I want you to like it or at least have appreciation for the time spent.

If time permits, I would be happy to angel for any group for any problem folks that can't seem to find their post office. Host or Hostess's just email me and I will let you know if I'm available.

I promise to rate my partners as soon as I open the package or envelope.

My Grading: Extras are always nice to receive. I think the most of us enjoy trinkets and I’m no different but in my grading I leave it strictly to the piece for its grade. If you did the swap and met the criteria then you will get a 5. If the piece shows hard efforts were put forth then definitely a heart will be awarded as well. I’m not looking for perfection I just want the piece to reflect that you’ve taken care in seeing it was done to the best of your abilities.

If you don’t contact me and just leave it up to me to figure out why the project doesn’t arrive in a reasonable amount of time, then I’m nearly forced to give 3’s since I don’t know any other answers. Just a lil communication would go a long way in this situation.

Lastly 1’s will be awarded for just a plain NO SHOW. I will change it when something arrives and again some type of communication would really help.


siouxx05 rated for private mojo#2 round robin on May 31, 2012
Comment: I never received my doll back.. along with everyone else.. I hope you enjoy them.. but I hope Karma bites you in the behind too..
kezeven rated for private mojo#2 round robin on May 14, 2012
Comment: One more 1 makes no difference to you but it gives me a chance to say hot truly sad I am about this whole situation.
flofirenzie rated for private mojo doll round robin on May 14, 2012
Comment: You have not sent on my doll or SassyStephenie's doll, both of which were sent to you by me. You were to send these to Maggie 249 and she never received them.There has been no communication from you despite many attempts via private message, regular email, and letters to your house. You also still owe me a doll from a previous swap. You marked send and you never did. This has been a very unfortunate, vey unsatisfactory round robin! There are many people that you have hurt by your failure to communicate. You could also have sent messages through your daughter. It is an unfortunate situation for all.
Maggie249 rated for private mojo doll round robin on May 14, 2012
kezeven rated for Recycled Book Handbag on Apr 13, 2012
Comment: Pam, I am so sorry to do this but you are clearly never going to send or come back. I wish things turned out differently.
loubie rated for Boy & Girl Pilgrim Dotee on Feb 19, 2012
Comment: Sent messages but heard nothing - waited nearly three months to rate and am sorry
northqueen rated for Pilgrim Dotees - USA **EDITED** on Jan 28, 2012
Comment: You are such a nice person and good crafter and felt a real friendship with you, but I want to archive this and your daughter says you are better and we hear nothing. I was told this was sent at least twice and nothing. I sincerely hope that you are okay.
Paige1900 rated for Pin Up Girl Altered Domino on Dec 28, 2011
Comment: I really HATE giving this one. @Moonillusions is a wonderful swapper. I am only giving the 1 because I rate by the SB rating system. She has been sick (unexpectedly) and was unable to send. The host of the swap angeled this for me. When @Moonillusions returns and then sends her swap within the next couple of weeks, I will rerate this a 3 (more than likely a 5), simply because she has been in contact and is NOT a flaker. I am so sorry Pamela...I hope you are feeling better very soon. *MUAH*
flofirenzie rated for Mojo Queen Art Doll on Dec 17, 2011
Comment: You marked this swap as sent then pm'd that it was not sent. I never received my queen art doll. You were the coodrinator, too, on this swap. I am greatly disappointed, especially in the lack of communication.
RyeRye rated for Open Themed Art Doll-INT on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: O M G!!!!! O M G!!!!! Holy F-&%$-ing shit! Never did I ever imagine I would be on the receiving end of an artistic piece of art work like this in my lifetime! O M G~ We have this doll front and center as a dining room table centerpiece. It is that awesome! The time, creativity, diligence, mastermind that you have is inspiring to say the least. I cannot express how happy I am and in shock at what you have created! A ZILLION hearts for you!
Response: thank you and u make me blush! hugs
SassyStephenie rated for private mojo doll round robin on Nov 21, 2011
naturenerd3 rated for Flaker Voodoo Doll on Oct 26, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful voodoo doll. My cat keeps on trying to eat the hair... maybe just punishment for the flaker? LOL. Thank you again. I really appreciate the care you put into this.
Comment: Thanks ~ I really love those pendants!
wickedred rated for Halloween Witch on Oct 21, 2011
Comment: She is amazing I love her she is wonderful wowowowowowowow
wolfeagle rated for Fantastic Art Dolls on Oct 21, 2011
Comment: What an awesome witch! I love her! Thank you so much.
BeckyG56 rated for OCTOBER WOODEN HOUSE SWAP-INT on Oct 5, 2011
Comment: Pam thanks soooooooo much for the wonderful halloween house you sent me! It is so amazing,with great details,its awesome! I tucked the witch into the roof and she adds her personality to the house. YOu did such a great job,and I know it had to take a long time for you to make it. Thanks for giving me such a great house that I will use every year!
faeswapgrl rated for Spooky Coffins on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: How freakin' AWESOME!!! I absolutely adore my coffin & Frankie! Thank you!!!
madhatter76 rated for Vishnu Dotee on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: Wow! I love him! I love u! Thank u so much for this amazing swap. I must say, he is more amazing each time I look at him. All the work and love u poured into it is evident and makes it even more so meaningful. He will go above my door, so when I exit the house ea. day I can remember what Vishnu stands for and ask his help. Thank u and a million hearts!
northqueen rated for Witch Dotee With her Cat on Oct 2, 2011
Comment: I love both dolls-they were perfect and would trade with you anytime :) :) I am very curious about trying out the clay thing.....I never worked with it before. Thanks so much!
northqueen rated for Halloween Dotee on Oct 2, 2011
Comment: I rec'd both dolls and oh, how beautiful they were! You really put effort into your work and it shows. I love them!!!!!! There had been times in the past when I have been burned and was discouraged, but crafters like you restore my faith :)

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flofirenzie on Dec 15, 2012:

Whatever happened to you? I had such hopes for a fun person to swap with. First I lost out on the first mojo doll then I lost out in the mojo doll round robin. It is too bad this never did work out.

kezeven on Feb 11, 2012:

Please come back!

LittleMessyMissy on Feb 1, 2012:

Worried about you. Hope you are getting better.xoxoxo

UrMom1968 on Jan 25, 2012:

Hope you're feeling better! :) Sending lots of healing energy your way! )O(

Magickspirit51 on Jan 20, 2012:

Pam- I am sure hoping you are feeling better. We miss you in the group. Hoping you feel better quickly. Rose and Angela Goddess Corner

kezeven on Jan 11, 2012:

Come back soon Pam. I miss you heaps.

wolfeagle on Jan 3, 2012:

Hope you are feeling better.

wickedred on Jan 2, 2012:

Pam we are all so worried about you please call or write soon

northqueen on Dec 31, 2011:

I hope you are doing better and so sorry you have been sick.

luleemik on Dec 30, 2011:


Warm wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous NY! Miss you:)

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