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My Artsy-Fartsy Life

About Me

I am taking a break from this platform to focus on healing. Thank you for all the well wishes!

Thanks for taking time to read my profile.

I am currently struggling with chronic pain due to not one, but TWO accidents that have left my back a fucking wreck. Thank you for your understanding and not being a cock-sucking asshole if a swap is late because I signed up for them well before these unforgivable things happened to my body. Excuses? Who needs em. I'm telling you straight up, if you are an uncompassionate, self absorbed asshole, I will let you know.

I am a Goddess worshiping, tree huggin', environmentally conscious, crafting fanatic. I like many crafts, I've tried lots of things, and my interests are many and widely varied.

I am willing to be a Swap Angel.

Favorite Crafts

Some crafts I have done and still do from time to time are spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving (both on table top loom, tablet, and free-form), tatting, bead work, bobbin lace,tatting, quilting, stamping, intuitive painting, leather craft, book making/binding, embroidery, herbology/herbal craft (hand-made salves, balms, soaps, salts, etc with wild crafted materials), Sericulture (raising silk moths)

Favorite Music

My music tastes are all across the board but a few styles I like are: India Lounge, Desert Dwellers, Dubstep, Hang Drum, Rob Zombie, Nero, Skrillex, Dark Progressive. Chillstep, Thunder and rain (thunder relaxes me).

Musical Instraments I play

Djembe, Bass Drum, Native American Flute, Violin


I love all colors of the rainbow.

I love tea. I have not met a tea I have not liked. Feel free to send me one of your favorites! My favorites are:

   Black: Earl Da La Cream, Roasted Chestnut, Earl Grey

   Green: Blue Beauty, Earl Green, Gun Powder
   Herbal (blends): Most anything with Licorice, Hibiscus, Watermelon, Dandilion Root and blends
   Elderberry, and  Caffeine-Free Chai blends

REAL CHOCOLATE, or specialty (not that milk chocolate junk)


Positive affirmations that are NOT bible quotes are welcomed.

Dark themes are ok as long as they are not blood/gore themed. When I think dark, I think emo/goth.


Rubber stamps, hand carved stamps. prints

Pagan/Goddess/Nature themes


Garden recipes

Stencils, even handmade

Essential oil based Frankinmurr (frankincense and Myrrh together) incense, temple blends, sweetgrass, india


Pressed flowers and leaves

Texture tools/ideas

Fantasy, Myth, and Legendary themes

Dies and/or die-cuts in the above themes


ASSumptions (Draco) If you aren't sure, ASK. (I don't bite....much.) It prevents misunderstands and makes you look more thoughtful than not.

Photo cards/ATC's ATC's with no background work that have had a sticker haphazardly slapped onto them. I mean, come on, really??

Bible quotes. Please save those lines for people who would enjoy them. Sending me these anyways, will result in a poor rating from me. If you can't take the time to look here and see what I do and do not like, then you deserve a low rating. A little thought goes a long way.

Hard Candies (food items), LOVE dark chocolate however.

Blood/Gore themes

Plastic beads

Hollywood themes (latest up and coming teen singer, etc-etc-etc)

Vanilla, Jasmine incense (I used to burn a lot of these when I was a smoker and now I just plain don't like them since I quit some ages ago).

Perfume that is not oil based. I don't enjoy most perfumes.


Naomi Jess (JessiesRocks) - Failed to send anything or communicate. Removed from AJPE group.

Sofia Värriö (Naali) - No communication, never marked as sent. Coordinator angeled two weeks after send deadline.

Mean people SUCK

Draco - "Oh the humanity!" (A dramatization) The swap was late! I had to be contacted! OH! OOOOOohhhh! Here, take my snot-rag to dry your tears. I never thought you would suffer so much if the coloring book was late because of my stupid life issues. God damn me for ever thinking about anything other than swaps that need to be attended to, being in an auto accident and not notifying you, and daring to suffer needlessly and selfishly while your ****COLORING BOOK****, lay on my table, forgotten about causing you to have to....****GASP*****....send a different one in it's place!! I just, I just can't....(squeezes a sob out, although forced).
I am such an impertinent, idle-headed, foot-licker. Have a nice life!!!

pandagigante (Olivia, Warsaw Poland) - Sent her a quaint little tea card made from unbleached natural cardstock with a decorative edge cut into the front flap, embellished with vellum embossed with clocks on the pocket that held the tea, and a belly band stamped with tea cups and colored by hand. I even sent her extra "cute" stickers since I took the time to check her profile to see what she liked. I used a template as directed by swap hostess. She rated me a 5 and then went on to say in the comment section that it was "sad and poor" and made of "cardboard". When I went back to this persons profile, I see now that she is a youngin. Apparently too young to appreciate simplicity. I'm not exactly sure what she was expecting. Maybe gold nuggets. I put my time, energy, materials AND MONEY into this tea card that went to POLAND. Her words were hurtful, unappreciative and immature and I hope she gets the same in return, TIMES THREE! Maybe then, she will develope some tact for future ratings. She needs to learn that art comes in all shades. I am completely flabbergasted by her rating comments. I hope she throws it away because she certainly doesn't deserve it.

Don't be an asshole, otherwise you'll have a nice commentary here about it.


Comment: The eyeballs are so freakin cute. Wiggly eyes are always so interesting. Sometime they can make a world of difference on work.
Comment: Sorry for not rating you on this earlier. I am so loving this series and I have all your art work for the whole series. Yippee!!!
Comment: Again another lovely page. Loved the scenery on it. Your such a great artist.
Comment: Loved the page. You did a wonderful job as always. I truly enjoy swapping with you.
Comment: EPIC swap!! Still working my way through!
Comment: Thanks! I'll do my part, then send it on.
draco rated for C.I. ~ Pass Around Coloring Book v2.3 on Dec 6, 2016
Comment: will re rate if/when received... a new book had to be started so i would be able to get the next round out 12/06/16: thank you. the "3" is for being sent late without communication on your part (i had to contact you about it). marked sent on 11/12/16, but wasn't actually sent until 12/2/16 after a couple of excuses. 1st excuse was about you finding this envelope under a pile of scrap paper (**NOTHING** was said about an accident at this time.) the second excuse was that you found the envelope in your car and some medication messed up your mind that caused you to "forget" about it. the accident was ADDED AFTER i hat rated you a "3". *12/12/16 thank you for the kind rating response* oh by the way...were you hoping i would be upset by your rants and swearing at me? sorry, but i am NOT.
Response: Yea ok, Fuck me. I hope life comes at you with teeth bared so you learn some effin compassion. Contrary to what you think, when shit hits fan, swaps are pretty low priority. You don't need to be informed of what is happening on my end, it's none of your business. But thank you for contacting me and "letting me know" the swap was late and leaving your indignant comments. I'm going back to healing now. Have a nice life.
TeaRoll rated for Advent Tea Calendar Make Up # 3 on Dec 1, 2016
Comment: Thank you for doing a make up with me! Love the little gifts look to them with the washi ribbon.
mariewilliams810 rated for 2016 Tea Advent #5 on Nov 29, 2016
Comment: Thanks for a very cute package.
Comment: I love everything you sent, and of course have teas that I missed in the first swap. Thank you for the box and for the tea mat. I am using it right now!
Comment: I loved the page so much! The owl witch is so neat. There are not enough words to express my gratitude of this page. It means alot to me.
raven rated for Full Moon atc swap on Nov 28, 2016
Comment: love your artwork,,Thankful for this great addition to my collection,,,it will always be a pleasure to swap with you..sorry I am so late in rating but with the fires here we have had no phones or internet for quite awhile...
Arabella rated for The Dark Side ATC Swap on Nov 22, 2016
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Loved the page and thank you for reading my bio about the citrus.Your the best Rexenne!
njstauter rated for Ancestral Art Journal Page on Nov 12, 2016
Comment: Ah, now I know what you mean about landscape. Thank you for explaining it to me. I wish we lived closer, so I could take art classes from you. I think you are one of the most inspirational artists I have ever known. Thank you for this swap. I will email you privately so you can tell me how you created this piece.
Peaches12 rated for 2016 Tea Advent #2 on Nov 11, 2016
Comment: Cute envelopes!
skier11 rated for 2016 Tea Advent #1 on Nov 8, 2016
Comment: Thank you! I can't wait to start opening the envelopes!
Comment: Love the apple page. love your art work.
yath rated for BOO!!! ATC series 3 of 3 on Oct 21, 2016
Comment: Rex..thanks for the ATC and the super envelope!! I'm saving all of it!
Comment: Thank you so much for the first page of the Falloween, Love it. Cannot wait to get the others.

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crafting4goddess on Jul 13, 2017:

So yea, a lot has happened in the past year or so. My life was turned upside down and inside out. People who have never been through a huge life altering change have no grounds to judge upon. Trying to come back to this blasted platform to swap with a friend, only to find out, once again, my account has been "partially suspended". Whatever that means. No clue as to what the problem is now.

njstauter on Dec 30, 2016:

njstauter on Aug 4, 2015:

what a great package for WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE. As soon as I opened my mail box, I knew that something very creative had come my way. Many thanks!

crafting4goddess on Jul 22, 2015:

Mean people suck. That it all.

crafting4goddess on Jul 1, 2015:

Exactly what issues are you perceiving here? I have a 5000 rating, NO low ratings...EVER. I work hard and take obligations seriously, but obviously THAT is not enough?? You don't even bother to ASK me about whatever it is you are perceiving as a problem? You just assume to know. That's hurtful.

Eilwen on Nov 17, 2014:

I got your letter thank you! it is sooo beautiful and the stickers were such a nice touch!! 8'D

I'm trying to figure out how to rate you !

PrairieKittin on Oct 29, 2014:

I got the journal. Thank you so much for sending it back to me!

crafting4goddess on Sep 28, 2014:

If you get extras from me, which you probably will, please be sure to give a heart in your rating! I go the extra mile to make packages extra special, please acknowledge this by giving hearts!

PurpleButterfly on Sep 19, 2014:

Your birthday is the day after mine & you was born the same year as AJ, my son, How ------- is that!( can think of the word I want! LOL) I have a group called BIRTHDAY IN MARCH, hope you will join. Have a great day! lora Ann😊

njstauter on Aug 11, 2014:

love your completed profile...am still trying to figure out how to do this

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