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Scroll to the bottom to read the "ABOUT ME" section. :D

****02/27/2018 - - UPDATE... Well, even though most of my crafting things are still packed away (move still pending), I'm finding a few simple swaps to participate in, so I'm "getting my feet wet" again, with Swap-Bot. I DID miss it! Glad to be back... and will "ramp up" as time and life circumstances permit! :D

****01/11/2018 - - UPDATE... I've been working on packing for a move. Only a couple of miles away, but the new place (if everything goes right) will offer me a GREAT crafting place... so I'm getting ANXIOUS to get back into Swap-Bot... I'll peek in more often during this transition, but (since it's mostly all in boxes at the moment), my crafting hoard isn't currently accessible, so I won't be participating in much for a while yet. BUT... I'm looking forward to coming BACK!!!

****9/24/2017 - - UPDATE... Okay, so I'm just peeking in to see if my account is still active. My currently life pattern is still not allowing for much crafting or swap time, but I've got my fingers crossed that soon, things will smooth out and allow me to get back into it. Meanwhile... I still MISS this place! :)

****1/5/2016 - - UPDATE... Still unable to get my "head above water" to take on swaps... I DO miss it, and I WANT to come back... but I won't be irresponsible enough to set myself up for late sends, and possible flakes. SO.... I'm withdrawing from my groups (for now), and hopefully I can re-petition to join back in at such time when I can be an active participant. Love Ya'll... and MISS SWAPPIN'... but "Life Intrudes" . ~PK

*** 11/19/15 - - UPDATE: I'm taking a leave-of-absence from Swap-Bot. I can't quite bring myself to delete the account, because I have truly enjoyed my involvement with this community of crafty folk.... BUT... I'm feeling swamped by life these days, and can't seem to squeeze in time for participation in swaps, and the added pressure of the deadlines just adds to my sense of being "overwhelmed". I'm working on simplifying some things about my life, and when I get things back on an even footing, I may be back. Meanwhile, If I'm on a group list that you manage, and you'd like to remove me... that's fine. I'll petition to re-join when I come back. If you'd like to get in touch with me for any reason, feel free to check me out on facebook (link above). I'm trying to reduce the amount of time I spend THERE, too... but it's the easiest way to stay in touch with some of my family members. Thanks for understanding! *** G'nite SWAP-BOT!!

7/30/15 - - ATTN: Swap-Partners and Group Sisters... I'm sorry to say that I'm going to be pretty scarce around here for a while. My husband is in the Hospital ICU, and could be there for some time. His condition is severe, and I don't know what to expect from this circumstance. If you've not received a swap from me, (and I know I have a couple of "lost in the mail" items out there) I WILL make it up to you... I'll resend and give you tons of bonus extras to thank you for your patience, but I can't say WHEN I'll be able to get back to all this.... Frankly, I'm a bit un-nerved. Your prayers and positive thoughts for my Husband and our family are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to drop me a message, and I'll respond as soon as I can (striving to check email daily).

Bless you all for your understanding!!! ~PK

8/29 UPDATE: My husband is STILL in the hospital in a neighboring town, now. So I am travelling back and forth between home and my Moms (she lives closer to the Hospital than I do), and am only home to "take care of business" on the weekends these days. We are in hopes that a procedure my husband is scheduled to undergo on Tuesday of next week will repair his problem, and we'll soon be "back to normal"... or whatever passes for "normal" in this house... by mid September. Your patience, prayers, and well-wishes have been appreciated, my dear swap-partners!!! THANK YOU!!


ABOUT ME: Awww... shucks... do I HAVE to talk about ME??... hmmm... okay. I'm a mischievous pixy who's lived 216 seasons. I like live music, laughter, and any opportunity to have a little fun! Truly... I'm suffering from a major case of "Peter Pan Syndrome". I don't wanna grow up! (and it shows) Most things about my mundane life you'll learn with ease as you get to know me... I'm pretty open about stuff... but the first thing you'll realize is that I'm always looking for the next bit of fun and excitement! I love meeting new people and embarking on new adventures! I'm a firm believer in Balance...in life, love, work, family, relationships, and faith. I believe that we mere mortals have more control over our lives than we exercise, and that if we truly choose to, we can make the world a better place, even if it's only our immediate surroundings. I enjoy spending time in book shops, theaters, concerts, Renaissance or fantasy faires, pirate festivals, chili cook-offs, or any other venue where the gathering is aimed at food, fun, and fellowship! I love animals, and have 6 small dogs (their total weight is still less than 50 lbs). I like role playing games, mystery stories, puzzle books, fairies, frogs, dragons, live music, movies and good conversation. You can win my deepest affection with premium chocolate, or an RC Cola & a Moon Pie! Drop me a line... let's get acquainted!

NOTE to Swap Partner(s): I will NOT flake. I ALWAYS read and consider my swap partners profile before packaging my items. If you don't receive your items sent from me in a timely manner, please message me first before rating. And if you have a problem with something I've sent, let me know. I'll do what I can to make it right!

Favorite Music

Favorite Music: Most any genre is great. I'm a classic rock fan, mostly, but love blues/jazz, country, anything, really - - love all music from bluegrass to opera, folk music to industrial. As long as it's talented.

Favorite Books

Favorite Books: Enjoy Mystery/Thrillers... Horror, Fantasy Fiction, some Sci-Fi, a smattering of Paranormal Romance. Anything with a good set of multi-dimentional characters that show progress/development through the story. I'm open to most kinds of fiction, but (unless it's a truly interesting read) I usually leave non-fiction on the shelf.

Favorite Movies

Favorite Movies: Wow.... now there's another wide open category. I like all kinds of movies. I tend to avoid Anime (because my son overdoses on it) - - but I enjoy everything from Comedy to Horror (I put them both in the same category), and Drama to Adventure. Family Films, Animated Features, Love Stories, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.... you name it, I'll probably watch it. The one type of movie that seems to fall to the bottom of my enthusiasm range are war movies... but if the characters are well-developed and the story holds my interest (and it's not all about the war-strategy), I'm game.

Favorite Television

We don't watch a lot of mainstream TV at my house anymore, but there are a few series that I enjoy... I'll find them on Netflix or online, or DVD. I also DVR a few "reality contest" shows to overdose on when I'm feeling the need to do something totally brainless.

  • Tattoo Nightmares / Ink Master

  • Jim Henson's Creature Shop

  • Face-Off / Heroes of Cosplay

  • NCIS

  • Switched at Birth

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Big Bang Theory

There are others that I've watched in the past and enjoyed...

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Angel

  • Highlander

  • Bones

  • House

  • The Glades

  • The Mentalist

And more that I'm sure I don't remember right now...

Favorite Crafts

As far as crafts go, I'm probably what Martha Stewart would be if she had grown up in West Texas, chased lizards, played with snakes and could beat up all the boys on her block. :) I'm a "dabbler" - love to do LOTS of different crafts, but not sure I'm "really good" at any of them.

  • NEWEST UNDERTAKING - learning to do Quilling! - funkiest papercraft I've tried yet!

  • Scrapbooking / Journal Making / Paper Crafts

  • Leather Work / Tooling

  • Plastic Canvas Needlepoint

  • Poly-clay Sculpting

  • Craft Sewing

  • Gimping (working with plastic or leather lacing)

  • Native American Artifact reproduction

  • Costuming

  • Jewelry / Accessory Making (mostly beads/objects and feathers - things like hat bands, boot jewelry, hair decor, bracelets & necklaces)

  • Paper Mache

  • Decoupage

  • Pewter Figure Painting (miniatures)

Past crafts (haven't done either of these in years):

  • Ceramics

  • Porcelain Doll Making

I like to use discarded and neglected/ignored items in my crafts whenever possible. It reinforces to me that EVERY thing CAN have purpose in life, and given the right perspective and motivation… we can choose to see things in a beautiful way! :)


Things I collect (Figurines/Pictures/Etc.):

  • Fairies

  • Dragons

  • Frogs

  • Mighty Beanz - - This obsession started in March of 2015. These things are so cute! I have TONS of them... but WANT THEM ALL!!! If you're interested in knowing which ones I'm looking for, feel free to ask!

  • Professional Wrestling Trading Cards - - Don't Laugh! ;) ... Okay... you can laugh, a little. ;)

  • Magic - the Gathering trading cards

  • Troll Dolls (both the silly little plastic ones, and the Ny Form Figures from Norway)

  • Wolves

  • Krystonia Figures

  • Little Cheesers (Mouse Figurines by Ganz)

  • Animalitos

  • Crafting crap of every imaginable type. I am a border-line hoarder of buttons, greeting cards, broken jewelry, beads, stickers, paper, keys, odd hardware, books, playing cards, magazine cut-outs, bits and bobs, odds and ends, and - in general - all sorts of crap.

Favorite Colors

I love all kinds of colorful things... but my favorites are

  • Purples (all shades)

  • Blues (all shades)

  • Pinks (all shades)

  • Jewel Tones (royal blue, burgundy, emerald/jade green, amber, etc...)

Stuff I don't like much:

I'm usually VERY easy to please, and I love all kinds of stuff, but there are a few things I'm not so crazy about...

  • Black Licorice Candy (Love other flavors)

  • Coffee and Coffee Flavored things - I get my caffeine from Cola mostly (Coca-Cola or Especially love Royal Crown or "RC" Cola)

Turn Offs:

Swappers who are overly-picky or negative about swapping. If you have allergies, or extreme dislikes, I get that... but, seriously, if you receive something you don't particularly like or don't think you'll use, just pass it on!... I don't understand why some folks get "don't you dare send" attitudes about things that someone else is kind and generous enough to mail to them.

I also don't understand swappers who get judgmental and vindictive when rating partners based on how they value things that they received in a swap. It's my understanding that ratings should be based on whether or not the item was received, and whether or not it met the swap requirements (as laid out by the swap coordinator) If you aren't here because you enjoy sharing and giving - - why do this?

I guess I'm just a "positive" person, and I am hoping that all my Swap-Bot experiences are fun and up-lifting. I want all my partners to be kind and gracious in these exchanges, I know that I shall strive to be kind and gracious to them! :)

Feel free to communicate with me!


sleepingrover2010 rated for Adult Coloring PC #67 USA on Mar 20, 2018
Comment: Hello PK, Thank you so much for your fun envelope of goodies you sent me along with Adult Coloring PC #67. Your note was very pleasant and I enjoyed reading it. Your coloring piece was beautiful. and it looked like you used markers. I look forward to using the supplies you sent to me. Thank me very much. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: You are SO welcome... and that YOU for your patience on the re-do! The card was actually done with Colored Pencils... some of my new NEON set from Michael's Crafts! Enjoy!
iridescentspark rated for easy 25 sticker swap on Mar 15, 2018
Comment: I received my stickers and they were fabulous!! Thank you soooo much!!!
Kalalinga rated for Color Me Whimsey--PINK on Feb 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the pretty pink items. They will be so useful in my crafting. I liked your letter too.
Response: You are so welcome! I love Pink! Hope you get a chance to do some fun stuff with the goodies! Happy Swappin'~!
Poohtat rated for January Happy Mail on Jan 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelope stuffed with goodies!!
Response: You are so welcome! Hope you have some fun with it! :) Keep on Swappin'!
bjmonroe rated for CQ Spring Button Fairy - USA on Aug 1, 2015
Comment: What a wonderful, generous package. I had to check the calendar to see if it was Christmas, I love everything. The button fairy is adorable. Thank you so much
Response: Thank YOU so much for your patience! Things are a little topsy-turvy for us around here, but putting together your package was a nice "change of pace". Thanks again for the nice rating comments and the <3!!
sillyhoffmann rated for Another Crappy Swap #2 on Jun 25, 2015
Comment: I didn't want to open it because the box was so pretty!. Love both so very much! Beautiful work. And as for a book suggestion; The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd.
Response: Thanks for the kind rating comments, the book recommendation, and the <3! Happy Swappin'!!
kielpo rated for Lost in Wonderland ATC: Mad Hatter on Jun 16, 2015
Comment: WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Thanks so much for the most awesome ATC's and package! I love it all! I feel so 'spoiled'. Lots of <3 <3 <3 <3's
Response: It was SO fun to do them!! Glad you liked your package! :)
moM rated for HC: Bohemian Dreamcatcher on Jun 3, 2015
Comment: Ok. WOW! WOW! WOW! I don't know where to start... With the dream catcher? With all the absolutely thoughtful and well chosen goodies? With the fact that I've already run one errand in my jeep with the top down BLASTING Tchaikovsky? This package was a-maz-ing. Thank you so much! I hope you haven't had too much trouble with the weather there in Texas. Stay safe and.....HAVE FUN STORMING THE CASTLE!
Response: YAY!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!! After all the craziness of getting the thing out of here in one piece! LOL!! :) Thanks for the kind rating comments and have a SWAPPY Day!!
Comment: This is the nicest, sweetest package I've received! Not only are the ATCs great--that evil Cheshire Cat is SCARY!!!--but it really made my day that you looked through my profile and sent so many things that I love! I couldn't believe it when it opened it and afterwards I couldn't stop smiling! My daughter had a blast too, "Mama, look at all the presents!" She's 2 1/2. I can't thank you enough! I think the best way I can thank you is by passing along the love, so rest assured that in the near future one of my partners is going to get a package that brings a happy tear to her eye, and it will be inspired by you. I just wish I could give MULTIPLE hearts!!
Response: Awesome!!! If I had known more about your daughter, I'd have included something special for her! NEXT TIME, for sure!!! :) Thanks for the sweet comments, and KEEP SWAPPIN'!
Comment: It's always a joy to get something from you as you send such interesting extras along with the great swap ATC's-thanks for sharing and swapping
Response: I LOVE to send and receive from YOU, too! You are one of my favorite swappers! So glad you enjoyed the package! Thanks for the kind rating comments & the <3 !!
Comment: Wow, two beautiful atc's! I've been getting some pretty lame atcs lately, so when I opened your envie I was so delighted! Not only that, you sent me some pretty sweet extras! Thank you so very much! <3<3
Response: So happy you found them delightful! :) Have a wonder day, and KEEP SWAPPIN'!
Comment: Thanks so much PK for the wonderful package! I love the ATCs and I am so excited to add them to my collection of Alices. All the goodies were so sweet. I adore all the book pages, I actually had the one with all the nursery rhymes when I was a kid! You were so thoughtful to send me such a special swap. Take Care -Vane
Response: I always get "Alice happy" when I start Wonderland ATCs... I have lots more stuff that I pull out whenever a Wonderland ATC swap pops up! LOL!! So glad you liked them! Thank you for the kind rating comments and the <3 !! Have a Swappy Day! :)
MissWhimsy rated for Book Lover's Pocket Letter-USA on May 29, 2015
Comment: You always send such fantastic, and thoughtful swap packages! Thank you so much!!! I loved everything, such special goodies. You always make your swaps feel so personal, I can't wait to use all the great stuff! This was my first time doing a pocket letter too, but I thought yours was awesome!!! :)
Response: I did enjoy this one... we should do one of these about every 6 weeks or so! LOL!! Like I need much "book recommending"... I have over 4500 books waiting to be read in my upstairs library! LOL!! Thanks for the kind rating comments, and KEEP ON SWAPPIN'! :)
dartha rated for Ocean ATC on May 28, 2015
Comment: THANK YOU so much for 3 GORGEOUS ATCs. You are a major over-achiever! And for all the wonderful extras. WOW Texas size is big! PK what can I say - thank you! Have an amazing weekend, darla
Response: LOL!!! Glad you liked them! They were a lot of fun to do. Thanks for the <3 and KEEP SWAPPIN'! :)
wolfeagle rated for Altered Paint Brush-USA on May 27, 2015
Comment: Seriously, I love this doll. She is one of my favorites! Thank you so much. And the quote is perfect...I actually keep a book of Thoreau poems in my nightstand.
Response: The more I worked with her (sculpting her face, especially) the more I came to like her as well... I was actually sad to see her go! LOL!!... I've got another paintbrush that's of a similar style, and I think I'll have to make another one. :)
lovesreward rated for Pick 3 Swap - May USA only on May 21, 2015
Comment: Wow. Okay, I want to give you TWENTY hearts for this amazing package! I see that you are correct and are bad with numbers as there were MANY more items than three in here! I actually got teary eyed opening your package tonight. I had a rough day at work and when I came home to see your brightly colored package sitting on my doorstep, my mood lightened up; then I opened it and WOW! I love your gifts to me - too many to mention but a few of the awesome things are the "piece" of land I now own, the stationery in it's many forms, drink goodies,coins, stamps, address labels, fabric, book, recipes... my goodness gracious, you have spoiled me in the most amazing and grand way possible. Thank you thank you THANK YOU from the bottom (and top!) of my heart. <3 Gah, seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!!
Response: LOL!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed your package! - - It's always fun to hear that the arrival of one of my swaps served to brighten an otherwise tough or dreary day! I enjoyed assembling it for you! Thanks for the awesome rating comments - - they made MY day!
christy102194 rated for 5 Oddities for 5$ O.o on May 20, 2015
Comment: This was perhaps one of the best packages I have EVER received. A million thank yous for the wonderful oddities you've sent my way! I filmed the video and it is here if you'd like to take a gander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ZKbnuFGX4 Those MINTS! I really like em! I felt like a kid in a candy store the entire time I was opening the package XD
Response: Hope you enjoy the package! Let me know! Thanks for the nice rating (without even seeing the inside?) LOL!! ** Update: SO cool to watch your unboxing! Glad you had fun with the package! Happy Swappin'!
Comment: Wow! Thanks for the two lovely ATCs, they came out really good. Thanks too for the extras, I'll put them to good use. ~Wendy
Response: Thank you so much! Glad you liked them! KEEP SWAPPIN'! :)
starrynight44 rated for Western Theme ATC--Hee Haw! on May 7, 2015
Comment: Wow!!!I love everything you sent me. The atc's are awesome, one of my favorite themes. Nice art work. The extras are great, can use it all. Many hearts to you for a wonderful swap. Take care, Carol
Response: So glad you enjoyed it!! - - Thanks for the kind rating comments and the <3!! Keep Swappin'!
LavenderSprinkles rated for Necklace Swap on May 4, 2015
Comment: Hello there! Thank you so much for this swap. I have been sick all week and your swap brightened my day. I was so shocked that you practically spoiled me with six beautiful necklaces. I really enjoyed this swap. Every necklace was simply beautiful and exactly my style. My girls and I had fun unwrapping them! Thanks for the fun way you wrapped them! Here's a million hearts for you!!!!!
Response: So glad you liked my choices!! I'm VERY pleased that you were pleased! Have a GREAT day and thank you for the kind rating comments and the <3s!!

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kittyhahahotbot on Sep 13, 2020:

Hay girl. Im going thru a "crappy swap" you sent me 5 years ago-go which made me look you up. HOpe youre just fine. Thinking of you!

fireyvalkyrie on Oct 22, 2018:

Hey lady i have been off here forever glad too see your still here

creationsbytee on Dec 24, 2015:

starhiker on Jun 1, 2015:

Thanks so much PK you are a gem!

fireyvalkyrie on May 28, 2015:

As soon as i move i would love to do another creepy doll swap either private with you or host another or Both lol

MissWhimsy on Mar 14, 2015:

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Such a Fantastic RAK box of books you sent me!!! I feel so spoiled and you are always so generous and add such personal touches, I love the assortment of bookplates, and cat bookmark, and letter you sent along with all the books! You are the best! Those books will definitely keep me busy while I'm home recovering from surgery. The surgery went well yesterday and now the task at hand is just to control the pain I'm having, but I've got pain meds & I see my chronic pain doc this coming Tuesday. Thank you again so very much for your generosity & thoughtfulness! Hugs, Sarah :)

JeanetteC on Dec 26, 2014:

HI PK. I was cleaning off my crafting desk from the holiday clutter and found the envie you sent my crappy journal in...I didn't realize you recovered an old one with duct tape, here I thought you bought it that way. I thought it was cute before but now I am really impressed by your time and effort put into each aspect of that swap. I didn't want it to go unnoticed =o) Happy 2015!

Candyn29 on Oct 29, 2014:


hollycm6 on Oct 20, 2014:

I received your fun halloween RAK... Thank you!!! Full of smiles!

luleemik on Oct 20, 2014:

LOVE the great PumPKin package:) What an over the top RAK!! Thank you so much!

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