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About Me

I live in Germany. Nice to meet you. :) In my main time, I do geology and materials chemistry. (I'm a bit of a nerd person, really. I'm the girl who sleeps through the day and spends the night in front of the computer.) I feel a deep love for mathematics.

In my free time, I draw and paint (um, most of my stuff is still-life, flowers and things like that, but I also like manga and abstract art, so it's a bit of an insane mi. I also play chess (rating around 1700), read books (mostly fantasy and sci-fi), write poetry and short stories (and also currently a longer story, fantasy, of course) and play the piano, the clarinet and the celtic harp. (Oh, and I meet friends - of course. ^^) I have many hobbies and I'm basically interested in everything. Life is more fun with that kind of attitude. XD

When it comes to sending mail: if you have not received a swap or tag from me in reasonable time, please contact me so I can re-send! As a rule of thumb: mail from Germany to the US usually takes 2 weeks; mail from Germany to Russia or Asian countries can take up to a month. If it has been significantly longer, there might be reason to be worried; please contact me so I can re-send.

If you send a package to me from outside the EU, please remember the customs declaration! Bulky mail and packages can take quite a long time otherwise. If you have not been rated yet in a swap you sent to me, you can be sure I have not received it yet. I always open my mail next to the computer and rate immediately. Please consider mail to other countries can take several weeks and wait with re-sending.

Favorite Crafts

I love drawing and painting (I use watercolor, acrylics, pencil, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, ink, fineliners, screentone... anything. My main medium is watercolor.)

I make and swap ATCs frequently, also on other sites. My cards are usually hand-painted, sometimes with small applications of patterned paper, glitter, rhinestones or other decoration. I do sometimes use stickers as a part of a picture, but I don't sticker-slap and call it a card. I like stickers and other collage elements incorporated into paintings in a way that makes sense. I also like creating my own postcards.

Favorite Music

Medieval, folk, folk-rock, celtic (I love bands like Faun, Alan Stivell, Blackmore's Night, Qntal, Helium Vola, Corvus Corax, Schandmaul, Loreena McKennitt, Hekate, Ataraxia, Aryeh Frankfurter, Elane, Annwn, Wolfenmond, ... It's definitely my favorite genre of music. I also like traditional music from other countries.)

I also listen to some rock, metal and classical music. I collect Domenico Scarlatti records and I love everything Ritchie Blackmore ever played.

Favorite Books

Um, I'll list just some of my favorite writers, because I usually like all of their work...

Richard Morgan!!! I'm a fangirl.

Rafik Schami, Edgar Allan Poe, Jeff Noon, Patrick Rothfuss, Mark Lawrence, Neal Stephenson, James Barclay, William Gibson, Joe Abercrombie, David Gemmell, Sarah Monette, Lloyd Alexander, Lynn Flewelling, Hannu Rajaniemi, Terry Pratchett, China Miéville, Stanislaw Lem, Anthony Burgess, Brent Weeks, Gabriel García Márquez, Karl Edward Wagner, Charles Stross, Glen Cook, Iain M. Banks, the Strugatsky brothers...

Yup, a rather eclectic mix. With heavy emphasis on fantasy, cyberpunk and scifi with a noir edge.

You can assume I own all the books by these authors. If you want to send me a book in a swap, I'd love anything in a similar style - and preferably newer publications (from this decade) because otherwise, the risk is fairly high I've already read them. When in doubt, ask me per PM!

Additionally, I should mention that I collect books of fairy-tales and mythology and I love every single one of them.

And I own a lot of non-fiction as well, mostly chess books and geological/mineralogical works.

Favorite Television

Sometimes I watch soccer games. XD But that's about it.

Oh yeah: I love "Rick and Morty".

Wishlist of items I like

If you are here looking for an idea what to send to me: please keep in mind this is not a "shopping list", only a few hints about what kind of items I like! So even in a profile-based swap, you're free to send me something that's not explicitely listed, as long as you think it will suit my style and personality. Maybe with a short note why you chose this. Of course, you can also look at my Amazon and Etsy wishlists.

If you think I might really like item X and you're surprised it's not in my likes, it's probably not listed simply because I forgot or I don't know it exists. However, I'm an open-minded person and I'm on swap-bot to get to know the world. It's much more interesting to receive something I wouldn't have thought of to buy for myself. It's a wonderful feeling to open mail and see something another person has chosen (or even hand-made) carefully for me!

Also, I don't mind second-hand items, as long as they're in usable condition. (Not damaged / moldy.) In fact, I LIKE antiques. I trust you won't use this as an excuse to send junk. :)

I like all colors. My favorites are dark but intense colors like emerald green, garnet red, warm deep yellow and such. I also love earth tones, gold and silver. I prefer rich colors over pastels but I don't actually dislike any color.

  • I collect ATCs, so making one for me would be wonderful! (I especially collect themes: sundials, chess, musical instruments, minerals and rocks, geology, science, nature, flowers, landscape, still-life (no food, though!), music, fantasy) I usually prefer the hand-drawn/hand-painted type, but also like well-made collage and mixed media cards.

  • I'm currently learning to play Go / Baduk / Weiqi. Anything related to the game is welcome.

  • art supplies!!! I'm a hobby artist and I'll use anything - pencils, colors, drawing inks, charcoal, pastels... The more exotic the better. ^^ I like trying out new stuff or brands that aren't available in Germany. I'll also gladly take used supplies you tried and didn't like so much. Maybe I'll love them?

  • watercolor (both pans and tubes). If you find me some artist quality watercolor (even one single paint), I'll love you forever. I have a lot of Schmincke and Winsor&Newton; I'd love to try other brands.

  • watercolor paper (!!!), I use a lot of it! I also like other drawing paper, preferably acid-free. I'd love to try brands not produced in Germany. I can always use ATC blanks.

  • I'm currently looking for an airbrush set - it doesn't have to be a super-professional one, of course. I'd just love to try this, so if you happen to send to me in a higher-value gift swap and you by some chance stumble upon a relatively inexpensive airbrush set for beginners... You know... ;)

  • scrapbooking paper, patterned paper, origami paper. I will even take those scraps other swappers complain about having too much! I'm just getting started with paper crafts, so those would actually help me a lot. If you wanted to de-stash anyway... You know. ;)

  • currently I'm looking for some clothes to wear - for example a nice shirt or sweater (I wear size S). When it comes to fashion, I guess my usual style is "casual". Feminine: yes. "Girly": no. I tend to combine -anything- with jeans, so I clearly don't dress "businesslike". I'm not into any particular fashion subculture (although I do own some nerd shirts, I usually wear mainstream casual fashion). Anything with a nice print or pattern is fine. Unicolor also if it has an interesting cut or special cloth. (Just no "standard" unicolor t-shirts, please.) I like all colors. I prefer cotton to synthetic fiber but will wear any material. I have some clothes on my Amazon and Etsy wishlists (see links above) if you want to see what kind of things I like to wear. (you don't have to send those exact items - this is just to see the preferred style.)

  • I also like scarves, but I already have lots of them, so please only send one if you find one that's perfect for me and my interests. No "generic" ones, please! (And also, no flowers - I like them, but I have too many flower print scarves...)

  • stickers (Please no persons and furry animals; I draw those by myself!) I especially love themes: vintage, nautical, ornamental, music, plants, flowers, fish, insects, birds, science, clocks, compass, wings, feathers, snowflakes, crystals, random (realistic looking) objects (not cute/kawaii)

  • crafts supplies. I use all crafts materials on ATCs and postcards, so, nothing too chunky please. I like die-cuts, metal charms or washi tape with themes I collect. I also like unusual shaped small rhinestones (I already have the normal round ones); tiny stickers; nail stickers; nail caviar, micro beads, fimo shapes and such - I will use nail art supplies as ATC decoration!

  • enamel dots / enamel shapes! I love them, I use them a lot, and they're not available (only as very expensive import items) where I live.

  • CD with medieval / traditional / folk / folk-rock music from your country (I collect all kinds of traditional music! Would be really nice of you to show me what's typical of your culture!)

  • minerals and rocks (I collect them)

  • a book (Fiction in the style of authors mentioned above; I like fantasy and sci-fi; also nonfiction - books about chess or mathematics would be appreciated if you have anything like that lying around... Or something about fairy-tales and mythology of your country. Second hand is perfectly fine if you have something you won't read again. I can read English and German language.)

  • anything connected to science. (Especially geology, mineralogy and astronomy, but I won't complain about other scientifical stuff either. ^^)

  • anything that has to do with sundials, star-clocks, old nautical instruments, ... - I collect those! I also love old maps and star charts.

  • anything that has to do with chess

  • anything connected with fantasy and mythology. I really like mermaids!

  • nickel-free jewelry (no earrings, please - I don't have pierced earlobes. No other piercings either.) Something like a small pendant or necklace would be perfect. If you want to send a bracelet, please consider I have very thin wrists and my hand is not much wider. Normal-sized bracelets will slip off and be lost! My wrist has a perimeter of slightly under 15 cm, so 15cm - that's 5.9 inch I believe - would be an okay length - but noooo longer, please! If you want to send a ring, I wear ring size US "6 1/2". That's "17" in German size system, "54" in French and "13" in Japanese system. I love semi-precious stones. I like unpretentious classical designs as well as anything connected with my preferred themes. I also like hair ornaments - I have long hair. About the nickel thing: I can wear 925 silver and bronze, no problem there. (I can also wear gold but I doubt anyone's going to send that!) I just have difficulties with some "fake silver" and "fake gold" alloys in fashion jewelry. When it comes to pendants, they're fine because I don't have to wear them directly on my skin - but I have to avoid rings, bracelets, chains and clasps from those materials - so please don't send unless you can be sure they're nickel-free.

  • tea! I prefer black, white, oolong and green tea. I also like tea with flowery or spicy taste and herbal tea. Flavored rooibos is nice, too. I'll try anything. Black tea with caramel, vanilla, spice, chai, fruit (my favorites: peach, mango, strawberry, orange, lemon) or other interesting flavor is wonderful. I appreciate rare-to-find brands and flavors; if you have something like that, please do send it! A list of my favorite tea sorts I had so far is below.

  • chocolate (My preference is very dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa - but I will eat anything, also milk chocolate and white chocolate! I also like spicy chocolate - ginger, chili, pepper, ... - and all kinds of creamy fillings. I love caramel, pistachio and peanut flavor! Salted chocolate is also wonderful!!!. I prefer brands which are not available in Germany; it seems kind of pointless to send something I could just go and buy myself.)

  • candy (I love caramel, toffees, liquorice, marzipan, ... - I'll eat anything although I'm not a big fan of artificial fruit aroma. So if you're going to send fruit-flavored candy, I prefer the organic kind that actually contains fruit. By the way, I love candied fruit and candied ginger!)

  • local specialties (food only available in your country or even only in your town? I'd love to try it!)

  • anything (!) with cloudberry flavor. I love cloudberries and can't get cloudberry flavored food items where I live.

  • a nice surprise (Something you think I might like - I most likely will LOVE it!) I love receiving items I previously didn't know existed. So I'd love you to send me something that's not specifically mentioned in this list, but of which you have the feeling I might like it.

  • handmade things, I appreciate them a lot!

  • if you like designing: I always like pretty personalized address labels with my address on them.

  • anything on my Amazon and Etsy wishlists (see links above) or in similar style

  • If you send to me in a postcard swap: I like all the themes I mentioned above in my ATC likes, and anything related to my hobbies and interests, also on postcards. I'm always looking for unwritten (!!!) science-themed postcards. I will also ALWAYS (even in swaps for store-bought cards) accept selfmade cards - they are usually more interesting than the store-bought ones... So you don't have to worry about being downrated - I won't, I promise. :) I prefer touristy postcards written and stamped from the place of origin, as I can't send them on to anyone else. Other postcards I prefer blank in an envie if that's not too much trouble. (Even when the swap asks for written - I don't insist you follow that, and again, I won't ever downrate for this.)

I don't like so much

This is a list of items I don't like so much - it's not that I hate them, it's just that I don't use them so often and these items would be simply wasted on me. If I receive something on this list, I will probably pass it to another person who will love it more. I'm aware these items are not "crappy" and that other people like them a lot!

  • fabrics, yarns, knitting, and embroidery supplies (I like the finished results, but I don't do this kind of art at all, so it would be pointless to send supplies to me!)

  • home decoration, candles, kitchen items and such

  • souvenir magnets, I received a lot of them, and while I like them, I'm running out of places to put them

  • make-up (I rarely wear it), other cosmetics, bath items

  • earrings (can't wear them); too-big bracelets and rings (I tend to lose them); jewellery containing nickel (I'm slightly allergic)

  • stickers and collage materials of persons, dogs, cats (In my pictures, I usually draw the main motif by myself.). Also, I can't use stickers that are too big to be used on an ATC.

  • very chunky scrapbooking supplies (please keep in mind that I tend to use my crafts supplies on ATCs and postcards!), buttons, ribbons, brads, tags

  • notepads, sticky notes, post-its, planner goods - I don't use them

  • holiday items (christmas, easter, ...) - I love christmas but I don't decorate for the occasion

  • food-shaped items and pictures of food (cupcakes and such - is it an American cultural thing? I like eating food all right but I don't have any use for depictions of it.)

  • extremely cute / kawaii / stylized items, Disney, "princess style" stuff (I prefer natural looking and/or vintage style)

My favorite teas

This is an alphabetical list of teas I received in swaps and liked a lot! I'm not including the "standard" flavors (pure black, pure green, earl grey) because I always like them, no matter which brand. :) Also, if a tea is not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like it! I either don't know it yet or it's not among my favorites of favorites - but I have so far never received a tea I really didn't like. :) So this list is just supposed to help you if you're wondering about my absolute faves. ^^

ADAM: Luscious Peach Tea

Ahmad Tea: Vanilla Tranquility, Mango Magic

Albert Heijn: zwarte thee mango

Akbar: Peach flavoured black tea, Strawberry Kiwi, Peach&Passion Punch, Vanilla Twilight

Apotheke: goji berry and mango

artı: black tea with strawberry

Ashbys: Apricot Tea, Ginger Peach Tea

Basilur: Green Tea Wild Strawberry, Cream Fantasy, White Magic Milk Oolong Tea, Black Tea Strawberry&Kiwi, Black Tea Exotic, Black Tea Lemon&Lime, Black Tea Strawberry&Cream, Black Tea Mango&Pineapple, Frosty Afternoon

Bigelow: Salted Caramel, Caramel Chai, Spiced Chai, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla Caramel, French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, Orange&Spice, White Chocolate Obsession

BOH Seri Songket: Mango flavoured tea, Lemon with mandarine flavoured tea

ColorsTea: Té Verde Uva, Té Verde Frutos Rojos, Té Verde Piña, Té Verde Guanábana

CURTIS: truffle black tea, creamy praline black tea, Orange & Chocolate black tea

Davenport: Té de fresa & vainilla

doğadan: Ayvalı Ihlamur

Dynasty: Brown Rice Tea

Elephant: pomme cannelle

English Tea Shop: White Tea, White Tea Blueberry&Elderflower

Fruit Garden: Wild Strawberry Green Tea

Good Earth: mango me crazy white tea, sweet&spicy

HEWA: Apricot Strawberry & Orange, Oolong Milk

Impra: Caramel Green Tea

Fantastic Tea: Jahoda&Ginkgo

Good Earth: wild chaild

Greenfield: Vanilla Wave, Vanilla Cranberry, Honey Linden, Easter Cheer, Milky Oolong, Strawberry Gourmet

HEIMBS: Indien Chai

Higher Living: Green Tea Chai

Krocus Kozanis: Saffron Green Tea with Ginger & Liquorice, Herbal tea with Honey, Orange & Saffron

Kruidvat: Warming

KWF Montea: Ti Kuan Yin

LEROS: Černý čaj Karamelo

Lipton: Green Tea Orient

Mistral: Pear&Caramel

Organic India: Tulsi Masala Chai

Pangea Tea: mango black tea

Pickwick: Caramelised Pear

Princess Noori: black tea with berry flavor

Pukka: Revitalise, original chai

Qualitea: Vanilla Tea, Caramel Tea, Strawberry Tea, Rum tea, Orange Mandarine Tea

RedRose: Sunset Spice

rishi: Chocolate Cinnamon

Riston: Strawberry Black Tea, Blackcurrant Black Tea, Sicilian Orange Black Tea, Green Exotic, Lemon Black Tea

Shoti Maa: In Liebe

Stash: peach black tea, white peach oolong tea, double spice chai, chai white tea, gold cup chai, coconut mango wuyi oolong tea, ginger peach green tea, maple apple cider, orange spice black tea

Steuarts Tea: apple

Taylors: Green Tea with Grapefruit&Lime

Tazo: organic sultry strawberry, wild sweet orange, organic peach cobbler, apricot vanilla creme, berryblossom white, pumpkin spice, vanilla caramel chai, organic chai

TenRen: Chrysanthemum Tea

Tess: Daisy, Caramel Charm, Lime green tea

Triple Leaf Brand: Oolong Tea

TWG Tea: 1837 Black Tea

Twinings: Strawberry&Mango, Spicy Chai, Velvety Vanilla Flavour Chai Latte, Plummy Earl Grey, Chai Spiced Apple, Söder Te

VeltaTea: Černý čaj s příchutí Jahoda (strawberry black tea)

Victorian: Cloudberry Tea, Sea-Buckthorn Tea


Comment: Hamburg looks beautiful! I visited Cologne once. I had an amazing time, then off to Berlin. You live in a wonderful place.
Lucine rated for Handmade postcards: Flower themed on Apr 6, 2017
Comment: I haven't received this swap from Arhel as the host of this swap and she did not read my pm. Last Online: March 17, 2017. I'm very disappointed! 6-4-2017 Strange that the two postcards you've sent did not arrived. I've received the third postcard, blue and green background with yellow and blue flowers. Thank you.
Response: After contacting you, I already re-sent this swap once before having to go offline for a few weeks. Will re-send again although I'm starting to wonder what's wrong with the mail service. :( All the other cards I sent during that time period arrived safely.
Itchy rated for Handmade Postcard on Mar 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful postcard! :)
Caddi rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Mar 13, 2017
Comment: Ricarda - sorry dass ich erst so spät rate, ich war überzeugt ich hätte das schon längst gemacht. Vielen Dank für die schöne Aquarellmalerei! Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut! Alles Liebe!
petaluda rated for CC: My Favorite Subject Mail Art on Mar 11, 2017
Comment: I think that I am the most fortunate of all those who participated in this swap . Thank you for this amazing piece art which I shall frame and treasure !!
Carissakarisma rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Mar 11, 2017
Comment: I got my card!!! LOVED the watercolor painting!!!!! Thank you so much! Homemade is the best!!!
momto8cats rated for Paint me a postcard #2 on Mar 10, 2017
Comment: Wow. Thank you for the nicely painted post card. I like it! You have a fascinating profile., too.
lastivka rated for FLOWER Themed Postcard Swap on Mar 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks a lot for your wonderful card! Oh, I love it :)
owl rated for Fairy ATC on Mar 5, 2017
Comment: You did use my favorite colors in your ATC. Thank you the beautiful ATC.
Comment: Wow! I wish I could give you several hearts. Your surprises were amazing. I loved all the items. Thank you for making this so special. Everything from the stamps used for postage to the goodies inside fit my personality. I can't wait to use everything. Thank you =)
Denisa98 rated for My three favorites Postcard Swap on Mar 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute postcard! I like it :)
anandatashie rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Feb 27, 2017
Comment: Ooooooh! What an incredibly gorgeous pc with two of my favorite things! Thank you so very much. :)
luluvision rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Feb 27, 2017
Comment: I love the felt postcard! You did a great job!
Lucine rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Feb 26, 2017
Comment: It is always worth trying to create:) The card is cute, thank you:)
Comment: Hallo & danke für die tollen Ohrringe! ❤
Karen07 rated for A Month of Letters Week 3 on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: Great card and indeed perfect for me! Thanks!
Sabbe77 rated for Fun Mix February - Newbie Welcome on Feb 20, 2017
Comment: Lovely swap, thank you so very much. I loved it all ♡ ♡
Superdkate rated for FUN OCEAN LIFE POSTCARD SWAP on Feb 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you - such magestic sea horses. Happy Friday.
ultrameganerd rated for spread some tea love #5 on Sep 21, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the tea!
thenazka rated for spread some tea love #5 on Aug 28, 2016
Comment: Thanks a lot for the nice selection of teas! Happy swapping <3

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