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bblue on Jun 27, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Midsummer card!

simcoe54 on Jun 19, 2017:

Just received the Rhubarb Cake recipe postcard that you sent for - Merry Midsummer card RAK. It is a nice addition to my postcard collection. Thank you!!

bluehairedmary on Jun 19, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Midsummer card! So lovely! The celebration sounds wonderful! Thanks again! ♥♥♥

rngstgstll on Jun 12, 2017:

Welcome to AMOPWBFS! Consider yourself franked :)


Bhindblueeyes on May 4, 2017:

Because I loved this .gif so much, I just have to leave it for all of the HFF members :)

spinweaver on Feb 15, 2017:

I'm glad Linda liked the hat and the box! LOL The other things will be there if/when they get interesting to her. Do you have Valentine's Day? It was yesterday, so I was taken out to a restaurant for dinner :- D

HannahEnilk on Dec 3, 2016:

Enjoyed reading your profile! Thank you for the explanation on your user name and also the story about your travelling bear. How fun to read!

Amandalee on Sep 14, 2016:

Hello again my dear!! Missed you, it's been a long time... glad to see you are still here :)

slamophile on Jul 23, 2016:

Welcome back!

owlsinathens on Mar 16, 2016:

Hi there!

I'm just dropping by to tell you HOW MUCH my niece loves the little finger puppets you made. They're her favourite plaything, especially the cat^^ Thanks again and have a lovely day/evening :)

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