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The party never ends over here and I am now recovering from surgery on my knee. In the meanwhile, I am in crazy pain and will be MIA for awhile - hoping, not too long, though! Thank you everyone for being so patient with me - I can't express to you how much I appreciate it! I feel awful most of the time, but swap-bot is something I enjoy and look forward to joining and hosting more swaps as I start feeling myself.


Just an FYI - I have arthritis AND fibromyalgia! Yeah! (not really!) I'm in my mid 30's and it probably started in my 20's, but, this would account for the fatigue, pain in the joints in my hands and arms as well as other symptoms. In fact, my doctor just told me I was "...the poster child for chronic pain." :P Do not worry about packages being sent on time, but I have been slow to catch up with my messages on Swap-bot sometimes. If you are a partner or host and I do not reply to you in a timely manner, please try to send me an email! Many thanks!

And, thanks to everyone that has reached out to me with kind words and shared experiences. I feel isolated in what I'm going through sometimes and I really appreciate the connections!


(Artist's Statement)

Staci was born in Portland, Oregon on February 4th in the middle of a blizzard and has been a force of nature ever since. Involved in the arts since she was five years old. She has lived in San Francisco for the last 10 years expanding on her creativity.

A self-taught artist and musician, she believes that every specially crafted piece she creates is intended for special individuals. She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoyed creating it!

Staci Rose Designs - all pieces are original, hand-made, and one of a kind: Original Oil Paintings, Handmade Jewelry, Decorated Picture Frames, Judaica, and more great gift ideas! Custom orders welcome!

I have had to add the following information due to a Swap-bot member unlawfully using my artwork for one of her projects:

©2009 Staci Rose. All rights reserved. Text and artwork created by this artist are property of Staci Rose. Content may not be reproduced in any way without written permission. Thank you!

I Enjoy!

I enjoy being a vegetarian! I love Judaica items (this means items that are about the Jewish faith: Judaism 101. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHRISTIAN ITEMS WHATSOEVER. I FIND IT EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. (See more information in the section below - with my thanks for your consideration.)

Count me in for gemstone beads, milk chocolate (especially European), art (see below), most handmade items. I love embellishments for my own creating! But, if you create it, odds on favor say I will enjoy it!

I am a scarf whore (the warm kinds - especially felt or handmade!!!) and love fabric or woven bags that I can put around my chest vs. over the shoulder. (like messenger bags, and those woven ones from Guatemala or sewn fabric ones from El Salvador, etc.). I've also been wearing zipper hoodies and love 'em. (men's or women's XL is great - if men's, I can share with DH!)

I collect handmade ceramics and have a fabulous collection of random and unique dinner plates (nothing mass produced, unsigned or from Japan or China or "This is known to contain lead and may..." but rather those sweet pieces that have a mark scratched on the bottom sometimes with a date).

I also love found object art (those guys made out of springs and bolts that look like they're playing the drums!). 8-) But, functional art is a big plus! Gorgeous, handmade AND has a practical use is A+ in my book!

Also, I am growing out my hair (for Cancer, Alopecia, etc. and I will eventually shave it off and donate it to a charity.) It has been a long time since I grew it out 8-12" and while I have plenty of pony tail holders, I REALLY could use hair holders in general. I'm not girly, blingy, but tasteful is good. My hair is very thick and I have a lot of it, so those small, metal clips will be eaten alive! :) Also, my hair is red (so nothing pink, yellow, orange or in the red family).

I do make my own jewelry which makes it difficult for me to justify buying it. BUT! Swapping is different! I don't really wear earrings, bracelets or rings, but enjoy a good, handmade necklace. Although, don't be afraid to be creative - receiving something I would never create is the fun, for me! DH could always use an interesting tie clip. Can't wear copper or brass cuz my skin reacts; and I mostly wear gold vs silver. And, since I'm a very pale, red-head, with yellow undertones, I cannot wear: burgundy/mauves, yellows, oranges, pinks or white. If these colors are small components with other colors, great, I just look too washed out or undead. 8-P Thanks!

Got corks?!! Send 'em to me! (the real ones, though, please). Big fan of recycled, upcycled art and I create it myself.

I also have a large family and I LOVE giving gifts! I have a younger sister (a big time elephant collector - as long as it's VERY unique!) and I adore her avid-reading, skull-loving, jock daughter that loves the unique and different (16 & driving!!!) and her son (10) that loves the color orange, video games, transformers, star wars and can name every single Hot Wheels type car he owns and is a Pokiman card collector. I consider myself the aunt of my cousin's two children, a very girly daughter who has decided she's a princess (Sleeping Beauty) and loves stories and arts & crafts (5) and a beautiful boy that is as easy-going as ever, comes with an infectious laugh and loves cars, trucks, playing outside, and arts & crafts with his sister (2). (Being an aunt means spoiling them rotten and I enjoy it immensely!)

My husband is my best friend. For our first Valentine's Day, he gave me a computer he created himself. (You know you're dating a geek when...) :D He is a computer consultant - specializes in Mac/Apple. He is also Irish/Mexican, looks like a 6'3" leprechaun and is a fabulous digital photographer. He loves handmade masks, lemurs (cuz he's crazy), and has a collection of SciFi movies and books (always on the lookout for vintage Conan series, but loves the 'guy' sci-fi stuff like Heinlein or Lovecraft). His favorite colors are black and red (and purple but he won't admit it!). He likes horror movies (ugh!), stuff with skulls (guy type but not disgusting), marzipan with chocolate, and dark chocolate (NOT HERSHEY'S). He's a gourmet decaf coffee drinker with very particular tastes: loves light brews (no espresso or French Roasts), no flavors, and Jamaican Blue and Hawaiian coffees are his favorites - hates Starbucks (but goes for Peets, Seattle's Best, Harry & David, Ghirardelli, Tully's, etc. and the bigger the mug, the better!) He enjoys audio books (non self-help, loves sci-fi, horror, fiction), and we both share a love of quality Oaxacan wood carvings, cermics, fine art, hand-blown glass items, tiki, and watching movies (sci-fi, horror, action/adventure). He's also been into Dymo Labelwriter 400 lately and needs a new supply.

He can always use a kool t-shirt (XL or Tall L). The last t-shirts I bought him were: Silkscreen Dalek from Dr. Who, the Mayan Calander in Guatemala, Tiki shirt from an artist and swap-botter from Cafe Press, a 1969 shirt from Old Navy with a cool swooshy design.

He also likes the stuff from threadless.com. They have some great artists and we've purchased some from from there, too. He is a red head so no yellow, orange, red, mauve, pink or kelly green - or variations thereof. The designs can be lots of colors - just not the T's themselves. He'd look atrocious. :P

I do enjoy/I do not enjoy...

While I DO like candles, I don't enjoy jar candles or floating candles. I also have enough tea lights to last a VERY long time!

I'm not into ATC's, matchboxes, dotees, inchies...not into sanrio, kawaii, disney.

And the following scents, IN ANYTHING, make me ill: vanilla, strawberry, coconut/palm, rum & peach. I don't particularly dig the scents sage or patchouli, but DO love a nice musk, amber or sandalwood in candles or incense. My favorite scents are lilac, citrus (all kinds!), and sweet florals.

I do not like things made with Coconut oil or Palm oil (foods, soaps, lotions etc.). I love Shower Gels and Glycerin, Goatsmilk, or Cold Pressed soaps, but any other additives just do not agree with my sensitive skin (or my stomach, for that matter)! I am currently in love with Body Sprays and Mists!!! However, I'm not a bath person...shower great, bath meh.

Also, please remember I'm a vegetarian, so bone, horn, butterfly wings, feathers, leather...just isn't that great for me. ;)

I love books and sheet music and hate when they are torn apart - I'd much rather read it or sing it. I am also not a mosaic artist, so no broken pottery please. :)

I am sew inept. I repeat...I am NOT someone that can sew! I cannot sew, crochet, darn, quilt, knit to save my life. Do not send any fabric, yarn, or thread, etc.

Please do not send medications of any kind. While hand lotion is one thing, Bengay is another! I'm also not big into make-up as I have very sensitive skin. But, natural or organic pampering items can be a lot of fun - I love a good clay or mud mask, body spray or shower wash.

Although, I create just about everything, I don't wear a lot of earrings; and bracelets only every once in awhile (they can get in the way of moving my hands while creating something else!!!) I wear gold more than silver, but find the norm is silver over gold for my customers. :)

I'm a redhead and can't wear maroon/burgundys, oranges or yellows, pinks without looking odd. I tend to lean towards blues/greens/purples, don't particularly like pink, but do like all color mixes.

I do not enjoy religious objects other than Judaica. Please do not send them - I find it extremely offensive. This DOES include Christmas items like Santa, Christmas Trees, etc. Although, I find the phrase "Ho Ho Ho" funny, I appreciate your consideration of my feelings on this. (I take an exception to Goddess Art. As a feminist, I believe all women are Goddesses but not necessarily deities. ;) )

Favorite Music

I'd love a mixed CD! I enjoy exploring new music and am a singer in a Klezmer/Salsa band (which is a heck of a lot of fun!).

I particularly enjoy female artists (PS...I'm a feminist. ;P ) and in genres that range from Blues to Bluegrass, from Oldies to Punk. From Ella to Ani Difranco, Beastie Boys to Patty Giffin. I like rap, but prefer female artists and pieces that are not anti-woman. (Profanity is fine as long as it's 1. poignant or 2. funny.) Although I will say, I am no fan of the following: Bjork, Sheryl Crow, RL Burnside, Spears or Fedderline, and I wouldn't want to listen to an entire album of Cake or REM (one or two songs is great - Nightswimming, sigh...)

I prefer artists that actually write the music they perform, too. Lyrics are very important as is a solid melody. Jude, Rufus Wainright, Nil Lara, India Arie, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, Jann Arden and many more.

Also, I've been a bit out of the music scene and would appreciate any good recommendations!

Favorite Crafts

I am an extremely crafty/artistic person. Like most artists, I have MANY artistic interests.

I work with FIMO soft (thank goodness for the soft or my fingers would be gnarled!).

I use wood, plastic, resin embellishments to create frames, mirrors, signs, Judaica items. (anything besides paper for this craft - like Jolees, except on cards)

I am an oil painter and the only time I use animal fur is in my brushes (Hogs hair, Sable, etc.) - unfortunately, they just make a better brush IMHO. Paint and brushes are always welcome!

I create (mostly) gemstone jewelry. I prefer natural stones to synthetic and use stainless steel earring hooks (I consider allergies and also do not use copper or brass and would appreciate the same consideration!) I am always on the lookout for mixes of glass beads - bigger, unusual, interesting is a plus.

I have been trying my hand at cardmaking and would appreciate any goodies that might help me. Interesting papers or cardstock would be great - and I do need interesting embellishments and cardboard cut-outs and shapes, and, really, anything you might think I could use! ;) (Thanks to AliciaAmy I will never need another pair of those crazy scissors! Thank you!) Please no scrap, magazine cut-outs or ripped papers! I certainly create my own! Thanks!

I also create recycled art. Please send those extra wine corks (not synthetic or champagne) and I'll put them to good use.

Please feel free to view my websites to see some of the pieces I create. Anything you'd like to send me to help me with my work would be GREATLY appreciated! :D

I am happy to swap one-on-one if you need a gift and I can make it happen for you! :) Just drop me a line!

Favorite Books

Writers I enjoy: Margaret Atwood, Piet Hein, Octavia Butler, Spider Robinson, Mark Strand, Alta, Diane Ackerman, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Kaye Gibbons, Amy Tan, Douglas Adams, Denise Levertov, ee cummings, T.S. Elliot, William Carlos Williams, Judith Viorst, David Sedaris, Harper Lee, L. M. Montgomery, Isabelle Allende (in English!), Kurt Vonnegut, Anita Diamant, Elie Weisel, Cynthia Heimel, Maya Angelou...

Also, Women's Modern Poetry, & Vegetarian Cookbooks with pictures are always welcome! I appreciate female writers as I can relate to the voice a little better. Judaica (Eva Etzioni-Halevy's books look like something I would enjoy or craft or children's books - but I don't need anything on Jewish Ritual or WWII), some history (ex: How the Irish Saved Civilization is excellent!), and I am fascinated by witchcraft history (not spells - more impact on civilization, the only point in history when a religious group turned on its own people...),

Not into horror, crime, mystery, chick lit, romance, biography. A great way to find similar books to the authors above is to check out a site like Amazon and see what books are similar. I've found it a great help, myself.

Chocolate & Candy Mmmmmm

Love black licorice (soft but without salt), milk chocolate, marzipan (especially in chocolate!), jellybeans (no gelatin). I'm a sucker for those milk chocolate mint meltaways that come out during the holidays. Andes are always good as are Rochet. I have been unable to find the Lindt chocolate bars with raspberry in them - they remind me of my grandfather. :D Real Belgian Chocolates will gain you a best friend! ;)

No gelatin - I'm a vegetarian! (That means gummies, marshmallows, some other candies, too.) Also, no gum, brittle or taffy, jujus, jawbreakers, hard candies, very chewy candies (crows, dots, sugar babies, etc.). I have severe TMJ. :P Please, no sugar-free. :)

I don't like white chocolate or hard caramel. I think Hershey's is bleh and no Twizzlers! My favorite candy bars are Topic Bar, Coffee Crisp and 3 Musketeers. I love Cadburys (Roses!!!) but only when it's not made by Hershey's company (it'll say on the label).

Every once in awhile I'll join a candy swap, and up til now, I've been flaked on EACH one. No kidding. :P But, if I brave another, here's some information for the swap: 1.Please don't flake on me and 2. Am really a chocolate grrl, but here's some candy likes: swedish fish (especially red), swedish berries, mike & ike berries, cherry & grapefruit tic tacs ( no kidding - another swapper sent some and they are oddly fabulous), jellybeans, REAL black licorice (no salt, no twizzlers), good & plenty (original), after dinner mints (w/o jelly inside), red cherry sour balls, Brach's caramel creams (sold in bulk at the grocery store).

I definitely prefer Milk Chocolate with goodies in it: nuts, soft caramel, cherries (without goop), marzipan...

Impatiently Awaiting! :-)

OwlByNight for Who Do You Love?!! Significant Other Swap (No communication.)

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poppy08 for $5 Profile Gift Swap - USA Only (Last Online: January 15, 2009, no communication, gave "1" rating and contacted host to inform. Angeled by Carol with a million thanks!)

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mintdill for Favorite Color ( This user has been partially suspended. Angeled by YannaBanana with a million thanks!)

Bad Swappers-Flakers






I won't take injustice lightly nor bullying & false accusations. Behind every computer screen profile is a human being.

Fun Good - Drama Bad

I'm a fair swapper. Mostly, I send more items & higher cost items than a swap will ask for just cuz it's more fun to see that my partner enjoys what they receive. That being said, I also appreciate a thoughtful and considerate partner as well.

"What is your favorite word?", James Lipton

"Fu@#er", Staci (LOL)

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoy intellectual comedy. (Monty Python vs. Naked Gun). I don't take life too seriously and welcome any questions you might have!

**"I LOVE your swap package! :( "


lukrecja rated for Valentine Single or Couple pack on Jul 30, 2013
Comment: I was hoping to get this one and I'm so disappointed... You mailed me to say, you'll be late, but I guess, you've never sent it out... That's really sad... :(
Meant2bemom rated for Favorite Color Homemade Surprise on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: this is back from March..think I waited long enough - you said you were going to send it...never marked sent...and it never arrived.
lunarwillow rated for Make My Day Magickal on Apr 30, 2011
Comment: Sorry Staci, but I am really disappointed with this. You never wrote to me to let me know you would be late sending, and in fact I didn't hear from you at all until I wrote to YOU to ask if you were intending to send this swap. You responded saying the swap would be sent out on the Friday but you haven't clicked 'sent'. I will change this if I ever receive anything. I wish you had had the courtesy to just let me know you would be late sending; I would have totally been ok with it :(
funkhoup rated for 2010 De-stash (USA only) on Mar 14, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the neat "stuff". My granddaughter is going to love the beads.
Response: I sent those beads just for her! lol, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!
courtmm11 rated for In the Garden Notecard Swap on Mar 12, 2011
Comment: Awesome...notecards, loved them all...Wow.... 5 hearts for you..... thank you so so much for them, and loved the stickers also..... Pat
Response: Totally brightened my day! Enjoy and thanks!
lois rated for Notecard Scavenger Hunt on Feb 28, 2011
Comment: Got it today! Thanks for the cute little notebook! love it.
Response: That took forever to get through the mail but I'm so glad you got it and enjoyed! Thank you very much!
byXanthe rated for Animal Art on Feb 10, 2011
Comment: I love my owl. Great colors and oh so cute! I use it to hold recipes in the kitchen. Thanx a bunch
Response: I had FUN - it's very different than what I might typically create. I know he will be a very good helper! ;) Thanks very much!
Comment: WONDERFUL!!!! he absolutely LOVED everything, and the goodies you sent my way were awesome as well- and unexpected!! thank you!!!
Response: You were an unexpected thank you - I am so glad we did this swap! I'm so glad he enjoyed!!! Thanks so much!
hjshort72 rated for February Birthday Card & Gift Swap on Jan 28, 2011
Comment: we absolutely loved evrything you gave lillie she carries her bag with her everywhere she goes! Thanks a gain for a piece of sf
Response: I can just picture it! I hope she has a wonderful birthday! I had fun finding goodies for her! Thanx!
Zanara rated for * FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS * on Jan 27, 2011
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Use in good health! Have a very happy birthday this year and every year! Thank you!
Rhondalea6 rated for * FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS * on Jan 25, 2011
Comment: thank you for all of the wonderful cards they will be used im sure
Response: You were really sweet to join this swap! I hope you enjoy! Thanks!
A127 rated for Stuff a Cute Coin Purse! on Jan 8, 2011
Comment: That coin purse is so nice and I love what you sent even my favorite Burts Bee's lip shimmer! Love the earrings, you truely went above and beyond...it showed. Thanks ever so much!
Response: I made the earrings and I am SO glad you enjoyed the package of goodies! Thank you!
MistyPup50 rated for Handmade Card Variety Pack #8 on Dec 22, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely cards. Merry Christmas & Happy Swapping in the New Year
Response: Use the cards in good health!!! Thanks so much!
funnygirl23 rated for Chanuka-Grrls Swap on Dec 21, 2010
Comment: Thanks, Staci! I love the frame!
Response: I was SO excited to send this to you! I hope you had a wonderful Chanuka and I look forward to swapping with you again! Thank you!
Artistic rated for Notecards and Stickers 2: USA on Dec 19, 2010
Comment: LOVED!!! the Northern Lights stickers and typewriter notecard. Thank you.
Response: Excellent! Thanks so much and enjoy everything!!!
SusanSpooky rated for December Birthday Box! on Dec 10, 2010
Comment: Thank you SO much for the lovely package!!!! I loved everything and will be able to use it all! :D Happy Birthday to you too!!!!
Response: Have a FABULOUS birthday!!! Grande Gracias!
Comment: Loved the cat one! Thanks!
Response: I KNEW you would - but glad to hear it! Have a wonderful Winter Holiday! Thank you!
craftgasm rated for Winter Holiday Card Shuffle - USA on Dec 6, 2010
Comment: Wow, thank you so much for such a lovely assortment of cards (and for going above and beyond the requirements)!
Response: Have a fabulous Winter Holiday Season with my thanks!
TheCraftaholic rated for LOADED Charm Bracelet Swap~! on Dec 6, 2010
Comment: great job personalizing it to my profile! LOVELY!
Response: Excellent! Wear in good health! Thanks very much!
swapfever rated for December Birthday Cards 2010 on Dec 6, 2010
Comment: Staci, Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!
Response: Happy Birthday! Thanks!

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brighid82 on Apr 25, 2011:

I see you haven't been on in a while. When you get on could you please rate me for the Make My Day Magickal Swap. Thank you

brighid82 on Mar 14, 2011:

Welcome to Swap-Bot Witches United!!!

Leashah on Feb 5, 2011:

Got the random envie today, from the Only In USA Swaps group. Thanks for all the goodies!!!

Wishes for safe surgery, too!

tengu2 on Jan 26, 2011:

Welcome to Goddess Reborn. It is nice to have a member with a Judaica back background and a feminist. Please, introduce your self in and give what types of swaps you like in the forum. also don't for get to do at lest one swap by the end of April.

Kokonino on Jan 12, 2011:

Thanks for the sweet words... especially coming from one who's no stranger to challenges!


TwistedHorologe on Dec 4, 2010:

So glad your book arrived and you liked it ... I'd been quite anxious about it .. :)

Midnightshadow on Sep 6, 2010:

Wow staci, the stuff is awesome for the first part of the swap, thank you so very much :-D I can't wait to use the prompts in a cool journal :-D Thank you thank you thank you (and the box wasn't smashed at all)

SpewKnitter on Aug 12, 2010:

My crazy simple blackberry pie recipe.

Use packaged pie crust OR make up your favorite recipe. Roll out and use a pocket pie cutter or favorite large cookie cutter to cut out desired shapes.

On bottom crust, place your fresh or frozen blackberries, leaving plenty of room around the edges. Spoon blackberry jelly over berries (or apple, or strawberry, etc.) Now crimp top layer down, sealing them shut.

Cut a little vent at the top of each, and brush over the tops with water, cream, or egg wash.

Bake to crust directions, until pocket pies are golden. And they always come out perfectly gooey! :D ((I used the pocket pie crust cutters from William Sonoma, a little birthday splurge))

THANKS! Use any combo of berries and jelly, it works everytime and freezes great!


DBlalock on Jul 13, 2010:

Thanks so much for the Big Swaps craft tag! Sorry it took so long to thank you.

kawaiicupcakes on Jul 12, 2010:

Got your notecard tag! Thanks for the cute kitty cards. They are all so different and great. The coffee one is hilarious! Thanks again!

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