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UPDATE: 02-08-2021

The last month of my life has been insane. I am so glad to be on the other side of things, for awhile there it was touch and go. I ended up really sick. Wasnt sure if it was the flu or if it was Covid. Turned out to be the flu - but there were complications. I am feeling a ton better...

Getting my late swaps out and taking a break.

UPDATE: 09-24-2020

Well, from recent developments (TWO postage due at over $3 each in one week) I have a stickler of a post office. Please be sure to send your letter with enough postage. Adhere to the 90* rule and under a quarter inch in thickness if you plan on sending with only 50 cents postage. Thanks!!!

UPDATE August 30th 2020

HELLO! I have been purging my house during covid and pulled down a box of Halloween/fall decorations and found a TON OF LETTERS! This didn't worry me at first, but I started looking at some of them and they aren't even OPEN!!! I am so sorry to those of you who had to wait FOUR YEARS to get a rating on a swap! I plan to go through the letters today and try to give people their ratings. I cannot express how SORRY that I am. Sheesh! They must have somehow been mixed up and put into a box - that then made its way to the far reaches of our attic - not to be seen until four years later! Oh my!

Update! October 12th 2016

I am going to clear my board for awhile, I have a Halloween costume to sew and will never get it done if I don't take a break for awhile. There mayw be a few exceptions since Halloween is my favorite holiday!

I love the outdoors - I live in a spectacular area - 20 minutes in any direction and I can be in heavy woods, dry desert or large flowing rivers. As a kid I wished to be somewhere else but now that I have grown some I know that I will always live in Idaho.

I live with my boyfriend and dog. They are both good boys and I love them very much.

When it comes to swapping on here you do not have to be afraid of "offending" me. I was brought up by some of the toughest people that you can imagine, so nudity, swear words and the like are not a turn off, if anything their use will automatically earn you a heart. There are not many swaps that I have received that fall into this category, so feel free to TRY AND OFFEND ME! Lets see what happens!

If you ever feel like you need to clean out your ATCs just message me, I'll gladly take them off of your hands!

Swapping Behavior

As you can see from my ratings, I obviously do not sign up for more than I can handle. There HAVE been a few times (like, 4 I think) that I have absolutely forgotten to click send in time. I contact my partner, the swap coordinator and leave a comment on the swap page.

The Speedy ATC! Swaps came from a memory. A memory of Speedy McFeely's Delivery Service from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Anyone remember the cool mailman from that show? Plus they're quick send... Any swap that I host I am also willing to angel. You must first rate your partner a one and then I will be happy to send you something, just communicate with me and it'll be all good! Lets have some fun swapping!

I totally DIG vintage mint united states postage. It is much more exciting, I think, to see a stamp that you may have never seen before! Wow! There are some really cool stamps out there. Now my only problem since I have purchased them is actually forcing myself to USE them! =)

I Love Reading

To many to list. Love Steinbeck ANYTHING. Twain is a hoot. Poetry is a love of mine. Guilty pleasures include King and Rice. I love mythology of all kinds and Bulfinch's is my favorite probably, I keep a copy of it permanently on my bedside table. I highly recommend The Golden Bough also. Love me some Smithsonian magazine. The Road by Cormac McCarthy actually made my heartstrings hurt.I have read most all of the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, but that was awhile ago and a Google search tells me that I might have to revisit this series.

I have read many many things so this is one of the hardest categories for me to fill in.


I love almost all of the horror movies that I have seen. I have a huge collection of DVDs that I own and frequently pop one in while working on ATC in my living room. Some of my favorite movies EVER include (but are not limited to): Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill I & II, The Fifth Element,The Craft, Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), The Wall, Eraserhead, Donnie Darko, Watchmen, Interview with a Vampire, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Event Horizon, Thor, Cruel Intentions, Doom Generation, and I am sure there are more, I am just having a hard time thinking of them!


I paint. I paint in oil on canvases that I made and did not make. I buy paintings from the thrift store and reclaim them. I am not great at working directly onto canvas with a palette knife unless I am scraping paint off. Liquin Impasto is amazing and I probably will not ever paint another oil without it again. My favorite brush is a filbert but I will use others as I see fit. Plein Air painting is a newfound love of mine. Paintings made outdoors are almost guaranteed to come with dead bugs and road dirt. I usually just slop some more paint over the insect and call it good. I own watercolor and for me its more of something easy and fun. Like a break. Acrylics are a workhorse because you can do most anything with them. They'll withstand abuse. It's easy to clean up.

I draw. Not that I am great at it - I am better at reproducing a Van Gogh than copying a picture of your sisters cousin in pencil but I think its fun. Ink has always been a love of mine though I do not employ it all of the time. Sakura Micron Pen in 08 is my absolute fave pen in the freaking whole wide world. It is seriously amazing. I am a sucker for water soluble pencils - Inktense are my absolute favorite, and to round out their intensity I have Derwent Watercolor pencils and Derwent Graphitint. Graphitint are also tons of fun. My colored pencils are Prismacolor Premier soft-core. Pencils Mars Lumograph. I have a few ebonies too. Those suckers go onto paper super smooth.

I like to bead. I havent been doing it much lately but I know how and have a ton of supplies just waiting for me to revisit. Tying hemp can be fun but I find that it makes my fingers hurt after awhile (from the string rubbing on my skin).

I sew. I like sewing quilts and 1800s dresses. Since I am a larger size it can be hard to find a cool dress that fits so I sew my own! I usually shop sales and remnants just so that I can save a little money because fabric is expensive!

Lately I have been a tad bit obscessed with ATC making and the such. Its a ton of fun and they all come out looking a little different. I have been playing with image transfers done with cold laminating sheets. I am not sure if people like these or not! I wonder sometimes if they are considered sticker slapping...

I like to make little books, though, I havent in awhile. Maybe Ill make some swaps soon that include making a little tiny book.


Abstraction, Salvador Dali, Nature, Camping, Fishing, Reading and Writing, ATCs, Music, Gardening, Sewing, Technology, Superhero Movies, Road Trips, Photography, old time clothing, quilting, owls, foxes, rose tending, anything 1960's, Glitter, Art, Poetry, Clouds, Sun and Moon, hot springs, camping, moths, mushrooms, tie dye, watercolor, oil, acrylic, old cars, and scary movies, swear words, nudes, tattoos, butterflies, roses, hearts, bookpage atcs, pet rats, science (cells and geology are fascinating).

ATC that I collect: Mail art, hand drawn and painted, postage stamps, swear words and the like, foxes, owls, maps and found poetry. I also have sections from all of the holidays but right now I dont have many Thanksgiving, St. Patty's, Easter or Mardi Gras,

I love all colors!


Politics, germs, do not really enjoy religious themed anything (spiritual ok), cats (they are nice animals, but I am allergic), postage due envelopes, slow drivers, damaged mail, non-raters, late senders.

There aren't many things out there that I can say I dislike, this is a harder section to fill out than I thought!



EleanB rated for Speedy Cuss Word ATC! #3 on Jun 24, 2021
Comment: I've been doing some 'swap housekeeping' and saw that I hadn't rated you for this swap, so I went through my big box of fun and FOUND YOUR AMAZING ATC. I'm so sorry it took so long to rate!
Comment: Thank you - loved the vintage stamp!
jjhere rated for AMA: Snowman Shaped ATC on Feb 26, 2021
Comment: Your snowman arrived! Thanks so much.
Fabriqueen rated for Postcard with a Joke #4 on Feb 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the Adrian City Hall PC! LOL! Loved the jokes also. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Comment: Thanks, love it!
anicka22 rated for SSM: Sunshine Happy Mail #11 on Jan 22, 2021
Comment: Love the beautiful mail
ajmay rated for New Year Greetings! on Jan 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card.
suepier rated for New Year Greetings! on Jan 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the pretty New Year card.
Highlander18 rated for UBER CHRISTMAS CARD SWAP- USA on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you very much for the sparkly card. I see it was post-dated 12-8. It sure when the long way around.
suepier rated for A Thankful Christmas! on Jan 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card.
CraftyShana76 rated for A Thankful Christmas! on Jan 8, 2021
Comment: Lovely card! TYVM!
MsBellaDonna rated for New Year Greetings! on Jan 6, 2021
Comment: Happy New Year! Thank you for the sparkly card, I love it! Stay safe and be well!
alittledabble rated for New Year Greetings! on Jan 4, 2021
Comment: Beautiful card. Thank you. The lovely glitter on the card brightened what had been a hard day. I felt like the sparkle and illustration of bubbly and a fountain of champagne was an “event” in and of itself. This sort of happy mail and lift are why I do swap-bot. Thank you!
Karen07 rated for New Year Greetings! on Jan 4, 2021
Comment: Thanks for a great card! Happy 2021!
Comment: Thank you so much!!!
Comment: Thank you for the card!
Comment: Oh My Goodness! I love this card! Thank you so much! Happy New Year! Hugs, Diane
squince rated for A Thankful Christmas! on Dec 31, 2020
Comment: thanks

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