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Date Joined: April 21, 2009
Last Online: August 28, 2016
Birthday: June 26, 1991
Country: United States
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Hello partner! My name is Kayla, and I live in Litchfield, Maine, USA. Litchfield is a super tiny town in the middle of nowhere, and I love it. I was born in Massachusetts and my family moved to Maine when I turned 10. I lived in Brunswick until my boyfriend, Brandon, and I bought out home together in October of 2013.

Brandon and I are working toward creating our own little homestead, and this year we are adding chickens and ducks and a few large gardens.

I am working on going back to college. I plan on studying social work and child psychology. I am currently working in the mental health field as a residential counselor in a boys group home. I love my job, but it is super mentally and emotionally exhausting. I love receiving "happy mail" at the end of my day.

I have many animal companions; Echo (Siberian Husky), Rupert (American Staffordshire Terrier), Toadstool (Bearded Dragon), Kilgore (Turtle), Murderface (Red Tail Boa), Sox (Tuxedo Cat), and Acadia (Siamese Cat). Rupert and Acadia were adopted from my local animal shelter. I worked there for a little over a year and loved it. I love anything to do with the "rescue" theme, especially for pit bulls!

I love all things rustic, primitive, farm related, ect. I love gardening (flowers and vegetables).I love photography, it has been a great escape for me, especially lately.

☆☆☆ 03/25/2016: I live in a very rural area and sometimes my mail is unpredictable and just doesn't get picked up. I mark my swaps as sent when I put them in my mail box for pickup. If you don't receive something from me, or feel it doesn't meet swap requirements, let me know so I can fix it! I am always happy to resend☆☆☆

Things I LOVE

If I were to join a swap where you have to send me a small surprise, I love; Seed packets (heirloom, non GMO, organic preferably), flower seeds (especially flowers that have medicinal properties or uses other than just being pretty), sticker pages (not reward stickers, please), "Made in the USA", notecards & envelopes, letter/stationery sets, magnets, foreign coins, Pokemon cards, Hello Kitty/Sanrio, celestial/zodiac (Cancer Crab & Capricorn Goat), natural (not painted) hermit crab shells, Christmas tree ornaments, recipes, Siberian Huskies, pitbulls, reptiles, Farm Related, Gotochi, Jetoy, bird houses, Dr. Who/Tardis, things related to your country or state, all natural lotions/lip balms, buttons, fat quarters, sewing needles, pins, safety pins, card sleeves (for ATCs), 9 Pocket Card Sheets, small items for Pocket Letters, scrapbooking stickers, stamps & ink, assorted colorful paper, A4 size envelopes, little envelopes/baggies,

I am allergic to fake jewelry so I can only wear sterling silver/surgical steel.


I prefer written and stamped postcards. If I am in a swap where they are sent in an envelope, please send them blank, but write a little note as to why you selected those cards for me on a separate piece of paper. :) Lighthouses, Windmills, Castles, Cathedrals, Colleges/Universities, Post Offices/Mailboxes, Elephants, Pandas, Armadillos, Penguins, Jellyfish, Cats, Dogs, Traditional Homes, Rustic Cabins, Country Kitchens, Old Barns/Farm, Houses/Farms, Farmers, Farm Animals, Farm Equipment, Markets/Grocery, Fruit, Crops (I love pumpkins!), Flowers, Trees, Food/Recipes, Call Boxes, Famous People, Traditional Dress/Fashion, Ballerinas, Native People, Native Americans, Patriotic, Children, Bees/Insects, Animals, Country President/Leader, Country Maps, Country Capitol, Country Flag, State Maps, State Capitol, State Flag, State Flowers, State Birds, US Presidents, Vintage US Military Recruitment Ads, Police Officers, Winter/Autumn Views, Pokemon, Hello Kitty/Sanrio characters, Dr. Who, Faeries, Disney, Pixar, Jetoy, Gotochi...


I play all of the pokemon games and I am planning on starting to collect Pokemon cards again. I love all things Pokemon, and have been playing since Pokemon Red was released (I was 5). I was hooked, and have shamelessly been a PokeFan ever since. I have favorites from each generation, but my all-time favorite Pokemon are; Chansey/Blissey, Jirachi, Misdreavus/Mismagius, Bellossom, and Dragonite. Johto was my favorite of all time, but of course I love the original.. I am currently working on completing my Pokedex for XY & ORAS and anxiously awaiting the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon!

Pen Pals

I LOVE having pen pals, especially from the US since the cost of postage is so much more reasonable. I would love pen pals from all over the US, around my age; 21-30. If you are younger or older, but think we would click, don't hesitate to message me. If you are from another country, but would like to write with me, let me know. I do have many international pen friends as well. I always respond to letters right away. If you contact me about pen friendship, please be prepared to write the first letter. If I reach out to you about pen friendship, I would write the first letter.

Art Themes

Farm Equipment, Barns, fences, Planets/Stars, The Moon, Clocks, Anchors, Lighthouses, Sunflowers/Lillies..

Animals; Crabs/Hermit Crabs, Goats, Chickens/Roosters, Turkeys, Llamas, Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Siberian Huskies, Pitbulls, Siamese Cats, Tuxedo Cats, Moose, Turtles/Tortoises, Kitties, Fish, Elephants, Pandas, Armadillos, Sea Horses, Sea Dragons, Jellyfish..

Recipes & Food

I LOVE to cook and bake. I would love to receive any recipes that you and your family use! I prefer the 4x6" index cards. We are happy to try anything, and the only food I have to stay away from is peaches of all things (I am allergic). I do not drink tea but I love coffee. I love chocolate and candies. I prefer food in its original packaging.


Comment: Thank you! Sorry for the late rating. Happy New Year!
JossieAyame rated for [Pokemon] Pen Pal on Nov 9, 2016
Comment: Since we were partners for both this swap and [Pokemon] Card Swap #1, we agreed that we could send the swaps together. I never received anything, On 10th July she said she would resend but I haven't heard anything since. I see she hasn't been online in a while so my messages haven't been read
JossieAyame rated for [Pokemon] Card Swap #1 on Nov 9, 2016
Comment: Since we were partners for both this swap and [Pokemon] Pen Pal, we agreed that we could send the swaps together. I never received anything, On 10th July she said she would resend but I haven't heard anything since. I see she hasn't been online in a while so my messages haven't been read
ashleybisping rated for Postcrossing Obsessed? 10! on Sep 27, 2016
Comment: Nothing was received per swap requirements. I reached out to partner a few times with nothing still received. swap date was June 13th, 3 months later is a long time for a resend. if something is recieved, will change to a 3.
urocyonfox rated for ABC's of Pokemon: E on Aug 31, 2016
Comment: Oh my the glitter on this atc! Thank you for the atc
lyzz rated for Pokemon Pocket Letter - Pink on Aug 29, 2016
Comment: OMG HOW CUTE IS THIS!!! Kayla you make the cutest stuff dear! thank you so much i love it!!! How all is well with you!!
Comment: Thank you Kayla, I love everything you sent.
Response: Thank you for your rating. I enjoyed this swap very much. I am sorry it was late.
GlyndasCreations rated for Pokemon Pocket Letter - SC on Aug 4, 2016
Comment: Super cute. Love the cards yo included. I do not have any of them. And the washi was very cute. thanks for doing a red white and blue theme. This will be great for fair pictures!!!
Comment: Got it! Thank you for all the cool goodies! I hope you have a happy day ⭐️🌺🐳
Response: You are really sweet. I had a lot of fun with this swap and appreciate your kindness. ♡
Ohhedgehogs rated for ABC's of Pokemon: C on Aug 3, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much!
suepier rated for Postcrossing Obsessed? 9! on Aug 3, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful pc from Maine.
GlyndasCreations rated for Pokemon ATC - Ghost Themed on Jul 28, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the very cute card!!!!
Tamawi rated for Pokeball ATC on Jul 28, 2016
Comment: Thanks! I like how the background complements your hand drawn Love Ball.
Tamawi rated for Person from Pokemon ATC on Jul 28, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully crafted ATC! I'm so glad you sprang back from the cause in your delay in sending. It happens to the best of us and I'm looking forward to swapping with you again soon.
lyzz rated for Pokemon Trading Card Swap on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: YAY! I been dying to see what i get i won't lie so it came yesterday and i got a bunch i didnt have so i was mega excited if not all of them but i didnt put them into my book so i cannot be 1000% lol there were many i know for sure i have none of that pokemon at all! so was mega excited!!! Thank you Kayla you picked the best pack for me!!!!
Poftoffel rated for Pokemon Ghost type ATC on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the adorable Misdreavus! I love the glitter :D
urocyonfox rated for Pokemon ATC - Ghost Themed on Jul 25, 2016
Comment: I'm sorry to hear about your issues you've been having. I recently started watching Pokemon x/y and I do like punkaboo. I would recommend next time putting your name and stuff on the back of The ATC but it really is a cute ATC thank you
robelwilson rated for Postcrossing Obsessed? 10! on Jul 23, 2016
Comment: Thank you!
vlhafer54 rated for Four Postcard Swap on Jul 2, 2016
Comment: Wow! Thank you for the great cards. And so many. Sorry to hear your news, which must have come as a shock. It's hard to find our heroes have feet of clay.
Response: I am glad you received them! Sorry for the awkward vent, haha.
marclively rated for Postcrossing Obsessed? 10! on Jul 2, 2016
Comment: Kayla, thanks much, loved this swap!

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Poftoffel on Jul 1, 2016:

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope things are better now! I am sending to you and I think you'll like the atc :-)

Poftoffel on Jun 28, 2016:

Will you assign partners for the Ghost Pokemon atc's soon? I have them all ready to go ^_^

btbeth on Jun 21, 2016:

Howdy Neighbor! Just a shout out to a native Mainer, Ayuh! I grew up in Boothbay Harbor & know JUST where Litchfield is!

shannonlinde on Apr 30, 2016:

So glad you joined our Week of Happy Envies Swap!! You'll have so much fun opening your envies! Blessings!

noname13 on Apr 23, 2016:

Hi Kayla! Thanks for your letter. It's funny that you grow up in Brunswick and I now live in Braunschweig, which in English is also Brunswick. In dialect of Lower Saxony Braunschweig is Brunswiek. Have a nice time! Andrea

lagemaz on Apr 27, 2015:

Come join the fun in the Christian Homestead April showers bring May flowers WTA -Marie

Candyn29 on Oct 5, 2014:


TammieGotcha on Aug 24, 2014:

Pokeball Profile Decorate

PrincessChick on Aug 24, 2014:

Pokeball Profile Decorate

Pikachu089 on Jul 21, 2014:

Pokemon Alphabet Profile Swap, "G"

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