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Ribbon Time again!

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Swap Coordinator:drewzel (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts 
Number of people in swap:90
Last day to signup/drop:February 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:February 22, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

Loved the last ribbon swap, so rolling it out again for February!

This is a ribbon by the yard swap. You will send 2 partners 2 yards of ribbon each.

The ribbon can be 2 yards of one ribbon, or you ca can use 1 yard of two different ribbons if you want but pieces must be at least 1 yard in length.

If something happens that you can not complete the swap please withdraw before closing. Once the swap is closed you are considered as committed! Please make sure the ribbon you send is something useable, not stained or wrecked.

International swap.

New swappers welcome - this is an easy one to test the waters with!

Remember swap karma - make sure you post your items, and give something that you'd be happy to receive!


threesweetpeas 01/19/2007 #

can you do another in march? pleaseeeeeeee???????

drewzel 01/19/2007 #

can't see why not!

user5965 02/ 2/2007 #

I'm so ready for this, got my ribbon and everything! hoping to find out my partners soon... :) how exciting!

user5648 02/ 2/2007 #

How many inches is a yard? This swap is good cause shipping cost will not be high!

girlzoot 02/ 2/2007 #

Is this for paper ribbon or fabric ribon, I have both, just wanna check.

cookiebear 02/ 4/2007 #

Sounds like fun. I'm presuming that this is for fabric ribbon and not "gift wrap" ribbon. Is that right?

drewzel 02/ 6/2007 #

Fabric ribbon please! I believe a yard is 36 inches (we use metric in Australia!) Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

princezna 02/ 8/2007 #

How many cm is a yard? :)

princezna 02/ 8/2007 #

Ok I found it, it's 91,4cm so I'll just buy a meter ;)

user6195 02/ 8/2007 #

What a great way to try out this swapping thing! I'm looking forward to fun new ribbon.

user4899 02/ 9/2007 #

I prefer fabric ribbon -- NO PINK or sparkly/glittery. Fave colors: orange, blue, green, purple, black. Loves florals, polka dots and stripes but solid colors are great to!!

michelle68 02/10/2007 #

I would love some natural colour twill ribbon with sentiment printed on it if possible.( dream, Believe, Travel etc.)Anything like that.Even 4 half yards. It's hard to get over here. Thank you.

Cnvingltlbtch 02/13/2007 #

this looks neat. i like purple, blue, yellow, green, i like the words printed on it, stuff like that. Probably anything would be fine. I use ribbon when making scrap books. Hope that gives my partner some ideas.

rhogre60 02/14/2007 #

this looks like a fun swap! i love ribbon, especially colors and novelty patterns. i like to use ribbon on my atc's and other altered art.

alicepalace 02/15/2007 #

pretty much anything goes with me, though for preference, i'm not too keen on stuff with words printed on it, and i prefer brighter colours to pastels.. and i love little patterns. but i'd be grateful for whatever you'd like to send :)

user6288 02/16/2007 #

i am new to this site... when it says to post your items.. are you supposed to post what you recieve or what you send?

IRISNQUILTS 02/17/2007 #

OK . . so am I losing it?!? Did anyone get their swap partners? I didn't . . .

user4899 02/17/2007 #

The swap coordinator has to activate the swap for partners to be generated -- if they dont do so -- partners should show up, w/in a day or 2 after.

Heather71 02/17/2007 #

I haven't had my partners details yet, but it's coming up with I haven't sent.

user4899 02/17/2007 #

Swap-Bot started doing it this way about a month or so ago:

HOW DO COORDINATORS ASSIGN SWAP PARTNERS? Swap coordinators are now responsible for innitiating the assignment of swap partners after the sign-up deadline. Once the sign-up deadline has passed, the coordinator must come back to Swap-bot to check over the list of swappers who have signed up for their swap. Any unwanted swappers can be banned at this time. It is then the coordinator's responsibilty to click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot does all of the actual partner assignments, the coordinators simply initiate the process after they have had a chance to check over the list of swap participants. IMPORTANT: Partners will not be assigned for your swap until you click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot will send you an email after the sign-up deadline reminding you to come initiate the partner assignment process. If the coordinator does not click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link, partners will automatically be assigned three days after the sign-up deadline.

user4899 02/17/2007 #

Mine are in evelopes ready to go -- on Tuesday (no mail in the US on Monday, its Presidents Day)... just need to know where there going so I can add the postage.


Heather71 02/17/2007 #

Hopefully when I come online tomorrow the organiser will have asked for the partners to be assigned. I won't have so much computer time next week as my daughter is on school holiday, but perhaps swapbot will have assigned the partners by that time too.

The ribbon is in the envelopes just waiting for the partners details.

ladydy5 02/17/2007 #

I guess most of us are awaiting the organizer to get organized so we can send and receive our swaps. Right? But tomorrow is the third day after the signup day so.....

alicepalace 02/18/2007 #

Right. So.. is it midnight that partners are automatically assigned? And in which time-zone? :) I\'ve got a busy coupla days up ahead so the sooner the better.

user5526 02/18/2007 #

I received my partners today so you all should be able to see them now...

alicepalace 02/19/2007 #

Oh yeah, cool. Thanks. I\'m a bit clueless about which way the time-differences go.. :)

user6152 02/19/2007 #

I haven\'t received my partner list. I\'ve searched the listing and clicked on the \"See Partners\" but it doesn\'t show anything.

user6152 02/19/2007 #

OK, Ignore my last message. I have my partners now.

user4899 02/19/2007 #

Mine are going out tomorrow to Laura in CA -- and Lindsey in Canada.

If you are to send TO me IM MOVING ON Saturday. The old addy will be forwarded so I\'ll still get it -- but I have a new address starting this coming weekend, 02/24. - nerk76 (Melanie)

user5532 02/20/2007 #

Mine is going out in the morning. To Tel Aviv and to Texas

tnmom6 02/21/2007 #

Mine are gone out already to Australia and England.

mapps 02/21/2007 #

Mine were sent today from Toledo, Ohio to Singapore and Australia.

Mscraftyt 02/21/2007 #

Mine were sent today from Tennessee to Heron, SD and New Orleans, LA.

user6214 02/21/2007 #

Mine are out today to Tel-Aviv and California. Both will take 8-10 days to get to the destinations.

chiquitgn 02/22/2007 #

I\'ve sent my ribbons today to Kansas and Australia.

brightdawn1891 02/22/2007 #

Ribbons on their way to Spain and Kansas City.

gramsbuttonbox 02/22/2007 #

heehee...I live in Huron SD, so maybe it\'s me, LOL - - and I sent mine out to Petersburg, IN and Mokena, IL last Saturday, but we\'ve had bad weather here and our internet connection has been out of whack! Hope they arrive soon! Have a good week all!

gramsbuttonbox 02/22/2007 #

oh dear...I mistyped that one - - mine went out to New Orleans and Ark, Va, - - I\'m SO sorry - if there\'s a way to delete that post, please do so - I really do apologize, I was just reading down my book, and put in the wrong cities for this swap!

Cnvingltlbtch 02/22/2007 #

Mine are on the way to Ohio & Italy.

alicepalace 02/22/2007 #

And mine are both goin out to the US. From England, so please be patient! :)

DianeM 02/22/2007 #

ally & cmhatcstamper your swaps went out today from New Jersey :)

mayki76 02/23/2007 #

Melissa and CraftyDiversions, your ribbons will be sent first thing next week. i was on vacation and could not sent it on date since the partners names were published at the last moment.

user6152 02/23/2007 #

Mine are on thier way to Katie in Seattle and Kristi in Birmingham. Mailed on Thursday.

cath 02/23/2007 #

Sent to my partners on Thursday : one to Canada and the other one to Spain

user5905 02/23/2007 #

I thought I was sending mine yesterday... until I realized that I couldn't use the postal machine to send to Canada. So mine are on their way to California and Ontario, Canada. Sorry for being a day late - they should still arrive on time.

michelle68 02/23/2007 #

Mine are on the way today. Both to the USA from Ireland. Hope you get them soon. Sorry for delay.

snarglebean 02/24/2007 #

Mine were mailed today to girlzoot and tikihead.... both within the USA and I live in NY so you should be getting them by early next week.

catlover 02/24/2007 #

Mine are being mailed today to New York and Colorado. You should be getting them during sometime next week.

CraftyDiana 02/24/2007 #

tnlady and sorcia..you are going to love the ribbons. I included lots of extra pieces! enjoy! xo

gramsbuttonbox 02/24/2007 #

Sent mine off the 22nd to New Orleans and Ark, VA, and received one today from Mscraftyt - these are so cute, thanks so much Tonya. (I have cousin with your name, and had a bit of a "double take" seeing your name, hahaha) - thanks so much, Mary

Heather71 02/26/2007 #

I received some beautiful ribbon from JoAnn this morning, what a lovely surprise to come home to. Thank you very much.

ladydy5 02/26/2007 #

Received my ribbon today, thanks J.Tropp from Ma.

user6152 02/26/2007 #

I received ribbon from Heather in Nottinghamshire. I love the pretty selection. Thanks!

MAT 02/26/2007 #

Pat Mc. Thanks for the ribbon, great selection. The bookmark was extra special. I love to read and will use it often and the ribbon will go good with crafts I do. Once again many thanks.

corynvall 02/27/2007 #

Received ribbons from Catherine from France and Jane from Canada. Both Swaps were so perfect. The ribbons are so cute! Thanks a lot girls :D

Hila 02/27/2007 #

Do you know when the Rating option will be available? I want to rate the amazing surprise i got from Inspira! Thank you so much (again)!

timmetje 02/27/2007 #


Today I received you really nice ribbons thank you! And you have sent more! thank you It will be fun to use them!


motes 02/27/2007 #

I got both of mine yesterday from my partners, both of whom are in Portugal! What lovely suprises!! Thank you both!

user6236 02/27/2007 #

I received my ribbon from espresso brown! thanks so much for the fun colors!

headnet72 02/27/2007 #

I receive mine from USA-Michelle and I love them all!!! 4 pretty ribbons! Thanks a lot!! and from Elotopia a girl from my country-Portugal. Thanks a lot!!!

Heather71 02/27/2007 #

I'm glad you liked it Connie. It's been a fun exchange. Now just to hear that the other pack has been received and I can heave a sigh of relief that the postal service has done its job properly once again.

user6073 02/27/2007 #

Alice, thank you! I received my ribbons today.

Heather71 02/28/2007 #

I received my ribbon from Amanda today. My daughter will love the beads thank you very much.

florspace 02/28/2007 #

Um, I know this is kinda dumb but how do you leave a rating for someone? Any help appreciated. :+)

user6152 02/28/2007 #

I'm ready to leave a Rating. Hopefully, it will be available soon.

mapps 02/28/2007 #

Judy! The adorable ladybug ribbon arrived thanks so much. It is perfect! Ashley

user6152 02/28/2007 #

Today, I received beautiful ribbons from Amanda in Australia. I love the gold ribbon with the stars! Thanks! I'll be posting ratings for both of my swappers as soon as they let us.

alicepalace 03/ 1/2007 #

I have received both of my swaps, and thanks so much to both, they're lovely. Strangely - I don't know if it's just a weird coincidence or some kind of vibe i give off - both partners sent me orange ribbon with white polka dots! Good choice though :)

user6152 03/ 1/2007 #

Just a note to say, I've left ratings for both of my partners. Drewzel -- Thanks for hosting a such a fun swap!

princezna 03/ 3/2007 #

I haven't received anything yet!!! :(

brightdawn1891 03/ 3/2007 #

Thanks Karen. Got your ribbon yesterday.

Heather71 03/ 3/2007 #

I've left feedback for both my partners :) I'm just wondering whether luvseattle received hers yet? I know Connie received hers about 4 days after I sent it and I sent them both at the same time.

user6152 03/ 3/2007 #

HEATHER -- I think some people just don't realize, they should let us know that our items have arrived. I sent extras, by Priority Mail. Neither of the ladies has posted a message saying that they received the boxes.

user5681 03/ 4/2007 #

Thanks to Laura LMM and Lindsey from Canada! Loved all my ribbon!

chiquitgn 03/ 5/2007 #

I received my ribbons last saturday. Thank you so much to my two partners. I hope my sendings arrive quickly, but Australia is so far away from Spain ;)

florspace 03/ 6/2007 #

I received everything today! Ashley's came real fast and it was real lovely! Judy's came today, totally worth the wait! Thanks so much you girls!

Can we do another for March, PLEASE? :+)

user6214 03/ 6/2007 #

The post is taking long for Dragonfly's package to get to me and I'll be worrying until I hear from CoconutGoddess that she received hers from me.

user3157 03/ 6/2007 #

Wondering if T Neal and Helen Conway received the ribbon I sent... I have received mine from both my partners and rated them too. By the way, thanks to Ally and cmhatcstamper! Lovely ribbon! Would sure like to know that my partners got their packages... Thanks!!

rhogre60 03/ 6/2007 #

i got my ribbon pkgs from both my partners, thank you so much! i love the ribbon... such special pieces! i will hvae to start a ribbon collection for pieces of ribbon that i just can't bare to use in a project because i want to keep them! LOL this was fun!


rhogre60 03/ 6/2007 #

Dizzyjadey and bushgirl... i sent the ribbons out once, but i didnt' realize i had to fill out a paper at the post office to mail them so they got returned. i'm such a goof. anyway, they are sent back out the RIGHT WAY. i think i might have made a mistake, but it only means you'll get a bonus in your ribbon pkg! lol for some reason i had written down that you were also my partners in another swap, so i sent both in the same envelope... lol... i've been a bit rushed lately and stressed. when i resent them, i just left it that way. hope you enjoy it.


CraftyDiana 03/ 9/2007 #

It's been a few weeks and I haven't received anything from either of my partners. Melissa and CraftyDiversions...are the ribbons in the mail? Thanks! :-)

user6073 03/ 9/2007 #

Melissa and CraftyDiana -- I sent your packages on Feb. 24th and personally took it to the Post Office. Have your received them yet?

user6073 03/ 9/2007 #

:(( Now I'm obsessing about why CraftyDiana has not received the ribbon, and wondering if Melissa has received hers. I even asked the post office lady if it was okay to send in a regular envelope before giving it to her to weigh.

Cnvingltlbtch 03/13/2007 #

i still havent received my ribbon from my 2nd partner (Lyndsey), she's still marked as not sent. Very disapponting.

tangledthreads 03/19/2007 #

Sorry, I didn't realize we were suppose to come on here and post when we received the ribbons (my first swap..lol) But I received alot of Ribbon from Mildred (thanks!) but am still waiting on Ribbon from Lynn. I never received the first set she sent and she said she was resending the 13th, haven't received that set either, guess you never know with mail.


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