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I put a lot of effort in what I make, I only do a small amount of items at a time, ( I am a slow crafter due to habit and health) so you will only get my best work! If you have a problem with what I have done or something goes missing PLEASE message me !

I always rate! I usually only check my mail twice week. I haven't forgotten, I promise!

I KNOW this is long, but I like long profiles so I get a good idea of my partner. If it's too long for you I apologize. My profile is not just about swaps, but to give you an idea of me as a person.

I would LOVE some die cuts in pale pink, pastel blue, soft green and/ or black from "A child's year" cricut cartridge. If you would like to swap please let me know!

If you are going to be late on a swap PLEASE message me.

Dislikes at the bottom:

I am a romantic- shabby chic, cottage, kinda gal.

I LOVE: Vintage or Vintage looking things . I LOVE LOVE LOVE * Vintage Children's cards game cards, like old maid etc. Individual cards are welcome. 70's and earlier.

  • Swap playing cards. The ones with cute designs on the back, especially the 60's and earlier.

  • Old or vintage paper bits, ads, magazines, old letters, bills, invoices, wax envelopes, journals etc.

  • Vintage Little Golden Books, Junior Elf, Wonder books etc. and would love to swap for them.

  • Rhinestones

  • Stickers (Please see dislikes)

  • Frozen Charlotte dolls

  • Old or vintage images (Good copies are fine)

  • Beads~I love glass, vintage, rhinestones. Not crazy about pony, seed, or wood.

  • Pom pom fringe, and beaded fringe.

  • Rick-Rack

    • Seam Binding, especially Hug Snug brand
  • Fabric with roses, or barkcloth, Fabric by Michael Miller, Cath Kidston, or any that look vintage. Soft not scratchy, laces etc.

  • Muslin, pretty calicos, and fancy, glittery, romantic roses like Rachel Ashwell or knock offs.

  • Tulle

  • Velvet

  • Crinoline

  • Cupcake stuff, baking things, and vintage/vintage look cake picks

  • Vintage nut cups: the plastic and crepe paper type

  • Vintage/vintage look hankies

  • Crepe paper in sheets

  • Vintage embroidery: (especially on pillowcases and dresser scarves etc.) Also things made with them.

  • Pretty Teacups and saucers or accessories Such as sugar tongs, tea wallets, charms, etc. I don't care for green tea, I prefer to receive my tea in the sealed wrapper. I love spiced teas best, but I will try most.

  • Buttons buttons buttons. Any kind, but vintage types, rhinestone, old plastics,shell, pearlized and glass are my faves. sigh

  • Brass findings, stampings, jewelry making supplies.

  • Old jewelry, a lone vintage earring, and bits and pieces of vintage "treasures." I adore even broken sections of beaded or rhinestone necklaces. ( well, vintage or rhinestone anything)

  • Old keys, such as skeleton, or repro's.

  • Marie Antoinette, or barouque French style goodies.

  • However I do love retro, and retro looking items too:

  • Red, aqua, jade-ite green and pale yellow. (Colors you might find in a Wilendur tableclothes)

  • Mary Engelbreit. Her stuff is happy.

  • Miniatures. I love tiny things. I'm blown away by some of the displays, and it's on my to do list.

  • Kitschy charms

  • I think Kawaii is cute, though I know nothing about the characters. Japanese sweets are cute and beautiful!

  • Pale pink, green, and white are my favorite colors.

  • Cream, distressed and antique-y finishes are yummy

  • A few flowers and vintage images I love:

  • Lilacs

  • Peonies

  • Hydrangeas

  • Hollyhocks

  • Violets

  • Lily of the valley

  • Tulips

  • Forget-me-nots

  • Pansies

  • Sweet Peas

  • Carnations, I LOVE this scent. If you have some in just about anything, PLEASE swap with me! I would be SO happy!!

  • Things found in thrift and antique stores and fabric stores:

  • Old postcards

  • Vintage photos, hand colored or black and white. *Vintage cabinet cards. Especially babies, children, and lovely ladies. School, yearbook and photo booth ones a PLUS

  • Sweet images of children

  • Old baby bonnets shoes, and bibs, really any old or vintage baby and child toys etc.

  • Velvet ribbons

  • Rick rack

  • Vintage rhinestone jewelry

  • Vintage earrings

  • Vintage wallpaper, would be over the moon to receive some scraps.

  • Vintage millinery items

  • Seam binding style ribbon, old or new

  • Images printed on Fabric.

  • The beach and ocean. Seaglass, shells, sandollars, starfish, seahorses.....

  • I am a HUGE believer in Random Acts of Kindness. It's a way of life in my house. I try to brighten someone's day whenever I can. It's easy to do even on a budget. Just being kind is free!

  • The Unusual

  • Occasionally I sign up for swaps that might make someone go What the...this doesn't match her profile.........?

  • My grandpa was a stone mason who made beautiful cemetery headstones. I love old cemeteries and the gorgeous antique or old statues, markers and monuments. I like walking through them an looking at the stone art.

  • OLD movies. (Old movies of all kinds! ESPECIALLY 30's and 40's) Old Creature features like from the Black Lagoon, no vampire, demon witch etc.

  • Some "goth" style things.

  • Some "darker" Victorian things like mourning jewelry etc. I ( Please check my dislikes at the bottom)

  • Ancient Egypt- mummies, Pharoahs and the like. I went to the King Tut exhibition when it was here I have been fascinated by it all since I was a child. I would LOVE to visit Egypt and the Cairo museum

  • England, Ireland and Scotland.

  • Exotic Morocco and India

*History and things that have history. I would love to visit Europe to see the architecture.

  • Occasionally primitive and rusty items catch my eye too. Particularly in the autumn. I love the colors of autumn, ( I just LOVE Autumn) the rich golds, ambers, rich oranges, like autumn's leaves. I adore pumpkins.

  • Candles in Pumpkin, Spice, Vanilla, Cinnamon, orange and cloves etc. Basically "food scents" not floral.

  • Tea~ I prefer mine wrapped please, Earl and Lady Gray, plain, chai, orange spice etc. I will try most, except I don't like green

  • Lots more.... woodland, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Under the Sea, Fairy tales and MANY styles and themes not listed.

    I have loved making and giving food gifts like cookies, brownies and cupcakes, liqueurs, and making their pretty packaging (love to make pretty packages, and have tons of cupcake cups, silicone molds, tiny paper bags, boxes etc.) all year long!

PLEASE check my dislikes towards the bottom of the page!!


I can be a contradiction, although I am not into holidays, I may sign up for a swap because I love the theme, color etc. Victorian hearts, or a Halloween swap that is a black piece of jewelry or something. Don't worry I won't rate down if you send something! Any questions please ask. Sometimes you just feel like making something different.

Shipping, Allergies, Smells

I recycle packing material of all kinds. So your package and/or wrapping on the OUTSIDE might look a little rough.

I am a non smoker, so if you smoke, please air out or Febreeze, your items. Smoke smell gives me a headache (So will too much febreeze). Thank you SO much!

I also get a headache from many scents. So pretty pretty please no perfume-y items unless it's listed in my "likes". :-)

Books, music, TV

I LOVE books and reading. Especially old books of all types, cookbooks, and books on decorating, party and tea ideas. Childrens vintage story books and primers including the 20's to the 50's. Etc. I would rather hold an actual book instead of an electronic device.

I am also a magazine junkie who loves Somerset Life, Somerset Home etc. Romantic Country, Victoria, Cottage Style, and similar types. I love pre 1950 ) magazines and ads too. I can be a voracious reader when a tome catches my eye.

NO Thanks!


  • I have a VERY strong belief in Almighty God. However please no religious or occult items of any kind. No crosses, rosaries, goddess figures, buddha, pentagrams, spells, magic, astrology, or signs, divination, ghosts, demons, demonology, etc. I don't believe in fate, past lives, or that everything happens for a reason. Nor do I believe it's "God's" will when bad things happen. Pease nothing political either.

  • I believe humans were created with free will. I will NEVER be rude or disrespectful to you for what you believe. It would go against what I believe. Just because we don't share the same opinions, or beliefs doesn't mean I don't like or respect you! It's not my place to judge others. (I hope you will feel the same towards me.)

PLEASE do not use the word midget in anything you send me. I have a beautiful, amazing son with dwarfism, and it's very hurtful and insulting. Thanks!

👇👇PLEASE don't waste your time or money 👇👇

  • I am a SEASONAL over Holiday person. Leaves over witches, snowmen over Santa etc.

  • Floral or non-food type scents.

  • Magazine clippings. I have TONS of magazines, these would be wasted on me. So would bits of paper, unless it's old.

  • Unwrapped or green tea.(I know it's good for me I can't help it.) Also PLEASE check the expiration dates on your teabags. I recently received one that was 4 years old and the wrapper was dirty. It must have been passed around quite a bit. Don't waste your postage money, and I make enough garbage..

  • Extreme gore, blood, guts and violence, slasher films.

  • I don't care much for peach, rust (unless in an autumn theme) burgundy or hunter green, and most "mauves".

  • Not into Southwest type images or colors. Howling coyotes, Kokopellis, cactus, etc etc.

  • Sticker no thank you's - Reward type, "shiny " holograph, photo realistic, lenticular, or childish stickers from a pad, foam etc.

  • I don't care for "country" ~IE: bears in crochet hats, ducks, geese, pine hearts etc. or too cutesy. Classic country with it's oil lamps, stoneware bowls, old wooden handle utensils, and gingham is another matter. I would love to have a little cottage in the woods.

  • Hummels and Precious Moments are not for me.

  • Liars

  • Deliberate Flakers. Thieves really.

  • People who make fun of others, are mean to children, the elderly or cruel to people or animals.

  • DRAMA. I HATE drama!! I don't need or want the stress.

THANKS SO MUCH ( especially if you made it this far!)

                            *THE END*

To Remind Me:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------for me to learn--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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And sad to say.......... FLAKERS

Chinese Takeout Box By @CIA

WONDERFULLY angeled by @Jfreeman

one two three go by @DestiniAmber BEAUTIFULLY angeled by @Hollycm6


thebragal rated for Mini WINTER Pocket Letter Swap on Jan 31, 2017
Comment: What a stunning pocket letter! All I can say is wow, Wow, WOW!!! If I can figure out how to mount it, I am going to add it to my seasonal wall decor! I hate winter so I'm a little shy on winter items. And Thank you so much for the goodies. I love them all!
Response: Oh I am so very happy you liked it!! I prefer Winter over Summer...lol! Thank you for everything and the ❤!!
hollycm6 rated for Home and heart and holly 2 on Nov 22, 2016
Comment: (Insert squeals of excitement here!!!) wheeee!!!! Twelve days of Christmas, that's so awesome!! I haven't opened anything yet and will try to wait till Christmas, then open one every day till Twelfth Night... how fun! Thank you so much, that's really extra special and it means so much to me!!! (Update: well, I came close!!! I love EVERYTHING, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Each little item is perfect... and the book and little vintage recipe books will be treasured!!!
Response: I hope you like it all! Thanks for the ❤ too!
hollycm6 rated for Home and heart and holly 1 on Nov 22, 2016
Comment: Oh so cute!!! And so much work you put into it! I'm worried you will think what I've made for you is too plain... maybe I'll rethink it a bit.. anyway thank you so much for the sweet Christmas cuteness!!!
Response: Thank you SO much! I will LOVE whatever you make! I appreciate the ❤ rating too!
MiekeC rated for JK: Build a Tag Journal October: Fall on Oct 22, 2016
Comment: I love your tag. A little bit old and a little bit new on the tag, thank you, its beautiful. Also thanks for all the extras. I read on your notecard that I'm 2nd male you have swapped, I want to let you know that I'm a woman ;-).
Response: Thank you for the kind rating and the heart!💟 I am so sorry on the name, I thought it was a version of "Mike." ☺
Lucine rated for WIYM Journal Page 4x6 FOX on Oct 4, 2016
Comment: The foxes are so cute;)) thank you. I like the idea of the tag for journalling.
Response: Thank you so much for the 💟 and the rating!
Comment: Great tag! And very generous extras!!! Thank you so very much!!1
Response: Thanks so much for rating me and for the 💟!
Comment: great job on the fall pocket letter-I loved it all-from the stickers to the pumpkin stamp to the adorable decorations on the letters. "Thanks for a wonderful swap!!!
Response: I am so glad! Thank you for rating me and for the 💟!
Jannified rated for SWL - Mini Pocket Letter Swap # 1 on Sep 7, 2016
Comment: Your mini-pocket-letter made me smile! I loveeee it (: Thank you for taking your time to do something for me! Also I gotta agree with Jeremy Wade! Haha! You have a greaaat-great day (:
Response: Thanks so much for rating and the 💟 too!!
PeggyO rated for VC: Vintage Style Tag on Aug 29, 2016
Comment: Jody, Thank you for such a pretty ATC--it is so nicely done and in such great colors.Have a good week!
Response: Thank you so much for the kind rating and for the 💟! !
thequilterslink rated for VTH: Manila Tag Goody Pocket on Aug 22, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for wonderful tag and all the extras. Love the tag!
Response: Thank you SO much for the rating and for the 💟!
tlemon4 rated for MLU - Mermaid Mini Pocket Letter on Aug 22, 2016
Comment: Wow, where to start. I received your beautiful package this morning & boy it made my day. Beautiful! I love the painted mermaid tail envie I will be putting it in my swapbot favs album. You included way to many beautiful goodies that I just loved :):) Now for the swap, that is by far one of the best .& my most favorite pockets I have ever received! Beautifully done, I really loved it! Thank you so much for making my day & such a beautiful swap. It will be treasured, Thank you so much & Happy swapping until next time. Hugs :):) I almost forgot.... The necklace was so beautiful! This was like Christmas morning. Lol Thank you, I'd give a million hearts if I could. Lol & the shaker tag is the neatest thing. First one I've seen. Love it!!
Response: I am smiling over here!! Thank you so much for your kind comments!! I "made up" the tiny tag. (I have never seen one like it, anyway) I appreciate you rating me and the heart too.💟 Thank you!
Comment: What a nice little mini-pocket letter! Thanks so much for making it for me and for the extras!
Response: Thanks so much for rating me and for the 💟!
Comment: Amazing Page love all the school images you used. And you know I LOVE Graphic45 extras!
Response: So happy you are happy! Thank you for rating and for the 💟!
Sugardragon rated for 1-2-3-4 Washi Tags!!! on Aug 12, 2016
Comment: Wonderful tags, thank you so much for all the tags and the mountain of goodies. they are all lovely. The pendant is perfect since we are big fans of Harry potter and that kinda resembles a Slitherin house symbol. :0)
Response: THANK YOU for rating and the 💟! Happy Summer!
Comment: Hi Jody! I've just returned from vacation to find the MOST FANTASTIC package from you! First--all your embellishments are absolutely STUNNING--each one is an intricate little composition in its own right, not merely an "embellishment"--so much love and detail were lavished on them, and you sent so many of these beautiful gems that I would have been spoiled enough...but then you included those two genuine antique photos that are just so precious...I'm overwhelmed at both your generosity and your talent. Thank you so much for a very memorable and outstanding swap! <3 <3 <3
Response: I am so pleased you enjoyed it all!! Thank you SO much for the kind comment and the 💟! !
Spice rated for MERS Art Doll on Jul 28, 2016
Comment: Oh my!! The mermaid is amazing. You did such a great job and I am so envious. I would love to hear about how you created her. How did you get her so smooth? That is the part I have trouble with using paper clay. So fabulous!!
Response: Thank you SO much! I am very happy you like her! I pm'd you the info! Thanks for rating and the 💟!
mandymo rated for Pretty Paper Doll Necklace on Jul 8, 2016
Comment: Oh. My. Gosh!!! What was in my mailbox today? I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the sweet little Mab necklace you created for me. It is so very kind of you to read my profile and create something special just for me. And it has matching earrings!!! :-) And thank you so very much for the wonderful paperdoll Mab Graves book. It is so wonderful and so much fun to look at. I dont know if I will be able to cut.it. Lol! :-) I am truly touched by your kindness and generosity. I am so happy our swapbot paths crossed. You are a darling!
Response: Yippee! ! I was SO worried!! I am tickled pink you like it! Thank you so much for the 5 and the 💟!!
Comment: Oh my goodness! I am speechless. The matchbox Marie necklace is so unbelievably beautiful! I cant stop looking at it. The little dress inside is perfect and that tiny wig is almost more than I can bear!!! How did you do that? You have spoiled me. I simply LOVE the Day of the Dead necklace. You are so very thoughtful. I am going to wear it to my caligraphy class tomorrow. :-) :-) :-) I also love the notebook, charm and gorgeous Marie tag. This swap is one of the most generous and beautiful swaps I have ever received. Thank you so very much! You have made me feel very special.
Response: Phew!! I am SO glad you liked it all!! The tiny wig was a bit of work! Thank you for the 💟and the rating!
Comment: How could I not LIKE your tag!!! It's perfect for me!!!! And the pocket!!! And to say that I'm overwhelmed (and humbled) by your extras is an understatement. I cannot thank you enough!!!! Everything that you made and sent is so very much me!!!!! You rock!!!!!
Response: Oh I am SO happy!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and the 💟!
Comment: Jody thank you so much for the beautiful and loving package you put together for me. The tag is the most beautiful one I've ever received and you can tell ever little detail was created with so much love. Thank you also for the fabulous collection of sweet goodies. I so enjoyed opening every little bit! You are the kindest soul and I truly feel so blessed to know you.
Response: That is oh so kind Shelley! ! You deserve them!! Thank you too for the heart💖!

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sassafrass on Dec 7, 2017:

I was thinking about you! I'm hoping you are well and everything is okay with you. You are missed around this place!

Lyndall on Sep 12, 2017:

Thank you for all the handy tips you have on your profile about links and photos and all those tech things! @RockyBeach told me to have a look here and I've finally managed to add photos to my profile thanks to these helpful tips.

OrigamiGrace on Jan 3, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


wolviechick121 on Jan 1, 2017:

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anrtist on Nov 8, 2016:

There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,.. esp on this election day!
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

bjmonroe on Nov 6, 2016:

Have a beautiful day

bjmonroe on Oct 27, 2016:

Sandara333 on Oct 20, 2016:

You're a ray of light Jody🌟!!! Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring RAK you sent me. I 💖 everything. You're just too kind. 🍁🍂🍃😃

anrtist on Oct 19, 2016:

It is so beautiful & the card you wrote me was too!

I am so glad I won your Somerset Style Group Sept RAK!
Thank you!
Blessings, cc

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