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darkvixen620 on Feb 28, 2014:

OMG I got your "clean up goodie bag" today and it was amazing! So much stuff in there! Thank you very much :)

RyeRye on Feb 14, 2014:

RyeRye on Dec 18, 2013:

slewis234 on Dec 14, 2013:

Got your apron swap in the mail today and I can't wait to see if you'll like what I made! Maybe it will help you want to cook a little more often! Cheers...

Mugsie on Dec 2, 2013:

Me too! Last summer I bought (brand new with tags) all these skirts at a local yard sale to make so many different things with, I love it!! Thanks again!

RyeRye on Nov 27, 2013:

Ky on Sep 8, 2013:

I AM going to the Quilt Show this year! I will be there all day on Friday (be there when they open :-) And then I am taking a class on Friday evening. I would love to meet up!

ladydy5 on Aug 28, 2013:

Hope you will continue with Thriftstore group. Swaps for month of Sept. are up. Enjoy above all!

anrtist on Aug 18, 2013:

WOW! U are all over the place! lol Thanx for joining in so many threads in your LLL GROUP!!!
U GET THE PRIZE!!!! ;-) I am so glad you are enjoying it so much!!! Hope you "meet" some great friends in your areas, Blessings, cc

kindledwhimsy on Aug 15, 2013:

I realize that this is a few days early, but I noticed that your birthday is just around the corner! Hope you have a very happy one! :o)

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