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Mello on Sep 29, 2012:

Thank you so much for the little Birdy Ornament - what a wonderful surprise! It pittily has a broken tail, but we fixed it. I have something sitting here for you and just don't seem to make it to the PO these days. And I kind of hoped for a new BIRDS Swap to maybe come up..... Anyways, it is so nice that you thought of us - Big Hugs! Mello

Lhise on Sep 1, 2012:

Dear Orit, coucou! Thank you very much for the so sweet surprise from you that I received today. It made ​​my day! Hugs. ♥

jennecy on Aug 31, 2012:

Ooooh my lovely friend! You cannot imagine my surprise and delight to get such an adorable bird in the mail! It arrived safe and sound and is the most beautiful blue. I am excited to hang it somewhere soon. Thank you so much for brightening my day, xox Jen

TwiggyFairy on Jun 23, 2012:

טוב בנות! ההחלפה תצא לדרך רק עוד קצת. אני אנסה להישאר היום ערה עד חצות ולפתוח ואם לא מקסימום בבוקר P:

אני ממש מודה לכן שהצטרפתן להחלפה הזאת. לא ידעתי שיש פה 7 ישראליות פעילות. זה נשמע מה זה קצת, אבל תכלס במדינה כזאת קטנה זה די הרבה לא? (: חחח גם ראיתי שהרבה התלהבו שכתבנו בעברית P:

יאללה בנות, נסגר מחר. נפגש והפי סאפיינג. אינלי מושג איך להגיד את זה בעברית ^^

KSENiA on Jun 13, 2012:

Well, actually I started swapping only 2 months ago... It feels like fun :)

KSENiA on Jun 12, 2012:

Hello, what's up Doc!? (Bugs Bunny)

sunnyblueskies on Jan 10, 2012:

Hello Orit! Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card. The flapper doodle pair are so cute!! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to acknowledge it--it arrived well before Christmas so I have no excuse. I hope things are well with you! Your birdie friend, Lisa

Drachenfrau on Dec 21, 2011:

Thank you for your christmas-card Orit! :-) Have a wonderful wintertime too and I hope all is well and healthy with you and your family!



Mello on Dec 20, 2011:

Thank you for our very first Christmascard this year! It started a very good philosophical discussion with Jakob about Christmas, God and Jesus. In the end he stated, that he totally is with the jews when it comes to Jesus - he was a cool guy, but he can't believe he could be the son of god......sometimes he sounds more like 16 than 6...... Wishing you a great Hanukka and a good start into 2012! Hugs, Mello

jennecy on Dec 19, 2011:

Orit THANK YOU for the adorable card! I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday season!! xox

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