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Country: Germany
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About Me

Hi there, I'm Mello!
I'm an Occupational Therapist, working mum of a 15 years old Boy and wife to a selfemployed taxadvisor. As OT I love everything creative I can get my fingers dirty with!
I'm very open minded and a strong believer of equal rights for everyone. I don't like people telling me what is right or what I have to believe - I want to draw my own picture and decide for myself. I'm a protester and speak up when I face injustice. I feel that I have to show my son that it is necessary to take a stance. I‘m proud to support my kid as a parents-for-future activist.

Favorite Crafts

I love sewing and I'm knitting Socks (sometimes Hats or Gloves, but nothing bigger). I'm totally mad about Fabric and craft magazines, I'm so glad we have a big Attic I can store all that stuff! I love anything about Color: Pencil, Crayons, Watercolor, Brushes, no matter what. I like to doodle but I don't do scrapbooking or stuff like that, so I have no use for that kind of supplies.

I couldn't crochet if it meant my life! Whenever I try, it just turns out as a brick - good enough as a rough potholder, but that's it. So nothing crocheting for me pretty please.....

Me likes....

SciFi - I love Star Trek, from the original Series to the newest Enterprise Movie. Firefly to bad it never made it to another season..... Star Wars here I'm more for the classic 70s Trilogy though. Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy, Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood - Series 1 & 2 are my favorite. And Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant will always be my favorite Doctors!

Canada, esp. Toronto and anything Canadian




Calvin & Hobbes

Krtek the mole


Pippi Langstrumpf

Heather Ross

Tone Finanger

Kaffee Fassett

Andy Goldsworthy


Pirates, Robots and Rockets

Chocolate - milk chocolate is my favourite.

Handmade/crafty things

anthroposophic Crafts

Fabric - from japanese kids design over retro to novelty, anythings for me, I prefer cotton and cottonjersey.

Scents: everything green and natural, like lemon, orange, green tea, fresh cut grass......

Flavours: chocolate, orange, mango, pineapple, lemon.....

I like warm, bright and earthy colors -my favourites are the range from dark red to warm yellow, moss green, olive, chocolate brown and really dark blues. When it comes to clothing I prefer the dark colors - greens, blues, browns, greys and black.

Craft Magazines

T-Shirts with cool prints - I bring at least one T-Shirt from every Trip. I prefer the ones with room to move - XL mens is fine - but not those tight girly-Shirts!

Did I mention the 80s? I like all stuff with Magnum P.I., The Fall Guy, A-Team, M°A°S°H°, Fraggle Rock, Muppets, Ghostbusters, Goonies, Gremlins, Indiana Jones, The dark Crystal, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the future,....

Jim Henson - simply everything he made!




handmade with love

Vintage is okay for me - just another form of recycling!

You might want to Follow me on Pinterest to get some more ideas.....

Not for me please....

Red Tea, Chai Tea, Yogi Tea

dark chocolate, Marzipan or Licorize

Marshmallows (I know I'm weird....)

I have no use for Scrapbookingsupplies like Brads, Scrapbook Stickers, etc.

Crocheting stuff

Cinnamon-, Cherry- and Grapeflavoured things. I love the real stuff, but not the fake flavour that's found in candy etc.

Butterscotch flavour - yuck!

Acrylic Fabric or Yarn, such as in those fuzzy Socks - I can't even touch this Material without shuddering.....profoundly!

Flowery heavy scents, patchouli, opium, vanilla, Lavender, etc. oh, and though I love anything chocolate, chocolate scented stuff mostly doesn't work for me.

Hot Spices - I'm really a sissy here.

Neon Colours and anything in the range of Pink/Purple

Any kind of Jewelry

sparkly/shiny/glittery things

Alcohol - I occasionally drink a Beer, but most time Alcohol free. I just don't like it.


I'm not a girly girl so I don't have any taste for Make-Up, "Barbie" pink style, puppies, kittens, dolphins, bows and stuff like that.

I'm not really fond of Dotee Dolls or sewed ATC's.

Blythe Dolls are creepy.....

It's not really that I don't like them, but after just a few swaps I have a biiiig stash of Stickers, so no more Stickers for me please....


My tastes are all over the place, just about everything except Horror.

- J.R.R. Tolkien - Douglas Adams - Robert Asprin - Dieter Kreutzkamp - Ellis Peters - Maurice Sendak - Eric Malpass - Oliver Sacks - Henry David Thoreau - A. A. Milne - John Seymour - Leo Hickman - Diana Gabaldon - J.K. Rowling :o) - Astrid Lindgren - Sven Nordqvist - Janosch

And of course anything Crafty....

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns - The Dark Crystal - Major League - The 70's Star Wars Trilogy - Brother of Sleep - Blues Brothers - Star Trek - Dances with wolves - Threesome - Le Dernier Trappeur - Seven Years in Tibet - Pollock - Avengers-Series - Loving Vincent

Torchwood - Doctor Who - Cadfael - Firefly - Queer as Folk - Enterprise - Stargate Atlantis - Queer Eye - Good Bones - Documentaries about history, archeology, science and nature

Hundertwasser - van Gogh - Monet - Gaudi - Larsson - Goldsworthy - Magrite - Klimt - Rizzi

Check, Please by Ngozi - AO3 Fanfiction

My teenager.....

In case you want to send something for my son, here is what he likes at the time:

  • Scooby Doo

  • Mice

  • Romans, Greek and Egyptians

  • anything The Hobbit

  • Comicbook Heroes - he loves Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Guardians of the Galaxy....

  • Star Trek anything TOS, esp. Spok or Kirk, or anything Klingon or Borg from TNG on - why yes, I raise my own little geek! :o)

  • Indiana Jones it startet with a Lego-Set.....

  • Harry Potter

  • Doctor Who

  • Star Wars

  • Lego though he is no fan of Lego Technic

  • Astronauts, Rockets, Spaceshuttles and Space

  • T-Shirts with one of the above-mentioned. He is skinny and short for his age, in German Sizes it's 164/170 by the time, probably Mens S would work out well.

He is a Fair-Trade and Fridays-for-Future activist.

He is quite good in english, so he would love to receive Magazines of the above mentioned themes.

He loves special edition Oreo Cookies - his favorites so far are the holiday edition with red filling - he hates anything with mint though

The other guy in my life...*g*

My husband Johannes loves Baseball (Toronto Blue Jays & Mainz Athletics). Here in Germany Baseball is quite an exotic sport, so anything related to it (Magazines etc.) will be highly appreciated! Also he likes anything native american/canadian. Canada is his favorite destination - likes anything Toronto and Algonquin Park esp.. He's quite a history geek (esp. the romans and WW I and II) and is passionate about genealogy. He is a TV Addict, can stay up all night to watch - has all the DVD Boxes of CSI (Grissom is his fave) , CSI Miami, NCIS, ER, Without a trace.....he likes SciFi as well, but anything Fantasy scares the crap out of him. (Nearly broke my hand while watching Harry Potter :o) He collects Baseballcaps and is loosing them constantly - so there can never be enough of them.

Oh, just to mention: he's a vegetarian! He is more for the salty/spicy side of food and he loves to cook. Soups are his favorite dish to make and he gets quite fancy with them. He loves Indian/Asian Cuisine as well as TexMex. He loves exotic and hot spices and is always the first to handle the Barbecue. He loves to cook over open fire - one of his faves is Pizza Calzone on the grid. He gets excited about new gadgets for his cooking - he even goes to a Mens-Cooking-Club and assembled himself a Hardware Toolbox with all his Gadgets to take with him. He cooks the field-kitchen of our local red cross section and always looks for new inspiration there. (last time he "cooked" Cake in Glassjars in the fieldkitchen, ha!) He has huge piles of cookbooks and -magazines.

He is a selfemployed Tax consultant, but also volunteers as Paramedic and collects Patches and T-Shirts (he is a 2XL) from Emergency Medical Services around the world! We can set up a private Swap on that any time!

By the way, my little brother is a police-officer and a volunteer firefighter, he loves patches and T-Shirts (L), too. :o)

International Wishlist

From the UK/Ireland:

  • Cadbury Fudge Chocolate Bars

  • Seeds of change organic chocolate (I had dark with orange and figs - delicious!)

  • Anything Torchwood - I have the DVD Box, but anything about it, like Magazines or else, will be highly appreciated! I'm a Jack/Ianto shipper - don't like Gwen.....

  • Anything Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who Character Building Micro Figures

  • McVities Hobnobs

  • Handmade Living Magazines

From France:

  • Marie Claire Idees Magazines

From the Netherlands:

  • Chocolate Covered Kruidnoten

  • Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate

  • Chocolate Letters "J" & "M"

  • FLOW Magazine

  • Fred & Ed melk vlokkies

From the US or Canada:

  • Purity Peppermint nobs

  • Hersheys Cookies'n Cream Bars

  • Celestial Seasoning Tea: Country Peach Passion, Lemon Zinger, Sleepytime

  • York Peppermint Patties

  • Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Flavour

  • Wonka Candy - Kazoozles!

  • Twizzlers - plain red ones, the rainbow version, Sourz or the filled ones - any of them! Twizzlers Twerps! oh my!

  • Nasa T-Shirts - I had a dark blue one wich I bought Years ago in Houston, Johnson Space Centre, but it is totally worn out now....:o(

  • Clover Flower Head Pins

  • Living Crafts Magazines

  • Uppercase Magazine

  • Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines

  • Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS Magazines

  • Martha Stewart Kids Magazines

  • Martha Stewart Magazine Holiday Issues

  • ReadyMade Magazines

  • Stitch Magazines

  • Sesame Street Deco Tape

  • Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Morsels (Milk-chocolate, semisweet, white and of course chunks!)

  • brown sugar, firmly packed (you can't get it here in Germany, just like them Morsels..)

From Asia:

  • Cotton Time Magazine

  • Any of the Paumes Books, esp. the "Family Style" Editions!

  • Japanese Kids Fabric (something like the ones on superbuzzy.com :o)

  • Pocky (we only have the plain chocolate ones)

  • Shinzi Katoh designed stuff

I can always and easily get anything Diddl, german candy, german gummibears, Kindereggs, Kinder Happy Hippos, german or swiss chocolate (e.g. Milka, Lindt, Toblerone, Ritter Sport), any german souvenir, german Diddl and Hello Kitty magazines,...... So, if you're interested in a private Swap, just send me a mail!

Just to mention....

  • I recycle envelopes and boxes to protect the environment. You can do this too when you send to me. :-)

  • I also don't wrap the swaps I send in nice papers. It may look nice, but I think, it is not necessary. Another way to protect the environment. That doesn't mean, that I don't wrap them up carefully if necessary!

  • I collect used stamps for Charity. They are payed per Kilo, so I would really appreciate it, if you put loooots of real stamps on the envies and boxes you send to me! Thanx!

Got flaked by.....

BeccaBecca - Forums Tag: Profile Surprise and BentoBox Senddate February 2008- @Weeatcrayons angeled this one, as it was for my son! Thanx again!

lunagodesswithin - Suns, Moons and Stars Swap II

fii - My Big Fat European Stuffed Envelope

ElizabethRollins - Boys Christmas Present swap @vidalia68 angeled this one - Thank you so much!

hjshort72 - Amazon Wishlist or Etsy Favorites + a postcard #7

Pinkfootballs - Something for a rainy day @kittenred angeled this one and added wonderful stuff for my little boy - Thank you so much!

Treksek - Big Fat Envie:Winter Wonderland Intl The wonderful @suessstoff angeled this one. Thank you so much!

giramondo - Cakes addict #2 @vidalia68 angeled this one, too! Thank you so much!

lilpuddin - Private Space themed Swap for our kids @Batmamma and @Morwesong angeled for my little boy - Thank you so much!

blacklamb - Happy Mail #8

SewSouthern - Special Delivery: Seeing Stars


AmookIslandCreations rated for ZMACS- Haiku Zine on Jul 13, 2021
Comment: Thanks for this beautiful zine and wonderful note! I love living next to the ocean! I can watch all the wildlife from my house. You should come to Alaska! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Saba rated for ZMACS- Haiku Zine on Jul 12, 2021
Comment: Loved it! Your Zine was very inspiring and I appreciate the stamps. Thank you!
starmccoy rated for ZMACS- Haiku Zine on Jul 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much ❤️ I love the beach! We just got back from an 45th Anniversary trip to Florida. We had the best time. Thank you for the tea! Great choice! Also I so appreciate the note! Getting to know you just a little bit is so nice!
snailmailer1 rated for Birthday in February... on Nov 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you
Comment: I received your ATC and the one your young son made, too! I love them both! I don't have enough experience yet with the ninth Doctor - need more! I've also been recently watching some of the earliest Doctor Who shows (the first, second and third Doctor), and I'm finding that I love them as much as the more modern Doctors. Each has their own quirks and appeals! I'm glad, too, that your son is another new fan! Thanks for sending!
Comment: Tell Jakob I also like Eccleston quite a bit. I mean, Smith is basically me as the Doctor so he's my favorite, but Eccleston makes me smile every single time I see his episodes. Thanks so much!
Angie rated for Star Trek Fanart Swap! on Dec 6, 2014
Comment: Wow! Wow! Wow! That is an amazing bit of fanart there! Thank you so much for sending the ST journal. Very creative and you're so talented. Thank you again for the very special piece!
Comment: Thank you! Your stamps and envelope look lovely and I like that you especially included the fox! It's the prettiest mail I've had in a while! I've never heard the story of the Little Prince but I want to now :)
Response: Ah, good to hear I woke your interest for the story - Saint Exupéry is a classic!
Comment: **10 STAR SWAP****** What a terrific package!!! From the outside of the box and the hilarious label and cute tape to the awesome contents, this was a really remarkable swap!! I ADORE these handmade stamps, you did an awesome job!! I love these little tins and everything in them. Big thank you to your son, tell him he did a great job on the pin! I love the cupcake stars and the garland too. The journal is perfect and will most certainly be used! You were extremely generous and this is a delightful package, one of the best swaps I have ever received, really!! Thank you, thank you!!
Response: Awww - thank you so much for your kind words! So glad everything was well received! Jakob is very proud of your praise but he is not happy that you like the stamps - he hoped you hate them and send them back, haha! Guess I have to make a second batch....
BennysMumma rated for Torchwood in a Mini Bag on May 22, 2014
Comment: Thank you so very much for everything in the bag, it was so much fun opening it up! I loved the "specimens" especially the "fairy eggs" They must've been duds because they opened on their way overseas and didn't hatch, so that's a good thing. Everything was great, I'd give you more hearts if I could! :)
Jadebear rated for Middle Earth in a Bag on Dec 10, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much! My entire family had fun today, going through everything you put together for me :)
Response: This is how I like Swapparcels best, when I can share them with my family. So glad we made you have fun! I hope you can adapt the Hobbit Recipes to match your diet.
Comment: The improvised envelope is considered mailart (so much nicer than a plain, white envelope)! So that was a great bonus besides an extra zine made by your son. I hope you had a pleasant vacation!
Comment: Wow! I got TWO Zines! The one that your son Jakob made is darling! Thanks for the translation! Now I can make a stamp bunting! Tell him Thanks so much! I love the idea of a combination craft and PO! I wonder if my PO would go for that? And the free mail art machine! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Arielah rated for Inexspensive Etsy swap September on Sep 30, 2013
Comment: WOW! I love your colorful zine and the gorgeous stamps and the beautiful mini-postcards! My girls and I even loved the little "special handling" note on the front of the envelope. (And of course, I loved the Tennant label!) Thank you so much for a wonderful, thoughtful swap!
Comment: Thank you for the fun zine, and the beautiful & thoughtful fairy tale postcard/sticker set. :)
tastelikeapples rated for Stargate in a Mini Bag on Sep 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you so, so much for such an amazing swap. Really, you went above and beyond. I am hard pressed to say what was my favorite - it was like opening up a treasure trove of fond memories from both shows. Sheppard's wrist bands! The package just to tease McKay! My very own Stargate! (That is absolutely going in a place of honor once I get it set up.) I love the t-shirt and my beautiful Athosian mug and the stargate confessions - I had no idea Finn from Glee was one of the Genii. I had to go rewatch the Storm! Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing and deserve all the hearts ever!
Response: Haha, we sure had the same reaction when reading about Finn (Corey) being the Genii torturing McKay: I sat down and watched the episode again. And I had to smirk through every scene :o) Very inappropriate! Glad you like your Swap-Package, have fun with it!
Zuzu rated for MAY/JUNE: Kid/Tween/Teen Zine on Aug 26, 2013
Comment: Yay! This arrived a few days ago! Your boy did a great job on his zine - the girls and I were very impressed with his Hong Kong Phooey! ;D The extras were completely unnecessary but very much appreciated. The girls especially love the sparkly winged stickers. Thank you so much!
Response: I'm so glad it finally arrived! And for the sparkly stickers - Jakob raided our stash until he found some reeeeeally girlish ones :o)
Ambryel rated for Harry Potter in a Bag on Aug 26, 2013
Comment: I got your package the other day and I was stunned. Really, you went above and beyond! I loved all of the small touches you added and I'm wearing the earrings right now. Seriously, my jaw dropped. :) Also, I'm really glad your son helped you. It made the package so much more special. Please tell him thank you for me! I love the wand he made and love that he sent me one of his legos!! Thank you for the bag, and here are some extra hearts since they will only let me give you one officially! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: I translated your rating to my little boy and he is so proud - thanx for your nice words! Also he exclaimed: "Look, she sent us mice!" when he saw your extra-hearts *g* He loves mice, so that's another win, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed what we sent and seeing you make jewellry it's so nice that you speak kindly of my amateurish first attempts on beading :o) Again, thanx!

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SweetClementine on Jan 14, 2015:

Thank you for the generous Christmas surprise package! It arrived just in time for Christmas. :-) The awesome towel is my favorite thing and is already being put to good use in my kitchen! The kids are quite happy with the sweet goodies. I am working on a package to send your way. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like from here? Hugs from Texas! :-)

Rainsembellishments on Nov 27, 2014:

Ky on Sep 24, 2014:

You are so welcome for the Nasa goodies! I loved you star swap package so much, I wanted to treat you. That little rocket stamp will forever be my favorite stamp! :-)

sunnyblueskies on Sep 10, 2014:

Thank you so very much for the lovely postcard from Bavaria! Your vacation sounds magical, even with the rain!

SweetClementine on Sep 10, 2014:

Thank you SO much for the surprise fruit soup (LOVE it!) and the postcard from your vacation (beautiful!). I recently bought something fall-ish I'm planning to send your way soon. Take care! :-)

sunnyblueskies on Aug 12, 2014:

So glad to hear that the postcard made it to you safely! I was hoping the old address I had for you was still current :)

SweetClementine on Apr 24, 2014:

Thank you so much for the great package again!!! It's all so exciting! I love the German cloth bags you sent, and they will always remind me of you when I'm shopping. The kids and I are in heaven with all the gummies and other treats. Thank you!

KateKintail on Mar 31, 2014:


Torchwood in a Bag Profile Check. Be careful of the rift!

SweetClementine on Feb 13, 2014:

Package 1 has arrived. Thank you for the calendar and gummy mix. The kids and I are finding it difficult to resist! My parents will love looking through the calendar. Germany is beautiful! Hope you don't have to wait much longer for my package to arrive. :-)

KateKintail on Nov 1, 2013:


Middle Earth in a Bag profile check! Begin your journey...

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