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About Me

Hi! My name is Anna,

Szeretnék cserélni senkivel Magyarországról, amely az ország az őseim. Én még mindig családi Erdélyben élő, de nem tudjuk, hogy kapcsolatba, amilyen gyakran szeretnénk:)

Kérjük, lépjen kapcsolatba velem, ha szeretne létrehozni egy privát csere. Tudok küldeni elég sok mindent szeretne az Egyesült Államokból. Remélem, hogy hallani rólad!

I have a little boy and girl as well as 4 grown up children. Two boys who are away at college and two girls who live in another state.

I have been here at Swap-bot for a little while now and have been lucky enough to meet my very best RL friend here. Her Swap-Bot name is @zerofantasies

She is more a sister to me than my biological sister is. I am so lucky to have her. We talk at least twice a day by phone and the rest of the time we are usually texting. I really don't think there is a minute of the day that we don't know what the other is doing. We also fly back and forth every couple of months to spend a week or two together.

I wanted to let everyone know that I do smoke cigarettes ( but only outside my home). .

I make sure to check and re-check my items before sending , but I am only human, and if I miss something, Please, Please accept my sincerest of apologies and Please let me know!

If you do not receive from me, Please PM me and let me know so I can re-send. I try really hard to keep track of everything that I send out to make sure that it is received but sometimes it is impossible and I need the help of the recipient to let me know if something hasn't gotten to them. I can't fix the situation if I don't know that something needs to be done :)

I am Extremely understanding when it comes to needing a little extra time to get a swap out. Please just contact me and let me know what is going on and when you think you could send. If you contact me about the problem, I almost always give more time :)

I would be happy to do Flat Mail Swaps internationally. I will only be doing limited International Package Swaps as of November 2010 because of the time it takes the packages to reach their destination. There is no way to get confirmation on something going outside of the U.S. (without paying an arm and leg) and I don't do well with Hit or Miss situations. I stress way too much over those swaps. Please feel free to contact me for a private swap if you are in the U.S. :)

I do recycle postage supplies if possible. Please do not be offended if your Envie or Mailer is a little worn, marked on or taped over. I believe in saving as many trees as we can:) Your Tag or Swap will be safe and secure inside or I will not use it to send your items.

I will always look for Likes, Dislikes and Allergies :)

I Like

I Am Doing My first K & Company Smash Book!! I couldn't help myself, I had to get one. I bought the Red Smash Book and I now own all of the colors, plus 2 of the Mini Smash Folio's and I will be buying more..

Love the K & Company Smash Book items like Smash Pads, Smash Clips, Smash Pockets, Handmade Smash Book.

All Non-Paper or Handmade Smash Book Related items would be Especially Loved.

I can also use Scrapbooking items in my Smash Books like,Glue sticks, pens, pockets, cute shaped or colored paper clips, chipboard. I really love anything Vintage and any other odds and ends.

Autumn and Winter are my Favorite Seasons

If you love Christmas like I do, Check out my video link . I am currently making 3D Christmas and Halloween Advent Calendars. I always love to receive feedback on my creations. let me know what you think:)

I LOVE LOVE Christmas items , especially Earrings, Socks, Dish Towels.


This list is for things I would love to swap for. This list is NOT an "I WANT" list. It is just a "I love" list.

ALL of the items on my Likes List are things that I would be Happy to do swaps for :).

Please Note: I DO have an Etsy Favs link on my profile, but please understand that I only have it there to keep track of the things that I would love to buy for myself, as a guide for my husband on Holiday's, and for Etsy related Swaps.

XX Pine and Christmas Scents XX are my Absolute Favorite!! I use a Ton of Christmas Pine Wax Tarts in my home all year round. Strongly Scented Pine and /or Christmas Scented Candles, Wax Tarts, Room Sprays. The stronger the scent, the better.

Love Silver Jewelry. Especially the Antique Color Silver. Love love.

I am learning to Crochet!! So I would love to trade for soft yarn and the larger size crocheting needles.

1 or more Yards ( not scraps) of Soft Blanket Fleece in all colors and prints.

Bakery Scents like Ginger Bread ,Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Blue Berry Muffin or anything Bakery Scented are all absolutely Loved at my house for Wax Tarts or Candles

Baby Powder scents and Cotton Candy scents

I am a TOTAL Sucker for Glitter and Sparkle on the things I receive. I have tons of Glitter so I don't need jars of Glitter but I do love it on certain things. Please do not worry, I do not send it to anyone who is not fond of it. :)

Glitter Lip Gloss/ Extreme Shine (Light or Clear)

Cute Holiday Themed Socks without toes

Journals/Store Bought For Altering


Any Type Of Pretty Dangle Earrings /Rings in size 6 - 7.

Ribbon Choker Necklaces

Jolee's Stickers (Any)

Sandy Lion Stickers (Any)

K&Company Stickers (Any)

Soft Spoken Stickers (Any)

Sexy Vampire Themed Things

The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore)

True Blood (Eric)


Red and Black Colors

Gothic Themes

ATC Embellishments, Images, Or Kits

Embellishments for Altering And /Or Scrapbooking

Smash Book Stuff

Any Size or Color, Stick or Glue on Jewels, Pearls or Charms (For Altering)

Craft Kits/ No Plastic Please.

Small Beaded Dotee Dolls. I have been practicing on these and they are looking pretty good! :)

Small Filled Whimsy Jar in Any Theme

Glitter or Gel Pens

Wax Melts.

Anything themed with Stars and Moons.

Anything Girly

Altered Tote Bags

Handmade Tea Wallet

Cute Handmade Coin Purses

Random Envies or Craft Supplies

Dangle Charms ( I hang them on my Nook Color Tablet)

Colors I Love are: Pink (All Shades), Black, Lighter Colors of Blue, Purple (All Shades), Red, White, Silver (Metallic) Gold (Metallic) I also Love all of the Autumn Colors , Jewel Tones and Earth Tones:)

Please don't feel like you need to stick to my list. I made a long list to try to make it somewhat easy for my swap partners to see what I like to swap. I am always open to any suggestions on a swap.

I am really hard to disappoint and Definitely NOT Picky about what I receive. I love just about anything and everything except dirty items and food items :)

No Thank You / Allergies

PLEASE:PLEASE PLEASE DON"T Send any Food Items (Including Candy and Gum) or Drink Items. No matter how well they are wrapped or sealed, I cannot accept them for myself or my children.

EXCEPT for Hubby; Please See Below.

Please understand that it is NOT the sender that I worry about. I just have a "thing" about edibles going through our lovely U.S. Postal System and then into my children's mouths.

Thanks soooo much for understanding:)

Colors I am NOT really crazy about are: Orange, Light Green, Yellow and that Flat Gold Color.

I don't trade Post Cards or Collectible Stamps Inchies,.Zentangles, FB's. Sticker bags and Used Stamps, although I think they are nice., I have just never had an interest in them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please Don't send Dirty Items or Trash

I Love receiving De-Stash items when they are clean and use-able.

Plastic Weave Crafts with Plastic Laces ( I never understood the reason for these things,

Foam Sticky Shapes

Computer Paper / Printed or Plain

Bagged or Loose Potpourri

Foam Stamps

Plastic Beads

Perfume-y/ Floral Scents

Erasers of Any Kind

Diaper Bags (They sometimes look like Tote Bags)

Craft Sticks/ Popsicle Type Sticks

Coffee and Tea bags, (Edible Category)


Bath, Body or Face Soaps,


Bath Salts,

Hand Sanitizer etc

Anything Perfume-y for Body or Face. Including Handmade. (Allergic)

PLEASE *** Absolutely NO Religious Items or Themes, (Even at Christmas Time, Unless I PURPOSELY sign up for a Religion Based Swap or Tag) .



I (Sometimes) do not mind receiving things for my Husband and Children in a Swap, but Please, ASK ME First before sending to them, Unless (Of Course) the Swap is actually a Child or Spouse based Swap that I have specifically signed up for. :)

My husband and I have been married for 14 years. He has to travel quite a bit for his job but we are very happy. We both had children when we met, I had 1 child and he had the three other oldest children. His oldest Daughter is only 6 years younger than I am, so that was a little difficult for a while.

We had the two youngest children together after we married. Our anniversary is on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

My hubby has no problem with food sent through the Postal System at all, as long as it is sealed really well and for himself :)

He loves Chocolate and Malt and Caramel. He also likes Potato Chips, Beef Jerky, Peanut M & M's, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and anything food related, He would LOVE to try new chocolate from a different country. Anything except alcohol flavored food or candy.

My youngest little girls name is Missy and she is 4 years old; She is funny and smart but also sensitive and loving.

She loves Pink and Purple. She loves small things like little purses. little boxes filled with surprises, Seasonal Socks.

She is Completely into Small Stuffed Animals and would love any animal type.

She loves Craft Kits,.Dolls, Stuffies,

She loves easy to read Story Books, or Books for me to read to her (With pictures Of Course, lol) Especially Pop Up or Touch and Feel Books,

Her favorite toys are any size little Animals. Plastic or Rubber, doesn't matter. She especially likes little ones paired with the same type of a larger size to be the "Mommy" of the smaller animals.She plays with those for hours every day and LOVES to collect new animals.

Now onto my Son:

Trev is my 12 year old son. He is completely into the Pittsburgh Steeler's Football Team and his Xbox 360 games. Right now he is into his Call Of Duty/Black Ops 2 Game that just came out.

He is home schooled and is completely different than his younger sister. He is quiet,sensitive and very sweet. He tries so hard to help with anything that he can .He also loves things that come in the mail. Although it is really hard to give him Odds and Ends because they are usually girl type things, I always try though..

He can always use Chap Stick and loves the flavored or scented kind like Jelly Belly, Chocolate or any type like that. He loves Posters for his wall, Comic Books, Colored Pencils and Paper. Regular Pencils and Writing Paper, Paint by Number, Small Painting Kits. Any type of Football Trading Cards. "Especially Pittsburgh Steelers" Silly Putty or that Slime Stuff. He loves Puzzles and Decks of Cards. He is completely into his Xbox and plays a lot of Black Ops and other war games with his friends online.

His Dis-likes would be anything Baby-ish, Pokemon or Power Rangers. He doesn't play with Matchbox cars or Army guys. He has no Allergies except Perfumed bath products. They give him a rash so we avoid those.

I am always open to Private Swaps. Please contact me if you think you might like to swap and we can set something up:)

My Angels

@zerofantasies - for the invite only Christmas Swap. Thank You Sweetie!! :)


misskrystalx rated for Profile Wishlist Swap on Oct 16, 2015
Comment: will rate once received
DebR rated for 6 gifts 1 theme - #21 - CHRISTMAS on Jan 19, 2013
Comment: I have waited ages for this swap which you promised me you had sent but now I see that you are suspended
marthy rated for My Poor lonely stocking #3 US/Can on Jan 10, 2013
Comment: Nothing. No communication, despite attempts from me and a number of other folks. Sad.
raesha rated for My poor lonely stocking #2~ USA only on Jan 9, 2013
Comment: So sad to have not received anything - I see you have not been on Swap-Bot since December 20 - hope nothing serious has happened!!! I will be happy to change rating if anything shows up. I also PM'd you with no response either.
SmashinSusan rated for Christmas in a Ziploc Swap on Jan 7, 2013
Comment: I hate to give another one rating but I didn't get this one either.
Comment: This swap never arrived even after I was informed it was sent.
taralynnjane rated for Let's Keep Smashing/Junking #5 on Jan 7, 2013
Comment: Not another one!! How many times am I gonna get flaked on?? Let me know if you ever decide to send it.
Magena22 rated for My Poor lonely stocking #3 US/Can on Jan 6, 2013
Comment: I tried contacting you, but have not hears back and from the looks of it you flaked on others in this swap. I am very dissapointed, especially because this was a Christmas swap :( I will update rating if I receive a package.
Comment: I was going to send you a message about this swap but I noticed that you haven't logged on in a while and there are similar swaps that you have marked as sent but were never received. My stocking was very lonely!
Comment: I never received this OR a response to my PM. -Debbie
grannysimpson rated for My poor lonely stocking on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: If you ever sent out this swap I'll be happy to change your rating. I did send you messages that you never answered
Comment: It has been 6 weeks since you marked sent on this swap. You have not responded to messages. I will be happy to rerate if I ever receive.
Comment: i love my socks! thank you so much.
Comment: 1-2-13 I have not received anything and you have not responded to my PM, if something changes I will be happy to re-rate...
Comment: 1-2-13 I have not received anything and you have not responded to my PM, if something changes I will be happy to re-rate
Comment: Great swap. Thank you.

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phtbtmgrl on Jan 15, 2013:

It's disgusting that you would steal from over a dozen people here then go and try to start a new swapping site. On top of all that, you couldn't even come up with your own opening statement! You copied Swap-bot's main page message. Seriously, Anna?! WTF?!

northqueen on Jan 11, 2013:

I hope you make good on your swaps, but most are doubtful. You told me that you had a load of atc's ready to send a month ago in exchange for my Dotee Doll collection and still nothing. If they were ready to send then why did you not follow through? Enjoy the dolls.

SEMOkraftee on Jan 6, 2013:

Guess I won't be getting a rating from you for the Poor Lonely Stocking swap I sent you. Too bad you received from me, but none of your partners received from you. Just wish you would let someone know if you are OK.

Candyn29 on Jan 5, 2013:

never got my tag

cocoperl on Jan 4, 2013:

I'm not sure what happened to you but I really hope you are ok. Hope to tlk to you again in the future.


elluzki on Jan 3, 2013:

I still haven't received your package part of our private swap. Its been 2 months, and you haven't replied.. Would be nice to hear something.

RyeRye on Dec 23, 2012:

The inmates over at the FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

i miss you~

mizvicky on Dec 17, 2012:


tanjch on Nov 30, 2012:

Thank you for the kawaii mixed goodie bag for the tag! :)

RyeRye on Nov 21, 2012:


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