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Swap Coordinator:Bucket (contact)
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Number of people in swap:24
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 15, 2011
Date items must be sent by:April 30, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

At long last, the swap is here!

For this swap, you will mail one state map postcard from your assigned state(s) to each of the other swap participants - this will end up being between 30 and 49 state map postcards.

Postcards may be mailed naked or in an envelope - this is SENDERS CHOICE.

Once the sign-up date passes, Rachel has agreed to change the number of partners so that each participant is partnered with every other participant.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


lou 02/26/2011 #

Good news! Hey from Minnesota

Tinker60 02/26/2011 #

Great. . .from Virginia!!!

CWarner 02/26/2011 #

Colorado joined in the fun!

denalichix 02/26/2011 #

YEAH !!! from NJ :)

catlingmex 02/26/2011 #

Indiana signing in!

Maggiesmother 02/26/2011 #

Pennsylvania is my state. I am watching for now. I have to mail a swap out tomorrow.

Maggiesmother 02/26/2011 #

Pennsylvania is my state. I am watching for now. I have to mail a swap out tomorrow.

Bucket 02/26/2011 #

Good to see you all joining in - and so glad this is finally underway!

leilx 02/26/2011 #

Wyoming and Missouri....here! If someone else wants Missouri, they aer welcome to it--just let me know.

iLoveMail 02/27/2011 #

I have MA, NH, VT, RI & CT to send to everyone! (They will be in an envelope.) If its not too much trouble, can mine be sent in envelopes, as I like them unwritten. Please :)

Bucket 03/ 2/2011 #

I have OR and NV, by the way!

SDCarter 03/ 2/2011 #

Arkansas checking in. Looking forward to this swap!

SueEileen 03/ 2/2011 #

I have New Mexico and Florida

SueEileen 03/ 2/2011 #

I realize it's senders choice . . . and more expensive . . . but I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to send mine to me in an envelope. Thank you. :o)

kymm9901 03/ 6/2011 #

I'll be sending out TX.

Jenann82 03/ 6/2011 #

Michigan here finally... can't wait to get started!!

julie11710 03/ 7/2011 #

Sending West Virginia

julie11710 03/ 7/2011 #

I would like mine written on.

leilx 03/ 7/2011 #

um...I said I would do Missouri as well, thinking I could buy the cards online (I was born there, lived there for awhile, still have family there). I can't find a source anywhere after an hour of looking that isn't vintage and a minimum of $.95 each--too much! I'd love to send vintage ones if they were reasonable. So unless I can find a source, or someone can suggest one, I won't be able to send Missouri. I am still doing Wyoming...already have the cards.

leilx 03/ 7/2011 #

spoke too soon! I found a source. Missouri is back online

ZenPanda 03/ 8/2011 #

In case I forgot to mention I'm representing Montana!

AKJassz 03/10/2011 #

Alaska here....I'm seriously unable to get online as often as I would like, so please please don't give up on me. Happy Swapping!

AndreaJ 03/14/2011 #

andrea = virginia

pahunt925 03/15/2011 #

Hi, Alabama is here.

Bucket 03/17/2011 #

Here is the list of postcards to expect to receive:

pahunt925 - Alabama

AKJassz - Alaska

ilovemail - Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

GTStamper - California

Cwarner - Colorado

SueEileen - Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, Ohio

darzy30 - Illinois, New York

catlingmex - Indiana

gypsyinthecastle - Iowa

debbiesuesmiles - Kansas

msdelisle - Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

Tinker60 - Maryland, South Dakota

Jenann82 - Michigan

lou - Minnesota

leilx - Missouri, Wyoming

zenpanda - Montana

Bucket - Nevada, Oregon

denalichix - New Jersey

Maggiesmother - Pennsylvania

kymm9901 - Texas

thesimplecountrychick - Utah

AndreaJ - Virginia

julie11710 - West Virginia

jvolk71 - Wisconsin

CWarner 03/17/2011 #

Want to make sure I understand-we ended up with 38 of the 50 states total, right? And partners will be assigned very soon now? And for the swappers who are doing more than one state -- ilovemail for example -- I would send that person 6 map cards from my state of Colorado? I could come up with 4 different ones, but I don't think 6. Is that a problem? -- Please advise, and thanks for all your work on this Bucket! -- Carol in Denver (CWarner)

lou 03/20/2011 #

Hey from Minnesota -- As North Dakota is still missing, I may be able to get some cards and send that one out, too. Arkansas another missing, what are the other 10 states?

lou 03/20/2011 #

Here's an idea -- if a few of us that only have one state or two could maybe add a border state, we could still get a complete set of 50. I would like to know what the "missing states" are and would like rest of group to weigh in, thanks

lou 03/20/2011 #

I have cousins near Atlanta, will see if I can get some map cards for Georgia from them & post back here when I know, also waiting to hear from former SBer in North Dakota, since that state is not registered, either. Once we have a listing of what is missing, maybe the 24+ of us can try to cover those states to give each other complete sets of all 50 states. I don't know anyone in either North or South Carolina, looks like Maine is another "missing" state.

lou 03/20/2011 #

Oklahoma another possibility for me to add, won't know for sure for couple of days, though

leilx 03/21/2011 #

I might be able to get washington state--but I might need the deadline longer to manage three sets.

Also, if people want theirs in envelopes/written or un written it would be good to post now so we have time to prepare. Me, I like naked and written.

leilx 03/21/2011 #

Another thought is anyone planning to sticker or stamp their cards? I was thinking of putting a stamp and a quick greeting on mine.

leilx 03/21/2011 #

I could possibly do WA state and Nebraska--but I might need the deadline extended to get it done--just to get the cards and get them ready.

I am happy to do envies, written or unwritten, if people post. Let's assume you like naked/written unless you post otherwise (which is what I like). Of course it is senders choice, but knowing is nice.

Maybe we should work out a system to get our own states sent to us, too!!

Is anyone planning to sticker/stamp their cards? I was thinking it might be faster/easier than writing...

lou 03/21/2011 #

Maybe for a future swap, cards might be (actually) sent and stamped from each state, but this isn't it. For people sending multiple cards, it probably does work easiest to put them into an envelope and just address once, but it is senders' choice. If I am able to add 3 states (North Dakota, Georgia and Oklahoma) and @leilx adds 2 (Washington and Nebraska), that's 5, leaving 7 to be picked up of the 12 that were "missing." Hope our organizer will soon list the "Missing 12" so we don't have to guess what they are!

Jenann82 03/21/2011 #

OK, I am starting to get confused. I thought we had all the States covered and were ready to swap.

After reading the comments on this page I have to say... To the people who are taking on more than one State, thank you very much! I would love to be able to take on another State but I simply can't.

I have been unemployed for 2 years now and I already had my postcards purchased from the time this swap was born. I can't even remember how long ago that was now.

I participated in the original State Map Postcards swap and there were several flakers (6 I think) so my set is incomplete. This is why I joined this swap.

Also, while I would love to honor requests like sending in an envelope, I cannot do that at this time either as I bought the exact amount of postcard stamps I would need for this swap when I bought the postcards themselves.

And like @http //www.swap-bot.com/user:CWarner asked, are we supposed to send more than one postcard to those who took on extra States? The swap description says we would ened up sending 30-49 postcards...I have no problem doing that but like CWarner said they might only be able to get 4 versions of the State they are sending, I may only be able to get one kind of my State map card. Not sure how many people would want the same ones sent multiple times.

I hate to sound difficult but I think some clarification is needed before the send by date. Thanks!!

iLoveMail 03/21/2011 #

Sorry for not replying to comments sooner, but I'm traveling in CA right now. As far as sending to me - NO, you don not have to send me more than 1 map card from your state. I only agreed to take on other states because I have access to the other states I'm sending. My only request is that other swappers send my 1 card unwritten & in an envelope. (to @Jenann82 - I'm happy to send you a 44cent stamp in the envie when I send your cards so you can send mine in an envelope :)

Also, as an officer in this group, I'm going to host a "Missing States" swap for the remaining states, as I thought we wouldn't start this swap until all the states were covered. I completely understand how @Bucket would want to get this going and over with, as its not easy to coordinate 50 people/states, etc.! Anyone who wants to join to get the missing states is welcome. @Lou & I will be actively searching for swappers from those states as I have been this entire time. Swap-bot is huge & there must be some swappers out there....

leilx 03/21/2011 #

Sorry for my multi-posts. I posted from my blackberry and it looked like the first two got lost.

I understood we sent each person one regardless of how many they send. It is senders choice as to naked/envelopes, but I asked for people to post preferences as I can send either way, especially if I am sending multiple.

pahunt925 03/21/2011 #

I am sorry, I cannot do more than one state at this time. I haven't worked in quite a while, and I am trying to stretch my $$ as far as I can. If we do missing states somewhere down the line, I may be able to do Georgia, but right now I can't. Also, just so everyone knows, I will be sending my cards out stamped, naked, and written on. Sorry for those of you who would prefer them in an envelope, I can't do that right now.

msdelisle 03/22/2011 #

I have Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisisana. I've had the cards since committing to send each state. All of my card are stamped and awaiting addresses. I am happy receiving one card from each state.

gypsyinthecastle 03/22/2011 #

Wow. Lots of people = lots of talk. :) Suggestion to organizer. When you send out the final list PLEASE note the individuals who want to receive their card in an envelope. I was planning to send stamped with a note (naked?) and have already purchased cards and stamps for same.

Having a summary will save everyone having to check messages before mailing. Otherwise, I'm here (Iowa) waiting for the trigger! :) No hurry. Dev

Bucket 03/22/2011 #

Hi everyone! I got an email from Rachel saying that partners are assigned - but it doesn't look like they are! I will check in with her again!

The 12 missing states are: Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Washington

lou 03/23/2011 #

Looks like this needs to be updated, thought Bucket sent message that Nebraska was taken care of -- also wanted to know if Bucket checked with Carolina Gals group? That group is swappers that all live in North Carolina, hope she can get one of them on board for that state!

CWarner 03/23/2011 #

I found a way of buying via phone 25 NE state map cards-a museum in Omaha is mailing them to me and I'll mail my home state of CO plus NE in an envie to my partners. If those sending to me can send in an envie I'd apprecaite it; but naked of course is fine too. Hurray -- we're finally under way! Carol in Denver

SueEileen 03/24/2011 #

I feel the same way ILoveMail does. You don't have to send me more than 1 map card from your state. I too agreed to do multiple states because I was able to purchase them and wanted this swap to be a success. On 3/2/11 (above) I also requested that other swappers send my 1 card unwritten and in an envelope. If the extra postage is a problem for anyone, please let me know. Like ILoveMail suggested, I will happy to include a .44 stamp in the envelope I send your cards in so you can send mine in an envelope. Thanks! Susan

iLoveMail 03/24/2011 #

I'm with @leilx - can we extend the send deadline a bit? I have a friend in ME who is coming next week & I'll hit her up for Maine cards. Also, I'm waiting on my mom to send me the AZ cards & I still have to make the 45 minute drive to RI to pick up those.

Once we've all gotten every state we can, I'll start the Missing States swap for those of us who want to have all of them.

pahunt925 03/24/2011 #

It says senders choice on how the postcards are supposed to be sent. SO, like I said before, I will be sending mine out stamped, and written on. It's a lot easier for me. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but it is senders choice.

jvolk71 03/24/2011 #

Wisconsin here, like others have said, I too have purchased these cards a while back and plan to mail naked because it is easier and cheaper for me. I'm glad that the swap is on and looking forward to getting your cards.

Bucket 03/24/2011 #

Just reiterating for peace of mind - how the postcards are sent is indeed sender's choice. This way everyone can make most effective use of their postage - whether they are sending one card naked, or multiple cards in an envelope.

kymm9901 03/25/2011 #

If you would like your pc sent in an envelope please PM me. I will do my best to send to you this way.

Bucket 03/25/2011 #

I am going to extend the swap deadline a bit due to a request from Alfie - as she has taken on quite a few states, I'm happy to give her a bit more time. New swap deadline is 4/30/11.

gypsyinthecastle 03/25/2011 #

From messages it looks like SueEileen, CWarner and iLoveMail prefer their pc's in an envelope...I'm happy to oblige - except that I've already filled them out and stamped them (sender's choice), so you who are sending multiples with get a little "thank you" from me in addition to you PC! I appreciate all the effort you've put into covering the extra states!

Anyone else prefer an envelope? Dev

GTstamper 03/26/2011 #

Yey! The swap has started! Thanks for all of your hard work Bucket!!

And thanks to those of you sending multiples. For those sending multiples feel free to send them blank in an envelope to me if you want too (to save on postage costs). Honestly, I love receiving postcards both ways... blank OR written on and mailed as a postcard.

p.s. Don't forget everyone that the US postage rates for postcards are increasing on April 17th from .28cents to .29 cents. :-)



lou 03/27/2011 #

My right wrist is broken now, fell on the treacherous Minnesota ice, just discovered that I could print out list of participants so names are all typed and formatted, I will cut or tear apart the list of names and tape them to envs to get them out, all I have is MN cards, for those of you in states still having winter, be crazy careful out there!! I hate typing left-handed, going on SB hiatus after this

Bucket 03/28/2011 #

Ouch! Hope you heal quickly Lou!

jvolk71 04/29/2011 #

I'm sorry for not rating anyone yet I have been getting ready to move and all my postcards have been moving around and I have to admit some have gotten mixed up with last years mega swap. I will do my best to rate asap. Thanks JEn

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