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100 Crafty Questions - Newbies Welcome edit: 4 par

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100 Crafty Questions - Newbies Welcome edit: 4 par
Swap Coordinator:thebragal (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts 
Number of people in swap:88
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:4.50 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:July 20, 2012
Date items must be sent by:July 31, 2012
Number of swap partners:4

I love learning about why people craft, what they’ve tried and how they enjoy their craft. I’ve included a small section so your partner gets to know you because I think that often helps when we answer other questions.

Section 1 – Tell Us About Yourself

  1. Name and Swap-Bot ID

  2. Who lives in your home with you?

  3. What is/was your secular job?

  4. Who do you interact with on a daily basis (include by IRL as well as phone, email and pets)?

  5. Where do you live? Location and type of home.

Section 2 – Swap-Bot

  1. How did you find out about Swap-Bot?

  2. How long have you been a member?

  3. What was your favourite swap?

  4. What is your favourite group? If you aren’t in any groups, what type of group would you like to start or belong to?

  5. Least Favourite swap?

  6. How many times have you been flaked on? What was the most time intensive or expensive swap you were flaked on?

  7. Did anyone ever try to pass off something they didn’t make as their own?

  8. How did you pick your username?

  9. How many swaps are you typically in at any one time?

  10. Have you ever seen a message saying you cannot sign up for a swap because you are at the maximum (20)?

  11. Have you ever personally messaged Rachael (founder)? If yes, about what? If no, what would you say if you did write to her? (hopefully thank you?)

  12. What changes would you make to the site if you ran it?

  13. Have you ever hosted a swap? If yes, what was your favourite? If no, why not?

  14. Have you made friends here? Have you met any IRL?

  15. Any enemies here (probably a good idea not to name names)?

  16. Do you read the Swap-Bot blog? Have you visited any of the links posted there?

  17. How much do you spend on postage for your SB swaps?

Section 3 – Your craft

  1. What crafts have you tried?

  2. Which is (are) your favourite(s) and why?

  3. Which is (are) your least favourite(s) and why?

  4. Any you hated? Why?

  5. Which do you do on a regular basis?

  6. What did you do with any supplies you purchased for the crafts you didn’t like?

  7. Do you have any crafty goals/New Year’s resolutions for yourself?

  8. What craft would you like to learn?

  9. Have you ever done crafts for a company for payment (in kind or money)?

Section 4 – Craft Classes

  1. Have you ever taken a craft class? What and where? If not, why not?

  2. Did you enjoy it?

  3. Have you ever taught a craft class (even informally)? Taught your kids?

  4. Ever take a class you hated? Describe it.

  5. Ever take a class where you knew more than the teacher and could have taught the class?

  6. If you could take your dream class, what would the topic be, where would you take it and who would teach it?

  7. Who would you like to teach your craft(s) to? This can be a dream like teaching a celebrity or more realistic like teaching friends or family.

  8. How would you teach your craft(s)? (In person, online, vivideo, written tutorial etc...) Would you create a project or just practice techniques?

  9. Have you ever been to a craft convention or festival?

  10. How do you learn best?

  11. If you could choose how long a class would be, it would be____?

Section 5 – Travel and Crafting

  1. Do you take any crafts with you when you travel (anything from waiting room at the doctors to airplane travel)? If so, what and if not, why not?

  2. Does what you take with you differ depending on the type of travel?

  3. Have you ever traveled somewhere specifically to visit a particular shop, take a class or go to a craft convention?

  4. Do you look up stores near to your vacation destinations?

  5. Ever have trouble with crafts while traveling? Messes, issues at airports…

  6. Ever met with a crafting friend or met a new crafting friend while on vacation?

Section 6 – How You Craft at Home

  1. How much time do you spend crafting?

  2. Where do you craft?

  3. What time of day do you craft?

  4. Do you wish you could spend more time crafting? How much would be enough?

  5. Do you let other things slide to make time for crafting?

  6. Do you craft while you do something else? (watch TV, listen to music…)

  7. Is this a permanent space, a temporary space or one you set up each time you craft?

  8. Are you organized?

  9. What types of storage do you use?

  10. Do you wish you had more space?

  11. Do you need to destash/reorganize?

  12. Describe your dream space? You could send a photo if you already have it!

  13. Does anyone in your home craft with you? Who and what do you do together? If no, who do you wish would craft with you?

  14. Does anyone in your home steal your craft supplies (for crafts or other household use)?

  15. Do you ever make things to sell? How do you sell them? Give us a few examples of what you charge on average. List any links to your store(s).

  16. Do you use what you make? Gift it? Give it away to charity? Stash it? Something else?

  17. Do you use your craft to make gifts? For what occasions?

  18. Do you think people really appreciate what you make (whether they just see what you make or you give it to them)?

  19. Does anyone else in your family or who lives with you craft or have crafty type hobbies?

Section 7 – Reading and Internet

  1. Do you buy magazines about your craft?

  2. Do you buy/borrow books about your craft?

  3. Do you read blogs or visit internet sites about your craft?

  4. Is this mainly for inspiration or to learn?

  5. Do you have a blog? If so, what do you post and how often do you post? Please give us a link. If not, why not? If you had a blog, what would you call it? What would you post?

  6. Do you enter any contests online? For a craft challenge or for prizes? Ever win?

  7. Do you ever look up instructions for your crafts?

  8. Whose work do you admire?

  9. How long do you spend doing crafty things on the internet?

  10. How long do you spend reading crafty magazines (paper or online)?

  11. Do you think paper magazines are becoming a thing of the past?

  12. Do you subscribe to any magazines? In what format?

  13. How many crafty books do you own?

  14. How often do you buy crafty books and where?

Section 8 – Shopping

  1. Where do you shop for supplies?

  2. Ever shop online? If so, where and for what? If not, why not?

  3. Favourite shops?

  4. What do you spend on crafting?

  5. Ever gone into debt to buy crafty items or things for your crafting space?

  6. Do you save money by making things you’d otherwise buy?

  7. Ever buy craft supplies at a garage sale or second-hand sale?

  8. Ever have supplies donated to you?

  9. Ever donate supplies to a charity?

  10. What was your most expensive purchase?

Section 9 – Crafty Thoughts?

  1. What motivates you to craft?

  2. How long is too long without crafting?

  3. How do you feel if you can’t craft for a while?

  4. Do you ever get frustrated crafting?

  5. Have you ever lost your mojo (lost desire to craft or lack inspiration or hate everything you make)?

  6. Ever had a long period of time when you had to quit crafting? Why? How Long?

  7. Ever thought about quitting?

  8. Can you imagine a life without crafts?

  9. Ever get angry at how someone spoke about your crafts (like putting it down, calling it home ec-y)?

  10. Ever argue with someone you live with about the amount of time, space or money dedicated to your crafts?

  11. How does swapping make you feel? What do you get out of it?

  12. Anything ever threaten your ability to craft (physical, situtional or…)?

  13. How do you feel when you gift something you have made?

I've tried to construct the questions so they aren't simply yes or no. Please answer with at least one sentence. THere are actually about 106 questions so that allows you some room if you miss or wish to skip a few. You must rate a 5 if you get 100 well-answered questions sent on time. Please check your spam folder if you haven't received some emails by the deadline.

I am allowing pretty much everyone in with even semi-decent swap histories and I will angel if you get flaked on. This is a good swap to bring up bad ratings. If I'm already one of your partners, I will arrange for another angel. Newbies welcome. Please read the FAQ section if you have questions about sending or partner assignments. Any other questions, please PM me, I'm bad about checking the comments section.

Thanks! I'm hoping this will become a top 10! Rebecca


AlyxBee 06/28/2012 #

I sort of wish this had less partners, or I would join.

loricritt 06/28/2012 #

@Rudexvirus Why? It's an email swap so what does it matter if you have multiple people to email the same answers to?

orode 06/28/2012 #

what's IRL mean?

coolbaker5 06/28/2012 #

IRL = In Real Life

Muna 06/28/2012 #


you're right.The less the better. This will allow me to read thoroughly and the others will rate me fairly and just leave a 5 :( even without a comment. There are a 100 questions you know.

PrincessB 06/30/2012 #

Agreed on the prefer less partners. Sure it's easy for me to copy and paste but it gets labor-some to read 6 emails with 100 questions. On swaps like this I like to really read and then when rating add a comment about some of the answers that stood out to me. For long questionnaires like this 3 partners is a good number, 4 at most. However I guess I'll go ahead and join and just take my time on reading and rating.

DebR 06/30/2012 #

Will it be allright to send this by swapbot PM rather than email.

katrinainaz 07/ 1/2012 #

I agree with PrincessB left partners would be appealing to me.

thebragal 07/ 3/2012 #

Ok,I'll make it 4 partners. Hope I get more signing up!! I'm dying for this to be one a top 10!!

AlyxBee 07/ 3/2012 #

I feel better about 4 partners :) You're awesome for listening to the comments.

thebragal 07/ 4/2012 #

@DebR I'm fine with it going Pm rater than email. Just let your partner know before the deadline to look there either by PM or email. Or send your questions early by a couple days so they have time to find them there.

thebragal 07/ 4/2012 #

@Rudexvirus no problem. I'm eager to please! Please spread the word. I want this to go top 10 sooo badly!

leahsimone 07/ 4/2012 #

Great swap! Thanks for hosting this.

loricritt 07/ 4/2012 #

@DebR Personally I wouldn't want to get this via PM. Makes too long a PM and likely to be a big long mishmash. Why wouldn't you be able to email it?

racheljohnson 07/ 5/2012 #

Great swap! I just featured it on the Swap-bot blog here.

thebragal 07/ 5/2012 #

Wahoo! Top three! Thanks to everyone who has joined so far!!

AlyxBee 07/ 6/2012 #

Aw, congrats on the Feature!

thebragal 07/ 9/2012 #

Thanks @Rudexvirus And an extra special thanks to @racheljohnson

Prpldy 07/10/2012 #

This sounds like fun, not only to answer but to read the emails as well. I signed up.

thebragal 07/12/2012 #

No way! :) number 1 baby! Wahoo!!!!

Gofeen 07/12/2012 #


GrammaSherry 07/12/2012 #

OMG - If you get me - you will for sure get hearts. It just took me over 2 hours to answer all the questions. I recommend you send your answers in a word document attachment. WHEW!

SilverHealer 07/13/2012 #

Haha, I'm with GrammaSherry about giving hearts! What a big load of questions! I LOVE THEM.

liptontee 07/14/2012 #

I've been working on these questions bit by bit, some of them are very though provoking and made me write a paragraph lol I hope my swap partners don't mind.

GrammaSherry 07/17/2012 #

@liptontee - I would love it - I tried to keep it simple.

thegrantgirl 07/18/2012 #

I loved answering my questions. I have them ready to roll!

bmarion01 07/20/2012 #

I just started, so can someone help me and tell me what to do? Sorry I am very interested in swaps and am so thrilled to be able to be a part of this, now I just dont know what to do:)...lol

fawnscrafts 07/20/2012 #

I have debated joining for a week or so. Now that I notice the partners have been lowered, thank you @thebragal I will join.

DebR 07/20/2012 #

@loricritt - Its not that I cant send them by email (and actually thinking about it I can see that sending it by PM would be difficult) it is just I have had a few problems with emails not getting through and know of one swapper who was given a 1, that was then changed to a 3 because the email didnt get through. I have been debating over whether to join this but as I have managed to answer most of the questions I think that I am going to.

Eramore 07/20/2012 #

Im a newbie who signed up for this and I am sorry to say but I just finished answering every question and whoever gets me is going to ready a book. Sorry, really I am!

Eramore 07/20/2012 #

ok just sounded like a nut who can't spell....i meant whoever gets me is going to be reading a book

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