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****To My Swapping Partners: I am a very frugal person and my Swap-bot Swaps are my one splurge. I will always put care and consideration into each swap BUT you should know that I do recycle packaging. So I am sorry if your package isn't perfect and lovely on the outside. Hopefully you will always find what is inside the package to be quite pleasing! Unless the swap calls for something recycled/used then all of the items in my swaps will be nice and new.****

If you ever have any questions about coupons or how to save money at drugstores, target, walmart etc. feel free to ask. I LOVE to teach people how to save using coupons!!!

Hello Friends!
My name is Amanda and I am 26 years old and I live in Western New York. I am a wife to my highschool sweetheart (1/14/08), Garrett, as well as a mother to 2 amazing toddler boys (Brendon, July 2008 & Bronson, October 2009). They fill my life with love and keep me busy for sure!!! I am big into couponing and actually teach people for free on my blog how to save with coupons and get great deals. The day that I have to actually pay for toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc. again will be a sad day! LOL! I am also REALLY into makeup and love to play around with colors and different techniques. Cute things always catch my eye which is why I obsess over Kawaii stuff!! I know that most people on Swap-Bot are creative and artistic but unfortunately I am not one of them :( I ADORE handmade items and find them to be so special. I have also been addicted to mail since I was 12 years old. Back then up until I was about 16 years old, I had over 200 penpals from all around the world. Some of them were just swapping partners but it was sooo much fun and I became addicted as I would find anywhere from 5 to 20 pieces of mail waiting for me when I would get home from school every day :) I have since stopped penpalling as I just don't have the time to write long letters anymore and all I would have to talk about are my boys ;)
As you can imagine, Swap-Bot was the perfect site for me to keep up with my mail obsession. I joined in late 2008 and did a lot of bigger swaps throughout 2009. Then when I had gotten pregnant with my second son, I would get nauseous and terrible migraines from being online so I stopped all of my internet fun for about a year. With two babies in diapers and one on formula money was super tight so I just stuck to coupon swaps since the postage was just one stamp and I always have plenty of coupons to share! My husband has since gotten a new job and our financial situation is a bit better. I am so happy to be back to swapping because it is the one thing that I do for me. I thank whoever may take the time to read my profile as I know it can get a little long. I update it often so you may notice some changes if we swap a lot :)


I don't get much that is "for me" so I try to keep my swaps as my fun time for surprises but if you ever want to include something for the boys that would be lovely as well and I am sure they would get a kick out of it. They both like the same things:

*Toy Story

*Books (nothing holiday related please!)

*Yo Gabba Gabba

*Wow Wow Wubzy


*Snacks (no hard candy or pop)


*Bath time


*Clothing sizes 2T and 3T (US)

I am also a huge Grandma's girl! My Grandma is just the sweetest person anyone could know and she loves EVERYONE! Below is a photo of her and my two boys.

favorite picture

Makeup/cosmetic Wants

  • Shadow pigments (check out my Etsy faves if you need ideas for colors. I am open to all except black though.)

  • Circle Lenses (especially in green or blue) *never tried but they look so neat!

  • Eyeshadows *please no cheapie eyeshadow as my eyelids are oily and they don't stay well. I like natural as well as fun bright colors so anything goes just no black please (see my Etsy faves for some examples)! Also when I say no "cheap" eyeshadow I just mean in quality not necessarily price. I have found eyeshadows at the drugstore or $1.99 that work very well for me. So I guess just try to only send a brand name of some sort.

  • Sunless tanner (I have fair skin)

  • non powdered mattifier (like Urban Decay's de-slick in a tube)

  • ****eyeshadow blending brush****

  • Stippling brush

  • nude lip colors or pinks and maybe red (lipstick or glosses are fine. No preference.

  • tinted moisturizers (I have fair skin)

  • fake eyelashes

****BB Cream**** I would especially love to try the Lioele Triple the Solution. My skin is terrible and I need some powerful stuff :)

  • matte bronzer (If you have Clarins Mosaic bronzer available in your area I would LOVE to try this! I can't find it anywhere)

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion or another eyeshadow primer potion that you recommend.

  • black gel eyeliner (and brush!) *I have never used but am interested in trying this out!

  • I like all nail colors (except black and clear) especially vibrant orange/reds/pinks.

MAKEUP/Cosmetics I DO NOT WANT>>>>>>> * If doing a public swap where one of these items is required then that is fine.

  • lip liner

  • cream blush

  • eye liner pencils ( I am curious to try gel liner)

  • tweezers or any manicure/nail tools

  • fake nails (if required in a swap then please send either really natural looking and simple or cute/kawaii)

  • cheapie eyeshadow ( my eyelids are oily and the cheap stuff never stays even with primers)

  • cream eyeshadows (they ALWAYS crease on me)

  • foundations ( I do use but I have enough to last me a while)

  • concealers ( I do use but I have enough to last me FOREVER!)

  • mascara (I already have a favorite Physicians's Formula Organic Wear)

  • If this is required for a swap then I would prefer something funky like blue or something other than traditional black or brown

  • chapstick

What I would like to receive


*Makeup and makeup brushes! (details above)

*curl formers

*Kawaii stuff.... although I would prefer to not receive sticker flakes and memo sheets as they have no use to me other than lying there being cute ;) I really love food with faces! Not too big into Hello Kitty though.

*Anything Totoro

*** I am DYING to try all the different flavored Kit Kats!!!***

  • Chibi charms and other cute polymer clay charms

    *** Asian Snacks esp, Pocky (preferably not the regular chocolate and strawberry..i can find those here) & Ramune Soda***

*Addy Labels (Kawaii)

*Cute Deco Tape

  • Colored ink pens

  • non- Expired Coupons (see wishlist below)

  • Candy/snacks from outside of the U.S.

  • Cute or sexy underware (sz.9)

  • Cute socks (US sz.9.5) NO toe socks please!

  • Old wooden boxes ( esp. if they smell old inside)me and my mom collect them and get them from antique shops and garage sales. box

  • Chocolate covered coffee beans

  • Little Gummy candy hamburgers, hotdogs and

**** Handmade Kawaii stuff****

  • Kettle Corn

  • Tea ( I am not a big tea person but it's nice once and a while) I don't care for apple cinnamon or fruity teas unless it's orange. I do like peppermint and maybe something interesting and unique like Vanilla or something weird OH and I love Chai!)!

*** Amigurumi*** ( esp. Kawaii)

  • Cute Stuffie

  • Altered journal

  • Kawaii Morsbag

*** Whimsey Jar*** ( Kawaii, Candies)

  • Brach's jelly nougats or any type of nougat yummy candy

****Anything from my Etsy Faves****

*Dangly earrings

*Handmade Coupon Holder/organizer

*Pot holders ( I don't really have a theme to my kitchen but I would love just any solid color or i am always up for a girly theme and I also really like kitchen stuff with coffee-mugs pictured on it.)

*Kitchen Towels (any color or girly or coffee mug themed)

*I really love the Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel & Gretel and Matryoshka themed stuff esp. Kawaii rather than the original versions.

*large Makeup bag

*large purse with long strap

Do not want in a swap

  • Demonic things
  • Jewelry ( I DO like Earrings though). I usually only wear earrings.
  • I don't care for most hard candies. I do love mint chocolate ones though!
  • chain letters
  • Craft/scrapbooking items ( I LOVE handmade things but I can not do them)
  • racist things
  • holiday items
  • patriotic items
  • cigarette smoke!!!!!!!
  • horoscopes
  • witchcraft *Zombies *Skulls *Gore or anything scary (I am VERY serious about this!)
  • anything with pictures of real animals
  • religious materials
  • postcards and other touristy type things
  • plain milk chocolate
  • bookmarks ( unless it's kawaii)
  • Black licorice flavored things
  • Lotions
  • Bath stuff (bath gels, bath salts, bubble bath etc. I only take showers) **** THESE ARE FINE IF DOING A SAMPLE SWAP OR ARE A REQUIREMENT FOR A SWAP****
  • Coffee (unless it's iced)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Craft stuff like ribbons, beads, scrapbooking stuff, yarn etc ( i don't know how to do most crafts)

Other info/likes etc.

  • I will always be a fan of Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys BSB and NKOTB!!!

  • The sexiest men alive IMO are my husband, Donnie Wahlberg , Mark Wahlberg , and Common

  • My fave scents for the home are baked goods. eucalyptus . My fave scents for body stuff are tropical scents and yummy food scents. I am not really into "perfume" , more into bodyspray. I am not too big on florals scents. I love tropical scents!

  • My favorite color is Green esp. Olive Green and I also really love Brown. Rusty orange and mustard yellow can be nice too. I of course also love PINK! :)

Coupon Wishlist

Please See the last link at the top of my profile for printable coupon links and an updated coupon list. I try to update it every week!

**********I LOVE non-inserts**********

Some general info : - I have two little boys ages 3 & 4 - My grocery stores double coupons that are $0.99 and under - Although it is always so thoughtful when others send gifts, cards, decorate etc. for holidays and birthdays - I ask that you please don’t send me anything holiday related. Thank you for understanding!

I CAN NOT USE - Expired coupons - Pet coupons - Medicine,eye care or incontinence coupons ( unless in my wishlist ) - Store coupons unless from the stores mentioned below - Restaurant Coupons

I CAN USE - Internet Printable coupons in color or B&W - Store coupons for Tops , Wegmans, CVS, Kohls $5/$5 , Lane Bryant $15/$15, Carters($/$$ only) and any good Target home mailer or insert Q’s.

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR ( I can use a million of each of these )

***FREES(please NO Marcal or pet frees ) ***

NBPR and NWPR rebates and wine tags valid in NY

-$1/1 Bounty paper towels ( no size restrictions) - ANY non expired coupons for Chipotle Mexican Grill -$0.50+/1 Nesquik singles -$0.50+/1 Birdseye veggies (the regular not Chefs or with rice) - $4.00+ Physician’s Formula - $0.50+ Roman Meal Bread - $1.00/1 Kellogg’s fruit snacks - $0.50+/1 Smuckers jelly, jam or fruit spread - $0.50+/1 Any Simply Juice Single Serve - $0.50+/1 Gold Peak Tea Single Serve -$0.75+/1 Morningstar Farms - $1.00+/1 LUVS diapers - Zico Coconut water (any amount off of the single serve) - Lara Bars (any amount off of ONE) - $0.50+/1 ANY Muir Glen product - $0.50+/1 off Dawn Dish Soap W/ Hand Renewal - $1.00+/1 Fresh Express Salad


$1.00 Roman Meal Bread

$0.75 Earthbound Farm Printable (must sign up or log in)

$1.00 off 1 Eco Tools (sign up)

$1.00 Al Fresco Product (sign up)

$0.75 Funky Munky

The following from Coupons.com (as of 9/21): - $0.50/1 Old El Paso - $0.30 Yoplait Simplait - $1.00 Glade plug-ins warmer - $0.50 Seafood Snackers - $0.75 Danimals Crunchers - $1.00 Hormel Compleats

$2.00 Bayer Advanced

FROM THE INSERTS ( only in these denominations please) the number in ( ) is how many I can use of that particular coupon

9/23 SMARTSOURCE (2) $0.75/1 Dole Fruit Crisp expires 11/30/12 (4) $2.00 Marzetti Refrigerated Salad Dressing expires 11/18/12 (2) Pledge Multi-Surface, Aerosol, Triggers or Wipes B1G1 (value to $4.99) expires 11/4/12


(2) Purchase one (1) Glade Jar Candle (4oz), Receive one e (1) Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit (value to $8.99) expires 10/28/12 (10) Purchase one (1) Herbal Essences Shampoo, Receive one (1) Herbal Essences Conditioner or Styler Free (value to $6.99) expires 10/31/12 (10) Purchase one (1) Pantene Shampoo, Receive one (1) Pantene Conditioner or Styler Free (value to $6.99) expires 10/31/12 (10) $1.00/1 Jello Refrigerated Snacks expires 10/16/12 (4) $3.00/2 Olay Bar Soap or Body Wash expires 10/31/12

9/16 REDPLUM (4) $5.00/2 CoverGirl Lip products (excludes Outlast) expires 10/31/12 (2) $5.00 Dermasilk $5 expires 10/16/12 (6) $3.00 Gillette Disposable Razor expires 10/31/12

9/9 SMARTSOURCE (there are 2, I combined my wants from both) (4) $5.00 Revlon Foundation, Powder, Primer, Blush or Concealer expires 10/14/12

8/26 SMARTSOURCE (20) $2.00 Stayfree expires 10/15/12

8/26 P&G (8) $0.75 Dawn Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi expires 9/30/12

8/19 SMARTSOURCE (10) $0.50 Upstate Farms Milk (half gallon+) expires 10/31/12

8/12 SMARTSOURCE (2) $1.00 Method Cleaning Spray expires 12/31/12 (2) $0.55/1 Odwalla Beverage (12oz+) expires 11/30/12

8/5 SMARTSOURCE (there were 2) *****(10) $45.00 OneTouch Verio IQ meter expires 10/5/12 ******

7/29 REDPLUM #1 (10) $1.00/1 Reach Toothbrush (excludes trial size and crystal clean toothbrush) expires 10/31/12 (4) $1.00/1 Reach Total Care Floss expires 10/31/12

7/29 REDPLUM #2 (Unilever) (5) $10.00 Accu-Check Nano SmartView System expires 12/31/12


****TAGS I AM TO RECEIVE:**** -None at the moment ****WAITING TO BE TAGGED IN:**** None at the moment


-ETSY Addicts WTA #12 - @PaperFarm


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Wishing you a happy Summer :)

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greets Inge

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I already tried the green tea with lemon, yum =)

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Keylee ♥

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