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Dear Swap-bot partners:

I am sincerely apologizing for the delay or lack of participation from me, and you not receiving my promised swaps. I have been very sick since before Thanksgiving and found out the reason is uterine cancer. We lost a baby, and I have undergone treatments, and am feeling better, getting my life and health back. You can expect your packages from me very soon. I want to make good with everyone, and I am so sorry. I always didn't want to be one to have to write this type of apology in my profile here...but I guess I also didn't want to be one to have cancer either. Please forgive me for the delays, I realize some swaps are sooo late, it's not fair to you and I'm going to send out this week or next. Blessings to everyone...

I love to scrapbook and make greeting cards. I'm here to expand my crafting skills (trying new things) and I'm looking for a little fun and swapping. I love getting mail, I love sending mail, hence the Etsy shop :-) and my newfound Swap-bot! yay!!!

I'm hoping to meet some nice new friends here, and have fun!

I love butterflies, dragonflies, fairies, angels, hearts and flowers, ribbon, buttons, papers, cardstocks, blank cards, envelopes and/or tags to embellish, glitter, shimmer, shiny things, charms, brads, ink, chalk, rubber and clear stamps (even if they are used some) and chipboard, stickers, paper flowers, crocheted flowers, flourishes, etc.

Copic Markers are my newest fun thing to color with... I have a small set of them now, and would love to add more and more colors! Even if they are slightly used, if there is still some life left in them I will gladly help you destash!

Favorite color at the moment is pink, but I've also just been turned on to a pretty turqoise color. Mainly I love pastels, pretty soft colors that are cheery and calming at the same time... like lavender, and pale greens too. Of course, calming blues...

But just about every other color in the rainbow can work with SOMEthing, right? (lol) Well, I guess I would not like neon colors, other than that, just about anything : )

I'm a real collector of artistic and crafting supplies, and I'm not really against trying or using anything....once or twice. I try to use my creativity to find a way to make something work, or to branch out a bit and grow by going out of my "comfort zone" once in a while. Because for sure, it would all get mundane if we didn't try new items or colors, or textures and the like. Right?

This profile is probably not helping anyone!!!

I like silver over gold most all the time....the vintage brassy is cool, and copper color too, just not gold really (if I'm to wear it) scrapbooking supplies are a different story. I love bracelets... and charms, for sure! I love charms!!! I like roses... and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass.

I love handmade gifts...I have been trying to get my family to do a handmade only Christmas for years now...and they sort of think I'm goofy, BUT they almost always get handmade gifts from ME....so, maybe it will catch on. I think handmade is SO from the heart...

I'm a coffee lover, I like chocolate, naps, and gardens (at this time, I do not have any space for a garden, unless it is indoors) I like houseplants...

I love making wishes, positive thinking, smiles, hugs, PIF, RAK, and believe that butterflies bring hope.

Someday I want to have a bird for a pet that "talks" (like a parrot :) A big house with a big, safe yard for the boys to play in, and enough income from my shop to pay the bills and to share with those in need.

Okay, thank you to everyone who is reading this, feel free to contact me if you want to chat! I hope you have a wonderful, creative day!

Favorite Crafts

Scrapbooking is my first and biggest passion since I'm a mother of 3 little boys, and they seem to grow up way too fast, and I wish to keep those memories close to me, but I like all papercrafts and stamping, cardmaking and most all supplies to support that habit! :) I like to make pre-made pages for friends and family as gifts and they seem to really like getting them, its a feel-good feeling all around!

I am not completely into vintage stuff, but I'm getting there! Like old key "things", the birds and birdcages theme is cool, and I do like the mariposa papers from DCWV they are beautiful. :) Also, I've seen this "wallpaper" paper I received in a swap, and it is so neat! There is also this "handpainted" looking paper, that's cool too, looks so dimensional.

I love most every paper from Basic Grey if that that gives anyone an idea of design types. And DCWV too, just not "real life" looking papers. I don't know why... it just doesn't "feel" right to me the real photo type patterned paper. I like Scenic Route stuff and 7 Gypsies, K & Co, inkadinkado, Hero Arts all sorts of others too. (I'm pretty easy ~ lol)

I love that I have my boys scrapbooking and cardmaking with me. (they are 6, 5 and 2)The one and only drawback is the expense! It really is fun to see their little hands working with papers, scissors, punches and glue dots, markers and pencils, and most all of my other supplies. (besides ribbons and only a certain amount of my primas) I draw inspiration from them because they are so sure of themselves...they just grab and create! Unlike myself, who takes days and days to decide on textures, themes, colors, etc. It makes them and me smile and that makes it sooo worth it. :D

Favorite Books

Twilight (I mean the best vampire series, in a long time, right?!) I like other vampire novels as well, Stephen King and other horror (the more unlikey it really is to happen the better) I like alien stories (I used to love the X-files) and the stories about anything supernatural that can really stretch the imagination.

and on the opposite note: I also like anything by Abraham-Hicks, Wayne W. Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and people of those types of new age thinking. I love thinking about the power of positive thoughts and Lightworkers, Eastern Philosophy, etc.

Business and Inspirational books stock my shelves as well as some good historical romances and horror. Although, since my philosophy studies started, I've pretty much set the romance and horror aside.

I wish there were an adult series of the Pirates of the Caribbean, since I just love those movies!!!

Favorite Music

I am super into Sean Paul and dance hall right now, Reggaeton, Hit List stuff, I love Eminem, and Limp Bizkit, Green Day, etc. Alternative mostly, there are just so many music loves out there..and like a million good songs just not Country, of that... I am a total NON fan.

I love audio books, of non-fiction books. Does that make sense? Things that I want to learn about like the Abraham-Hicks, or success or inspirational books, or new age thinking, positive self-help stuff, I love to listen to as well, I think it really helps drive the ideas home! I have never listened to a novel though, for some reason....

I play the violin a little and I love the new music out there that has a hip hop theme with the classical violin music. I'll have some names soon there are two brothers that really do a good job with this!

Favorite Movies

~Pirates of the Caribbean - love pirate themed stuff! ~Twilight - like vampire stuff too The Sixth Sense (oldie but goodie) The Fourth Kind (I mean totally scared me!!!!!) There are a million other movies, but I can't think right now... I'll add more later. :) Pay It Forward, Wanted (with Angelina Jolie) but I enjoy the part of the guy instead... I relate to him more! lol

Favorite Television

Spongebob Squarepants (I know, but I love it!) That 70's Show (tooo funny) King of Queens (funny) America's Best Dance Crew (I love the dancing shows, I do not so much love the singing shows) probably has more to do with where my talent lies, and it is NOT singing, I love to dance! :) So those dance shows actually give me the goosebumps they are so inpirational to me. True Blood House Supernatural Comedies

That's IF I get in front of the television... I usually do not, in fact...there is just too much else to do!!

Extra ideas and more!

I like to make To-Do lists, and I like pretty stationary... notecards, little notebooks, etc. why am I addicted to journals and notebooks? I do not know, but I love them! I love to write stuff down...

All sorts of adhesives... (Glue dots, Pop Dots, Double sided tape, photo squares, Foam Adhesive Squares, the glue pens, regular clear tape, glue sticks that are scrapbooking safe etc.) (I'm trying to think of inexpensive things for quickie swaps) um buttons, fibers, lace, ribbons, charms, gems, pearls, beads, clear or rubber stamps, or even the stamped images... if you can use it for scrapbooking, or cards - I'll like it! :D

Blank Writable DVD, and CD's, lip balm (love strawberry Chapstick), no gum, handmade things that you made with your heart are always welcome. I like handmade natural soaps, I'm into natural healing...

I usually wear my hair in a loose, messy bun (because of the convenience of it all!) but I do like to pretty it up with some girly hair thingies, just not real juvenile since I still have to be a "mom". Although, this is one of my little ways to treat myself and get some feminity back in my life. I used to be a real girly girl, then came the 3 boys... and well, I've lost most of the house to trucks and legos (they love them!) and an array of manly things. So, I try to clear the air of some of this testosterone by keeping some pretty things around, and if I can put pretty things in my hair and wear some jewelry... I feel a bit more like "myself" again, does that make sense? : )

Dishcloths and washcloths hand made or otherwise... that would be awesome, right now there seems to be a shortage of these in my home...go figure? Where could they all be going?

Your Proven recipes for desserts and coffee drinks. Breads, an pies.. ones that you use, NOT just one out of a magazine please... :)

I like chai teas, and other teas, I love different flavors of coffee. Instant coffees are wonderful!

I like die cuts, if you have a cutter machine or a sizzix or something and want to send me like a bunch of cut outs of basic shapes and tags, that would be fine too! I love hearts, tags, scalloped squares and circles, etc.

Or if you have a sizzix die of some basic shapes and are not using it... I would give it a good home... hee hee. I have a big shot machine, just only about 3 dies. I'll get there....I have a dream..oh yes... I have lots of dreams! ; )

I miss my childhood pal Strawberry Shortcake, I would love to have any of the old school style things of her. Fabric Swatches, ribbons, lapel pins, charms... anything, really, stickers... -Also, If anyone has a link to a decent priced doll of her that looks like the originals (you know not the "new style" strawberry shortcake) please send me the address so I can take a peak. I swear, I STILL remember how her hair smelled! :)


I want to let everyone know that I SEND every swap that I sign up for. (isn't this a given?) But, it's on everyone else's profile, so here it is on mine too.

If you do not get your swap from me, please contact me first before giving me a poor rating. Maybe it's running late in the mail - if you are international it might take weeks to get to you...I guess if you are in the U.S. it could take weeks too! lol.

Or if you feel like I did not send the requirements for a swap... I read everyone's profile before sending to see if I can give you a great package, but if for some reason I made a mistake, please... contact me first. I will do the same for you ~ Thank you! I appreciate it!

Super wish upon a star list

  • House Mouse clear stamps or images (gently used stamps are great!)

  • stazon ink pads in colors!

  • tags, tags and more tags to embellish!

  • sizzix dies - gently used are great! I have a big shot, but other brand dies work in it too.

  • k&Co papers....soooo pretty! any sizes...I will use!

  • copics (any life left in them) & watercolor pencils


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Comment: what happend with this?
123Poggy123 rated for handmade Greeting Cards (3) on Dec 24, 2010
Comment: We wrote a couple times about this swap & you even said you resent but I have received nothing.
tanyacox rated for Pick 5!! Newbies Welcome! on Dec 4, 2010
Comment: I will gladly re-rate if/when something comes for this swap. :(
Response: Resent! :)
Comment: Hopefully I hear something from you about this, and that you're alright.
Response: Resent! :)
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Comment: looks like you dropped off of swap-bot completely.
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Comment: I will be happy to re-rate if I ever receive anything! No reply to PMs. I hope you are ok! :(
ChelelosGirl rated for lists of five on Nov 4, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the letter. I think we have a ton in common. I loved loved loved the charm bracelet. Very pretty. I will be writing you this week and get it mailed out asap. Ide love to be snail mail pals:)
darcilena rated for Stamped Image Swap # 14 on Oct 29, 2010
Comment: Thanx Jessica. The Paris, cutie pie and little birdie are my fav't images. Giving you a heart to brighten your day. Hope to see you at some other swaps!! Take care! ;)
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julmc81 on Sep 11, 2011:

I just read that you are having health problems. I an very sorry for your trouble. I just now read your profile.

andannabegins on Oct 22, 2010:

thank you SO much for the fantastic package!! i loved it!! it's all so wonderful!

andannabegins on Sep 20, 2010:

so glad you liked the dies! hope the obnoxious silver package didn't blind you lol :) savy

whowillloveme on Aug 23, 2010:

Your tag is in the mail. Sorry about the wait xx

biterbuck on Aug 11, 2010:

Hey there. I'm one of your partners for the profile-comment swap.

First of all, I like how your profile clearly indicates the kind of thing you like. If I was swapping packages with you, I'd have no problem finding stuff that you would like because your profile is so detailed. Good job.

I don't think we have much in common when it comes to crafting (though I like the Copic markers and watercolor pencils too). Scrapbooking is definitely not my thing-- I can't arrange stuff in a way where it actually looks good on a page. You are amazing if you can.

You like modern violin music? The only band with violin as a primary instrument I know is Barrage. They're not my cup of tea, but you might like them.

Can't help you with the dishclothes. I can crochet a bunch of single chains into a scarf, and that's the extent of what I can do. I have a ridiculous number of blank CDs and DVDs, though. If we ever swap packages, I'll try to remember.

Also, I am also addicted to journals. Don't worry; it's not just you. I don't even like to write in them that much, and I certainly have more than I'll ever use. Something about them must be extremely alluring.

Have a great day.


Carriel on Aug 10, 2010:

Hi Jessica, I'm one of your partners on "READ MY PROFILE, LEAVE A NICE COMMENT". Well, I've not done any scrap booking BUT it's something that I think I'd like to do digitally. If that's possible. I bought a Cricut machine and have had a lot of fun with it doing other projects and am told hat it would be a great scrapping tool. I do make cards for birthdays and other holidays and that is so much fun! I do mainly sewing projects and did a quilted wall hanging that I used the copic markers for. They belonged to the instructor and I can see that it would be a process to collect all the colors because of the cost. Although the instructor said that you can buy refill ink to refill the pens. I had to laugh when I read that you USE to be a real girly girl and then came the boys. Boy! do I know what you mean!! I raised two boys and also had to give up or should I say give in......lol..........however it was good to be Queen and still is. My "boys" are 46 &48 and have given me the best years of my life and a lot of grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren! Hang in there girl...........you'll have your life back one day and then you'll miss all that your experiencing now. I know I look back on when the boys were little and it makes me smile.
It was fun reading your profile. Keep up the activity. It's what will keep you centered when you think all has gone crazy... carriel

bettflow09 on Aug 9, 2010:

Hi Jessica,

I think it is so cool that you get your boys involved in scrapbooking with you:)) I know it can get rather expensive letting the kiddies fool around with your high-dollar scrapbooking supplies, but I'm sure it gives them alot of joy to work along beside Mom not to mention all that they are learning while playing with paper:)

I see that you're a big horror buff....me too!!! I love nothing more than a good Stephen King....guess if I had to choose I would say he's my favorite!!! Although I love anything that has to do with the supernatural, murder mysteries and the more gory it is the better I like it:))) My hubby's just the opposite. Give him a good ol' western and he's happy, lol. So, needless to say, my daughter and I usually break out the popcorn and watch our horror flicks when hubby's not home, lol.

I see that you love receiving good tried and true recipes....me too!!! I have gotten on a crockpot/slow cooker kick lately and looking for anything and everything that can be cooked in the crockpot. It is so fast and easy to put everything in the pot, let it cook all day while filling the house with that wonderful aroma and come dinner time it's ready to serve up:)) Sure beats the heck out of slaving over the hot stove, lol.

It's interesting that you mentioned crocheted flowers and handmade dishcloths/washcloths:)) I am a total crochet-a-holic and one of my favorite things to make is dishcloths. I am not too good at making flowers yet, but working on it. I would love to do a private swap with you some day and make you some of these things:)))

Well, now that I've written a book, lol, guess I had better say good-bye. Take care now:))



Serenity on Aug 1, 2010:

Thank you so much Sweetie for being the very first person to join me on my first ever public swap. I hope you have a wonderful experience. Let me know if I can be of help with anything. Namaste Seren

queenelisheba on Jul 30, 2010:

Thank you!!! I received the stamped images today and i love them!! Especially the silver ones!! Sooo cool! Have a great weekend!

GTstamper on Jul 26, 2010:

Welcome to the Rubber Stamping group!

Welcome to the Rubber Stamping group!

Thanks for joining!


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