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Country: Hungary
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Last updated: July 9, 2015


My name is Krisztina, but I like Tina, too. I live in Hungary, a small country in the centre of Europe.


My son is the Joy in my life. Ábel is 4 months old in the photo:


I used to swap FB's, Decos, Slams and other items (magazine clippings, letter papers, postcards..) in the '90's. You are all wonderful people who keeps snail mail still alive!

I like postcard and country swaps the best, also favourites are the scavenger hunts, profile and themed swaps, matchboxes, ATC's, ephemeras and challenges. I'm afraid I'm obsessed with papers! :) And now with pocket letters!

I always send out all my swaps, I take it very seriously. BUT I'm easy going on complaining not received or not rated swaps. IF I HAVEN'T RATED YOU, I haven't received. But ask about it on my message wall, not in pm, since I have an email- and message reading phobia (I also have this phobia about answering the phone...it sounds funny, but I think it's growing on me...). Don't worry, in spite of these phobias, I'm normal. Swap-bot and snail mail helps me to be happy and contacted...

I'M LOOKING FOR swap partners who also thinks that FREE or AD postcards are interesting and it worth collecting them. I have hundreds for trade, mostly from the era between 1998 and 2005. So if you do swap free/ad postcards, feel free to join my group.

If you feel like, add to your friends on Facebook.

Some interesting stuff about my country:

Tipical foods in my country

Fashion from my country :)

() ()
(") (")

My Projects


I'd like to spread the ATC movement in my country. So anything to make them or receiving some "show-piece" made with different techniques, would be very appreciated and treasured. I'm on to organize groups.


My other plan is to make an exhibition about the US states shown on postcards. So I collect all maps and other state related postcards, like state symbol postcards, state infos, state capitals and capitols :) I don't list, which state I have, because I need at least two from each. (If you don't want your name to shown at the exhibition -as a supporter - please say!)


My favourite place in our town is the (vintage) toy museum, which allows a cabinet to the visitors for using. I'd like to get that for my children themed postcards collection, so I need postcards with

  • vintage, retro or modern toys,
  • children playing with toys,
  • children book illustrations,
  • other child/tale themes on them.

Holiday related cards with these themes are also fine (for example a child reading a story-book sitting under the Christmas tree...).


My lifelong project is to collect a postcard from every country - and their capital - in the world, and from many many places where people live (not only towns, villages...).

Thank you, if you can help to achieve these plans.

peace Heroes Square, Budapest


A- ATC's, animals, Audi

B- bunnies, B&W photos, beermats (coasters), board game pieces, bijou, Mr. Bond (James Bond), Bruce Lee

C- to collect everything what is collectible, craft supplies, cute things, chameleons, charity, castles, calligraphy, Chinese New Year postage stamps, Chinese tea, Coke (not drinking, but collecting), Christmas (tree) ornaments, chips/crisps

D- dices, dark chocolate (favourite are the filled chocolates with marzipan or whole nuts), dragons, daydreaming

E- ephemera, environmental protection

F- freecards, First Day Covers, flea markets, fairies

G- geocaching (would like to try)

H- handmade by you, The High Tatras, hazelnut

I- Italian language

J- journals

K- Kimmidoll/Kokeshi dolls, kempo, kung-fu (I used to train)

L- LEGO, lace (not just for crafting, I like wearing it too), Luis Royo's Fantasy Art, Linux

M- matchboxes, maxi cards (carte maxima), martial arts, mail art, marine style (especially in clothing)

N- "Never say never!" :)

O- old/classic cars, owls

P- postcards, pocket calendar cards, pocket letters, paper napkins, papers, paintings, polka dots, pandas

Q- quotes

R- roses, rubber stamps

S- swap-bot:), stationery, stickers, sakura, social work, sci-fi

T- Túró Rudi :)

U- United States, Unicef

V- vintage

W- whimsical theme, washi tape, WWF

X- x wings :)

Y- yin yang, your country

Z- Zakka, zines



like I am easy to please, because I collect and like a lot of things :)

  • postcards,
  • freecards - ad cards (the postcard looking ones),
  • pocket calendar cards (those small advertising calendars that fit in your pocket or wallet),
  • FDC's, Maxicards, other special philatelic postcards, memorials,
  • stationery,
  • Coca-Cola,
  • beermats (beer coasters),
  • foreign coins and banknotes,
  • Chinese Red Envelopes,
  • craft supplies,
  • bunnies,
  • dragons,
  • James Bond


like Favourite themes on postcards:


  • postcards related to snail mail, postal service, postage stamps, philately, letter writing, air mail, etc.,
  • martial arts (kung fu, karate, eskrima etc.),
  • Shaolin Temple,
  • paintings - drawings,
  • B&W photos,
  • Oriental,
  • countries - states - provinces - cities - towns-capitals,
  • Unesco WHS,
  • maps - USA State Maps!,
  • oldtimer cars, cars (esp. AUDI),
  • social work,
  • voluntary - charity,
  • culture and art,
  • vintage - both vintage style/reproduction and vintage cards (previously mailed are fine),
  • sci-fi,
  • fantasy,
  • mythology,
  • tales - folk tales,
  • folk costums,
  • children's book illustrations,
  • cartoons - comics,
  • toys,
  • bunnies/rabbits,
  • monkies/apes,
  • dragons,
  • erotica - pin up,
  • nude(art),
  • Coca-Cola,
  • related to my likes,
  • anything UNUSUAL

Handmade postcards are also OK. If you can't find any cards from the list above, send what you want. I like all kinds of postcards. Really.


My Family

My husband likes:

  • Informatics related stuffs:notepad, keyring, etc. with Linux, Ubuntu, Android, Apple, Mac, etc....but NO Windows!),
  • Instant coffee, hot chocolate, English Breakfast tea, any STASH tea, chewing gum (except Wrigley's and Orbit, what we can get here too)
  • Healthy snacks.

My son

wears EU 80 size clothes and EU 19-22 socks. Any toy that a 1,5 year old can enjoy. Healthy snacks.

My sister-in-law

is an elementary school teacher, so reward stickers and any teaching related stuff is welcomed (in English is OK).

Books, Movies, TV...

I'm not a bookworm. I'm still looking for these: books

I don't have a favourite writer, but I would like to find him/her :) I've enjoyed reading Chuck Palahniuk.

I like reading fantasy, even if it is for children (His Dark Material) and I like Tao Te King - my favourite quote

I'm looking for books about martial arts and social work, and Chinese language learning books.


I like all kinds of movies! Especially if they act in it: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery (first of all, I'm a fan of James Bond - 007), Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Bud Spencer&Terence Hill, John Cleese, Eddie Murphy, Mel Gibson, Keanu Reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Marvel Heroes :) I like watching European movies and TV series too, especially Scandinavian dramas and French comedies :)

My favourite martial art star is Mark Dacascos :)

I also like Asian movies - not only the kung-fu ones! I like Hayao Miyazaki's cartoons :)

I've watched all or the first some seasons from these and enjoyed:

Heroes, Falling Skies, Warehouse13, Eureka, Under the Dome, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Dirty - Sexy - Money, Dexter, Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Bones, Dr. House, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Angel. Yes, I haven't hooked on Game of Thrones yet, first I would like to finish other series on my list :)

I still love some classics: The A-Team, Dukes of Hazard, Murder She Wrote, You rang, M'Lord?

The best show ever which still makes me laugh: The Fawlty Towers (BBC 1975-1979)

I like these reality shows: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Storage Wars, Hotel Impossible.

When I was younger I loved Pokemon, Sailor Moon :)

I don't listen to music regularly, but I like genres from classics to metal. (I've also been to concerts of David Helfgott and Iron Maiden.)

Not my interest

nolike cruelty, torture, war (I don't watch movies about it), blood (except in Kill Bill:)), fishing&hunting, Cartoon Network, Windows, smoking (but I like the smell of tobacco!), sewing, knitting and so on, sweetlovestory-style books, movies and music, too much kawaii, childish or kitschy things (but I like cute)

Please don't send, I have too many: hand cream, face cream, lipbalm, cosmetics, deodorant, perfume...

FOOD I DON'T LIKE: mint tea, mint chocolate, bubblegum/chewing gum, hard candy/lollipops, sour cream & onion crisps, fish and sea fruits taste and I'm not a big fan of meat (but I'm not vegetarian)

Thank you

...for reading my profile!

Meet in a happy swap!




what I pledged

I always try my best sending in time. If I am late (don't worry, it's not my passion), I'll contact you. If there is any problem with my swap, please, also contact me before rating! From Hungary it takes a long time to arrive outside Europe. If I can, I reuse packaging!

Hungary uses the date format like this: YYYY/MM/DD

...and we write addresses here in a slightly different way than the one swap-bot shows to you. If you use this form, may I get your mail easier:

  • # Name
  • # City (Székesfehérvár)
  • # Street
  • # Postcode (H-8000)
  • # Country

Figure out the other info :)

The following info is just a reminder for me, so DON'T have to read it...it's like a neverending profile! :)

Swaps I've hosted: *Chinese New Year's Greeting Swap *Chinese New Year's Profile Greeting *Have Fun with FREE Postcards *April's Fools Day Freecard

I've sent to the following countries:

Europe:Poland (goodies/ephemera/chocolate/beauty), Netherlands (PC/stationary), Croatia (touristic), UK (journal/gifts/APC/touristic/misc/matchbox/PC/snacks/surprise/sweets/mailart/letter), Austria (surprise/gifts/mailart), Norway (PC/gifts/stationary), Germany (PC/letter), Cyprus (PC), Finland (tea/booklet/letter/PC/surprise/mailart/touristic/goodies), Lithuania (PC/coins), Latvia (PC), France (PC), Czech Republic (PC/tea/mailart), Russia (PC), Italy (kit), Ireland (PC), Switzerland (journal/stationery), Slovenia (PC), Belarus (touristic), Belgium (ephemera/goodies), Turkey (PC), Ukraine (PC), Sweden (PC)

North America: USA - Indiana (PC), New Mexico (PC), Michigan (PC/candy), Florida (PC/handmade PC/gifts), Minnesota (ATC/PC), Virginia (gifts/ATC), Alabama (PC), Illinois (PC/letter), California (PC/photos/gifts), New Jersey (PC, touristic), Nevada (PC), Missouri (candy), Colorado (PC), North Carolina (PC/surprise/matchbox/mailart), South Carolina (PC), New York (PC), Kansas (PC), Orlando (PC), Washington (PC/stickers/coins), Ohio (PC), Oregon (greeting card), Texas (PC/napkins), Arizona (PC/surprises/gifts), Pennsylvania (PC/surprises), Utah (ATC), Iowa (PC/surprises/sweets), Massachusetts (PC), Tennesse (PC), Maryland (PC), Rhode Island (PC), Wisconsin (PC), Alaska (PC), Louisiana (PC), Mississippi (coins), Canada (handmade card/ATC/ephemera/PC/mailart/FDC/letter/stationary)

South America:Brazil (letter/PC), Peru (surprises)

Asia: Republic of Korea (ATC/PC), Japan (PC/letter/touristy/journal), Taiwan (PC), Singapore (PC/mailart), Indonesia (chocolate), China (PC), Israel (PC)

Africa:South Africa (letter), Namibia (greeting card)

Australia and Oceania: (PC/paper goods/ephemera) New Zealand (PC)

I've received from:

Europe:Poland (stamps/senf/coins), England (touristic/PC/pandas:)), Scotland (candy/PC), Wales (PC), Ireland (letter/ephemera/craft supplies/PC), Switzerland (touristic), Russia (stationery/PC), Netherlands (PC/touristic/craft supplies/gifts/tea/sweets/greeting card/paper goods/stationery/napkins/chocolate/freecard/philately), Hungary (booklet), Portugal (photos), Italy (matchbox), Greece (PC), Lithuania (PC), Romania (PC), Bosnia (PC), Austria (ATC), Finland (tea/goodies/PC), Germany (PC/chocolate/snack/surprise/freecard), Norvegia (PC), Turkey (PC), Ukraine (PC), Sweden (FDC)

North America: USA - Michigan (letter/chocolate/PC/napkins/freecard), North Carolina (PC/matchbox), Oregon (PC), Texas (PC), Washington (PC), California (PC), Pennsylvania (PC), Virginia (kit/letter), Florida (PC/stationery/ATC), Ohio (PC/touristic/letter/stationary), Nevada (PC), Tennesse (PC), Arizona (PC), Maine (mailart/gifts/coins), Rhode Island (PC/letter/touristic), North Dakota (PC), Minnesota (matchbox), Kansas (PC), New York (PC), Missouri (stationary), Canada (PC/coins/gifts/mailart/surprise)

South-America: Brazil (PC)

Asia:Malaysia (PC), Singapore (PC/letter), Israel (touristic/PC/letter/surprise), India (PC), Thailand (PC), Philippines (PC), Republic of Korea (PC), China (PC), Taiwan (freecard)

Australia and Oceania: (ATC/PC), New Zealand (PC)

Really nice swappers: Not just read about flakers everywhere. Some of you could really make my day, thank you to all nice swappers! @sanna @mamajoy @Stacy @Mizchef @Eveline @Newberlin @lloydp @vitaminv @Rubiadejimani @bluebutterfly @nightreverle @CindyST @taeniura @susieq11 @Manurnakey @LillyCalliope

I haven't rated yet:



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I'm waiting for (for a long time):

SWL-February postcard - animals from technicolorwallflower 3 themed mail art envelopes from toroko MCA Card & envie - Jan - Quick turnaround from RooBaRoo World Breastfeeding Week Postcard Swap from lilmissthrifty Pound/Dollar Store Christmas Goodie Bag (Europe) from donnasaurus1 Ugly flower postcard swap1from cookingschool I'll ask the questions!from HannahsMommy


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PAST I first met a flaker @sickodoodle in 2 e-swaps: The 5000 Questions Survey Part One and Quick Scribbler Art E-mail Fun

dractsop sdrawkcab (Backwards Postcard) from @sayux3
Let's Trade Thoughts! - @mami2mh Share your country #2from @faithful2809 Q and A swapfrom @coffegirl18 Show Off Your Hometown with a Postcardfrom @scartissne93 Share Your Languagefrom @disturbia000

I'm angelling:

Christmas card scavenger hunt - Dogs or Cats to marinda


  • "What's in your mailbox?" WTA #2 February 23
  • "Swaps for Europe" WTA #4 February
  • "worldwide swaps" WTA#1 February 15


  • "Swaps for Europe New" I collect tag to @nneiole sent: 02.18.
  • "worldwide swap" Postcard tag to @SoupLike sent: 02.17.


FrankieTeardrop rated for Ad / Free postcard - ART on Jan 9, 2023
Comment: This was a wonderful package, Thank You. I hope you are doing well and keeping up!
Comment: This swap deserves 5 stars! Not only did you make a great ATC, but you added all kinds of fun things to the envie and inside! Where ever did you find ribbon with daffodils!!! Thank you so very much! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
simplyfunmom rated for February's Colors are Pink/Red on Feb 23, 2016
Comment: Loved it! Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for your PC and the extra's! I got it on time to send out in round #51
pammykn rated for Holiday Card with Flat Surprise on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: Finally arrived -- thank you!
Tessssssa rated for WIYM: Sticker Art Postcard on Feb 8, 2016
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful postcard! I love when I get mail from other countries!
Comment: Hello Krisztina, Thank you for the Blue and Ivory Pocket Letter you created for me. I like the pockets that illustrated winter. I also like the see-through window you created. I appreciate the goodies you sent as well. I will add your Pocket Letter to my collection. Happy New Year! Barb sleepingrover2010
Alisha98119 rated for Secret Santa on Jan 26, 2016
Comment: Thanks I love the light pink Christmas decor and chocolate pudding! I also like the clear stamps. Happy Holidays!
Response: I'm very sad that you haven't received, I hope you rerate once you receive, because I've sent/resend in a reasanable time as always do.
Aesa rated for SIE ~ Postage stamp based mailart #1 on Jan 20, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much ! I love it :)
Comment: Another envelope with two more envelopes! :-) They were fantastic to go through - and I have another coin. I'm easy to please sometimes. :-) Thank you for another great set of envelopes with lots of fabulous bits! :-)
Comment: Thank you for a great set of envelopes! The pieces you included were all fabulous, and I really enjoyed getting the coin. Thank you for everything. :-)
marinda rated for FLU Alphabet Tour - R on Jan 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much! I really loved the fun surprises! :)
judee0624 rated for FLU Alphabet Tour - S on Jan 9, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the card and translation. Happy New Year !
kacka rated for Christmas Envie on Jan 9, 2016
Comment: thank you, I love receiving mail from Hungary:), oh the coloring book is great, and from the tea the teahaz brand I remember from some years ago so this one is new version for me:), thank you for a great swap
Comment: I love using different colored fonts for e-swaps and appreciate that you did :) Congrats on your little boy. I hope 2016 is everything you want it to be!
Comment: What a great postcard! I love finding out about children's books from other countries. I've almost finished the picture book -- just a few more pages that need refining!
Comment: Thank you for the cute paper and the extra little goodies you sent!! I loved it, including the decorated ATC!

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Loonstruck on Jan 1, 2017:

I have dropped you from the group Sealed with Love because you haven't logged on or participated in swaps since March 2016. If you decide to come back to Swap-bot and would like to rejoin our group, please let me know!

RyeRye on Aug 1, 2016:

Happy Birthday Month!


moM on Mar 7, 2016:

Hi there! I sent you a message a while back, but now re-read your profile about asking here. Did you ever receive the chocolate pc from me? It was mailed to you on December 29th. Thanks for checking.

Copperluck on Jan 29, 2016:

I have sent you a couple of messages, Can you please read and respond back. Thanks so much.

sherba31 on Jan 14, 2016:

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card and tea. Abel has really grown. That stamp is adorable!

nancybarlow on Jan 12, 2016:

Hi Krisztina, your missing Christmas Envie #3 was resent to you yesterday, Jan 11. The Post Office weighed and metered the postage, and I paid for hand canceling. I certainly hope the package makes it to you safely. I used the exact address you have posted here. Happy New Year!

taeniura on Dec 19, 2015:

Many thanks for your sweet christmas card! It made me very happy! Merry christmas to you too :-)

nancybarlow on Dec 7, 2015:

Received second envelope and what lovely things you sent! Thanks you so much. Have a lovely holiday!

Lorivintage55 on Oct 21, 2015:

I have private messaged you two times about the fancy napkins swap. I sent your package today, it cost over $10 USD so I hope this makes up for my mistake on only sending 5 the first time. Again, my apologies.

allthingsregency on Oct 2, 2015:

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