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Birthday: December 20
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UPDATE 4/19/10

UPDATE 4/19/10

I am so sorry. I am, and have been very ill. In fact I am writing to you right now from the hospital. But that is neither here or there, any way again I am sorry for the delay in your getting your items into the mail and not following thru on the swaps that I set up. I will be sending everyone their items this week, (my daughter will get them wrapped and sent off). I am going to have to step down for a bit (hopefully not too long), I am so sick of being sick. Please know I will miss swapping with you all, I have become addicted to this site and all of you. Sandy

I have just found out that I love, and I really mean I love, making and receiving amiguruimi's. I just made my second one & it came out awesome. I want to make more. I just received my second ami, and now I want more. I want to make a huge collection of these little things. They are so cool.


6-19-09 Finally, no more illness (knock on wood), I am all caught up with my swaps. Please if you didn't receive it yet, contact me. I will gladly make you a new whatever you were supposed to get to begin with. :) I should stay caught up, and even possibly ahead. YAY!!!

About Me


I've been married to David for 32 years, and even through the few ups & downs we've had, (and we had many, I am not easy to live with; but then neither is he), :) we made it through and are now really close.

I have two grown daughters, Chrystal 32 & Tiffany 28. Chrystal graduated from college with a BA in Bio-Technology. I am so proud of her. This girl quit high school at 16, went to hairdressing school, and hated the work. Moved to Florida until she was 19, then came home and finished high school. The regular way, not GED. Graduated top of the class, and then went to work full time as a bartender and took college courses on the side. And now she graduate this spring. YAY

Tiffany is married to Deven and they have two children, Tatiana 7, and Ashton 4. Tiffany is a letter carrier (I tease her all the time and call her a mailman), and Deven is a chef. They both work crazy hours so hubby and I watch the kids a lot. Not such a big deal, we love them. :) UPDATE: very little babysitting going on now, YAY (ok, not nice, but finally peace & quiet) LOL

catcat I have 2 fur babies (cats), Lucifer aka Louie (the grandkids named him after the cat in Cinderella), and Miss Dusty (or as I call her chub-chub). They are so totally the babies. Louie loves hubby and he is an all daddy cat. Psycho nut too. He bounces off walls, steals my mp3 player, and attacks all my fridgies, no matter how high I put them. Miss Dusty is a mamma's girl. She is always glued to me. Afraid I may go or do something and she will miss out.

During the warm weather I go motorcycle riding a lot. That is if it's not raining, which it is doing all the time lately. I was getting my license this year, so I can ride my own bike. I hate relying on anyone else, (hubby), when I want to go for a ride and he doesn't. With knee replacement surgery coming up this fall, no license this year, hopefully next year.

I love fishing, fresh and salt water. We go often down to Cape Cod and fish for stripers. That's fun, a great day of tanning & fishing all in one. I love to tan. I use no SPF of any kind, I tan with baby oil. Who could ask for more. :)

My beliefs are Pagan. Which means, I believe in more than one God, and I believe in the Goddess. I'm an Earth child but my sign is Fire. And I am very much my sign. I don't have a problem with other peoples belief system as long as they are not stuffing it down my throat, or trying to convert {or save} me. In fact my mom will send me something religious (she's catholic), and tells me to just switch the word to Goddess or whatever I want that it is still the same for both of us. :)

My favorite holiday is Samhain (Halloween). On this holiday, I celebrate in 2 ways. One with the dressing up ( l love to dress up & any reason to dress up is definitely for me), going to parties, and passing out candy or taking the grandkidz trick or treating. But I also celebrate the beginning of a new year. I take time to honor those who have passed as well as the Goddess & God, and have a small, (ok, just me, as I am a solitary) ceremony to say thank you for the past year, and what I wish for in the new year.

Favorite Crafts


I love to crochet. Doilies, Bookmarks, Clothes, amigurumi's; really anything. But I will admit, I am a thready by heart. I love to use threads. My clothing is made with threads in size 10, 8, 5, & 3. I am always hot, so I like light clothing.


I used to make jewelry. I made Victorian jewelry, and gemstone bead items the most. I did a little seed beading as well. I just don't have the inspiration for it anymore. And health has snuck in and said, yo lady, no more. LOL

paints I paint ceramics. Mostly for myself, and they are usually faeries, dragons, wizards, gargoyles, and fantasy items that I display in my office. As these are all my favorite items. I also make some items for around the house & I make gifts for others.

paints I paint clothing, and really design some cool stuff. I took a pair of plain old jeans and gave them some really fancy patch-work look to them. These are my favorite jeans. And I get lots of compliments on them.

garfield I love to make the rooms in my home colorful. So I am always painting something in the house. Like my office is red & purple (including the furniture), my bathroom is gold & forest Green with a hint of light sage, my bedroom is strawberry cream & burgundy, my kitchen will be pale, pale yellow & red, my stove room will be turquoise & ??? {not sure yet}, and the living room will be lavender, burgundy & a touch of gold. I like loud, wild, fun rooms, as you can see. :) No boring white for me. LOL

Favorite Books

book I am an avid reader, and my favorite style is: horror, erotic fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, & thrillers.

Here 's a list of most of the authors I read:

Laurell K Hamilton, Christine Feehan, Kelley Armstrong, Kerry Arthur, Marjorie M Liu, James Patterson, John Sandford, Patricia Cornwell. Sue Grafton, Lillith Saintcrow, Charlene Harris, Jennifer Armintrout, Karen Chance, Yasmine Galenorn,

I'm sure there are many more, I'm just drawing a blank right now.

Favorite Music

music I love all music that has words. I like to sing along. LOL I do not like Rap {but there are a few songs I do like as they have singing in them as well), & Classical {this puts me to sleep, so it's way too boring)

at the top of my list are;

Country, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, & Oldies
Oldies from the 50's on up.

Movies & TV

camera http://www1.bestgraph.com/gifs/cinema/cameras/cameras-01.gif My favorite movies are;

My Fair Lady, Dirty Dancing, Lost Boys (the original) and Taken

My Favorite Tv shows are:

I have a lot of TV shows that I watch, but I tape on DVR and then take a day and sit, crochet and watch them all.

They are:

Ghost Whisperer, Medium, One Tree Hill, Mentalist, CSI, CSI NY, Criminal Minds, The Closer, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Numbers, Flashpoint, Eleventh Hour, Law & Order SVU, Supernatural, Fringe, Bones, True Blood, Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, Eastwick, Vampire Diaries,

I can't think of the ones that are in-between seasons.

favorite colors & things

art I guess I could add that my favorite colors are Red and Purple together. I love Hot Pink with Orange or Black. I like black with orange or red. I love Bold Colors. The colors I don't really like are brown, beiges, tans, neutrals and not a fan of pastels.

owl snakespiderhawk

I love and collect owls, snakes, hawks, spiders, {as these are my totems and protectors}, wizards, witchy items, gargoyles, faeries, and pretty much anything fantasy. I have just recently gotten into collecting trolls. I like the ones from before 1975. I don't collect them for monetary reason, I just do it cause I love them. I am into the size 3" & 5". Any thing bigger or smaller I don't collect. I'm not much into the cutsie stuff, more like a goth-victorian type of person. and that even includes my clothes. :)



I guess if I were to hope for things, it would be; yarn - not funky types (cause I can't crochet with them LOL), I like cotton, soft wool, worsted, just regular yarn

thread - for crocheting - variegated are my favorites, all colors, size 10, 8, 5, & 3 - can't seem to get into the 20 & 30 but I have been known to use 2 strands together when I use the 20

amigurumi's - I love these. I like the fact that they are handmade, and they are just so awesome. I have an owl, a frog, a chick, a giraffe, my astrology ami, and my DH's astrology ami, right now, but I want more. :) I need glass eyes. My stores here don't sell them so I have to buy on ebay.

I would love to have a thread holder (for crochet). It holds the ball of thread, and keeps it from running away when you're crocheting. and also keeps Louie and Chub chub from chasing it. LOL :)

I collect 3 & 5" trolls. the ones made before 1975. I bet some of you remember these. the long colorful hair. LOL

I collect the solid color clear birds. I have the bluebird of happiness, the cardinal of love, the yellow canary of sunshine (I think), I have clear glass, green, blue, purple, multi, etc. I just love these.

I collect faeries, wizards, dragons, owls, hawks, snakes, and spiders. I collect them in ceramic, pewter, resin, and jewelry.

I'm not much of a sweets person - but I do love M&M's and chocolate covered cherries.

I collect crochet hooks. Old are my favorite, but some day I'd like to get some of those hand carved fancy ones.

Things to make ATC's with as I have really gotten into making these as well.

I guess I would like to get the items I have been flaked on as well. It's funny, I was flaked on on my second swap. it kind of bummed me out.

color my afghan rnd 5 - 4-6" squares purple & white received these from (DARN IT: MY MIND HAS GONE BLANK. I will find the card with the name on it).

color my afghan rnd 6 - 4-6" squares pink & light green

color my afghan rnd 7 - 4-6" squares senders choice

lolita bookmark series 2/8 casual & hime

no sends and non raters


I kind of don't like doing this, but I am tired of flakers. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm "flakey", but I would never, ever not send to someone, and I always rate, (I may go blond sometimes and forget), but I at least once a month go thru all of my swaps and check to make sure that I've rated everyone.

I mean really, you work hard at your craft, you should be rated for it. To me, to not rate is just plain old rude. Especially if someone sends you an email asking to see if you ever received the item, and then you don't get back to them to ease their mind. or you totally ignore all of the emails sent to you. And I know when they are ignored, go to the send part of your message center and it will show you what messages have been read, and which haven't.

any hoo, here is my list of no sends and no rates:


Color My Afghan Round 5 (purple & white) @fifibelle - I'm worried she might be ill {I was angeled a set from a very sweet crocheter} thank you

Color My Afghan Round 6 (pink & lt green) @BLee - partially suspended was hurt though

Color My Afghan Round 7 (senders choice) @BLee - partially suspended was hurt though

lolita bkmrk 2/8 casual & hime @whisperelmwood - no clue says not on since 8/19 but left response to feedback 9/17 weird

3rd Annual PURPLE Christmas Handmade Ornament Swap @AmyCrockett (seems she is no longer a memeber)


lolita bkmrk 2/8 casual & hime @razmatazz - hasn't been on since 6/2

Color My Afghan Round 8 @BLee - partially suspended

Homemade Bookmarks @misskris - read the first email now ignores all of the others.

Elements ATC #1: Fire @RunWildHorses - partially suspended

I don't know. @razmatazz not leaving feedback or answering me is I think the saddest one for me. I crochet my bookmarks and for the lolita set I couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so I created one from scratch. I thought it was awesome. go figure.

I Pledge to Rate


Comment: I am so sorry it took so long to rate for this!!! I absolutely loved the grannies you sent:))
Comment: I will be glad to change this rating if I receive. Sandy, I'm sorry that you have been ill, but I haven't received anything and I haven't heard from you since April. Due date was March 4, marked "sent" on March 7. I received a pm on March 16 saying that she had been ill and would send soon. Then in April, she said that she had been in the hospital and would not be hosting any more swaps. She was planning to have her daughter send out swaps that were still unsent. I haven't heard anything since.
Comment: I'm really sorry that you are ill, and I feel bad rating poorly, but I did in fact never receive anything. I'll be happy to re-rate if I ever receive.
Comment: Lovely squares :) Thank you for a great swap
Response: I'm glad you liked them.
MamaD rated for Crochet - Give the Alien a Face on Mar 3, 2010
Comment: ♥♥♥Oh MY GOODNESS! How very ADORABLE!!! I just love him!! I am so sorry his sister never made it to me. I am hoping she has found a very, very good home!! I'm not sure which I love more...HIM or His Story!! So very clever, original and adorable!! Thank you sooo much!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Response: you are so very welcome. I love to write the stories to go with them. It just seems perfect. I know I should let others name their ami's but I just can't stop myself. thank you. :) Hope to swap with you again
Comment: Thank you for resending. Leopald the Lion is very cute.
Response: you are very welcome. I knew he'd find a great home with you.
Comment: Such a pretty bookmark - Thanks so much!
Response: you are very welcome. I made one for myself as well. They are silver plated.
Comment: Thank you very much,for the so very pretty Snow flake hat and Suzie snowflake fridgie! I love them and displaying Suzie on my fridge and wearing the hat too,Smile!
Response: I am so happy you are pleased. Suzie is one of my favorite fridgies. :)
Comment: The cards arrived today. Thanks for sending them and the extras. :)
Response: your welcome. I enjoyed making them.
Nimue rated for Olympian Gods ATC Series #9: Ares on Feb 8, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the resend and the extras. The cards arrived today. Thanks.
Response: you are very welcome. I am happy you like them.
Comment: Awesome square! You did a great job!
Response: thank you
bettflow09 rated for GSG - Christmas Ornaments on Dec 14, 2009
Comment: I am so sorry I haven't rated you before now! I loved the ornaments you sent:)) Thankyou!!!
Response: LOL, no big deal it's Christmas and every thing and everyone is hectic. :) I'm glad you like them, and may you have a great holiday.
Comment: Thank you for the package. I haven't opened it yet. I'm going to wait for Christmas day. I can hardly wait. Thank you! GGDJ
Response: you are very welcome. I had fun making it. :)
Comment: I absolutely loved everything!!! I hung my tree up with my stockings on my fireplace, and I put my ornament on my tree right away where everybody can see it!!! I love it!!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful decorations!!!!! And Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!!
Response: you are very welcome. I am so glad that you liked everything. merry Christmas to you and your family as well. :)
nickcrazy rated for December Birthdays on Dec 8, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much, Sandy. I love everything! I can't wait to read the book. It's one that's been mentioned many times in other books about whales that I've read. Thanks again!
Response: Oh I am so happy. I was a nervous wreck waiting to see if you got it, and if you liked it.
luluvision rated for Christmas Ornament Quick Swap on Dec 6, 2009
Comment: Sandy! Thanks so much for the lovely ornaments! Thank you for going overboard! Love them all especially the sparkly snowflakes!
Response: you are very welcome. I love making snowflakes and I love sparkely things too. LOL
Duckygirl rated for Autumn hoots. on Nov 28, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much i love my stuffie( i think thats what it's called ) i have named him Rob! lol :) love the magnet !! Thanks so much! :)
Response: LOL, well I am very glad to know "Rob" has arrived safe and sound. Glad you liked "Suzie" too. :) thank you for the heart.
cafras rated for Olympian Gods ATC Series #8: Artemis on Nov 25, 2009
Comment: Thanks Sandy
Response: you are very welcome.
cafras rated for Olympian Gods ATC Series #7: Apollo on Nov 25, 2009
Comment: Thanks Sandy your 2 swaps arrived together yesterday
Response: you are very welcome. Figures they'd show up together. if I knew that I would have mailed together. LOL Oh well, gotta love the mail.
luvstostamp rated for Purple Owl Atc on Nov 19, 2009
Comment: Very nice ATC. Thanks, Joyce
Response: thank you , I'm glad you liked it. thank you for the heart. ;)

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EddyG on Apr 27, 2010:

I'm so sorry you got ill again. I hope your stay in hospital is not too long or exhausting.
I hope to have you back amongst us soon.

marinda on Apr 19, 2010:

Bless your dear heart. Best wishes! I hope and pray you will be better and out of the hospital soon. Love, Marinda

merlinda on Apr 19, 2010:

hello, i hope you are soon feeling much better and are out of hospital and on the mend.

all the best, get well soon. :)

LadyStephanie on Dec 29, 2009:

I love your profile!
~ Stephanie

troione on Dec 10, 2009:

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the clipart pic way cool

BeautifulMess on Dec 7, 2009:

Happy Birthday sweetheart, I hope the day is really speical xxxx

Nimue on Nov 5, 2009:

Hello there, you were my partner for the Olympian Gods ATC : Hermes. I was messaging you to let you know that it hasn't arrived yet. I'll keep an eye out, but it's been about two weeks.... Please get back to me. :)

BeautifulMess on Nov 5, 2009:

Swap-bot friends forum is rather lonely, how about spreading some love and checking it out!

Theres a new tag and round robin, games and if you've not done yet, post your birthday!


bettflow09 on Oct 5, 2009:

Sorry about that!!! Let's try this again, lol:)) You know what they say.....3rd time's charm, lol. Think I got it right this time:)) If not....oh well, lol!!!

Oh wow!!! Thankyou so very much for the quilt books!!! The are totally awsome!!! I can't hardly wait to get good enough at quilting to give some of these patterns a try:))) You are so sweet to think of me:)))

BeautifulMess on Jul 27, 2009:

Hi, what is the book Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy your reading about? =]

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