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Swap Coordinator:marcsgrl (contact)
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Number of people in swap:23
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:October 31, 2009
Date items must be sent by:February 28, 2010
Number of swap partners:1


UPDATED: I have had some messages from people who are finding it hard to fill their books so I am going to adjust the amount of pages to at least 20 quality pages. If you can do more that is awesome.

The idea for this swap is to buy a notebook or sketchbook full size only no mini notebooks and fill at least 40 (more would be awesome though) pages with paper items you find on the ground. This can be little notes, grocery lists, receipts, clothing tags, recipes, photos, envelopes, whatever you can find as long as it is paper. Try to add a large variety of things and add multiple items per page. We want this to be filled with all kinds of Found goodies. You will be sending this to your partner so be sure you are willing to part with it before you sign up. Remember you will be getting an equally interesting journal of found items back. If you would like to make notes by the items saying where you found them then that would be great. They can not be personal to you, they have to be found. This will also be a nice way to pick up some of the paper that litters our planet.

In order to join this swap you must have completed at least 5 package mail swaps and have no lower than a 4.8 rating. You also must have no 1/3's in the last 3 months of active swapping. If you feel that you were given a three unjustly feel free to email me and we will discuss it. There will be a long due date on this so we can fill our books to the max. You can start filling as soon as you sign up since this swap is not profile or partner based.

I will not be able to angel this so please only join if you intend to send.


spin 09/12/2009 #

So going to watch this! Wonderful idea! :D

Swan 09/12/2009 #

Thanks for alerting me to this new version. I'm not watching both versions, the English and this international one.

I'll see how many things I find before the sign-up date to see if it'll be enough.

Swan 09/12/2009 #

I meant I'm now watching...

marcsgrl 09/12/2009 #

lol, great. :)

marcsgrl 09/12/2009 #

I hope no one minds the longer due date for this one. Since I am in both groups I might need extra time to find enough items. Also feel free to add anything to these books that is paper, cigar bands, labels, anything you need in order to fill them up. :)

spin 09/12/2009 #

So even things we have? Or do these things (lables etc) have to be found as well?

Tatsu 09/12/2009 #

Can we put in flat plastic labels? Like cookie,chocolate wrappers,e tc?

marcsgrl 09/12/2009 #

Everything for this journal must be found outside of your own residence. I would prefer most of the items to be written lists and letters and such but feel free to use labels to help with filling if you don't have enough of the other items.

Plastic labels and such are fine just make sure they are flat.

cormz 09/12/2009 #

Putting it on watchlist, until I have enougt ratings (only have one atm) How big is a composition notebook? Never heard about it before.

marcsgrl 09/12/2009 #

the size is about 7 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. You can use any book that is around that size.

marcsgrl 09/15/2009 #

Just wanted to let you all know that my hubby was on the lookout for things on the ground for me today while he was coming in from work and he found a perfect xbox disc of Dead or Alive 3. lol I guess you never can tell what might be laying around on the ground. He won't let me give it to my partner though. He is keeping it. LOL

Serenity 09/16/2009 #

LOLOL I don't blame your husband at all. When I was doing my color pages for WTJ of trash. I found amazing things. Jewelry, rosary, children cute little toys. You find some rather interesting things when you are looking where and in places no one else likes to look.

djmom11 09/16/2009 #

I'm joining this one. Think I will have enough for one book, but no way for two! Thanks for hosting this swap.

moowee 09/16/2009 #

I have found at something every day. Ok - so I only signed up a few days ago but there seem to be so much more than I thought that there would be. I think I am not going to have any trouble finding plenty for a nice sized book.

marcsgrl 09/17/2009 #

LOL, I know. It is crazy some of the things you find. My husband is cute though, the other night we were walking through the neighborhood and I had a little flashlight looking at the paper here and there and there was a car coming and he was saying STOP! STOP! STOP! CAR! LOL he didn't want anyone to think we were garbage diggers. LOL He is so goofy sometimes. I didn't care. I knew why I was doing it.

Masterbard 09/18/2009 #

I'm watching this, and it would be wonderful to participate as I love the idea - but realistically there is no way I could fill a book with found paper scraps here.

Koreans don't seem to make grocery lists (to take one popular example of found paper) or use a lot of post-its - and they are meticulous about litter. There are enough staff in the major stores that dropped stuff or things left in shopping carts get whisked out of sight immediately. I'd have to walk around snatching stuff out of the trash can - er, the paper recycling bin - in order to get anything. Even here on campus where you'd think there'd be plenty of student notes and other detritus, most of the litter is food packaging, and the cleaning aunties are on it like scavengers. In fact, it's difficult to even acquire cardboard boxes for packing, as they are all flattened, bundled, tied, and left on the sidewalk in the early morning for the cardboard cart (yup, hand-pushed) to come by at 5 am to pick up.

Having said this, it's a beautiful idea which will help keep our planet just that much tidier, and you never know what you might find. There's a website just for such found lists and ephemera, from insightful grocery items to hate notes found on windshields...

Good luck to all who are participating! Judith

spin 09/18/2009 #

My husband found a napkin with sort of a poem written on it the other day at work (he works at an electronics recycling store!) He stuffed it in his pocket to bring it home to me.. now it is absolutely crushed, but it got the prime spot on the first page! :D

I am having so much fun with this! What a wonderful idea!!!

marcsgrl 09/20/2009 #

Masterbard. It is a shame you can't join but at the same time it is awesome cause you have a very clean place to live. I wish people would be a bit more mindful when just tossing things out. Of course right now I am wishing they would toss down some more interesting items. LOL

That is awesome Spin!! I found my first handwritten item yesterday. It was a grocery list. I was way excited. I also found a perfect condition Senators Hockey flag that hangs off your car window. Another item my husband won't allow me to part with. LOL

mamajoy 09/21/2009 #

I will be watching this one.....now that I am looking for discarded paper, I am finding LOTS of cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, paper food wrappers....all nasty stuff. Hopefully, I can find some interesting ephemera. I'm on a quest.....

marcsgrl 09/21/2009 #

Good luck mamajoy!

djmom11 09/22/2009 #

Mostly I am finding receipts, only a couple of written lists and one instruction sheet for yoga or something like that. Hope I can find some more interesting items.

marcsgrl 09/23/2009 #

Those all sound great to me. I have a couple instruction sheets, and lots of receipts. It is always fun to see what other rented at Blockbuster. I also found a ton of used scratch off tickets.

camelsamba 09/24/2009 #

Hmm, I wonder if i'll be able to find anything interesting - I live in the same town that the Found Magazine folks are based in. Maybe they have teams of people roaming the streets, picking up all the good snippets... :^)

marcsgrl 09/27/2009 #

lol, maybe so. Maybe you could follow them around and see the best places they go to for items. :)

marcsgrl 09/28/2009 #

Storage tip- I have a few items that I have found that are hard to attach to the pages. What I have decided to do is staple a plastic ziplock baggie to one of the pages and add those items in there. For example I found a credit card type Perry Ellis limited lifetime warranty card and since I can't staple through it and glue probably won't hold it well I am going to put it in that baggie. Just an idea if you find items like this.

mellyrose89 09/29/2009 #

Do I qualify for this swap? I'm not sure what you mean by package swaps.

annan 09/30/2009 #

I only found a note with a phone number and 3 bus tickets :)

djmom11 10/ 1/2009 #

It's fascinating seeing what you can find!

marcsgrl 10/ 4/2009 #

lol, I am having lots of fun finding things. A great place to look that I have found is the side streets near grocery stores. I found bits of a torn up note in french the other day. I have already started attaching my items into the book.

secretterrabite 10/ 9/2009 #

I have been mulling this swap over for what seems like a long while, shall I do it? Will I find enough stuff etc? Then today we went to Tesco, we found a used lottery scratchcard on the floor outside and I picked it up and my daughter (4) got interested in my "game". And by the time the shopping was complete, she had found me 5 more items, 2 receipts, a really cool packaging label and a fruit sticker. So I am taking this as my sign to join up LOL

marcsgrl 10/ 9/2009 #

LOL, That is awesome. Nice job getting your daughter involved. My hubby has been bringing me things he finds when he is walking to his car from work. I have a good bit of stuff piling up. I have already started putting some of it in my book.

moowee 10/12/2009 #

I have been finding so much stuff. I try to glue it in as I find it. I have been writing the date and where I was when I found it. I think that my book is going to be full by Feb.

CalizonaDesigns 10/14/2009 #

Hi @Marcsgirl I'm watching- I had NO idea of this swap! :) Waiting until closer, you know me!

marcsgrl 10/16/2009 #

LOL, that is great moowee! I am trying to do the same and I also want to put dates and places in my book.

I do in fact know you Classic, I hope you decide to join. I think this swap is going to be awesome. :)

LinaRoundtheBlock 10/17/2009 #

It's fun to read all of your comments! I'm having a great time as well with this project. I was sitting at my kitchen table the other night and my boyfriend asked what in the world was I doing and when I finished explaining he was totally into it and thought it was a great idea. My great finds so far include I surfer girl ripped out of a magazine, a shopping list with only one item on it, and a label from a water brand I have never heard of.

In November I'm going on a cruise to a few ports in Mexico, I'm hoping to find some cool stuff there to add to this book!!

Such a fun idea, thanks so much for hosting!

marcsgrl 10/21/2009 #

I am so glad you are enjoying this swap. It is so awesome when loved ones get involved. My hubby is always picking up things around his work and bringing them home to me. My family is coming up soon and I am super excited to drive around looking for things with my mom. I am going to put everyone on the lookout. LOL

spin 10/25/2009 #

People around here are way too conscientious about littering!!! LOL! I haven't found much.... but so far everything I found was hand written! :D

I am not sure if I will be able to fill 40 pages unless I use one page per item found.. I haven't done that. So far I have tried to fill the page...

Swan 10/29/2009 #

Around here, I haven't found anything. The few interesting things I saw were too filthy to take. So I won't be able to join.

spin 11/ 3/2009 #

I only have 5 pages full..( do we count front and back? Then it is 10...) but it is all handwritten notes and shopping lists so far...well, two labels and one banana sticker, because it was just tooooooo cute not to put it in there LOL.. I did "find" it on my banana... LOL I know, it does not count, but it was just so cute....

spin 11/10/2009 #

I just hit the absolute JACKPOT! :D Someone's homework!!!! :D

camelsamba 11/10/2009 #

I live a block from a middle school, so you'd think I'd find lots - but I guess those kids wait until they are almost home to drop papers. :^) And I work on a University campus - but again, those kids must be really good at recycling or something. However, I did notice at least a dozen parking meter receipts in about 4 blocks of walking today - don't worry, partner, I won't fill your book with e-park receipts, although I probably could!

marcsgrl 11/14/2009 #

My family is up visiting right now and my little brother (12) and my sister (22) are all over picking up bits of paper for me. I have a lot more hand written items thanks to them. They are awesome at finding grocery lists and such. I have a good few bus transfers and lottery scratch offs but so far I have a good assortment of stuff. I think my partner will be pleased. :)

moowee 11/14/2009 #

I need 3 more pages to get to 40 pages but I have a 200 page book. I am going to keep filling it until closer to send time. My book is kind of heavy with so much stuff glued in it. It also will not close flat. I thought that I was going to be able to mail this in an envelope but now I think that I am going to need a box for it.

I can not go anywhere without scanning all around for something great to pick up.

camelsamba 11/18/2009 #

Marcsgrl, I need your brother and sister to visit me. I'm having a hard time finding hand-written things!

marcsgrl 11/19/2009 #

moowee- I know what you mean. I have been collecting so far and not putting much in the book just yet but it is going to be a bit puffy when it is all glued in.

camelsamba- They just left today going back home so I am on my own again. They did get me some awesome finds though. The other day they found a stack of photocopied Christmas pics that someone dropped in the parking lot of the store. Those are a pretty cool find.

spin 11/19/2009 #

Wohooo for Christmas Pictures!!! I glue mine in right away, otherwise it will get lost too easily...(almost done moving now though! WOhooooo) I bought a regular black and white composition book for this. I plan on decorating the outside of it...It does not stay closed either, although it is not so thick or heavy yet as moowee's...(I also don't have 40 pages yet... but working on it :D

spin 11/23/2009 #

(LOL I read this now again and wanted to clarify: I don't glue in Christmas pictures.. LOL but the stuff I find. I have not found any Christmas pictures....

marcsgrl 11/23/2009 #

LOL, I got you. I don't think I have all 40 pages yet but I know my book is not going to close either. I am going to have to rubber band it so I can send it. :)

SwedishMum 11/23/2009 #

Ok, ar your pages in the book white or are they striped? This sounds too fun to not join, but I do want to know if I can find a book good enough first...

SwedishMum 11/23/2009 #

Hmm I am so sorry - don't mind my question since the deadline for signing in is over.

spin 12/ 2/2009 #

Oh man! Nobody is dropping things anymore lately.... how is one supposed to get a journal full with people not littering???? What is this world coming to? LOL

marcsgrl 12/ 2/2009 #

lol, I know it is totally insane. I haven't found much lately either. I am hoping as Christmas gets closer people will start dropping their Christmas lists.

LongVacation 12/ 4/2009 #

All I keep seeing on the ground are used tissues! I'm definately not putting those in... ;P

spin 12/ 5/2009 #

LOL! I would guess your partner would be thankful! LOL

I wish one of us could find the naughty and nice list! Keep your eyes peeled people! :D

marcsgrl 12/ 8/2009 #

lol, I have seen many yucky tissues lying about as well. I have been finding lots of grocery lists lately I guess that will be more common with the holidays approaching. I am hoping to have everything I need for my book soon as with the snow it is going to be harder to find things lying around. I hope everyone is doing well on finding things.

spin 12/10/2009 #

I did find a bunch of things today while shopping! :D One thing is absolutely super cute and handmade... a bunch of really cute playing cards glued together (some cut) Apparently someone liked Scottish Terriers... Adorable! made me sad someone lost it! It's a bit bigger then my book though... I don't want to bend it either... what to do??? :D

spin 12/10/2009 #

Ok.... me again!

I was wondering about the page count... do we count front and back of a page as one or would that be two individual counts? Do I make sense??? I mean if I count them front and back as individual then I have 20 pages, if they are counted as one, I will have to crack down on my volunteer group to look harder! LOL

camelsamba 12/11/2009 #

Spin, if you were sending to me, I would count front and back separately. Actually, I doubt I would go to the effort to count at all :^), but if I did, that's how I would do it.

I've decided that the new e-park system receipts are now our city's #1 litter problem - with bus transfers a distant second. (Actually, cigarette butts are probably way up there, but I just ignore those since I have no plans to pick them up!) Hand-written items are way down there. Maybe it's not that Found Mag has a patrol on the streets, but people fear that they do so they hold on tight! :^)

spin 12/11/2009 #

LOL Found mag patrol! I would love to see their uniforms! LOL ;)

Yayyy so I am at halftime with my 20 Pages... I keep on going until the send by date, just wanted to make sure I don't have too little... so far I have shunned tags and stuff like that (only 4 or 5 that I picked up because they were too cool. Like one from prehistoric shark teeth...gotta have that in the book! :D)

spin 12/30/2009 #

I haven't found anything in weeks now! :(

marcsgrl 01/ 5/2010 #

I haven't found much either. My hubby did find a gift card for Future Shop yesterday. There was nothing on it so he gave it to me for my book. :) I am heading down to Florida for a couple weeks so maybe I can find more there. I think I probably have enough to fill my book already but there are somethings I wasn't going to put in unless I had to. I did find quite a few grocery lists over the holiday.

marcsgrl 01/ 5/2010 #

Yes, you can count front as 1 and back as 2. Sorry I didn't check in sooner. With the holidays and my 10th wedding Anniversary I have been super busy. I should be back checking regularly now.

spin 01/ 5/2010 #

Congratulations on your Anniversary! :D

marcsgrl 01/ 8/2010 #

Thank you!

spin 02/ 8/2010 #

It's official. I am NOT going to make the 40 pages!!! I already let my partner know. I am up to 27pages right now. Mostly handwritten things...not many receipts..but still. I won't make it. What should I do?????? I am panicking..can you see me running in circles flailing my arms, ripping out my hair?

papercaper 02/13/2010 #

Oh... Why did I only stumble across this now, so long after the sign-up date? I love paper ephemera and collect it with no purpose in mind all the time! I sometimes end up throwing things out because I don't know what to use them for. I also have a specific collection of abandoned shopping lists. That would never go in my book - gotta keep 'em all! ;) If you host another one of these swaps, please, please message me, if you remember. I would so love to be involved. :D Thanks!

djmom11 02/22/2010 #

40 pages - if that is 40 front and back - I won't make it either!

marcsgrl 02/23/2010 #

I updated the info so you only have to fill 20 pages. :)

marcsgrl 02/23/2010 #

Of course Papercaper. If I host another I will be sure to let you know. :)

djmom11 02/26/2010 #

Thanks marcsgrl - I just reread and some count front as one and back as 1 - in that case I have 40. If front and back are considered 1 page then I meet the 20. :) Having my hubby mail mine off tomorrow.

nattyj 02/28/2010 #

Looks like my swap partner lovelove90 has flaked on me! My first ever flake! And her account has been partially suspended too - not a good sign! Poop...so disappointing!

camelsamba 03/ 8/2010 #

nattyj, it looks like I'm going to be flaked on, too. WritersSoul was to send to me, but she hasn't been on swapbot since January. Grrrrrr. I'm especially annoyed because I had to spend over $13 to send mine internationally. :^(

nattyj 03/ 9/2010 #

I know! it's so disappointing isn't it when someone cannot commit! After all our hard work. At least we haven't flaked and that is the most important thing!

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