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Date Joined: October 7, 2008
Last Online: January 6, 2021
Birthday: March 27
Country: Finland
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About Me

Profile updated June 13, 2018.


Other news: My beautiful baby boy is now an active and talkative toddler. He is adorable!

I'm on Summer vacation now so I hope to have some time for swapping after a LONG break.

I'm a Finnish class and music teacher. I work as a teacher at a primary school.

One of my hobbies is making cards. I began with the hobby in July 2008. Besides that I've always loved writing letters and sending postcards. Who doesn't love getting happy mail? :D

I reuse packaging and recycle anything I can. If I receive something that I have no use for I'll recycle it --> send or give it so someone who is able to put it in good use. :)

Please pay attention that I send my mail from Finland and the mail here doesn't go out (the post offices are closed) on Saturdays and Sundays. If I have marked the swap as sent on a Sat or Sun of course the letter/package will be stamped on the next Monday. However if the swap deadline is on a weekend I try to send the mail out before Friday afternoon. :)

I send a lot of my mail in economy class to save money. It is only because the economy class mail from Finland is actually quite fast after all and all the money I save on postage by doing that I can put inside the envelope/package instead. :)

Oh and PS. The value of the items is usually higher than the value I mark on the customs declaration card. ;)

Favorite Music


I listen to all kinds of music really and my music taste and favorite bands switch very often. Lately I have been into alternative and indie, to music that is easy to listen to.

Just to list a few of my favorite bands: Muse, Florence + The Machine, The Naked and Famous, Apocalyptica (FIN), Adele, Scandinavian Music Group (FIN), Deftones, Hurts, Tool, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Sara (FIN).

I've studied classical music when I went to clarinet lessons and lately I've been learning to play band instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard) and it's been fun. I took singing lessons for 4 years and it's something I have improved with a lot lately. Fun fun fun! Newest addition to my instrument family is ukulele. I bought it at the beginning of July 2012.

I'm always interested in finding new bands so if you have a favorite you think I haven't heard of, send me a message with a Spotify or YouTube link and I'll check it out. :) To find new music I host a monthly "My playlist in (month + year)" -swap. Come join us!

About swaps

owl mail

I love swapping and I would never want to disappoint anyone. That's why I will always try my best to send swaps on time and make the swaps profile based (even if it's not required). Sometimes life happens and I might have difficulties with the deadline but in those cases I will inform my partner beforehand. I'm asking for you to do the same.

If you don't receive my swap I will resend. Just let me know and I'll fix it! :)

Please don't show or mention my whole name or my address if you're planning on uploading photos of your outgoing or incoming swaps on Instagram or Flickr or somewhere else. There is only one other person with the same first name + last name combination in the whole world so I would like to keep it private. Thank you!

Favorite Crafts

Making cards (especially with stamping the image or text), knitting, crocheting.

I mostly knit socks and mittens, sometimes scarfs. I tend to get bored easily so it's quite unusual for me to finish a pair in a couple of days. At this moment I have no socks missing a pair, which is a miracle... :D

Random Facts

  • I'm Finnish
  • I'm proud to be one of the 5 million people who know the Finnish language.
  • I'm 32 years old.
  • I have a Master's degree in Educational Science.
  • I play the clarinet, piano, guitar, ukulele and recorder.
  • I used to take singing lessons, too.
  • I love music.
  • I have a wonderful boyfriend who is also my fiancé. We've been together for five years now and we own a condo together. Yay!
  • I have a lovely 2 years and 9 months old toddler. He is the sunshine in my life.
  • I freak myself out by remembering the smallest things that have happened to me in the past.
  • I would love to read more books, other than school books, but I don't have time for it.
  • I have improved as a cook and I am good at baking.
  • I don't eat red meat/mammals.
  • I get hiccups when I eat fresh dark bread or carrots.
  • I watch quite a lot of tv and my favorite shows are CSI Las Vegas, Friends, House, NCIS, Eureka, Lie to me, Orange is the new black, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Scorpion, The Big Bang Theory, Sense8 and a few others.
  • I never watch scary movies 'cause those give me nightmares.
  • I love playing board games. My favorites are Carcassonne, Trivial Pursuit, Cranium and Rummikub.
  • I hate it when in a movie or TV-show they show the band playing a song and the drummer is totally off beat. I mean, it can't be that hard to adjust the timing?
  • I like going to second hand stores but I'm really picky about what I buy.
  • My favorite colors are black, red, "burnt" orange and turquoise.

Things I like

music - chocolate - cuddling - laughing - joking around and just having a good time - taking photographs - colorful landscapes - writing and receiving letters - snow - sunshine - children - stamping - sleeping in clean sheets - taking a long shower in the morning - napping - being hugged from behind - earrings - pizza - flavored black tea - flavored white tea - deco tape - pretty stamps on mail even though I don't collect them myself - decorated envelopes - orchids - poppies - watching squirrels play outside my window - candles - zumba

Things I don't like or need

liars - empty promises - windy and rainy weather - thunder - wet shoes - icky toilets - people who forget about meaningful things/dates - being tickled on my soles - feeling like an outsider - coconut (the smell & the taste) - the taste of peanuts - cherries - religious items - the smell of smoke/tobacco (in the worst case it gives me migraine!) - loose glitter - neon colors - slippery shoes - items that are for dust collecting purposes only - being confused - whining - dotee dolls - ATCs - FBs etc - waiting - paper scraps - herbal teas - infusion teas - rooibos tea - bookmarks

Things I like to receive

  • Sharpies
  • cute mechanical pencils
  • rhinestones
  • rubber/clear stamps (can be used and/or unmounted too)
  • paper flowers (to use on handmade cards)
  • lace ribbon
  • reusable store bags
  • earrings (anything goes)
  • candy from your country (NO coconut, cherry or peanuts)
  • chocolate from your country (NO coconut, cherry or peanuts)
  • wooden/bamboo knitting needles
  • a paper crafting magazine for inspiration (old ones are ok too)
  • rub-ons (for paper crafting)
  • embellishments
  • letter sets
  • postcards (black & white, orchids, poppies, school related)
  • tea (individually wrapped bags or loose tea with the ingredients list, no coconut or cherry flavors! Check below for my favorites)
  • embossing powder (any color, any amount)
  • music (CDs, note sheets, pictures, stickers, papers... anything really)
  • a case for my smart phone (I have Samsung Galaxy A5)
  • an earring book with 2 pages
  • die cutting dies for Cuttlebug (a girl can always wish, right? :D)
  • a hilarious Christmas/Holiday card (non-religious)
  • flat double sided tape
  • a long handled teaspoon
  • stickers
  • pens that write fine/small
  • Christmas ornaments in the following colors: white, red, silver (non-religious, no glitter)



I'm (or my brother is) missing the following coins:

  • Estonia: 1 cnt
  • Luxembourg: 1 eur, 50 cnt, 10 cnt, 5 cnt,
  • Cyprus: 5 cnt, 1 cnt.
  • Slovakia 2 eur, 50 cnt, 20 cnt, 10 cnt, 5 cnt, 2 cnt, 1 cnt.
  • And any Euro coins from Slovenia, Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.
  • Any 2 euro coins with a special design on the back (I can also trade these to Finnish ones).


I have:

  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Vermont
  • Nebraska
  • Michigan
  • Kentucky
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi

  • The one with the drummer background

  • The one with the eagle background

If you want to surprise my man, he'd love:

  • anything coconut (especially candy)
  • camo-print
  • chocolate with nuts
  • sour candies
  • UFC, MMA, WWE RAW items
  • the stranger the candy the more eager he is to try it!
  • popcorn seasoning (he loves cheese!)

Vinkkejä suomalaisille swappaajille:

Karkit ja muut herkut: Kina Snacks, Missä X, Turkinpippuri, Buugi Aakkoset, SukuLaku, Tupla, Fazerin vaalea maitosuklaa, Maraboun Daim & saltlakrits, Domino-keksit, Kaatissäkki, Pandan suklaarusinat, Pätkis, Fazer Tutti Frutti, Fazerina, Super salmiakki, Sahlman toffeet

Lempiteet: Teetaivas, Muumiteet sekoituksesta Päivän paras hetki, Karhuherra Baddington -tee, Keisarin morsian, mansikkatee, Nescafe Chai tea latte -jauhepussit

Muut jutut: postikortit (Muumit, Marimekko, Inge Löök, Vallila, Polkka jam, suomalainen graafinen design), lautasliinat (Vallila, Marimekko, jouluaihe, värikkäät)



It seems that the more I drink it the more I love it! :D

Here are some of my favorite flavors:

  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • peach
  • orange
  • apple
  • blueberry
  • good old Earl Grey
  • mango
  • vanilla

I mostly drink black tea (plain and flavored) and white tea. I drink some green tea too. Please don't send me herbal teas, fruit teas and rooibos, thanks! Also no teas that taste like cherries, coconut or pineapple.

Apart from my dislikes I'm open to try anything new! If I like it then great if not, I'll just make another cup! :D

Amazing angels

I have been fortunate to have lovely Swap-bot members to angel swaps that I was flaked on. The awesome members are @sanna , @PJ , @Nellie1 , @Miabiff , @melimar , @1Scrapper and @hoershey .

Thank you!


paraxparaxnoia rated for Pieni Joululahjavaihto on Jan 6, 2017
Comment: Kiitos ihanasta lahjasta, rakastan erityisesti noita tarroja :D sori myöhäinen rate, olin ihan ajatuksissani ratennut sut jo :,)
Panj rated for Just to Say Hello #8 on Aug 18, 2016
aenk rated for TLE: QUICK blind tea swap August ☕️ on Aug 18, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much! :-) I can't wait to try all these teas.
Comment: thank you for all the assortment tea .:)
Comment: Thank you dear, I especially love the sticky notes.
deesides rated for Muumi-postikortteja! on Jun 20, 2016
Comment: Kiitos ihanasta Taikurin hattu-kortista!
animismi rated for Muumi-postikortteja! on Jun 14, 2016
Comment: Kiitos ihanasta kortista! :) Lapualla on tullut käytyä, juurikin niitä urkuja ihmettelemässä joskus n.15 vuotta sitten. :D Aurinkoista kesää!
romyisa78 rated for SENG - Tiny Flatish Surprise #2 on Apr 22, 2016
Comment: thank you so much
millanenn rated for Iloa päivääsi on Apr 16, 2016
Comment: Kiitos paketista :) Huomasi kyllä, että sisältö oli tarkkaan mietitty, kiitos siitä! Pöllö-kortit ja kissa-leimasimet olivat aivan ihania! Mukavaa kevättä sinullekin! :)
Magali rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Apr 16, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for all the lovely tea you sent me! I'm always happy to get teas from Finland as I know they're very good :)
Comment: kiitos, tykkäsin erityisesti tuosta seljankukka teestä, muut olikin aikaisemmin maistettuja :)
Nela rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Apr 4, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much for your teabags, all are new for my collection. :-)
Pei04 rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Mar 29, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the teas! I can't wait to try the Karibian aurinko. It sounds yummy :)
loveualatte rated for SIE ~ Birthday in March on Mar 10, 2016
Comment: Oh my goodness Riina!!! Thank you so much for all the awesome gifts you sent me! I love them all! You put the biggest smile on my face! I feel so spoiled! You truly made my birthday SO much better <3 <3 <3
ydn0o0jp rated for Small Gift Swap on Mar 2, 2016
Comment: Thank you for lovely Moomin gifts!!I love everything,yes I'm fan of this teas:D Of course I hanged this cute card on the wall soon. Also,It is surprised that these are put in marimekko envelope,it is so cute. Thank you again,it made me happy!
mydreambook rated for SENG - Tiny Flatish Surprise #1 on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely envie (I'm actually down with the flu, so your happy mail had perfect timing!) I love the keychain and the pen so much! The stickers are perfect for spring peeking around the corner!
henjomaani rated for Week of tea nr.14 on Jan 22, 2016
Comment: kiitos !!
Comment: Thanks for the lovely letter and all the extra stamps. Very sweet! I'll write back!
Comment: Thank you for your letter and the tea! Can't wait to try the "OMG tee"~ I've never heard of that brand before, and toffee flavor sounds really good. :) I'll try to write back soon!
Comment: Thank you :) will write back soon!

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