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☽ About Me ☾


I fully intend to uphold and follow through with all tags and promises! Even though I am now partially suspended- if you tag me in a forum tag that I posted on before my suspension, let me know! I will absolutely send, if you link me to the tag thread and tell me what you tagged me for. Message me over swap-bot, and I will receive an email notification of said message. I check my email constantly, and as soon as I see the email, I will log on and send ASAP. :)



^Digital portrait I drew of myself.^

☄ Hi! I'm a newbie swapper that has an affinity for arts and crafts of all kinds! I love to make things, but sadly never find a reason to make anything, lest it just build up in my room and never get used. So hopefully swapping will be a good way for me to continue to create things and share them with other people!

☄ I live in central Oregon, USA, and love to travel almost as much as I love to stay in! I'd be willing to do a postcard swap (blank or filled out), so just contact me if you're interested!

☄ I'm very interested in computer science, programming, and engineering! I also really enjoy other types of science, such as geology; rocks and the like. I have a growing collection of different types of crystals and stones, and I love when they're carved into different things, such as animals.

☄ I will NEVER discriminate against anyone's religion, culture, race, gender, etc! I hope you also grant me that same respect. :D I am a practicing Pagan. I work mainly with the light, but I don't feel bad about using the dark when it is justified. I am an eclectic pagan, belief wise, and I'm still finding my path.


☄ Please include your swap bot name and the swap name in swaps you send to me! Swaps I'm in might be similar, sometimes, so I'd like to elimate confusion and make rating even quicker and more painless than it already is! Thank you!

☄ I will ALWAYS message you after I send your swap out to you, and I'd greatly appreciate if you could do the same, please and thank you!

☄ I will ALWAYS rate your swap! And I hope you do the same for me! :)

☄ If my swap does not reach you, please contact me. I'd be more than happy to resend!

☄ I'm new to snail mail and swaps, so I apologize if it's obvious that I'm not a seasoned swapper! I'm still learning little tricks and things to do with swaps, like extras or package decoration, but I definitely will always put my all into every single one!

I Pledge To Rate

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☽ Favorite Crafts ☾

☼ Drawing/Painting ☼

Digital and traditional. I don't paint too often, but I enjoy it when I do. I usually work with water color and acrylics, but I also have some oil paints that I haven't worked up the guts to get into!

⚇ Artist Trading Cards ⚇

I haven't made very many, and just actually made and sent out my first one just recently in a swap! I'd love to get more into making and swapping ATCs, and if anyone's interested in a swap with me, please let me know!

★ ★ My ATC Portfolio ★ ★

☼ Poetry/Spoken Word ☼

I dabble in spoken word and poetry very rarely, but I'd like to do it more often. I enjoy listening to other people's spoken word performances on youtube a lot, and also enjoy receiving poems that other's have written.

⚇ Scrapbooking ⚇

I've recently become very interested in scrapbooking and junk journaling. I'd like to do it more with photo albums and such, but I just need to get over that hump of being too scared to commit to putting the photos in something, right now, haha!

☼ Knitting ☼

Beanies, scarves, blankets. I'd like to learn how to knit socks and sweaters some day! I hoard skeins of yarn that feel nice or have nice colors to them!

⚇ Photography ⚇

I am a self proclaimed photographer, and I used to be paid to take pictures for a magazine. I love going out for a night and just taking pictures of everything. Literally. I love modelling my friends, and sometimes I wish I could have photos like that of myself, but also be behind the camera at the same time, haha.

☽ Other Favorites ☾

☄ ☄ Some people are very strict or don't like being sent extras, but I assure you, I will enjoy almost anything you decide to send! I have a very small stash at the moment, so if you have some stuff you don't think you'll ever use and you think I might like it, then by all means! I'll appreciate it a lot! :) ☄ ☄

★ = Especially Love.

⛯ Flavors & Edible ⛯

★★★Lemon (In literally anything), Chocolate (Milk and ★Dark (I like trying the super dark 60%+ cocao chocolates) No White), Candies and Sweets from your country, Java/Coffee Flavor, Caramel, ★Butterscotch, ★Toffee, ★★Tea (Any)

⚝ TV Shows & Movies ⚝

Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, ★Parks & Recreation, ★★Rick and Morty, ★Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Walking Dead, Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, ★Little Witch Academia.

★What Dreams May Come (1998), ★Fight Club (1999), Anastasia (1997), Dream With The Fishes (1997), Ponyo (2008).

⛯ Books ⛯

★Clan of The Cave Bear (Jean M. Auel), Divergent series(Veronica Roth), Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card).

⚝ Music ⚝

I have a pretty diverse taste in music, and I love being recommended new bands/songs!

★Supertramp, Coldplay, ★The Districts, Eminem, Pine Barons, Tool, ★Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Craft Spells, Cigarettes After Sex, OK Go, Insane Clown Posse, ACDC, ★America, NSYNC, Pearl Jam, Ninja Sex Party, etc etc etc.

⛯ Animals/Creatures ⛯

★★Elephants, Birds, Cats, Dinosaurs, Robots, Ghosts (cute, not scary), etc.

⚝ Colors ⚝

★★Pastel Pink, Greys, Blacks, Pastel Blue (and all other pastel colors), Red, Maroon, Navy Blue, Off-Whites, Paper Bag Brown.

☽ Pagan ☾

Herbs, ★Homemade spells/recipes Charms, ★Hand me down tools and items, Triple moon symbols, Protection items, Luck items, Stones, Mantras, Candles, Incense (Loose), Sun and Moon, basically anything else.

⛯ Other ⛯

  • ★Wrapped items!

  • ★Floral designs (especially pastel floral).

  • ★Space, Eclipse, constellations, etcetc.

  • ★Chinese things (Tourist Postcards, Notecards, traditional things, Chinese art, things with Chinese-Mandarin writing on them. I am learning Mandarin, so it'd be really cool if I could find someone who either lives in China or also speaks mandarin to have as a Penpal!!)

  • ★★Tea (Green, Black, Herbal, any! Not featured as an entire profile gift, please. Just as extra, if you're feeling generous! Loose and factory sealed are both perfectly fine!! ESPECIALLY homemade mixes!!)

  • ★Drawings

  • Twine and String

  • Dried Flowers

  • Kawaii

  • Thrifted bits and bobbles

  • Shells and Ocean/Beach findings

  • Jars and Bottles (Especially small ones) (Clean)

  • Stickers (Not kiddy reward ones)

  • Washi

  • Recipes! (Vegetarian if possible)

  • ★Lace

  • Handmade Things (Envelopes, little paper baggies, etc)

  • Playing Cards

  • Pokemon (Anything)

  • Ephemera (Especially vintage)

  • Skeins of nice yarn

  • Tie-dye

  • Scrapbook Paper Samples (Especially ATC Size)

  • Tags

  • Cassettes / mixtapes o: (I wish people still did these, they're awesome!)


Comment: It is allways fun to see what other people find crappy
WoodlandBanshee rated for Snail Mail PenPal Letter on Nov 2, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the letter and tea! Take care
Amyncognito rated for Snail Mail PenPal Letter on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the nice letter! Your budgies sound sweet!
airpigeon rated for Snail Mail PenPal Letter on Oct 28, 2017
Comment: oh my gosh maya what a lovely letter thank you so much! yay fellow knitter! i will be writing you back telling you what i did for halloween! thank you so much for the extras and the pressed leaves! i thought they were fakes, they're so perfect! :D
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to hear back! :D
Comment: Thank you for the Bad Word ATC - I love it!
Response: I'm glad you enjoy it. :) Thank you for rating!
ladydy5 rated for A.I. ATC - Collage #2 on Oct 18, 2017
Comment: Nicely done thanks
TheGreenApple rated for Profile Hello #3 on Oct 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your hello message! Have a nice day :)
AllThingsCraftyy rated for Profile Hello #3 on Oct 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Eel9585 rated for 3 ATC swap on Oct 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC's they are lovely and the tea looks really tasty I can't wait to try it
Response: I'm so glad you liked them! :)
Comment: thanks for the ladybug atcs and tea!!
Response: :)
Comment: I loved your package!! That shark drawing is amazing and i love it! Happy Swapping!
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had fun drawing and putting that Envie together!!
faecreature rated for Magick Mail #4 on Sep 30, 2017
Response: Thank you for rating!
Candyn29 rated for ATC newbie and beginner friendly #8 on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you
Response: Thank you for rating! :)
Fieke rated for ATC newbie and beginner friendly #7 on Sep 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for your ATC. It was your first and it's a succes. Also thanks for the extra's you've send.)
Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :)
Comment: I so love the witch. Thanks so much
Response: I'm glad you like it! :D
Comment: Thank you! Love everything!
Response: Thank you so much for the rating! I'm so glad you liked it! :D

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Dsweeny on Oct 28, 2017:

Thank you so much @Dorkydactyl for the wonderful Pick 3 tag goodies!!! I most especially love the Oregon map showing the eclipse path - my son was in Lincoln City for it, so I'm creating a collage for him to remember the day, and this is the PERFECT addition..

piratecaptainmo on Oct 22, 2017:

Thank you for the goodies you sent for the PF pick 2 tag. They're great!

Fabriqueen on Oct 14, 2017:

Profile Hello #3

I see you have recently joined. Welcome to Swapbot! I know you will love it here. This is a great group of swappers. I love the self portrait. I can't draw anything. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane

SharMarie513 on Oct 14, 2017:

Profile Hello #3 Hi Maya! Welcome to swapbot! I see you're in Oregon, is it feeling like fall there yet? It's still quite warm here in North Florida, but I'm excited for all the fun things these next few months will bring. Happy swapping!

jaimierandolph on Oct 14, 2017:

Profile Check for: Profile Hello #3 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you will enjoy and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!

grandmaroro on Oct 2, 2017:

So glad you liked your Happy Mail. Thanks for letting me know it arrived.

hamolla22 on Sep 30, 2017:

Thank you so much for the awesome playing cards set with flower backs 🌸 Very nice, I needed some playing cards and these are cute xx Thanks again 😊

ladydy5 on Sep 9, 2017:

Welcome to Artistically Inclined group. Swaps are ready todo!

BennysMumma on Aug 28, 2017:

I just saw you in the public forums and had to come say I love your user name!

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