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Country: United States
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UPDATES: I have been away for almost 3 years. I will be working on resending or sending any swap that I have a 1 on. Please bare with me as I get this taken care of. I am sincerely sorry that I had to step away suddenly and I regret dropping the ball here. I hope you all can forgive me. I love to swap and I missed you guys. Please give me another chance. I won't let you down again.

If you are owed something from me, please let me know. I have no access to my past records. I want to make good on ANYTHING I owe ANYONE. Swaps, tags, or anything else. I promise I am trying my best to make things right.

I am a happily married mom to 3, a boy (5) and 2 girls (12) & (5 months). We live in a small town in NC.

I will update my likes/dislikes often as I learn about them myself :)

I am not allergic to anything and I am easy to get along with.

I love helping other people. I often go without extras or luxuries to help others. I do my best and when I give, I give from the heart.

I am just a simple country girl who loves life.

Favorite Music & Books

Music: I like all kinds of music.

Generally, I do not like alternative or heavy metal but there are a few songs from the past that I like in this genre.

Books: I love true crime, memoirs, and biographies. I also like romance and chick-lit too. I love craft or fun do-it-yourself books. I do not enjoy sci-fi or westerns.

Favorite Movies & Television

Movies: I love comedy movies, the funnier the better. A drama movie is good once in a while too. I also find my self watching cartoons and Disney movies with the kids...ahhh, family time :)

We are a DVD family, we watch lots of DVDs.

Television: I love Ax Men, Gold Rush, Extreme Cheapskates, Extreme Couponing, Gypsy Sisters, Pawn Stars, Hard Core Pawn, The Cake Boss, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Operation Repo, and many reality TV shows.

Favorite Crafts

I love papercrafts. I am addicted to pretty papers, embellishments, and stickers. I really enjoy junk journals, ATCs, and card making mostly. I am still new at it though. I also like decoupage.

I play with polymer clay. I'm not good at detailed things yet but I love making buttons and ornaments.

I love making things with resin. Ornaments, cabochons, pendants, keychains, and tiles mostly.

I do not knit or crochet. I am a beginner sewer and quilter, I have not learned the harder stuff yet :)

I love craft kits that I can do with my kids.

I am open to learning new crafts, styles, and techniques. I love copies (xerox or handwritten) of fun crafts (detailed instructions please) that I can put into my binder. I would love for you to share your favorite craft techniques with me.

I Love ATC's....I would love to receive one from you.

I have never participated in FB, Decos, Slams, Crams, or Bags but I am willing to try. If you send one of these to me, please include a note telling me what I should do. I do not want to mess anything up. I am a quick learner and I promise to do as requested of me regarding these.

Likes (Anytime)

The colors pink, teal, and black. My favorite color combination is pink/black/white. I also like purple and silver.

Stationary sets, note cards, pretty pens, thin permanent markers, kawaii paper and stickers

Paper: I love pretty & bold papers. I love adhesive paper too!

(I also like used greeting cards for collage making. Only the front or the factory printed sentiments are needed. Not personal info.)

Stickers (singles, sheets, or binder pages): I LOVE Stickers! I don't mind used sheets as long as there are still some good ones left :) I love 3D stickers! I don't have a use or need for reward stickers though. I do not like to get stickers that have part cut off, meaning please trim them carefully.

Papercraft Embellishments & Tools : die cuts, vellum quotes, chip board, trimmers, rolling adhesives, punches, foam adhesive, crimpers, deco tape, glue dots, buttons, ribbon, lace, brads, flowers, craft knife blades, and rub-ons. (Just off the top of my head, lol) I do not have many cartridges for my Cricut or many punches either, so I love to get things you can make with yours :)

Unused postage stamps : as little as one or as many as a roll :)

Box Tops & Campbell's Labels for Education : My son's school really needs these. Your help with these are greatly appreciated :)

Handmade Anything (cards, tags, jewelry, etc.) I love to see other people's talents. I would be thrilled to get something made from you. Yes, you. :)

Magnets (thin ones) Plain or already decorated

Sample sized things : Any and all! They give me a chance to try before I buy or just have extra on hand. It's a collection I have too.

The scents of Pearberry, Vanilla, Sweet Pea, Strawberry and many others. I love fruity smells. There are only a few that I just can't handle and those are listed in my Dislikes. I do like Apple, just not with Cinnamon :)

I collect stick pins...new or old. These are also called hat pins or dress pins. There are different lengths, they are all great to me :)

I love small notebooks, memo sheets, magnetic lists or list sheet singles, and lined journals.

I like coupons for Free Items (no purchase necessary coupons). It's such fun, lol.

I love anything with butterflies on it.

I love kawaii. I just started collecting all the different things and they are just so cute. I don't have a large collection, but I am working on it. It is impossible to find where I live. There is really NO stores that carry it here. I have to order it online and boy is shipping crazy, lol. I don't have a favorite character yet, I am still learning them all. I do really like Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll though. They are all so cute!


I am really pretty easy to please. There are a few things that I would rather not receive so I will list them here, but I have no problem passing something on that doesn't suit me.

I would rather not get:

The scents of pine, evergreen, winterfresh, cinnamon. I am more of a fruity smell person.

I don't have any use for teacher stickers or reward type stickers.

Wishlist (Currently Would Like

This list I will update as needed. These things are things that I would love to have. There are a lot of things that I can't get locally, living in a super small town.

Kawaii - anything kawaii really. Lettersets, memos, erasers, sticker sheets, sticker flakes, or anything kawaii that you have to share. I can't get it locally. .

Stamps/Images - rubber stamps or stamped images on cardstock that I would like to have are cupcakes, butterflies, birthday, pretty flowers, or any cute general stamps.

Images - I dont have a good printer, so I could use either 1 inch or 2 inch printed images of : Elvis, Elmo, cupcakes, roses, vampire related things, acoustic guitars, lighthouses, rainbows, clovers, tattoos, or any bright and bold images.

Stickers - I am always looking for great stickers. Please do not cut the sticker if you are trimming them though. I love all types of stickers! No teacher/reward stickers, please.

Anything Butterfly

Anything Cupcake

Anything Lighthouse

Anything Elmo

Markers, Colored Pencils, Copic Markers, Sharpies (Extra Fine), or even crayons. I will not use bad quality pens, pencils, markers or crayons on my projects for others. I am running low on what I do have though. Even if you would like to pass on some that are used, that's fine as long as it isn't dead yet.

Lettersets & Stationery - I love pretty paper and envelopes. Also notecards.

Scrapbooking - anything related to butterflies, guitars, roses, boy, 12 year old girl, baby girl, Harley Davidson, or truck drivers. I also love patterned paper, borders, rub ons, all kinds of embellishments and bling.

Card Making - I need good quality stamped images and sentiments. Also pretty cardstock in white or bright bold colors. Embellishments for all occasions.

Cellophane bags & Small zippered bags - cute designs or plain. I love these and I love to package things pretty.

I would love to get a whimsey jar, a matchbox, a dotee, and anything altered. I have seen so many swaps for them, but I don't know how to make them. I would love to give it a try if it's something that I like. I am a hands on person so getting one and seeing it would be awesome.

I finally got a Cinch machine and I would love things to put in Junk Journals. I like making these and love to use vintage and modern elements. Papers, postcards, ads, notecards, flashcards, glassine bags, tags, and more. There are so many things that can be used.

Swaps Needing Angels:

The swaps that I have never received anything for, I will list here. If you would like to be an angel for me, I would appreciate it so, so, so much!

Anything listed below is after messages were sent and 1 ratings were left. I always try to contact a member first, communication is important.

Angels for these swaps will be recognized here as well.

~Quick Simple Sticker Sheet Swap #4 flaked by @karmadi

~Craft Supply Clean Up Swap flaked by @marylen

~Pick 5!! Newbies Welcome! Swap flaked by @layoutsfromtheheart

~Sealed 1st Sticker Sheets Swap #4 flaked by @silvia2010

~Christmas 1,2,3 Swap flaked by @ElizabethRollins

~Cute Stationery Stuff Swap flaked by @ElizabethRollins


Comment: Loved everything! Thanks for swapping with me!
LauraM540 rated for QUICK ATC swap #2 on Jan 29, 2014
Comment: I got your package today and it is very nice, I love it all....thanks, it is commendable that you are making the effort to get your ratings up!!! :)
Response: To express my sincere apologies the following are on the way to you : 2 ATC, 3 card ideas with embellishments needed for them, 4 ATC blanks (all different), 4 tags die cut from a Pepsi box, 5 ribbons (12 inches each), a doily die cut, a Tim Holtz bird cage and bird die cut, a package of Soft Spoken 3D stickers, s.e.i. Glitzmas clear stamp set, and 5 DCWV cardstock pieces 4.5 x 6.5. The delivery confirmation number for this package is 9114 9011 5981 8311 4815 13. Package dropped off, number will update in the morning (11/16/14) ----- Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this.
vintervila rated for kawaii letterset swap! on Jan 28, 2014
Comment: Never got anything. Will change if something arrives but I guess I won't see a thing. UPDATE Jan. 28th, 2014 - I have eventually recieved the re-send, the swap was from 2011 so it was a long wait but I am happy that you did your best to make things right. I appreciated the effort and the items were nice... I cannot avoid, though, to "warn" you about the strong smell of smoke that was really too pervasive in the paper items...I really cannot use them. I don't want to make you feel bad, smokers don't realize how much smoke can be strong for non-smokers' noses, I just think I have to tell you this so that maybe you will try to pay more attention in future swaps about this. Thank you for re-sending and welcome back here.
Response: To express my sincere apologies the following are on the way to you : 5 letter sets, 5 paper doilies, 1 kawaii sticker sheet, 25 mini memo sheets, 25 sticker flakes, and 1 pencil. Package has been dropped off and is coming First Class International. (11/15/14)-----
fernsmama rated for Kawaii Loose Memo Sheets on Jan 27, 2014
Response: To express my sincere apologies the following are on the way to you: 20 large (4x6) memo sheets, 1 letter set, a pack of Halloween rub ons, Halloween stickers, 18 list pad sheets for Smash books (K & Co.), washi tape for Smash books (K & Co. & 2 other brands), 20 mini memo sheets, 20 sticker flakes (PVC too), and 2 rolls of deco tape. Delivery confirmation number is 9114 9011 5981 8311 4815 20. Package has been dropped off and number will update in the morning (11/16/14) -----Thank you for responding to my message. I will post your DC# here soon
Comment: Better late then never. I received a redo today, crazy after a year or so. Package was filled to the brim including everything on the list of the original swap. I am so estatic about how many goodies I get to scrapbook with, esp. most of it being valentines day oriented and the holiday just around the corner. Thank you so much for everything and I hope your ratings turn around for you soon!
Response: To express my sincere apologies instead of choosing 10 things from the list on the swap page, I am sending the whole list. Delivery confirmation number is: 9114 9011 5981 8311 4815 51. Package has been dropped off and number will update in the morning (11/16/14). -----Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this.
Bee1981 rated for Stuffed Envie<33 #3 on Aug 15, 2012
Comment: I am so so sorry! Will re-rate when your package arrived. I am glad that we were in mail-contact and you said that you had sent an envie the 2nd time...but all is some weeks ago now! Maybe it arrived in a few days?! My fingers are crossed!
Response: Message sent 1/23/14 to get address to send this swap.
yunasy rated for Flat Paper Swap #6 on Jul 27, 2012
erickalin rated for Simple Sticker Sheet Swap on Jul 25, 2012
Comment: thanks for the great stickers
janicemarie rated for Notecards w/envies Swap #1 on Jul 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you for sending some lovely cards and for sending more than the swaps requirements.
ter1225 rated for Notecards w/envies Swap #1 on Jul 16, 2012
Angie rated for Flat Paper Swap #6 on Jul 10, 2012
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: very old forgotton rating... thank you Lesa
tututerrificbyjulie rated for New Years Resolution on Apr 9, 2011
Comment: I haven't received my package yet and you haven't responded to any of my emails. If something comes, I would be happy to change this rating.
Response: Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this. Member no longer active.
StevenH rated for Gift / Present for YOU Swap on Apr 5, 2011
Response: Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this. Member no longer active.
sweetdee83 rated for QUICK 100 sticker swap #12 on Apr 3, 2011
Comment: I never got anything and this user has not been online since March 8th, I am still waiting for my stickers to arrive from February swap.
Response: Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this. Member no longer active.
lovesmail rated for Bulging Flat Rate box #2 on Mar 25, 2011
Response: To express my sincere apologies I am not only sending you 1 stuffed small flat rate box.....I am sending 2. One is full of craft supplies and the other is full of profile likes including lotions, tissues, lip glosses, and chocolate. There is a variety of things in both boxes. Delivery confirmation numbers are : 9114 9011 5981 8311 4815 44 & 9114 9011 5981 8311 4815 37. Packages have been dropped off and numbers will update in the morning (11/16/14) -----Thank you for responding to my message. I will post your DC # here soon.
Comment: I've tried contacting you but I haven't got a reply. I haven't received any stickers and I have to give you a 1.
Response: To express my sincere apologies the following are on the way to you: 100 sticker flakes, 1 sticker sheet, 20 mini memo sheets, 10 large memo sheets, 2 letter sets, and 1 pencil. Package has been dropped off and is coming First Class International. (11/15/14)
jennylynn46 rated for Valentine's Card Swap on Mar 14, 2011
Comment: Since I haven't heard from you in awhile I must rate you with the 1. If things change I will be happy to also change the rating...
Response: Message sent 1/11/14 to try to fix this. Member no longer active.
MOMO rated for QUICK flat destash swap #13 on Mar 7, 2011
Comment: hi, i got my package today after over a month, but thanks for sending :)
Comment: thank you!

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cmdunderground on Feb 21, 2014:

Please let people know when you receive tags. I've had to ask several times, this is very aggrivating!

cmdunderground on Feb 9, 2014:

Have you received the random envie tag? I sent the end of January...

kayler00 on Mar 23, 2011:

=( Hope you're okay!

AlphaChick on Mar 3, 2011:

yes, thats a whimsey jar. im glad you like it and it got to you safely :)

kayler00 on Feb 22, 2011:

Hi darling, You still haven't rated me yet. Could you if you get a chance? I hope it's slowed down for you a bit I miss seeing swaps hosted by you! =)

AlphaChick on Feb 18, 2011:

i have a CQ February wish going out to you on Monday,,,I was so excited to get it packaged that I forgot to put a note in it! so I just w r ote what it was for on the back :S let me know when it arrives :)

OrigamiGrace on Feb 4, 2011:

Thanks much for the coke reward codes for my Feb wishlist at the Cheap Postage Group!

luvscrappin on Jan 26, 2011:

Please let me know when you get your tag and the swaps I angeled. I just want to make sure you got it. Thanks.

ladyaries7 on Jan 22, 2011:

thank you for the cupcake goodies for my jan wish! i love the recipe, cards and sticker sheet.

RyeRye on Dec 22, 2010:


MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Crafting Queens Group~

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