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Journal Swap - Theme a day

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Swap Coordinator:ClareyFairy (contact)
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Number of people in swap:54
Last day to signup/drop:May 31, 2008
Date items must be sent by:July 1, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

I have recently begun journalling and I am really enjoying it so I have decided to start my own journal swap. For this swap you shall have 1 partner and will be sending a journal that you have kept for a month. Each day for a month you shall choose one of the themes below and journal that. There is no order to the themes, just pick one each day, but please make sure to do them all.

The journal can be store bought or handmade, but please make sure they are of a decent quality, we don't want them falling apart now do we.

Here are the themes (there are 31 in total)

  • write a letter to yourself in the future
  • find a photo of a person you do not know. Write a brief biography about them
  • Fill and entire page in your journal with small circles. Colour them in
  • create instructions for a simple everyday task (e.g. washing up, making a cup of tea)
  • Write a letter to somebody you admire
  • Glue a photo of yourself as a child into your journal. Write about what you think you were doing that day
  • Make a list of everything you would buy with a million pound (2 million dollars)
  • write an entry in code
  • find a photo, alter it in anyway you wish
  • illustrate your grocery list
  • make a map of everywhere you went in one day
  • cut out all media for one day, write about the effects (try to do this on a non work day, but if you work everyday you may continue to use the essential things - not swapbot!)
  • go for a walk, draw/list all the things you see
  • Physically alter a page (i.e. cut holes in it, pour tea on it, burn it, fold it etc)
  • glue an envie into your journal. For one week collect items you find in the street and put in the envie. Please don't put dangerous or really dirty items in.
  • Draw or list all the things in your purse/bag (the bag you carry all your belongings around in i.e. money, phone, lipgloss, hairbrush, diary. Not the one your money and cards go in)
  • Write your own definition of one of the following concepts - sitting, waiting, sleeping or eating
  • write an entry in your journal in really LARGE letters (free choice what you actually write)
  • Write down a secret. Cut it up and glue back randomly. You could cut the letters from differant newspapers and magazines if you wished
  • create a character based on somebody you know. Write a list of personality traits
  • Create an image using dots
  • list 10 of your habits (or all of them if you have less than 10)
  • list 10 things you would like to do every day
  • list your 10 most important things. Not including animals or people
  • make a list of everything you buy in the next week
  • write in your journal using a differant medium (i.e. brush & ink, charcoal, old typewriter, crayons, markers) (again free choice what you write about)
  • Draw the individual items of your favourite outfit
  • Find a piece of poetry you respond to. Rewrite it and glue it in your journal
  • record all the sounds you hear in one hour
  • write about your relationship with a household appliance (i.e. washer, dishwasher, kettle)
  • cut a random shape out of layers of a magazine. Make a collage of the results.

So thats the 31 themes now. You will have a month to send your journal after partners have been assigned, although you could sit and do most of them in a day if you wanted.

Most of the themes came from Keri Smiths 100 ideas for journalling but if anybody has any other ideas for fun themes I do plan on doing this swap again with differant ones. Leave your themes below or PM me. I will give you credit for the theme!

This is an international swap as it shouldn't cost much to post. Ratings over a 4.9 since alot of work will be going into them. No recent no sends. Sorry no newbies either, although I would be willing to do private 1 on 1's with newbies for the same thing. I will not ban people until after sign ups are closed, but if there is a swapper you feel shouldn't be in the swap please let me know and I can be sure to look further into it.

Any questions you can either PM me or comment below.


Muriel 04/22/2008 #

WOW!!! love this idea.

goddessamy 04/22/2008 #

this swap sounds fantastic


lw2dragonflies 04/22/2008 #

i am soo excited for this! what fun!

havehope76 04/22/2008 #

Too bad Im still a newbie. It would come as an early bday present for me (My bday is July 5th). Would be willing to do it privatly. Just get back to me. Or I'll look for similar swaps, w/ diff choices obviously, once Im more established. -jH

ClareyFairy 04/23/2008 #

WOW I never expected to get so many swappers, and its not even been on a day yet! I'm glad you are all excited for it, it is going to be such fun.

havehope I'm sorry you can't join this swap! I have PM'd you about doing a private one for the same though if you wish

Sam 04/29/2008 #

i cannot believe this I have made my journal and nearly finished it woohoo

ClareyFairy 05/ 1/2008 #

does anybody have any ideas for themes for the next one?

bren 05/ 2/2008 #

-10 things you want to do/accomplish before you die. -Create a picture using words, written or cut and paste. -10 pet peeves and why they bother you. -Write an entry following the edge of the page and spiral inward, turning your journal as you write. -Write backwards, so it needs to be read in a mirror. -Clip and glue a magazine image and write a short story about it. -Make rubbings of textured flat items, like kids do with leaves and coins. -"What is it?" Take at least 5 recognizable magazine images, cut and paste a small(no less than 1X1") identifying portion on one page, ie. scales of a fish(label them 1, 2, 3...). Then paste the remaining image several pages away for the answer.

carol 05/ 4/2008 #

Does this have to be handwritten? My handwriting is SO bad, I don't think anyone else could read it! I'd love to do this if I can type it and make a book/journal that way.

ClareyFairy 05/ 6/2008 #

Handwriting is preferable, but I don't see a problem with typing it, just be sure to do something differant for the 'write in your journal using a differant medium' entry

Nice idea's there bren, I am currently compiling a list for the next themed journal swap, and I will post here when I have listed it here on swapbot

rockstar20h 05/ 9/2008 #

I altered a composition book for this and it turned out great!! I am going to start on it Monday!! Great idea by the way!!

sunrooms 05/11/2008 #

I just went out and bought my journal. I'm so excited to do this! I also have a book 'Living Out Loud' by Keri Smith and I'm going to include some ideas from there as well. If you want to know some of these ideas, PM me! :D

anwyn 05/18/2008 #

i think i will have to drop from this swap as i don't think i will be able to commit enough time to it and don't want to send something half hearted or rushed to my partner. maybe i will be able to join a future swap. happy journalling!

solarts 05/19/2008 #

I'm looking forward to starting this one. My first challenging one. I wanted to ask you some questions. Each of the themes that we do does it matter how many pages? Since it's 31 themes it would be 31 pages? Does it matter what size the journal should be? Thanks for sharing this great idea. Cheers.

solarts 05/19/2008 #

Correction- Each of the themes that we do, does it matter how many pages?

solarts 05/19/2008 #

Here is my List of ideas: A sketch or a couple of sketches of anything such as trees, animals, a person, a place an object etc.

A collage of your favorite things, cut out from a magazine. Use either words, quotes, pictures etc. Positive things.

My favorite craft projects list and write out the list and how to make it etc. Add as many or just one.

My favorite artists where I live or in my state. One or more "alive not dead" artists. Glue or tape the artists business card or flyer onto the journal (if they have one) and about them briefly and why. Any website or book info about the artist etc. please add it. Add what their art work looks like from their flyer, website etc.

Create your own fantasy character: name it or him or her. It can be a person, animal, plant, object, entity. About the character briefly, example: female, she is witty, funny, and a ninja fighter etc. Sketch your character, color it or paint it , or graphics etc.

Make a list of five things that you would do or think of doing to help with our environment. Example- collect cans to recycle, volunteer cleaning up the park at the school etc.

Make a list of five or more things of what your state, town, neighborhood, college, work place, school, kids school etc. does to help with the environment. Examples: recycle paper, cans, glass in the neighborhood etc., or school collects newspapers to recycle, plant more trees in our park etc.

A list of the places you have been to even when you were a baby. If you remember, add if you loved the place or not. Add any photos, postcards, clippings what the place looks like.

Add some real photos of your pets, house or where you live (optional), where you go for fun, friends, favorite places etc. Create any which way you like for fun. Make it a collage.

Add your favorite music and share it with your friend. Make it a list or make a copy onto a cd and add it into the journal. Be create any which way you like. For example: My Favorite Summer Tunes or My Favorite Songs etc. Any type of music such as rock, international, classical, blues, jazz etc.

Those are my ideas of fun ones. Cheers.


solarts 05/19/2008 #

another idea: lol!

A list of fun things that you like to do or did besides tv, and besides the computer (not include swap-bot). lol! Ten or more things. Add colorful clippings from magazines, or photos, postcards, sketches etc. of your favorite fun activities. (Just a few of them)

Graphics fun! Create anything with graphics and add it in the journal. How you did it.

Make a list of what you would like to see or you would like to do to help our planet? (Or maybe you already do) Example: I would like to plant more trees in our backyard. Or I would like to read more about the endangered list and vote more often about protecting our native species etc. Add a sketch about anything about the environment theme in a positive out look.

I can go on. lol! Good night.

ClareyFairy 05/20/2008 #

Each entry doesn't have to be a set number of pages, I have done some that are 1 page, and some that are 3 pages. My journal is 7.5x5 inches I THINK, but it can be any size you would like it to be.

When the journal is finished it should have a minimum of 31 pages, one page for each theme, but the pages don't have to be full, just keep each entry on a seperate page if you get what I mean.

You have some fun ideas there, I will add them all to my list for the next journal swap I am currently planning and will be posting shortly

angel1985 05/20/2008 #

This is awesome fun! I'm having so much fun putting it together; finding it hard to pace myself and not finish it too quickly!

solarts 05/20/2008 #

I'm looking forward to going down to my favorite second hand bookshop to find a nice journal. I have a feeling I will do another one for myself, like a copy. After creating this one for my swap partner I would want another one to keep for myself. lol! Cheers,

solarts 05/20/2008 #

I have a new swap that I put together for the month of June if anyone is interested. It's called - Kawaii and Animation Fun!


In the discussion area is where I added different sites to check into.

Happy Swapping.

solarts 05/20/2008 #

Oh! Bugger! The site didn't show up. Here is the info again.


tkoufus 05/22/2008 #

this is sooooooo good . what a great idea. i am in!!!!

solarts 05/23/2008 #

It is pouring rain out here! Very unusual for our hot state of Az. I found some great journals that I picked up. Then I just realized that when mailing packages out such as books can be pretty expensive. I found one that is the least heaviest journal book to mail out. My handwriting can sometimes be difficult to read so I plan to write it as legible as possible. I have received postcards, or letters from other pen pals in the past that are very difficult to read their handwriting. F.Y.I. Please make it legible to read.

Silencio 05/26/2008 #


Just a couple of questions:

"write an entry in code " - Should we give a solution for the code?

"cut out all media for one day, write about the effects (try to do this on a non work day, but if you work everyday you may continue to use the essential things - not swapbot!)"

Okay, so I dont really get this one...can someone explaine it to me?

"Write down a secret. Cut it up and glue back randomly."

When you say randomly, the secret should still be readable right?

Thanks! :)

tkoufus 05/26/2008 #

silencio, i think when it says cut out all media for one day it doesnt mean cut up newspapers and stuff it means go without every kind of media for one day, that means for one day you have no tv, no radio, no computer, no text on the mobile, no magazines etc. unless it is a work day and you have to use some essential things.

as to the message in code, i am going to give the code and its message and then the receiver gets to decode it and find out just what i said.

writing a secret then cutting it up and gluing it all over th page at random. well yes, i guess the secret will be able to be read but they have to figure it out first. so dont make it one of your i must never tell type secrets if that is worrying you.

i hope this helps and i am sorry to the organiser if i have talked out of turn. if i have said anythign wrong then someone please correct me or my journal will be done wrong too.

Kimberly3 05/27/2008 #

Simply delightful! K3

ClareyFairy 05/27/2008 #

thanks tkoufus they are exactly what I meant. For the entry in code I have written a sheet with the code on, and then will write the message for the recepient to decode. I haven't yet decided if I will put the solution in the back or not, and that is upto you if you want to or not.

As for the secret one, I did one where I cut the words out, and glued the letters back scrambled, with each word having its own letters if you understand me. Another way you could do it would be like a hangman game, where you draw lines representing how long the words are, and then list all the letters at the bottom, which will make it harder for your partner to work out, if you wish it to remain a secret. Ultimatly they may be able to work it out, so don't use anything you wouldn't want somebody to read.

And the media answer was correct too, don't use anything that isn't 100% needed!

If anybody else needs help just shout and I, or somebody that sees before me will help you out :D

Sam 05/27/2008 #

and just a comment to add on plese remeber swapbot is none essential - i found this quite hard and used day the site was down lol

solarts 05/27/2008 #

Opps! I guess my Kawaii and Animation fun swap address didn't show up. Here is the site if anyone is interested in joining it. It's open. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/15997

Uniquehorn 05/30/2008 #

I'm having fun with this, thanks for organizing! :)

JWJW2 05/30/2008 #

This is certainly taking me out of my comfort zone of creating, but I'm loving it! I can't say that my journal is going to be the best one out there, but I promise I'm giving it all I have. :) This was a great idea! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. Thanks!

ozrob 05/30/2008 #

I was thinking this would take up so much time and thinking. But then I thought about a way to make it easier. Print out the 31 themes listed, cut them singular and stick one on each page of the journal! Then I'd know exactly what to do each day and the recipient would know each pages theme. Might work?!

Amandalee 05/31/2008 #

I am really excited for this swap!

You know ozrob, another way to do it would be to provide an index? Number the pages? I am not sure exactly how I plan on labelling each entry though.

I am using an old book for my journal, pages glued together & gesso'd etc. I think it is going to be such a fun & creative execise. I can't wait to see what my partner comes up with!

Thanks to ClareyFairy in advance for hosting!

bren 06/ 1/2008 #

ozrob- I had the exact same idea! This way, I would not be faced with a huge daunting list; just cut one out, paste it, write it.

ClareyFairy 06/ 2/2008 #

Thanks for being patient whilst I checked over the profiles of people. I got rid of a couple of swappers, and I hope the rest of you don't flake on it!

Most of all enjoy the swap and your journalling, and don't forget to join round 2!

lysrian 06/ 3/2008 #

"Write an entry in code"

oh my, I just did mine at lunch.... I wrote it in C#, I am a programmer, so saying "Write an entry in code" means somethign completely different.


ozrob 06/29/2008 #

I think I'm going to need at least a couple more days on this one!!

elizabethofcourse 07/ 1/2008 #

Pleeeease host another one of these. I'd love to give it a go.

rottifan4 07/ 2/2008 #

I don't understand this new set up. Where is the list of partners?

ozrob 07/ 2/2008 #

try the bottom of this page rottifan4

lonetealeaf 07/ 4/2008 #

Glad to see I am not the only one that needed a few more days to finish this up!

NolaBelle78 07/ 6/2008 #

Here are some theme ideas :

If you could listen to 1 cd with 30 songs, which songs would you choose ?

Write an entry about your favorite game to play

Write an entry/ post pictures about one of your interests

A list of places you have been (worldwide)

A list of towns you have been to in your state.

ozrob 07/ 6/2008 #

ok, mine is in the mail :o)

solarts 07/17/2008 #

Would anyone like to share some photos of the "Journal ....." swap they received from their partner?

ozrob 07/30/2008 #


lw2dragonflies 09/15/2008 #


tex82 09/16/2008 #

when you have another, please contact me

shalomdanielle 03/12/2009 #

Can you please organise abother one liek that please? International too!! thanks!!

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