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PLEASE NOTE - I am not a fan of animal products. Please do not send me edibles/potables of any kind, including tea. Thank you for your consideration! ♥

I reached 1000 hearts on June 28th, 2012 - yay for happy mailboxes!


Hi, mystery reader! I'm a happily married mother of two girls - one is 11, the other is seven.

My eldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January 2016. (It was a super-scary time, but she's adjusted very well.) I have to go back-and-forth between the school and home at least three times a day, plus I babysit two toddlers part-time. I have hopes of acquiring some free time one of these days, hah! ♥

Our herd - Two cats (Zoey and Koopa) and two dogs (Bowser and Ellie). We said goodbye to Boo in 2013. :(


Planner stuff: Yep, I'm one of those day planner-crazy people. (It's fun, and keeps me both organized and motivated. What's not to love?) I can always use planner stickers and such.

My planners:

  • an A5-sized planner binder with vertical Erin Condren column-sized inserts. As such, this planner can use A5-sized dividers/dashboards, and EC planner-sized stickers. ♥

  • a classic-sized Happy Planner

  • a standard-sized traveler's notebook system

I never use paperclips in my planner (though I do like pretty binder clips, since they don't crimp the paper), and I won't ever use any stickers related to coffee, religion, school, driving/cars, drinking/parties, or hair/manicure/spa stuff.


I used to play FFXI, FFXIV, WoW and GW2.

We have both the NES and SNES Classic consoles - I love those things, when I actually get a chance to use 'em! I do play Pokemon Go as well.

Latest game obsession: Stardew Valley on PC. 。◕ ‿ ◕。


I do monthly meal planning, mostly for my family rather than myself. (They're quite omnivorous, and I'm not.) I don't know how I managed before I started meal planning, and I wish I'd started sooner! It makes things so much easier, both in terms of food prep and for grocery shopping. I'm always looking for new recipes to try, especially for main dishes.


TV -- It's VERY rare for me to watch TV at all, and when I do, it's probably on Netflix. I enjoy Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I was sad when the Hannibal series was cancelled. :(

Movies -- Like TV, it's very rare for me to watch movies. When I do, I'm open to almost anything, as long as it's not over-the-top senseless violence/gore-y. I used to LOVE horror movies, but after having kids, I just can't watch 'em. I have an intense dislike for "chick flicks". My genre of choice these days tends to be action or sci-fi - bonus points if it's funny.

I read a TON, whenever I get a few minutes to myself. I'll read anything I can get my hands on - I read too quickly to be very choosy. My books of choice are generally fantasy, sci-fi, horror or mythology-based. My Stephen King collection is nearly complete, yay! If you have any book suggestions, please do share.

My musical tastes are incredibly eclectic. My playlist bounces between anything from (old) Weezer to Etta James to Opeth to Operation Ivy to Beethoven. Current favorites: Howl by Florence + the Machine, Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde.

Deco Books & Other Crafts

I'm very interested in deco books these days, and I'm open to private swaps to move our deco books on.

Themes I probably can't tackle: anything hand-drawn/painted, steampunk, zetti, anything particularly dark. (I have nothing against these themes whatsoever, they just aren't styles I can pull off.)

I seriously dislike stapled and/or corner-bound deco books, and deco books with really bulky embellishments. If I have to send a single deco book as a package rather than letter mail, it's too bulky. (And I'll have to pay way too much to mail it.)


Other crafts:

  • I dabble in a bunch of other crafts: various paper crafts, cross stitch/needlework, simple sewing with felt, playing with seed beads, etc. I totally can't knit, crochet (unless single crochet chains count, hah!), or quilt, though I do wish I could!

  • I still make ATCs for other people once in a while, though pretty much only needlework ATCs. I should have a few examples of these in my gallery over at ATCs For All, if you're curious.

  • I am no longer collecting inchies, twinchies, or ATCs/APCs. The only twinchies I'm interested in are the few listed in my wishlist to finish a canvas. I have some NOT made by me (some inchies and twinchies, and a LOT of ATCs/APCs) that I'd be happy to trade for something else - take a peek at my wishlist and let me know if you're interested, and if there is a particular theme(s) that you're looking for.

Likes and Dislikes 。◕ ‿ ◕。

I like:

Colors: I like color in general - happy colors are good! I really like mint green and soft pink. For other color combinations, I like pastels (especially with a tiny pop of metallic shades), rainbow colors, or pink and grey together.

Themes: Foxes, wolves, hot air balloons, fruits (citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, kiwifruit), Gorjuss, cute dinosaurs, red pandas, servals, giraffes, robots, owls, stars, planets, galaxies, cute Pokemon, takochu, kawaii (especially Hannari Tofu and other cute foods), mountains, nature scenes, leafy trees, cacti and other succulents, Hannibal (the TV series), Star Trek, cute Halloween, Stardew Valley (computer game).

Misc: Planners and planner accessories, traveler's notebooks, Project Life, deco books, Pokemon Go, washi tape, reading, cross stitch, making things, music, BJDs, sunshine, gardening, cooking, learning, video games.


I DO NOT like: White or very light-colored washi tape. Animal products - especially feathers. Hazelnuts. The color red. Aspartame. Black licorice. The smell of smoke or incense. Converty-religious stuff. Toe, knee-high or thigh-high socks. Realistic squirrels, horses, or deer. Twilight. Anything circus-related. Dicing onions, ugh. Staple-bound deco books.

I'm phobic of: Clowns, eyeballs, flying bugs. (Butterflies are okay.)

Wishlist 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  • washi tape

  • kawaii sticker flakes

  • anything for a standard-sized traveler's notebook (especially inserts - handmade is totally welcome! - but anything would be helpful)

  • anything for papercrafting - nice quality images, scrapbook paper or cardstock, stamped images, flat embellishments, die cuts, punchies, paper flowers, Dresden trim, Starform sticker borders, etc

  • Gorjuss Girl stamps or stamped images (preferably in black ink on white card stock)

  • pretty/interesting paper napkins

  • Project Life cards (can use any, but especially need baby girl/young girl cards)

  • planner stickers & charms

  • any cute flat stickers

  • Halloween-themed twinchies (need 4 more to finish a canvas!)

  • note cards, with or without envelopes

  • fingerless gloves; I'm almost always wearing them (handmade is more than welcome!)

Tags, WTAs, etc

Current tags and whatnot:

Sending out:

  • Nothing right now.


  • Nothing right now.

Flakers. :(

It makes me sad that I have to add this section, but here we go. I'm only going to list swaps which DO NOT have an angel at the top. (It was getting way too big otherwise, which is sad.) I have never once had a flaker make up a swap for me, and I'm veryVERY thankful for my lovely angels! Flakers and angels for other swaps will be listed separately. And another big THANK YOU to those lovely folks who angel things for people who get flaked on - people like you make swap-bot a better place! :)

(Everything to date has been angel-ed - yay!)


♥♥ My lovely angels! Yay! ♥♥ - @NaughtyElf | @piglet59645 | @yunasy | @susieq11 | @Mar1l1ze | @Juliajae | @TeaNi | @Tommie | @choke | @Rejoicing | @KatarinaNavane x2| @craftyish | @ladyb | @chelle523 | @PJ | @sostenson | @VivaLaDiane | @hlwolfe72 | @thisismeAXiD | @Beckster | @Cristin91 | @aliceinconverse | @Pashanista | @CrystalZ

Flakers! BOO! @mysistersdress | @layoutsfromtheheart | @Najean | @Stephiebear1234 | @Tigger679 | @TheArtistChick (on two swaps!)| @Mechanix | @SJsCraftyMom | @EllaBella (deleted account)| @CherylCraftCabin | @Creepygirl | @FickityTwists | @savvygal | @SIEN | @MoominStar9 | @ncfriend | @JenniferKaos | @emayees | @unvlmom | @jmvav (account deleted) | @luv2cre8 | @KaliTracer (on THREE swaps!) | @luckygurl13 |


Comment: Cool deco, thank you! :)
shellbede rated for Time to Move Those Deco Books! #4 on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: Fun decos and love all the postage stamps you used to send!
joppagirl rated for Two Deco Books, One Partner #5 on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the nice decos and punch outs.
piashlara rated for 2 Unthemed Decos #1 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the Decos and the extras :D
twistedfae rated for Introduction Swap on Jun 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the deco and intro. Can't wait for my next deco session.
Comment: Thanks for the decos. You sent two; did you include the one we are partners for in FS also? I'm just checking so I rate you in both.
Response: Glad to hear they've arrived safe and sound! And no, the second is just an extra - you'll have a separate envelope coming your way for the other swap. :) Thanks for checking, though!
Rosekoala02 rated for Introduction Swap on Jun 1, 2018
Comment: They are all cute! Thank you! <3
fairyduster53 rated for Artistic Decos - May on May 25, 2018
Comment: Thanks!
Bhindblueeyes rated for Bhindblueeyes & Marryth on May 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing labels!!! I adore them all!!!!!
Comment: Thanks so much for the Decos and the blank Deco! Looking forward to more saps with you!
joppagirl rated for Time to Move Those Deco Books! #3 on May 21, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the decos Amanda!
Scrapinitblue rated for 3 Sheets of Planner Stickers on May 15, 2018
Comment: Love, love, love these planner stickers and washi! Thanks for swapping with me!
catonip rated for CPG Flat Planner Goodies - Global on May 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the goodies! I love all the stamps you put on the envi. <3
Comment: Lovely, as always. Thank you so much for hosting. These have been a fun series.
Comment: Thank you!
Aladyjackson rated for Deco Book & Labels on May 6, 2018
Comment: Gorgeous decos! Thanks for this awesome swap!
Dsweeny rated for Deco Book & Labels on May 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you sweet Amanda!!! I can't wait to make you some decos!!
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you so much!!!! I hope my mail gets to you soon! xx
Response: Yay! I'm glad to know that they've made it safe and sound. If you mean the green planner goodies swap, I rated you for it back in April - and the stamps you used on the envie are super cool! :)
Comment: Thanks for the swap!

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renate on Jun 21, 2018:

Hello Amanda, thanks for the nice random envie you send me from wishlist group.

Whippet on Jun 19, 2018:

Thank you Amanda, for sending me a great wish - a fat envelope full of "treasures," Deco Books! Happy June! - Kathy

Dsweeny on Jun 17, 2018:

Thank you my friend for the TON of amazing decos!!! What a great thing to open, and I appreciate it alot. Happy Sunday!

simcoe54 on Jun 15, 2018:

CPG: June Wishes -- Thanks for the used postage stamps and washi samples. The postage stamps are perfect for my collection and washi samples are always needed.

OrigamiGrace on Jun 15, 2018:

Thank you for the awesome decos from my June wishlist!! Can't wait to get them done and moved on!! So much fun!!

PhoenixLM on May 24, 2018:

Thank you for the stickers the girls will love them!

Rosekoala02 on May 16, 2018:

Thank you for return my full deco! I will make more decos for you ♡

MSturgill87 on Apr 27, 2018:

Thank you for the great journal cards for my April wishlist!

Paige1900 on Apr 24, 2018:

for the AWESOME address labels! They are perfect and I LOVE the images you chose!

TeaNi on Apr 19, 2018:

Thanks so much

for granting a CPG April wish for me with the super cute tabby cat addy labels! :)

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