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I am a 40-year-old (not sure when that happened, because I feel like I'm still 23) woman, transplanted from all over to a suburb of Chattanooga TN. I'm married to my best friend (hokey I know, but true) and work from home doing medical transcription. Since my work does not really allow for much creativity, I enjoy spending my free time with more fun, creative endeavors.

Favorite Books

I have been on a vampire kick lately, but I am a little freaked out that so many of them are listed under ROMANCE. I enjoy reading "mindscrubbers" in between vampire books to cleanse my mental palate. Most of these are much more serious, literary type novels.

Favorite Crafts

Wow, with so many to choose from, it's really hard to limit myself to a favorite. I love to draw, make jewelry, collage, etc. However, I am pretty terrible at oil painting. I even took a class and I still suck. I would love to learn to watercolor, but that's on the list of stuff I wish I knew how to do.

Being creative is something that takes me away when my day-to-day life is just dragging me down. I enjoy creating for others rather than myself and love to give away handmade gits (just ask my friends and family). I also enjoy seeing into the minds of others by seeing their artwork. Some minds are dark and scary and some never made it past maybe sixth-grade or so. Either way, I love to see other people's stuff.


wiener dogs (I have three - Craig and Bella and their baby Ozzy).

Craig & Bella

Brian and little Ozzy

the THX sound effect

The Matrix

winter weather - I must have written this in the summer because it is colder than dammit and I don't know what possessed me to write this.

monsters and the occult

Gerber daisies

red toenail polish

finding forgotten money in a pair of pants

sleeping in on the weekends

lime green and pale blue

oatmeal for breakfast

"Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter

yard sales

an ice cold beer on a hot, hot day

pay day

Twix candy bars

wearing flip-flops all year (even in the winter)

purses (because they always fit) - finally had to put the kibbosh on buying anymore since I found a bag in the attic of purses I forgot I had.

seeing movies at the IMAX - Just remember my cardinal rule of the IMAX - sit as far in the back as they will let you. (I saw Star Trek a few months back and dang, Spock (Sylar - from Heroes) really has some bushy eyebrows.

fresh vegetables from our garden

bacon ("meat candy" as my husband calls it) - See Operation Skinny Girl.

Santa Christmas ornaments (hoping to have nothing but lights and Santa on the tree)

puppy breath - just something so sweet about it.

football season

thrift stores

"bimbo" shows like "Rock Of Love"

visiting museums while on vacation - even lame ones that are really just a room or two in some old ladies house with pictures of her grandfather who was a ship captain during the Civil War.

singing at the top of my lungs when I am alone in the car - usually to something completely inappropriate to my age like Miley Cyrus. I mean should a woman who is nearly 40 know the words to Party in the USA???

the '20's and '30 Art Deco - I love Erte and think it's amazing that he was an illustrator for Conde Nast.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (I grew up in suburban New Jersey and would cut school, take the train into the city and go to the Met - kinda dorky - most kids cut school to party, but I go to a museum).

All vampire movies - even the really, really bad stinky ones.


well - never met a candy I didn't like (except grape-flavored - yuck - see below).

Harlequin-style romance novels (although the occasional chick-lit is good by me)

western movies- although oddly enough I like cowboy and western stuff, especially vintage.

the humidity in the south (I live in Georgia)

Capodimonte - my grandmother's house was filled with the stuff - It's the stuff of nightmares - I had a dream as a kid that I was stuck inside one of the yellow roses on one of my grandmother's vases. Scary stuff.

lemon desserts - yet still like lemon candy

getting bills in the mail (and nothing else)

grocery shopping

most abstract art (I guess I am just too literal minded to try to "see" what the artist means - I kinda like to know that it's a girl with a yellow bonnet holding a lamb)

Civil War memorabilia - I live near the Chickamauga Battlefield and there is not a shortage of Civil War stuff around - just bores me to tears

incense - makes me sneeze (probably one of the reasons I didn't stay a Buddhist).

Hummers - what a waste of gas

Anything grape flavored - I was a sickly kid and had to take Dimetapp (yep, grape flavored) A LOT. Memories of standing over the kitchen sink with the little cup in one hand and a saltine cracker in the other.

super serious people - I know not everything is a joke, but for Pete's sake, lighten up already.

Operation Skinny Girl

Well - it has come to my attention (via not being able to wear any of my clothes and getting winded just going up a flight of stairs) that my butt is getting enormous. And not in a rap music video girl way. So, I have decided to go back on a diet and start working out. So far so good. But did I mention that this sucks. I will try to keep my no carb having bitchy comments to a minimum. I will try to take all my frustrations out on crappy drivers instead. LOL.

Update on Operation Skinny Girl 1/4/10 - This is a failed operation. I suppose it was the peppermint bark and the mashed potatoes and gravy and the Chex mix and the homemade cookies, etc. You get the picture. Like many of my fellow resolution-makers, I am going to try again in the new year. Wish me luck and please don't mail me candy - I can't resist and can't bear to throw even bad candy out (does that make me a candy-hoarder?)

Operation Skinny Girl 2.0 01/15/2011 - Once again the new year brings me to revisit this op. The hubs and I are doing P90X and let me tell you, I am freaking exhausted. Hopefully, this will finally be a completed mission this year.


Comment: will change my rating if i ever receive anything.
julmc81 rated for VS- ATC- March Sender's Choice on Jun 12, 2011
Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE! She is in a special place in my art studio.
Comment: Thank you! :)
Comment: Thank you! Cute lion! :)
Response: Thanks for the rating.
blueyz75 rated for hand drawn atc with some red on Mar 24, 2011
Comment: Thank you much. I hope the only place I see falling leaves for MONTHS is on your card! LOL
Response: thank for the rating! and yes, me too. I am definitely enjoying the spring.
vintageprincess rated for Zentangle ATC on Mar 13, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the nice card and I really like the ATC...good job on the orange cardstock.
StarfishAndCoffee rated for Bucket List Swap on Feb 28, 2011
Comment: Great list! It would seem we have quite a few dreams in common:-)
Response: Thank you for the rating. I had a lot of fun coming up with stuff - some of it definitely dream stuff.
CoCoLogo rated for Bucket List Swap on Feb 25, 2011
Comment: Wow drive a Ferrari on the autobahn! and get your whole back tattooed They both sound exciting and scary at the same time. Lovely list
Response: Thanks for the rating. This is definitely my fantasy life. My real life is nowhere that exciting. LOL.
blueyz75 rated for Bucket List Swap on Feb 25, 2011
Comment: You have awesome handwriting. You're number 19, the Alaskan cruise, you MUST do. I'm going on my second this Sept. Went once and loved it so much doing it again!
Response: Thanks for the rating - I am so jealous that you're going on a second one!!
unvlmom rated for Foreign Language ATC on Feb 16, 2011
Comment: lovely card... Thank you for including the translation with the card... I took German in High School but would never be able to translate now...
Response: Thanks for the rating. So glad you liked it. I keep going back to that German reader for inspiration.
wickedred rated for Altered Spoon on Feb 7, 2011
Comment: omg i love it so beautiful already have it hug up and how thoughtful my initial is on the spoon your a very clevergirl
ButtonAnnie rated for VS-Dictionary Page ATC on Feb 2, 2011
Comment: Loved the atc! I never thought to use the page for a die-cut--birds are a favorite theme for me also! Thanks so much!
Response: So glad you liked it. I have an old Martha Stewart mag with a ton of bird patterns that I use all the time. They are the perfect size.
Candyn29 rated for VS-Dictionary Page ATC on Jan 31, 2011
Comment: Thank You, I like it very much!
Response: So glad you liked it. Thanks for the rating and heart.
ladybegood rated for 1 for All # 12 When Pig's Fly on Nov 1, 2010
Comment: I will change this rating if I ever receive anything. I have received your atc and have changed the rating. Thanks for resending.
Response: I am so sorry this never made it to you. I redid this last night and it is going out in the mail today. Thank you for the rating.
Marsha907 rated for Antler Folk atc swap on Nov 1, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC, it made me laugh. I really enjoyed this offbeat swap. The darling baby on the card you sent also put a smile on my face.
Response: Glad you liked it. I bought a bunch of old yearbooks at a junk store and am working on making misc art with the pics
Caranam rated for Crown Jewels- EDITED on Oct 2, 2010
Comment: Just got it today and I love the floating look! Thanks so much =)
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart. I wanted it to be all stones, but after not even a third, that sucker weighed a ton. It would have been awfully heavy to wear.
nc27614 rated for New Techniques # 4..Paper Weave on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Clever use of 'the word'! Great ATC. Thanks
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart. I love that image of Greta Garbo and wanted to keep it as monochromatic as possible.
Sunflower4Mowse rated for Fives, fabulous fives! on Sep 2, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the pleasant selection of items. And the stamps sure came in handy !
Response: Thank you for the rating.
angiecamp rated for July Sender's Choice on Aug 26, 2010
Comment: Thank you !!
Response: Thank you for the rating.
liljesmax rated for Junk up an Altoid Tin INT on Aug 23, 2010
Comment: Thank you! It is so pretty! Love all the goodies inside too! :D
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart! I am so glad you like it.

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ayates on Mar 16, 2011:

Just got your package of 'donated' bottlecaps. Six in this lot are originals to my collection; I have over 800 different - it all started years ago as a travel diary of sorts. I am sooo excited to have 'em. Thank you for sharing your stash with me.

homeandheart on Feb 5, 2011:

Welcome to Somerset Style!! Please watch our forum for a FREE upcoming giveaway!!

RyeRye on Dec 19, 2010:

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SherriB on Mar 29, 2010:

Hi--just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make me an ATC, even though I was the only one to sign up for the February WTA swap! I like the vintage aspect of it.

LeishaCamden on Feb 27, 2010:

Hi! I just have to tell you that Ozzy is incredibly adorable. :-)

mixedmediachic on Jan 29, 2010:

Thank you very much for the scrabble tiles AND the extra dominoes that you send!! love it!! thank you lots!!

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