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Send Me a Tote & a Note #4

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Send Me a Tote & a Note #4
Swap Coordinator:1Scrapper (contact)
Swap categories: Handbags  Miscellaneous  Accessories 
Number of people in swap:171
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.90 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:May 27, 2011
Date items must be sent by:June 17, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

A new tote you can score, if you join the Send Me a Tote & a Note #4! The previous ones have been so fun and have a lot of requests to make it a series. So are you along for the ride?

This swap is so simple, and since so many of you asked for this again, I set up round two. Remember, ** Simply a Tote & a Note**

Let's work together to get rid our world of those nasty plastic bags one swap at a time. Your totes can range as low as $1.00 to $5.00 but really should be any more than that.

Totes can be handmade or store bought I have seen some beautiful handmade totes and strong great store totes. It is up to you for your region and what you have available. Have fun with it.

They are available in plastic, synthetic plastic, denim, and canvas. You can buy them at any store, I have seen them at Michaels, Target, TJ Maxx, Nugget Supermarket, Trader Joes, and each of them is adorable. They are available at musuems, parks, and so on! ** I have the minimum rating to join at 4.899 and newbies are okay**

I am off to explore a special find this weekend for my partner.........so hurry and sign up. Simply include a note for your partner sharing something fun and off you go to the postal office.

Please ensure you have a completed profile or I will need to delete you from the swap. This helps your partner to know your colors, what you like or dislike to avoid any sending the wrong thing.

Hope to see you all on board and let's work together to save our environment. One swap at a time.



Maggiesmother 04/27/2011 #

My favorite swap and swap coordinator. Can't ask for better than that. The totes have been great.

Noreen 04/28/2011 #

Just found some amazing totes at Books A Million can't wait for this one!

teemnis 04/28/2011 #

Oh I love these. Will watch as we're moving June 10th, so will have to see if get new address before then.

faeswapgrl 04/28/2011 #

Is there a minimum size? Or just grocery size?

1Scrapper 04/29/2011 #

Okay - the bags should be about grocery size.

Enjoy yourself and have fun.

lavenderlulu 05/ 2/2011 #

I hope my partner will like a handmade one, I love sewing reversible totes. Two bags in one, that is :) !

institches 05/ 3/2011 #

Oh, I'm glad you are doing this again! I had #3 on my watchlist then was sick and missed the sign up...boohoo. I'm a tote bag addict!

1Scrapper 05/ 3/2011 #

Oh glad you both are on board too. I love the handmade bags. They are really beautiful!

Maggiesmother 05/ 3/2011 #

I love homemade totes - hope you get me Lavenderlulu

Linda52156 05/ 4/2011 #

This sounds like fun, I would love to get a reversibe tote or a homemade one. To be honest the totes are usually my purse.

1Scrapper 05/ 4/2011 #

Oh you ladies are funny. I can understand about making them a purse these days! I will keep good thoughts for you both!

Hugs, Linda

JavaJunkie 05/ 5/2011 #

I joined the third round of this and loved it! I had so much fun shopping for my partner. My partner sent me a reusable bag from my FAVORITE store (Michael's Arts and Crafts)... Can't wait to see what I get this time. I might even attempt to sew one this round. ♥

FluffyButtons 05/ 5/2011 #

If I join, I'm definitely sewing one, and would love, love, love to receive a hand made one! I just hope I get my new sewing machine in time...

adrianaclara 05/ 6/2011 #

I just hope I have better luck on this one as I havent received mine yet for #2 version of this swap. Hopefully my partner will resend it

1Scrapper 05/ 6/2011 #

Oh nice comment JavaJunkie- I would love to sew; however, I haven't quite made the time to get back into it with school and work - and swapbat! Good luck.

1Scrapper 05/ 6/2011 #

Adrianclara - thanks for joining the swap. I have pm'd your partner and asked that she resolve this asap. Also, have you pm'd her and rated her for it not being received? I had to angel a few from this swap and will be doing send me a tote and note swaps for USA/Canada and then one for International. This may help - not sure, but I am getting a tote out to you on Monday. Okay.

1Scrapper 05/ 6/2011 #

Glad everyone is on board! This is a fun one folks.

hthrhere 05/ 6/2011 #

I really hope that my partner would not mind a store bought tote. I am having my future sister in law show me how to use a sewing machine because my last attempt was not a pleasure that is for sure. I would hate to disappoint someone if they wanted a home made one!

ThatsNat 05/ 7/2011 #

Yay,first swap I have joined on here.Can't wait,love shopping bags,should be fun.Take care all,from the newbie!!!!! x

turtlelady45 05/ 7/2011 #

Hummm, do I make one or send the lovely one I found at the store? Decisions, decisions!! (=^.^=)

missmuffcake 05/ 7/2011 #

I love the last bag I got! I often find new cute bags & my boyfriend says 'no more - you have enough - more than the food you buy!'...boo on him!

slewis234 05/ 7/2011 #

what a great swap, i'm glad there are so many people signed up. i hope i get a handmade one too cuz i use mine as a purse as well! but i'll be glad with whatever i get. thanks for hosting the swap.

AmericanHeiress 05/ 8/2011 #

Hi Swappers,

Does anyone know if this is a senders choice or a profile base swap? Or are we just sending what we want?

reauk 05/ 9/2011 #

mines a tesco resuable bag lol im no good at sewing.

kristyrogers 05/11/2011 #

quick question: about how much does it cost to send? I want to join the next one & make sure I keep enough money in my budget for it!

kristyrogers 05/11/2011 #

Pet (hubby) said I could add a bit to my post budget if I cook at home 1 more night a week! I am making the bag now. :-D Will be ready to ship when I get an addy!

1Scrapper 05/11/2011 #

hello everyon! Glad to see you all on board!

the swap is sender's choice and totes can range from $1.50 to $5.00 or you can sew one.

Have fun.

kristyrogers 05/11/2011 #

I have a bought one...just in case, but attempting to make one on my new sewing machine. First attempt, not so much lol But I have a month to keep practicing! Usually only takes me a day or two to get the results I want.

Jenn1984 05/12/2011 #

I made one and I am excited to send it. This is my first swap and I LOVE getting things in the mail. Can't wait til I get mine in the mail. This is such a great idea and being a crafter, there are times that I just like to make things without a pattern, and this is one of those things I've tried without a pattern, and it turned out really cute, and in my mind the perfect size, just slightly larger than that of a "normal" grocery bag. I hope the person who gets mine likes it just as much as I had fun making it!!!

1Scrapper 05/12/2011 #

So happy you are on board too ladies. Can wait to see what everyone has going on. This is a huge swap - looking forward to getting a fun bag! I found some that are great for the beach or poolside, even a picnic = Hugs everyone.

twinfreckles 05/13/2011 #

Joined my first Tote and Note last week and it was AWESOME!!

indgomom 05/13/2011 #

I am new and this is right up my alley! I collect the reusable totes and I know where all the greatest ones in town are! Now it's just a matter of deciding which one is THE ONE I want to get for someone! I have over a dozen really awesome totes that were all under $2 each! :)

AmericanHeiress 05/13/2011 #

I am so going overboard on mine. Gawd help whoever is my receiving partner. LOL this is going to be such a blast!!!

angeleyes79 05/14/2011 #

Awesome. I enjoyed reading all the comments. This is my first tote swap. Don't know if I will make it or buy it or send one of each.

1Scrapper 05/14/2011 #

Love hearing all of the great ideas everyone has. Now remember if for some reason you don't receive your tote or have difficulties for personal reasons sending, please let me know. I will mail out a tote to your partner.

Have fun and yes, this is an awesome swap! Love it!

AmericanHeiress 05/14/2011 #

Almost 100 people. Come on we can do it!! 1 more person LOL

1Scrapper 05/15/2011 #

Yes folks we made it - 100!!!!!

What a great group of swappers we have. Love having you all on board!


Knittingdancer 05/15/2011 #

This is my first tote swap. The only other swap I did was a yarn swap last month. It was fun. Thought I would try a tote swap. I use totes for my knitting bags.

1Scrapper 05/15/2011 #

Welcome aboard to you - I do hope you have fun with it.

MsPattyW 05/16/2011 #

This is my first tote swap too. I have done I spy swaps and ranibow charms. I plan on making my tote to swap---just need the time to put it together. Thanks for letting me play.

1Scrapper 05/17/2011 #

Glad you are on board and hope you have fun.

Csquaredcreations 05/17/2011 #

Who can say no after all these wonderful comments!!! I am so in :) I will be making one for my partner since I gave myself a new sewing machine for Mother's Day!!!

1Scrapper 05/17/2011 #

Oh nice - I would love to sew more but will settle for the weekends when I can. Glad you are on board!

selene16 05/18/2011 #

Can I just check the size - I saw someone said about grocery size - I was thinking of cotton 'book bags' something like this in size: 36cm (14.25") W x 40cm (15.75") H x 8cm (3.25") D is that wrong? Wouldn't want to let my partner down :)

1Scrapper 05/18/2011 #

Selene16 - that is about the same size. These totes come in a few mulitple sizes and I am sure you will be fine for your partner.

Have fun!


selene16 05/19/2011 #

Thank you Linda!

Just wanted to make sure. Might just be me knowing them by a different name!

Ohh all excited now :)

Sarah x

dalbright 05/19/2011 #

awe, if it wasn't international I would have loved to.

ccirwin1971 05/19/2011 #

Just joined your swap. This is so exciting. I did the yarn swap and really enjoyed it. Is the note to be a thank you or tell something about the tote and myself? Can I knit a tote? Thanks :) Cathy

Knittingdancer 05/19/2011 #

I just bought a new tote today. All I need now is my partner's name and address.

anooshka 05/19/2011 #

I saw great tote the other day, i just have to go and buy it :) If my partner is crafty, I would love to receive handmade tote with names of my children on it. OMG, I would be grateful forever!

1Scrapper 05/19/2011 #

hello all! The note card could be anything you want to say - just write your partner a little note either about yourself, your hometown, your garden, your craft projects, and so on.

As for a USA/Canada only, I will set up the next one as both. I think it will be fun.

Hugs everyone! Linda

Bonlee 05/20/2011 #

I am SO excited! I am also a "newbie"! I can sew...sort of! But just have a very small mending machine. I also am a bit obsessive abt totes. I wish my husband would use them. I have MS H& am no longer able to do our grocery shopping. I keep my totes in the car so I do not forget them! Here @ the Outlet Mall,the GAP has a PROMO if you purchase their tote,EVERY time you use it, they give you 10% off your ENTIRE purchase! That beats the 5 cents the grocery stores give you! Am hoping for a Swap Partner from a different country! Italia? Will be happy with anyone. My days are long & lonesome @ times. I also try to make jewelry, so will be looking for a bead swap! This is SO COOL. Am VERY excited.

kooky 05/22/2011 #

hi, i m so happy to be part of this exchange..it is sound so lovely..thank you for having me..love and hugs from south africa xx

1Scrapper 05/22/2011 #

hello and welcome aboard to the newest sign ups! I am really glad to see everyone so excited about this swap too. It really does help the earch out and shows that we care.

Thanks for the info on the Gap outlet. Will be trying that one out definetely!
Only six more days!!!!!!!

Hugs to everyone from California!

Allyb 05/23/2011 #

Hello all I am going to join in on this one i think. I have never been in one and I have a small tote that i have hand made but i will attempt to make a bigger one for the swap! I love to hand make things and i am just starting my cross stitch table cloth so i better get making.....I think I will enjoy this one! I am from the land Down Under (Australia)

1Scrapper 05/24/2011 #

Welcome aboard Allyb! Sounds like you have quite a lot of talent too! Hope to see you in the follow on swaps too.

Enjoy everyone!

kayleighm246 05/24/2011 #

I would like to join but cant at the moment maybe next time

1Scrapper 05/24/2011 #

hope to see you in the next one. I understand.

craftybeaner 05/25/2011 #

obviously joining this one too. I am going to start early this time and make my next partner her bag. Home made is so much better :)

angeleyes79 05/25/2011 #

Sorry, have to drop. Have too much going on right now. Have fun everyone.

MML22 05/25/2011 #

Do the totes have to be new? I found a lovely, clean one at an animal rescue thrift shop and in the interest of saving the environment and a few animals at the same time can I send this one?

1Scrapper 05/25/2011 #

I think that if the tote is in great condition and clean - that would be fine. It is about saving the environment. The only thing would be if some strictly has they are allergic to pet dander as that is hard to get out of things. I would gladly take something that went for a good cause.

Allyb 05/26/2011 #

Well I have made my tote for this swap it has taken me a day to do it all by hand. It is purple with a big pink stone and purple/pink flowers plus two purple butterflies. The handles are white crystals. I just hope that is ok.

Penguino 05/27/2011 #

I am so excited to join this swap - I am a tote bag junkie! I'm looking forward to shopping for a tote for my swap partner this weekend :D

motes 05/28/2011 #

This looks like so much fun! I am happy to receive store-bought or handmade (but I love everyday things from stores not in the States and so would actually totally be happy with store-bought if my partner was not from the US)!

Babytreese 05/28/2011 #

You can put me on your list of those who will angel.

bettina763 05/30/2011 #

so looking forward to my 1st swap, i'm definitely "a bag lady"....i too use totes as my purses...now...do i buy a cute local themed one or make one??? oh the dilemma.....

i too can angel if needed.....

bettina763 in sunny south texas

Artistic 05/30/2011 #

A package is dropped in the box for a.m. pickup out to my partner. Enjoy!

bettina763 06/ 6/2011 #

sent mine off to day....on it's way to NY..... ;-)

EddyG 06/ 7/2011 #

Mine is gone today - Oh my gosh I hope that Post strike in Canada doesn't stop it getting through

sweetredemption 06/16/2011 #

Just sent off my handmade tote! This is super fun and a chance to do something creative! love it!

Bonlee 06/18/2011 #

Wi-Fi down yesterday, but did get my FIRST Swap out ON TIME! On it's way to Missouri! Oh I hope she likes them ;). So anxious to receive mine! Now,once grandson is off to camp, #5 research & hoping to BEAT deadline! House guest for a week! Thanks for allowing Newbies. Not many swaps do. So, I am hoping to build my rating to join some other Swaps!

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