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Last Online: March 2, 2017
Birthday: April 11, 1984
Country: Italy
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Update: I am utterly online these past months. Life got busier and busier, and postage got more and more expensive. I am less around the site but will not leave :)

Hi! My name is Sara and I am an italian girl who lived in France for 6 years, then moved back to Italy.

Here in Bologna I live with 2 little cats, Clio and Ernie, my husband Sergio and my 2 years old daughter Livia

I'm catholic but I am pretty critical about the Catholic Church. I'm much more open minded than what it would force me to be.

I have a Master degree in History - which is of course one of my biggest interests within literature (I love reading).

When I was younger I always enjoyed writing and recieving colourful letters and I have been lately introduced to the great world of swapping...which has pushed me to improve my crafty skills. I mostly work with paper and fabric: I love making skirts, bags, purses, etc

About common swapping stuff, I like swapping stickers, hot drinks/tea (I drink hot stuff even in august ;), candies and chocolate, stationary, letter pad kits or sheets and everyting related to Sweden, Christmas and snow/wintry time. I recently discovered to enjoy decorating matchboxes and I am not that bad I have to say!

I love swapping and I always give my best to put nice packages together, which means that of course I ALWAYS send. If I am a couple of days late in sending, I always PM my partner. PLEASE contact me if you don't recieve a package from me, I am always ready to prepare a new one and re-send it.



PLEASE DON'T SEND: stickers and tea. I love them but have really too much right now!

BAKING GOODIES of any kind. I enjoy so much baking cookies, muffins, cakes, cupcakes and stuff but here in Italy we don't have as much baking nice goodies as you can find for instance inthe US. So if you send me anything to bake you'll make my day!

BOOKMARKS, both handmade and storebought. I sort of collect them, which means, I like to have a certain bookmark stock from which to choose the perfect one for the book I'm reading!

RIBBONS and FABRIC whole pieces or cut-offs. It means that I don't often buy them but I do use them for some creations. I could swap ribbons but not fabric. So, if you have some little pieces of ribbons and fabric you don't use, I'd be happy to use it!

CHRISTMAS RELATED ITEMS, like decorations, giftpaper, ribbons, boxes, stickers, recipes, anything you can think of that is related to Christmas!

HOT DRINKS like tea, hot chocolate, cider...Here in Italy we only have hot chocolate that has to be prepared with milk but I love the one that can be drunk with hot water! Much lighter! I also LOVE cider and here it doesn't exist. About tea, well, I have 3 tons of it but if you want to drop a teabag or two in your swap package I'll surely drink it :)

PAINTING/DRAWING SUPPLIES I am interested in Children's illustration and I do some.

CUTE STICKERS and DECOTAPES. I make a large use of stickers to decorate everything and for my paper creations (bookmarks, cards, letters, etc.). No stickers with animals if possible (I am not hard to please but I wouldn't use them that often).

KAWAII stuff (my favorite carachters are Cinnamoroll, Mamegoma and My Melody). Where I live it's extremely hard to find kawaii stuff else than Hello Kitty. I don't like goth-dark kawaii stuff though, such as skulls or so.

CANDIES, CHOCOLATE, JUNK FOOD from other places. Luckily I am a quite reasonable person! :) Here again, nothing mint-flavored (unless it's mint candies). And here I have to say that I try to boycot multinationals like Nestle, Mars and Coke. I am quite into fair-trade and ecology (and here you must be aware that I REUSE PACKAGING)

Flavors I really don't like: mint, banana, onion, garlic, ginger, rose. I dislike the mixes chocolate+mint and chocolate+orange. I don't like chewing-gum.



There are few items that I tasted/recieved once and that I really enjoyed. I thought to write a little list here so that if the swap requires something specific or if you want to set a private swap, you can get few hints!

I enjoy swapping edibles and here are few things I really like:

  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Kellogg's Pop Tarts
  • Kudos bars
  • Spiced Apple Cider
  • Hershey's Cookies and Creme chocolate bar
  • Nature Valley sweet and salty nut - Dark choc, peanuts and almonds bar
  • Hot Chocolate of any kind (no minty though) - I don't like Land-o-Lakes brand very much though...it tastes salty to me! :/
  • Fruit Loops! They cheer me up!
  • Anything with chocolate and peanut butter!
  • Sweet pop-corns
  • Jell-O
  • Devil's food chocolate cake mix
  • Muffin mixes
  • Cereal bars (expecially with nuts, PB, chocolate and strawberry) and the special ones like Larabar, Luna Bar, Clif Bar
  • Annie's bunny-shaped crackers and gummies
  • Cadbury's chocolates and snacks (Wispa Gold, Caramel bars, Double Decker...)
  • cookies and cakes
  • Konnyaku Batake from Japan
  • Starbucks anything

Non-edible stuff I am happy to recieve:

  • colorful and/or shaped buttons
  • Embellishments
  • rubberstamps
  • ink pads
  • acrylic support for clear stamps
  • Decotapes
  • Letter sets
  • Kawaii Mini letter sets or envelopes
  • Felt and Fabric
  • iron-on appliques
  • storebought bookmarks, expecially if profile based
  • painting supplies
  • envelopes, handmade or storebought (I expecially enjoy the handmade ones out of nice scrapbook papers)
  • Happy Birthday notecards
  • decorated and filled matchboxes
  • Christmas decorations (all year long, haha)
  • very small boxes
  • Moomins anything
  • earrings
  • giftwrapping paper
  • Etsy favorite surprises
  • Sharpies or similar pens

Another thing I enjoy using are decorated address labels! If you can make nice ones PM me and we might set up a little flat exchange :)

Teas I love and can't get in Italy:

  • Tazo Vanilla Apricot White
  • Miesna Icewine tea

I don't quite need...

  • Postcards
  • touristy items
  • small paper scraps (I don't do ATCs), only enough to make at least a small envelope
  • ephemeras
  • used postage stamps
  • chewing gum

If you don't find something for me, or if you feel like to, I am always happy to recieve items to share with my family. On bottom of the profile you can get some hints about what they like!

Thanks for reading!


Favorite Music

To name bands and singers everyone has heard about, I am a huge fan of Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Muse, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam and Sigur Ròs. To name a swedish band I just LOVE but that is less known, well, it's kent.


Favorite Movies

Some of my favourite movies ever: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Titus, Festen, Birdy, Amadeus, The big Lebowski, The Blues Brothers, Four Rooms, The Royal Tenenbaums...


Favorite Books

I love reading and I dream of becoming a writer since I was a little child and I used to read Roald Dahl's books dozens of times. Growing up, I just kept on reading and reading hundreds of books. I enjoy european literature in general, and some great american authors such as Raymond Carver. Some of my favourite authors ever are Stig Dagerman, Heinrich Böll, Alberto Moravia, Marguerite Yourcenair. Being a history-lover, I also read historical books and magazines. I am a fan of Harry Potter as well! :o)

I also like comics. International comics I like are Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and Manga, but only Shojo ones (yet not too teenager-like).

I also love children's literature even if I am not a pro. My favorite author is Roald Dahl illustrated by Quentin Blake. I also love PEF and his lovely stories about hairy monsters and kids named Adolf ("My name is Adolf" made me cry...). I also love scandinavian literature, old and recent (Selma Lagerlof, Tove Jansson and her Moomins - I LOVE MOOMINS!). About famous illustrators, I guess that, after Quentin Blake, one of my favorite illustrator is Beatrix Potter.



I always post when I recieve a tag in the sticky recieved threads in al the groups and I always PM or drop a profile comment to thank the sender. I'd be glad if you'd do the same if you expect something from me, just to reassure me about getting your package safely.



I am afraid of insect. Any kind. All of them. I have a real phobia! Nothing to do with cuteness, though, so if you send me things like a cute ladybug sticker or spider-shaped confetti for halloween I'll like them! :)

My family

I have thought to add few lines about my family because sometimes I like to swap for them.

My husband, Sergio: he loves cinema, his favorite movie ever is The Night Warriors. He loves underground hip-hop (Beastie Boys, Gravediggaz, GangStarr, Raekwon, Keith Murray, Ol' Dirty Bastard, MethodMan,Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep..). He wears hip-hop t-shirts (size M) with small writes on it; he also collects small car models. He enjoys reading and learning new things, he's very curious. He is a wine expert. EDIBLES: he's quite picky. He might like plain licorice, tic-tacs, mints or fruity hard candies.

My daughter, Livia. She is just 1 1/2 year old so anything would do, from toys to clothes. She's very cheerful and happy but she also enjoys playing on her own. She prefers "hard" toys to plushies/softies. She wears her age size, more or less.

My mom, Enza: she likes reading a lot and she uses journals or notebooks to write her thoughts in. She also likes travelling, french language and french culture. She doesn't understand english, though. She enjoys cooking, expecially meat, veggies, soups. EDIBLES: She loves Fruit Leathers, Gummy Candy and Sour Candy, Apple Cider, fruity Cereal Bars, Spices, Caramel anything (expecially puddings). She loves healthy snacks and trail mixes.

My dad, Gianguido: he loves travelling and discovering new places and new cultures. He loves bike travelling and he is member of a bike club. EDIBLES: He loves Apple Cider, too, and chocolate.

My sister Sissi: she loves reading and travelling, she's an artist and enjoys taking photos, painting, creating in general with any sort of craft. Her favorite animals are cats and rabbits. She also loves fun t-shirts such as the ones at Threadless.com. She LOVES Starbucks, that doesn't exist in italy, so anything from Starbucks would make her day. Her main passion within photography is music. Her favorite band is Radiohead. EDIBLES: She enjoys Gummy Candy, Sour Candy, Caramel, Coconut, French Vanilla scented items (i.e. coffee or chocolate), toffee, and Marshmallows, expecially the MINI ones. She loves white chocolate.



Comment: I got your sweet package today! Thank you so much for the delicious chocolates! I loved Locker & Majani chocolates and I have never tried anything like the Galatine candies! So yummy! I have tried Ritter sport before but you sent my absolute favourite flavors! Mille grazie! :)
Response: Sorry, forgot to reply! So happy that you liked everything and that I managed to send you a nice flavor of something you already knew! Thanks again for swapping with me, wheneve you want, don't hesitate to PM me for another one ^^
neca84 rated for Christmas Swap on Dec 16, 2015
Comment: Thanks Sara, I will enjoy everything , especially the chocolate :)
ccap rated for vintervila and ccap on Oct 1, 2015
Comment: Thanks so much for all the goodies!
ellabellaboo rated for Tea Time - Pocket Letter on Jul 31, 2015
Comment: Many thanks - a lovely pocket letter with interesting tea (can't wait to try moominmammas Magic potion!) ️love the tea themed pockets xx
Response: I knew you would have enjoyed getting the moominmamma one ;) Happy you appreciated my decorations!
GracelynnsMommy2014 rated for I love bookmarks! #6 on Jul 18, 2015
Comment: Never received from this swap, if/when you resend I will rerate. I got my bookmarker today :) Thank you I loved it! It's probably my new favorite bookmarker I'm using it now :) also thank you for the extra goodies :) ( hello kitty note pad and makeup sample :) ♡♡♡♡
Response: UPDATE Jul 18, 2015 - I am very happy it arrived and that you enjoyed everything. Thanks for changing the rating. *** This swap is from march 2014. I have sent you a PM on May, 22, 2014 and it is marked as "read" from you. here is the text: "Hello I see you are not getting online since about one month, I am PMing you because I have never been rated by you for the "I love bookmarks 6" swap. Please when you have a minute let me know if you recieved it or not. I am totally ok with re-sending if a swap gets lost! Congrats on your baby I am a new mom too (feb the 7th 2014) and it's great :) Sara" I will surely re-send because as you can see from my rating record I am a very good swapper, but I really hope you understand that I did all I could to get in touch with you. This swap is from more than 1 year ago! I think I derserved at least a PM to let me know you were back on swap bot and discuss all this. Also, when a swap is so old I cannot access to your address anymore...I need it in order to re-send. I am going to PM you again myself.
dabellaraquella rated for Rachel & Sara :) on Jul 4, 2015
Comment: Hi Sara!! I just wanted to pop by and let you know that it ARRIVED Last night! :) So rest easy :) I haven't opened it yet, but I am sure its amazing stuff! I will drop you a line after I open it ♥
Response: Yay! I am very happy it arrived, I was getting worried. Hope you enjoyed the content, too :)
urocyonfox rated for 2 Things From Your Profile #6 on Jun 18, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the awesome items! Tasty!
Response: So glad you enjoyed them all ^_^
Saba rated for WIYM: Handmade Letter set swap on May 28, 2015
Comment: Thank you! The little daisy stamp is adorable and I love that you have matching washi.
Response: So glad to hear you liked it :)))
Comment: I really like the hand carved stamp on the writing set! All you sent was lovely. I shall have to get baking soon to use the cool cupcake toppers! (Woe is me!) Congratulations on your baby :) Thank you!
Response: I am so happy that you liked what I made for you! :)
Comment: Wow, so much tuna! Thank you so so so much. I hope you like everything I picked for you. And thanks for your patience with me in sending late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: I was sure I had responded...! Sorry. SO happy to know you recieved the package and enjoyed it. Tuna party! :))) Can't wait to recieve yours eh eh!
tlemon4 rated for decorated & filled matchbox on Mar 4, 2015
Saba rated for Mail art with a surprise on Feb 24, 2015
Comment: I love the tiniest snail ever and the soot sprites! Thank you for such a fun and well tailored envelope.
Response: So glad you liked it! :)
tlemon4 rated for Holiday Fun Matchbox Swap - Round 7 on Dec 31, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the adorable swap. You are my first swap from Italy. I was very excited & I loved everything. Happy New Year xoxo Tammy
Response: Sooo happy to hear that and sorry for the delay in replying. Happy new year! :)
ktina rated for SWL : Flat Advent Calendar #2- Europe on Nov 10, 2014
Comment: Hello Sara, thank you very much, beautiful envies! :)
knitterofhats rated for Cup and a Quote~♥#4 on Nov 10, 2014
Comment: Thank you and merry christmas
tigerlilly327 rated for Cup and a Quote~♥#4 on Oct 29, 2014
Comment: I don't think I've ever had a swap partner from Italy before. Thank you for two really yummy looking teas and a great quote!
Response: So happy you enjoyed both! ^^
AspieGirl rated for European Stocking Filler Swap 2 on Oct 5, 2014
Comment: Thanks a lot for the gifts. :-)
Response: You're very welcome, sorry for the huge delay in replying!
Comment: Thank you, I cant wait to try it
Response: I completely forgot to answer this and I always do, so please forgive the lateness and: so glad you enjoyed your icecream with the items I sent ^__^
Comment: Thank you for the cool matchbox and all the neat things inside. Love the color!!! thanks so much, darla
Response: I usually make my matchboxes following the inspiration I get while "swimming" through my craft stuff...then I read you like the color green and I was very glad to have chosen the right color even before reading your profile! ;) thanks!

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Hello Sara, How are you doing? Hope all is well with you! Cheers <3 Naomi

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From Cheap Postage Group!

2bneat on Sep 23, 2015:

Thank you for the thoughtful gift you send for my September Wishlist in the Wish list group. I love the snail mail stickers - they are perfect and so generous of you.

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Thank you for the beauty samples for April Wishlist! :)

bonbon on May 7, 2015:

Thanks for the April wishlist grant of cute buttons!

ladyaries7 on Apr 19, 2015:

thank you for the spring themed postcard! Wishlist group--march wishes

Tatsu on Feb 5, 2015:

Lol. I'm glad the package made it...and extra glad you... liked it? xD

Lenna on Nov 10, 2014:

Thank you my dear for granting one of my October wishes in the Wishlist group!

lovetherain on Oct 31, 2014:

Thanks so much for the kawaii sticker sheet for the CPS october wishlist! I love Cinnamoroll too!

smokeandmirrors on Jun 21, 2014:

Wanted to extend a huge thank you for the cute cupcake earrings for the Wishlist Group wish! They are absolutely adorable! :D

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