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Hello From Toronto Canada

HERE IS MY THROWBACK THURSDAY INFO I am a long time fan of this man.

I am a person who suffers from both depression and anxiety both of which can sometimes really bring me down. I am always looking for new pen pals as I find writing letters and sending them via snail mail to be so much fun. I am even willing to just be a postcard pen pal if you cannot commit to writing letters.

I have made pen pals friends on this site and I regularly write back as soon as I receive your letter. But I want any future pen pals to know in advance that sometimes I can go a few months before writing a letter if I am experiencing a depressive episode.

Sometimes my depression can prevent me from really wanting to do anything. When I am very depressed I am not able to do anything and am not able to write anyone letters. So please do not take it personally if this does happen and know it is not you but rather me and something I am going through.

I am a very accepting person who is willing to be friends with anyone no matter who you are. I have faced a lot of judgement in my life and therefore never judge anyone for who they are. As long as you are willing to be my friend I am willing to be yours! I AM ALWAYS EAGER TO FIND NEW PEN PALS.

ALSO I LOVE FBs (Friendship Books)

I am a natural born swapper. I LOVE ANYTHING LUCKY

I am a SCORPIO by being born in November. I am outgoing and a super friendly and talkative and always looking to find new friends outside of Canada.

Owl love anyone who is interested in become a friend of mine or pen pal especially if they love all things OWLS. I love anything with OWLS on it owls are so awesome.

As I have been suffering with some major health issues, I love anything that can protect you from any health issues. I especially like anything that is EVIL EYE

I am really into healing stones and beads, especially ones known for attracting luck to a person such as JADE =D .For example citrine and turquoise stones are considered to be lucky stones to have which are also a wonderful healing stone to have... I love the power of stones for your health and luck. I like to collect anything made of powerful healing stones or stones that attract luck. Amber is also known for its healing powers. So I love to collect Amber beads to wear.


I love to draw doodles of flowers cards and any surface I can write on with a fine tipped marker. I make ATCs out of my flower doodles. I love to draw flowers on anything and everything. =) My favorite flowers are Sunflowers; Daisies; Cosomos or any flower with the he loves me he loves me not type petals.

I am also trying my hand at learning how to create tangle doodles especially of flowers. I am no expert yet but I appreciate any tips or suggestions regarding creating them.

I can crochet a little as I am still learning. I am also learning to knit. Anyone with tips and suggestions about crochet and knitting is greatly appreciated as I am a very slow learner and do not do either craft very well.



I love absolutely anything that has Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy on it

I love tiny doll charms of any kind or any miniature vintage dolls or figures. I especially like vintage miniature Kewpie Doll figures Touch Wud doll charms and Fums Up Doll charms. I also love sweet handmade dolls of any kind new or used that may be overlooked by most people and look like they are really in need of a lot of love.

I like Matryoshka Babuska Russian Nesting Dolls I think they are so cute :) I love anything with a Matryoshka Babuska Russian Nesting Doll them even stickers, writing pager and envelopes.

I am also a huge fan of anything KEWPIE DOLL

And I love the Pierrot and Pierrette dolls

I also like to collect the lucky horse figure Bucephalus which was the horse of Alexander the Great

I am a pet owner and BIG ANINMAL LOVER with two dogs and a cat. My animals are all female my dogs are a chihuahua (blonde) and a miniture pinscher min pin (brown) and my cat is a tabby (grey). When I was a kid I always wanted SNOOPY as our family pet. So it still makes me laugh when I see anything SNOOPY =)

I LOVE TO COLLECT ELEPHANTS with the trunk facing up in the air as that is considered to be very lucky.

I especially like anything to do with the real life JUMBO the elephant that traveled from America to Canada in 1885. He was the largest elephant of his time and he was part of the Barnum Circus. Sadly he died while on tour here in Canada.

I also love very much baby elephants as so many of them are being orphaned due to Ivory Poachers killing their parents just for the Ivory Tusks....so heartbreaking and cruel

I also love TURTLES as they too are lucky. Whenever I see a turtle on a road trying to cross to the other side I always pick it up and move it along. It saddens me the amount of wild turtles that are killed by cars.

I love to collect old Lucky Charms and like to collect any charm from that time period regardless of what it may be.

I also greatly love worn out old vintage or nostalgic or antique trinkets or Tokens lucky charms that were cherished by someone now passed on. I believe that sometimes the energy from the previous owner lingers on an item. It is fun to try to feel the vibes that might come off of any tokens.

I also love old round Natural Beads. My goal is to eventually have enough healing beads to make a bracelet or necklace. I would like to collect coral ,turquoise and amber beads. In some cultures coral beads are thought to protect you and attract lucky. With depression often on my mind, I can never own enough amber beads to keep me healthy =D,

I am trying to participate in a lot of postcard swaps on swap-bot. But I am having trouble finding a variety of postcards that are not just tourist photos of my city.

Please if you have any unused postcards that maybe you would like to swap for I would love to do a swap with you. I am really trying to get a half decent amount of postcards to use in swaps.Also PLEASE if you are in a postcard swap with me and you would like to help me build my unused postcard collection...please if the swap allows can you send my postcard blank in an envelope so I can use it in a future swap. Also for all those swappers who like to include an extras in their swaps, please consider sending me as an extra a blank postcard. Thank you.





l a huge fan of experiencing other cultures; customs and beliefs. I am married to a Wonderful Nigerian man.

.Please Note I have extremely sensitive skin and am very allergic to nickel and any metal that is not gold, silver or copper. I break out in blisters when wearing anything not made of gold, silver or copper.

I am someone who lost my heart to a woman as I have a secret love of LADY DIANA and collect anything Lady Di but none of my know of my close friends know this about me =) as they would think I am too cheesy.

I must confess I am an addict and my addition is Vintage Movies and the channel TCM. I especially like pre code movies, Shirley Temple movies and Busby Berkeley movies. My all time favorite movie is Footlight Parade and I am sure you will enjoy it if you ever check it out.


I like to use Canadian Postage Stamps in my crafts and ATCs. Please if I send you something and you do not want the Canadian Postage Stamp, I would love to have it returned. But only do this if you are mailing something to me as I would hate for you to spend money mailing it to me. Also if you have any Canadian Stamps that you do not need for crafts I would love to have them. I find so many people enjoy when I use Canadian Stamps as part of my creations.

I love JETOY and anything that is Jetoy



  • Anything handmade especially dolls =D even if you did not make it or if it is something you no longer want or use. Please feel free to send it to me I will love it for you

  • POSTCARD BACKINGS STICKER which are adhesive so you can stick on the back of anything to make anything into a postcard. OR any kind of postcard backing that I can attach to something to make it into a Postcard that can be mailed out.

  • Pen Pal suppiles

  • Matryoshka Babushka Russian Nesting Dolls or anything related to them even address labels The possibilities are endless =D

  • RETURN ADDRESS LABEDS or address rubber stamp with my name and address and my swap bot username miablancs included on the return address labels

  • POSTCARDS OF ANY KIND that have not been used. It does not matter what they are as I will be using them for future swapping where I need to mail out a postcard. Please if you have any postcards you are not using and would like a new home for them I would love them.

  • Anything Pierrot or Pierrette

  • Anything considered to be LUCKY, i.e. lucky coins, lucky charms - especially if it was once lucky for someone else. Any Old or Vintage Lucky Token or Talisman or anything that brings GOOD LUCK =)

  • Anything with Animals especially ELEPHANTS with their trunk facing up or Cats and Dogs

  • Any paper crafting paper punch you are no longer needing or using especially if it is a flower or border punch

  • Any small tokens, charms or toy miniatures such as gum machine or cracker jack prizes.

  • Any FBs as long as they are not homers

  • ATC supplies of any kind even ones you no longer use or need

  • Any Amber bead you could part with.


  • Anything I have to sew together as I have no sewing fingers and cannot sew at all :=(

  • Coffee or Tea unless it is an Ice Tea mixture as I do not drink hot beverages.

  • Any Salted Candy

  • Stamping or Embossing Powder, I do not use them at all.

  • I also cannot wear any jewellery such as ring; earrings and necklaces that have any metal on it unless the metal is sterling silver or gold as all other metals burn my skin.

It really hurts to be flaked on in a swap and I was flaked by:

Amanda87forCalling All Newbies...quick, fun swap Angeled by swap host @KraftyKaren

jennly for Suprize Packet #2

wadesay for Souviner Swap#2

'Worry looks around, Sorry looks back, Faith looks up.


FelinaSP rated for Happy October on Apr 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the super beautiful postcard of Washington, I loved... my apologies for the delay in giving you the rating, but I had a complicated health condition that kept me out of the system for several months, thanks for your understanding!
Comment: Thank you for the cute card. I like it very much.
Response: Thanks for your kind rating and heart. I am so glad that you liked the post card 😁
loveualatte rated for Happy September on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Hello and greetings from Sweden! I loved the pc you sent me 🌻🌻🌻. Thank you for taking the time to write me a nice note too.I wish you a beautiful autumn ❤
Response: Thank you for your kind rating and heart. I hope that you are enjoying your autumn. 😊
VASaint rated for Disney Postcard Swap on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: LOL! He definitely needs to pull himself together! Not a fan of the winter months myself, but hopefully this one won't be too cold and keep me in all the time! :)
Response: Thank you for your kind rating and heart and also love of someone in need of pulling themselves together...lol. With my depression I can so relate to that expression. Here in Toronto we are having very warm end of summer weather. I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer before fall arrives on Friday =).
Fieke rated for September: Simple PC Swap on Sep 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Toronto PC !
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart =). I am so glad that you liked the PC of my city. Please feel free to come here to visit any time as you are more than welcome =).
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely card!(*^_^*)(≧▽≦)
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart =). I am so glad that you liked the card!
fireflyer rated for New pen pal August Edition on Aug 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your lovely letter!
Response: Thanks for your kind rating. I hope that you liked the magnet I made you.
AnnaL rated for Happy Anniversary to VLD♥ on Aug 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much Bonnie for the beautiful postcard which I will cherish. AnnaL.
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart. It was my pleasure to share a little bit of my Paris with a fellow Paris fan ❤😁. I am so glad you like the card.
petercure rated for Easy Postcard Swap Intl #8 on Jul 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely card! (*^_^*)(≧▽≦)
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart =). I am so glad that it arrived so quickly to your home! Have a wonderful week =)
calmond rated for NH: Easy Postcard #17 on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for a cute and colorful postcard! Resting in a hammock and drinking tea sounds pretty wonderful to me too! <3
Response: Thank you for your kind rating and heart. I am so glad that you liked the PC and if you have a good recipe for sweet tea I would love to know it ! Have an awesome summer, here so far it is cold and raining always =(.
tatntole rated for OPEN QUICK Pet Photo swap #2 on May 11, 2017
Comment: My goodness, I am so sorry to rate late. Thank you.
Response: Hi there and thank you for your kind rating and heart. I hope you are having a great summer so far.
jezb750 rated for WATER Themed Postcard Swap #2 on May 6, 2017
Comment: Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the Niagara Falls card! It is among my travel bucket list. I hope to swap with you again and exchange the best of our cultures! Best regards always!
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart. I look forward to swapping again with you, also if you would like to be pen pals I would love that too. Unfortunately I am unable to write the first letter as I have just had surgery and am not feeling. But if you are interested feel free to write to me first if you would like, if not I will start to write to you later...but only if you want to be pen pals okay.
leonarasnick58 rated for EF~ Butterfly profile deco on May 2, 2017
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart =D
Stargazer008 rated for B&W PCs week 17 on May 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the portrait of the young lady. The picture has an exquisite charme: a clear quietness. Have a wonderful spring- the fresh green grass is stunning. Isnt it?!!!
Response: Thank you for kind rating and heart. I am sure spring is uber wonderful there and I will tell you why. I was watching a show called Border Security Australia. It is about the border agents at the airport in Australia who screen holiday makers who arrived in Australia for a holiday. An elderly man arrived at the airport in Australia from Germany and brought a package of seeds of Spring Flowers that grow in Germany . When they asked him why he brought these seeds with him on his holiday to Australia he said that Germany has the best Spring Flowers in the whole world. And he wanted to share these German flowers with Australia =D.
tatntole rated for EF- Disney Minnie Mouse on Apr 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great "Minnie" Deco on my profile.
Response: Thank you for your kind rating and heart. I am sure you are sick of me as your partner but I am stopping swapping for a while as I am having an operation.
slckad rated for NH: famous face on a postcard on Apr 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great famous face pc! I love Shirley Temple too!! Great to find her in my mailbox this afternoon!
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart. I am so glad that the little famous face arrived safe and sound and made your day...lol She is always a pick me up face for me 😀
MadeByRori rated for NH: Easy Postcard #15 on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the PC. I love it!
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart. I am so happy you like what I sent to you =D.
Valerie16 rated for B&W PCs week 13 on Apr 24, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard! Hope it warms up soon there ... it's been hot here, in the '80s already. Little worried about when it is actually summer! 🌞🌞
Response: Thank you so much for your kind rating and heart. I am so happy you like what I sent to you =D. I wish we had warm weather here. You are right about worrying about the summer but if it gets to hot there in the summer just come here to stay with me...lol...I never even need an air conditioner in the summer.
Comment: Love Minnie Mouse.... thank you fro the profile deco
Response: You are such a sweetie, thanks so much for your kind rating and heart, it is always a pleasure to swap with you =D.
Comment: Sorry for the late rate! Thank you for playing!
Response: Thank you for your kind rating and heart and it is always nice to find local partners. Do you know I have heard of some fellow swappers that meet once a year for a crafting day/get together. Too bad there is nothing like that in our neck of the woods.

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ARTG33K74 on Jun 24, 2018:

Hi Bonnie, I have not heard from you in a long time. Sal's mother had cancer through the past year and recently passed, so I have not been online much between hospital visits and graduate school. I am sending you a postcard and I hope you get it. Shellie

Whippet on Apr 19, 2018:

Hi Bonnie! Hope you are well & doing OK?
See you haven't been here since last Nov. Wishing you the best for '2018.

snailmailer1 on Dec 8, 2017:

So, i'm just walking along Queen Street East and wondering how the heck you are? Have a wonderful Cjristmas. I'm loving Toronto.

Whippet on Nov 14, 2017:

Hello Bonnie! Checking in to ask how you are doing? Happy November!

CurlyTea on Nov 10, 2017:

WayUpInAlaska on Oct 16, 2017:

Stopping by to say hello ;) hope you are doing well ;) Can you believe it's already October? ;)

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Sep 12, 2017:

Just checking in on you long time no talk I hope your well

Cariboocarol on Sep 8, 2017:

Hello---just popping by to wish you a happy Fall and hope you are on the mend!!

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Sep 1, 2017:

WayUpInAlaska on Aug 8, 2017:

Hey! I'm back from the summer travels :) Hope you are doing well :) Will be getting back into the swing of things with postcards - just wanted to let you know we are back and had a great trip :) Take care :)

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