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April 2017 - Hello again, swap friends! I've been on an extended hiatus since ~May 2013 due to flaker drama, and I'm slowly making a comeback. Here's to hoping for a smooth experience this time!

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a fan of animal products. Feathers, leather, wool, beeswax, lanolin, bone, etc make me a :( face. Thank you for your consideration! ♥

I recycle. Don't be surprised if you receive an envelope made from a calendar or an advertisement, or a reused bubble mailer - be kind to the environment!

I reached 1000 hearts on June 28th, 2012 - yay for happy mailboxes! ♥

Hi, mystery reader! I'm a happily married mother of two girls - one is ten, the other is six.

My eldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January 2016. (It was a super-scary time, but she's adjusted very well.) I have to go back-and-forth between the school and home at least three times a day, plus I babysit a toddler part-time. I have hopes of acquiring some free time one of these days, hah! ♥

Our herd - Two cats (Zoey and Koopa) and two dogs (Bowser and Ellie). We said goodbye to Boo in 2013. :(

I've turned into one of those day planner-crazy people. It's fun and keeps me both organized and motivated. Yay for planners!

I go by Marryth just about everywhere, so if you see another Marryth somewhere online, it's probably me!

I used to play FFXI, WoW and GW2. My husband and I still technically play FFXIV, though my free time is minimal, so I'm not on all that often.


TV -- I really don't watch much, and when I do, it's probably on Netflix. I especially love Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I was sad when the Hannibal series was cancelled. :(

Movies -- I'm open to almost anything, as long as it's not over-the-top senseless violence/gore-y. I used to LOVE horror movies, but after having kids, I just can't watch 'em. I have an intense dislike for "chick flicks". My genre of choice these days tends to be action or sci-fi - bonus points if it's funny.

(I'm sorry, but I rather hate Twilight. ^^;)

I read a TON, whenever I get a few minutes to myself. I'll read anything I can get my hands on - I read too quickly to be very choosy. My books of choice are generally fantasy, sci-fi, horror or mythology-based. If you have any book suggestions, please do share!

My musical tastes are incredibly eclectic. My playlist bounces between anything from (old) Weezer to Etta James to Opeth to Operation Ivy to Beethoven. One of my favorites would be I Fight Dragons - it combines my NES-love with music!

Likes and Dislikes ◕ ◡ ◕

I like: planners ♥ foxes ♥ adult coloring books ♥ oranges (the imagery AND the fruit itself) ♥ cutesy dinosaurs ♥ giraffes ♥ robots ♥ owls ♥ stars ♥ the colors pink and orange, especially together ♥ NES ♥ cute Pokemon ♥ smiling ♥ colorful socks ♥ reading ♥ crafting in general ♥ cross stitch ♥ making envelopes ♥ music ♥ adventures ♥ BJDs ♥ sunshine ♥ gardening ♥ cooking ♥ learning ♥ takochu ♥ video games ♥

I DO NOT like: Cell phones = animal products = hazelnuts = coffee = aspartame = black licorice = the smell of smoke or incense = converty-religious stuff = toe, knee-high or thigh-high socks = realistic squirrels or deer = FBs or anything like them = Twilight (please don't even send me anti-Twilight stuff...even just the name makes me think 'Eww!') = anything circus-related =

I'm phobic of: Clowns, eyeballs, flying bugs.

Wishlist ◕ ‿‿ ◕

  • 4x6 recipe cards
  • fun bits for planner use (stickers, washi tape, tiny cute sticky notes, etc)
  • scrapbook paper/cardstock
  • cute stickers
  • Halloween-themed twinchies (need 5 more to finish a canvas!)
  • baker's twine
  • washi tape
  • kawaii memo sheets
  • embroidery floss skeins, any color
  • 14-ct aida, any color (but especially white)
  • stamped images (preferably in black ink on white cardstock or similar)

Tags, WTAs, etc

Current tags and whatnot:

Sending out:

Nothing right now.


Nothing right now.

Flakers. :(

It makes me sad that I have to add this section, but here we go. I'm only going to list swaps which DO NOT have an angel at the top. (It was getting way too big otherwise, which is sad.) I have never once had a flaker make up a swap for me, and I'm veryVERY thankful for my lovely angels! Flakers and angels for other swaps will be listed separately. And another big THANK YOU to those lovely folks who angel things for people who get flaked on - people like you make swap-bot a better place! :)

(Everything to date has been angel-ed - yay!)

♥♥ My lovely angels! Yay! ♥♥ - @NaughtyElf | @piglet59645 | @yunasy | @susieq11 | @Mar1l1ze | @Juliajae | @TeaNi | @Tommie | @choke | @Rejoicing | @KatarinaNavane x2| @craftyish | @ladyb | @chelle523 | @PJ | @sostenson | @VivaLaDiane | @hlwolfe72 | @thisismeAXiD | @Beckster | @Cristin91 | @aliceinconverse | @Pashanista |

Flakers! BOO! @mysistersdress | @layoutsfromtheheart | @Najean | @Stephiebear1234 | @Tigger679 | @TheArtistChick (on two swaps!)| @Mechanix | @SJsCraftyMom | @EllaBella (deleted account)| @CherylCraftCabin | @Creepygirl | @FickityTwists | @savvygal | @SIEN | @MoominStar9 | @ncfriend | @JenniferKaos | @emayees | @unvlmom | @jmvav (account deleted) | @luv2cre8 | @KaliTracer (on THREE swaps!) | @luckygurl13 |


spicemom rated for QUICK tried and tested recipe #61 on Jun 26, 2017
Comment: Hi Amanda Thank you for the yummy recipe Spicemom
kathiann rated for QUICK tried and tested recipe #61 on Jun 19, 2017
Comment: I love chocolate pudding! Thank you for sharing!
Lexidh rated for QUICK tried and tested recipe #59 on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Sorry about the late rating, my inbox is a mess!
Comment: Great timing. Just talking about carrot cake at lunch today. Sounds yummy! ☺
Comment: they ´re lovely ...
Comment: thx for the wonderful APC´s
Comment: thx amanda and sorry for the late rating ...but I´m moving to a new house and their was so little internet time that I forgot you to rate ...
margiebee rated for QUICK ATC swap #150 on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: Thank you!
jennylee60 rated for QUICK ATC swap #149 on Jun 25, 2014
Comment: You blew me away when I open the envie and there were SIX atcs inside. Thank you, my favorite was the one with the bird cage on it.
Beckykat rated for QUICK ATC swap #148 on Jun 16, 2014
Comment: Thank you for my lovely ATCs ^ ^ xx
Watsonc7 rated for QUICK ATC swap #147 on Jun 9, 2014
Comment: WOW! You must have a monster collection of ATCs to have sent me so many extras!! I have never received so many cards and liked all of them....but I like just about every single one of these :). Thanks for such an awesome selection and being so generous, my newbie collection just got quite a boost!
AnnaGG rated for QUICK ATC swap #143 on May 13, 2014
Comment: Thank you Amanda for the lovely extra ATC cards! :)
Amaranth rated for QUICK ATC swap #141 on May 10, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the ATCs!
nightrainboww rated for QUICK ATC swap #140 on Apr 29, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the great ATCs! :) I recommend taping all the edges of the envelope, because they were torn and - seemingly - soaked (ink was smudgy, maybe it fell in a puddle somewhere along its journey?). Luckily the ATCs didn't take any damage though!
groundhogstamper rated for QUICK ATC swap #139 on Apr 22, 2014
Comment: Wow! six ATCs!!! Thank you so much for all, and lots of hearts to you. Love your envelope too.
Comment: thx amanda!
mandjara rated for QUICK ATC swap #138 on Apr 5, 2014
Comment: That was a surprise to receive 6 ! lol thank you :-)
starrycat rated for Doctor Who APCs - 2s! on Apr 2, 2014
Comment: I love the Apc's, Amanda! I am sorry for the delay in rating; I thought I had rated for this swap, but apparently not! Thanks again!
Nightenbelle rated for QUICK ATC swap #134 on Feb 24, 2014
Comment: Sorry for the delayed rating. Thank you.
cmdunderground rated for APC series, round two - 7s! on Feb 18, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the APCs. I especially like the coffee one!

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Swan on Jun 27, 2017:

Thank you for the jellyfish address labels for my June Wishlist! They're great.

pickleme on Jun 4, 2017:

Welcome Back! It's nice to see you again.

shirleyinCA on May 17, 2017:

Wow! Thanks for sending so many delightful ATC's for my May Wishlist. I especially love Captain Hook!

theaterfan23 on May 16, 2017:

Thank you so much for the awesome selection of ATC's from my May Wishlist!

karry on May 1, 2017:

Amanda, welcome back! I have many of your wonderful postage stamp ATCs in my collection, and have visited your profile from time to time to see if you were back. Thanks so much for the ATCs for my April wishlist on CPG!!!! They are terrific, especially the Dr. Who, the seaside, and the rabbit ATCs! Are you going to be trading ATCs again?

theevidenceisme on Apr 27, 2017:

Thank you so much for all of the great ATCs that you gave me for the CPG April wishlist!

burntbao on Dec 17, 2014:

Candyn29 on Aug 14, 2014:


stlouisphile on Apr 8, 2014:


I was thinking this might be a good book! Hope you are well!

burntbao on Feb 14, 2014:

Happy Valentines!

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