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Last Online: November 13, 2018
Birthday: March 2, 1942
Country: United States
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This is Ann's daughter

Ann is back in the hospital again as of the evening of Oct 22nd.

Will try to keep this page updated


All, but one, of my behind swaps are mailed as of OCT. 22ND

I will now answer all messages & PM's

I still will not be reading my ratings, not be rating any swaps, or comments, until I am caught up.

Oct 18, 2016

On the 8th of October I had an unexpected Ambulance Ride to the Hospital, and have just came home today (Oct 18, 2016)

Consequently, some swaps that were due out I was not able to get out during the last 10 days At this time my priority is to get those swaps done

Also I will be PM’ing all partners and host/hostesses of the individual swaps. This will take several days.

During this time I will not be reading, nor answering PM’s, nor messages. I will not be reading my ratings, not be rating any swaps, or comments, until I am caught up.

I Pledge to Rate

I pledge to ALWAYS send my swaps out on time - or I will notify my partner BEFORE hand

I pledge to Rate.ALWAYS! I may not rate as fast as some might like, but I will rate by the next day of the swap reminder email. If I haven't received it by then I will ask about it. If you haven't rated by then I will also check in with you. For overseas swaps I will wait for 4 weeks before contacting partners.

I always send on time. If a package arrives with money owed I will return postage to you. I have had that happen once when the Post Office ws the one who mailed it! Go figure!!! LOL

I have two threes - which were given unfairly. Will not go into them here except to say I sent off replacements for each one and still ended up with a 3! Earliest one changed her profile after 1st swap sent. (Still have copy of profile) Also is presently (5/15/16 when I first saw it) on partial suspension for THE THIRD TIME that I know of.

One from almost 6 months ago lives overseas. Claimed sent late. Sent on time (have copy of receipt & customs form.) took almost 5 weeks to get to her Then she said it didn't qualify. Sent proof of where it came from and was qualified. resent - refused to acknowledge. Then she stated she didn't like it! (Thought that didn't qualify for low rating????) Anyway re-sent and since then have not heard from her. Never answers messages.

Oh well we all know there are some here who are not fair!

I have over 1200 fives and over 1000 hearts in the 2 years i have belonged to Swap Bot! That should say something about my swaps!


I am a 74 year old widow.

Retired after working as a nurse for a State mental Institution in 2005.

I have custody of a 15 year old grand daughter who lives with me. ONE Daughter, Mari, lives with me right now also, as her husband passed away on Sept. 6, 2014

I lost my husband, Bill, Jan 25, 2012 after his 4th bout of cancer.

I have 9 kids, 38 grand kids and 8 great grand kids.

I collect owls --- postcards --- magnets and nativity sets.

Crafts I like to do

I like coloring sheets and postcards. If possible do not send folded up sheets

I like counted cross stitch.

I like making doll clothes.

I enjoy most paper crafts - homemade envelopes, homemade cards.

Postcard Wish & Dislike List

My Flickr page is listed above for cards I have to trade and also here:


This list is in PREFERENCE style


‬Castles - Castles can be regular view, inside views and/or paintings,

World Trade Center (twin towers & One World Trade Center),

Before & After, --- Yesterday and today, --- Then & Now,

Four Seasons --- Dubai, --- Great Wall of China, --- Flowers,

Botanical Gardens, --- Individual Trees, --- Cactus, --- Palaces,

Cemeteries/Graves, --- Die Cuts, ---Gotocho postcards, --- Elvis,

Round postcards, --- Odd shaped postcards, --- Cut outs, --- Palaces,

Thomas Kincade, --- Chinese Art Postcards, --- James Dean, --- Abbeys,

Michael Jackson, --- Cathedrals, --- Churches, --- Missions, --- Ruins,

UNESCO, --- Mahota Muramatsu‭’‬s Cats Postcards, --- --- ‬Alaska,

Magnetic Postcards, --- Optical Illusions,--- Linens, ---Country maps,

Hello Kitty PC‭’‬s,‭ --- Islands, --- Glaciers, North & South Pole,

Jails/Prisons,--- National Parks, --- State Parks, --- Fireworks, --- Night views,

John Waterhouse PC‭’‬s‭, --- ‬Anton Piech PC‭’‬s,‭ --- Inga Look Postcards,

Inga Paltser Postcards, --- Owls, --- Weather Related, --- Nativity scenes,

Skyline views, --- Aerial city views, --- State Capitol --- State Flower,

State Map, --- Vintage Christmas & New Years,

Anything to do with the armed Forces from any country,

Anything related to my preferences in: Ad cards, Free cards & Rack cards are acceptable.

I will accept any size, new or used postcard from my preference list.

I prefer new and unwritten, but any vintage, on any of my preferences, can be used or written on.


‬No‭ ‬birds‭ (‬other than owls‭)‬,‭ --- No caves, --- No humor -- -No humor

No torn & dirty cards, --- No large letter cards, --- No greetings from,

No ad cards, that are not in preferences

No MULTI VIEW nor COLLAGES‭ ‬on any subject EXCEPT‭;

‬4‭ ‬seasons ‭ ---‬ before‭ & ‬after cards,‭ --- ‬Now & Then --- Yesterday‭ & ‬Today cards,‭ ‬---

Coupon & Refund Wish list

updated 9/27/2016

I am a coupon and refund-er!

Send me your lists and I will save for you

Love swapping coupons and refunds from lists on a regular basis with anyone. PM me for my address

Can use any of the following coupons. Can use newspaper& Internet. Can also use coupons from the following stores - Weis - Giant - Boyer's

Send me your lists and I will save for you

Oct. 2016

All $1 (10/23/16)

Bounty $1 (10/22/16)

Bounty/Charmin .50 (10/22/16)

Cheerios .50 (10/22/16)

Cheerios .75/2 (10/29/16)

Cooked Perfect Meatballs $1.50 (10/24/16)

Farm Rich Meatballs 28 oz $1.50 (10/31/16)

Febreze .50 (10/22/16)

General Mills cereal .75 (10/22/16)

Hamburger Helper regular or Ultimate Skillet dishes .75/3 (10/22/16)

Hefty tall kitchen trash bags $1 (10/31/16)

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter .50 (10/23/16)

Irish Spring multi-bar soap packs 6 pk+ $.50 (10/8/16)

Irish Spring body wash $1 (10/8/16)

Jimmy Dean breakfast product .55 (10/30/16)

Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast $1 (10/30/16)

Palmolive dish liquid .25 (10/8/16)

Palmolive dish liquid .50 (10/8/16)

Pantene $5/3 (10/8/16)

Ragu sauce $1 (10/2/16)

Spice Islands seasonings bottle $1 (10/23/16)

Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons $2/2 (10/8/16)

Top Ramen $1/2 (10/9/16)

Venus/Daily razor or disposable 2 ct+ $3 (10/22/16)

Velocity Mechanical Pencil $1 (10/1/16)

Nov 2016

Alberto VO5 Solutions Shampoo or Conditioners .50/2 (11/13/16)

Alberto VO5 Shampoos or Conditioners .50/2 (11/13/16)

Alberto VO5 Oil, Salon Series Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling .50 (11/13/16)

Bush's Baked Beans $1/2 (11/15/16)

Cheerios – any flavor $1 off 2 11/09/16

Dunkin' Donuts coffee $1.50/2 (11/30/16)

Halls Drops $1/2 (11/12/16)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1 (11/30

Icy Hot/Aspercreme Lidocaine $2 (11/30/16)

Jolly Time Pop Corn .50 (11/30/16)

Werther's Original caramels $1/2 (11/30/16)

December 2016

Minute Rice .50 (12/3/16)

Seapak 8 oz+ .75 (12/31/16)

Tazo Chai Latte k-cups 6 ct+ $1.50 (12/31/16)

March 2016

Nestles Nesquick Flavored Milk Ready to Drink 14 oz. $ .35 on 1


On Cor frozen family entrees $1/1 NED

I will accept ANY coupon or BOG1F on the following

All Detergent on 1

Aluminum Foil or wrappers on 1

Any produce

Arm & Hammer Detergent on 1

Arm & Hammer Fabric Softener on 1 or 2

Banquet Pot Pies

Banquet Family size meals

Bayer Aspirin Low dose on 1

Betty Crocker Potatoes (no mashed) box off 1 or 2

Birdseye Vegetables on 1

Clorox 2

C Q 10 0n 1

Crystal Light powder Drink Mixes $1

Daisy Sour Cream

Del Monte Vegetables

Green Giant Vegetables - canned only

Hanover Canned Vegetables

Hanover Frozen vegetables on 1

I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter! Original item

Johnsonville Brats (no chicken) on 1

Johnsonville Sausage (no chicken) on 1

Kitchen Bouquet

Kraft‭ ‬sweet n sour sauce

Lacktaid Milk

Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter

Libby’s Vegetables

Marlboro Cigarettes - for daughter

Mary Kitchen Corn Beef Hash

Maybelline Make up - for granddaughter

Mt Olive .55 on 1

Mrs. T’s on 1 or 2

New England Coffee $1.50 or higher on 1

No Yolk off 1

Onions (fresh)



Playtex tampons

Potatoes (fresh)

Produce (fresh)

Ragu on 1 or 2

Reynolds Wrappers

Smart Balance butter

Stove Top Stuffing

Tide on 1

Vidalia Onions $1

Refund Forms

Looking for Alcohol/beer/wine forms good in PA where NO Beer, alcohol nor wine needs to be purchased

Any Refund Forms on food

Favorite Books

I love to read - just about anything! Although my favorites are mysteries and biographies. Some of my favorite authors include:

Jane Worth Abbott - Looking for "Yes is Forever"

V. C. Andrews - Looking for the following: "Capturing Angels", & "Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth",

Barbara Bradford Taylor - Looking for the following: "Treacherous"

Sally Bradford Looking for "The Arrangement" - "Spring Thaw" - "When Fortune Smiles" & "Out on a Limb"

Sarah Bradford - Looking for the following: "Portugal", "Cesare Borgia: This Life Histories"

Alice Brandon - Looking for "Love beyond Question"

Sandra Brown - Looking for the following: "Untitled Novel", "Coming In From the Rain", "Rainwater", & "Confession Exclusive"

Vincent Bugliosi - "Lullaby & Goodnight" - "And the sea Will tell" & "Outrage: The 5 reasons O. J. Simpson Got Away With Murder""

Taylor Caldwell - Looking for the following: "Dear & Glorious Physician", "The Listener", "Your Sins & Mine",

Stella Cameron - Looking for the following: "Risks" - "Undercurrents". & "Mirror, Mirror"

Philippa Carr - "The Drop of the Dice", "The Adulteress","Zipporah's Daughter" & "The Knave of Hearts"

Carol Higgins Clark - Looking for the following: "Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: Too Many Cooks",

Mary Higgins Clark - looking for - "Women of Mystery". "Stowaway & Milk Run" - "Body in the Closet" & "Bad behavior"

Jackie Collins - looking for - "Hollywood Zoo' "The Love Killers", "Sinners", The World is Full of Divorced men"

Patricia Cornwell - , "Dust", Chasing the Ripper" & "Flesh & Blood"

Catherine Coulter - looking for - "Night Storm", "Night Shadow", "The Heiress Bride" & "Lord of falcon Ridge"

Jude Devoraux - looking for - Casa Grande", "A Perfect arrangement", - "Wishes" & "Changes of the Heart"

Daphne du Maurer - looking for - "The Escort", " Gerald, A Portrait", "Castle d'or" "Come Wind, Come Weather"

Linda Finestein - looking for - "Lethal legacy", "The Best American Crime Reporting", "The Prosecutor rests", & "Silent \Mercy"

Sue Grafton -"Kinsey & Me", & "X"

Jill Gregory - looking for "To Distant Shores", -"The Wayward Heart", - "Promise Me Dawn" & "My True & Tender Love"

John Grisham - Looking for - "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer", & "Calico Joe"

Ed Huntley Looking for ; "V. C. Andrews: A Critical Companion"

Iris Johanson - Looking for "The Bronzed heart" - "Tempest at sea", - "Stormy Vows" & "Reluctant Lark"

Elizabeth Lowell: Looking for: "Lover in the Rough", "Summer Thunder'. The Danvers Touch" & Summer Games"

Scott McGraw: Looking for: "Living on Country: The Alan Jackson Story"

Henry Morris : Looking for: "The Genesis Record"

Dana Rassmussen - looking for : "V. C. Andrews: Her life & Books"

I belong to Paper Back Swap and Book Mooch Check me out (using the same Nickname there) I also have a wish list there.

Fragrances,Body Wash & Shampoo

The following scents I like:

Blueberry ---- Cherry --- Cucumber

Honey Suckle --- Ocean --- Peach

Plum --- Raspberry --- Pomegranate

Strawberry --- Sweet pea --- Sweet Honesty


If it isn't listed, please don't send any other scent

Music, Movies, & TV

I love all music especially Country. But there isn't any I do not like. I tend to stay away from the vulgar language in ant type.

I do not go to the movies too often - mostly due to cost - and when I do go it is to take one of the grand kids

My favorite movie is "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson, followed by "The Call" starring Haley Berry. Love most of the Disney and most Musicals. Murder and suspense I love, but I also like "chick flicks" and drama. I like history movies and stories about people that are true. (The "Blind Side) is also a favorite.

TV I am not crazy about.

My favorites are Deadliest Catch. Criminal Minds, News (channel 16 (WNEP) The Voice. and most things on the History on Discovery Chaannel


I do not crochet, so I would love any of the following items that are crocheted:

Bookmarks Coffee mugs dish cloths dish towels (the ones that have the crochet tops) Hot dish mats Pot Holders Scarves Any of the crocheted items can be regular or any holiday

Address labels with my address info on especially with any holiday graphics on them

Candles - in the following scents - apple pie - Spice - Coffee - Gingerbread - Pine Needles - lilac

Cards - home made ones or any type, Birthday, Sympathy, Friendship or Blank

Coffee - Starbucks - Dunkin Donuts - Eight O' Clock - Gevalia (prefer house blend or Columbia mix) Absolutely NO Instant coffee No K cups

Coffee mugs

Ephemera - would love to have: food labels, greeting card fronts, maps, small pieces of paper ( bigger than 2 x 2 and smaller than 4 x 6), tickets, ticket stubs, trading cards, Victorian art or ads, wrappers - any in this Ephemera list can be printable made by you, but please do not fold them

Envelopes (especially home made ones!)

Food from foreign countries (love to try new stuff)

Friendship books and sheets, label bags

Magnetic note pads and regular note pads

Owls any type

Recipe cards, Blank

Stationary sets (especially home made ones!) and stationary pads

Sticker books (regular and re-usable), sticker slams and bags

Stickers Sheets - love owls, flowers, any Holiday

Sweat shirts in a Women's X large or a Mans Large

T-shirts/ tops in a size Women's X large or Man's large

UNUSED postage stamps any domination from the USA


Body wash - Unless specified fragrances above

Bubble Bath

candles - Unless specified fragrances above

cartoony stuff/Stickers

fragrances - Unless specified fragrances above

Instant coffee


Knick - knacks (with the exception of owls and Nativity sets)

plastic/fabric flowers

Reward Stickers

Shampoo - Unless specified fragrances above



AmandaThePenPal rated for Friendship Sheet Swap #33 on Nov 8, 2017
Comment: I never got anything
Comment: I am terribly sorry but I seem to have missed rating you for this swap. I did receive your spring photos post and I want to thank you for it.
theaterfan23 rated for APDG ~ Hamilton on May 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you so very much for the wonderful postcards and coupons 🌻. So sorry for the very late rating🌼
Comment: What a wonderful way to do this swap, I really enjoyed reading through the booklet you made for me. Thanks
soccer8s rated for Postcards Envelope/ Bag #3 on Feb 3, 2017
Comment: I never got anything.
Nellie1 rated for APDG ~ Halloween Deco Swap on Jan 14, 2017
Comment: Sorry Ann, I hope you're well but I have to rate you 1. I'll re-rate you as soon as I'll ever get something.
athousandyears rated for Halloween Ecard Swap on Jan 13, 2017
Comment: Sorry Ann, I hope you're well but I have to rate you 1. I'll re-rate you as soon as I'll ever get something.
pandorasxbox rated for APDG ~ Halloween Deco Swap on Jan 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for having arranging to have someone post on your behalf, especially given the circumstances! I hope that you're doing better!
user4532 rated for 20 Questions on Jan 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you Ann! I love these swaps. I enjoyed reading yours! Happy New Year 2017!!!🎊🎉🍾
robelwilson rated for Disney Postcards USA on Jan 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Sorry for the late rating. Happy New Year!
PurpleButterfly rated for 10 Postcards in October 2016 on Dec 24, 2016
HelenG6 rated for 10 Postcards in October 2016 on Dec 21, 2016
Comment: I have not received anything. Swapper is suspended.
Babsmomof5 rated for 10 Postcards in October 2016 on Dec 19, 2016
Comment: I'm sorry but I never received anything from you for this swap. I'll be happy to update the ratings if I do receive from you.
nancylee rated for APDG ~ Halloween Deco Swap on Dec 10, 2016
Comment: know there are extenuating circumstances so will rerate in the future if participant feels able to swap
saffronnginger rated for WIYM: 2016 PC Series - Sept on Dec 7, 2016

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PrairieKittin on Nov 20, 2016:

I have sent a page to your partner to angel the C.I. ~International Collection Book page Oct 2016 swap.

tatntole on Nov 13, 2016:

Get well soon! Hope you like these Candy Cane Pics I picked out. Pattie

anrtist on Nov 8, 2016:

There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,.. esp on this election day!
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

tynesha on Nov 8, 2016:

I remember swapping with you -- I hope you'll be strong again! Get well soon

nancylee on Nov 7, 2016:

Dear Ann,

kaniactribe on Nov 3, 2016:

Get well soon sending you hugs Tracy xx

brokenwings on Nov 2, 2016:

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!"

I hope you feel better soon, Ann!

MCGalaxy on Nov 1, 2016:

Sending you wishes and prayers for good health Feel better soon!

Ree87 on Nov 1, 2016:

Feel better soon!

Hoosfoos on Nov 1, 2016:

Get well soon! Hugs, Lisa

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