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Birthday: January 17, 1986
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About Me

Free Cat Hair With Every Swap!

I do market research professionally, and Swap-Bot is a great creative outlet for me! I love to make ATCs, gelli print, and do decos when I have the time, and try all kinds of new crafts. I am vegetarian and a huge nerd. I have two kitties who are my babies.

mah kittehs

PM me if you want to do a private swap, need a new (sometimes slow AF) penpal, or want excess decos (I usually have some).

My current top wishlist item is Littlest Pet Shop toys or related items like doll accessories or small props. My latest craft obsession is modifying, painting, and photographing LPS customs. I'd be thrilled to trade for LPS toys or random small items to use in my pictures. If you happen have this type of thing you don't want, DM me for a private swap! :D

Swap Philosophy

I always try to go above and beyond in my swaps and aim for hearts. If you feel that I don't deserve a heart, I would genuinely like to know why. Even if it's negative feedback I want to improve my art and swapping. It drives me crazy to do what I think is a really nice job and feel like I've disappointed my partner!

I normally read profiles carefully and tailor swaps to my swap partners' preferences to the extent possible. I don't generally join swaps with tight deadlines, because I hate feeling rushed and I like doing art when I'm really in the mood for it. So I will try and do a nice job on your swap, and base it on your profile if I can, but it won't usually be sitting there all generically waiting to mail as soon as partners are assigned. Please let me know if something doesn't arrive. I will resend lost or missing swaps.

I don't think anyone should host swaps they aren't willing to angel themselves. If hosts are expected to cover for flakers, they will do a better job screening them out. I hate to see situations where hosts ask for angels (or worse, the individual flaked on has to ask themselves) when it's the host's poor screening that caused the problem. I cringe every times I see a swap host saying they won't angel. Don't host if you won't angel! I will ALWAYS angel my hosted swaps. With that in mind, I am picky about screening people for my hosted swaps. I am usually willing to do private swaps with riskier people, but don't want to assume that risk for others in my swaps. I appreciate being notified if you see questionable swappers in my hosted swaps, but rest assured I will carefully look at all participants and ban anyone I find too risky, normally immediately before assigning partners.

Favorite Movies

Beavis and Butthead Do America
Children of Dune
Lord of the Rings
Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Trek
Star Wars
V for Vendetta

Favorite Television

Arrested Development
Black Sails
Game of Thrones
Mr. Pickles
Star Trek
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Venture Brothers
Walking Dead

Favorite Music

Bif Naked
City Girls
Eve 6
Harvey Danger
Hawksley Workman
Megan Thee Stallion
Powerman 5000
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stroke 9
Tegan & Sarah
VNV Nation

Favorite Books

Never Let Me Go
Song of Ice and Fire
The God Delusion
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Wheel of Time
World War Z

Stuff I like

Alteryx (amazing data program - I'm obsessed!)
Bright/neon colors
Buttons & brads
Easy vegetarian recipes
Good ATCs
Interesting ephemera/smash stuff
Jugger (best sport ever. Google it.)
Littlest Pet Shop
Magic: the Gathering
Mix CDs
Pokemon Go (Team Valor, Blissey, level 47

Stuff I don't like

Animal cruelty
Excessive use of stickers
Religion - unless it's ironic or Chick Tracts, I love those for terrible reasons!

Regarding Deco Books

I actually prefer homer/last page decos to keep my pile manageable, unless it's contrary to swap requirements.

I like small and thin decos over big bulky ones - don't we all? I dislike thick embellishments that make it much costlier to mail. My preference is for smallish flatish ones that can be mailed in normal envelopes without too much postage.

I've been getting a lot of decos recently in which I've already done a page. This is generally against deco swap guidelines, and is contrary to the point of deco books. Decos should have each page done by a different person, and sending them back and forth between the same people is a waste of postage! PLEASE check your decos and make sure the recipient hasn't done a page in them yet before sending!

I'd prefer not to receive decos that aren't in some kind of book form. Loose pages are a nice idea, but to me that's not really the same as a deco book. Plus it's difficult or impossible to determine who has already had it when "pages" go missing.

I often have excess decos to swap. Please send me a PM with your address if you are interested.

I'm happy to try and answer questions if you are new to decos (or swapping generally). I've been here a while and can usually help with basic protocol questions!

Themes I like

Anything hand drawn
Arizona themed
Data / Graphs / Spreadsheets
Dr. Pepper
House/home theme
Littlest Pet Shop
Magic: the Gathering
Monograms/my initials (E.W.)
Penis drawings (they crack me up, it's "accidentally" become a collection). No peen photographs though please!
Pokemon (esp. Blissey/Chancey/Happiny)

If it's a pretty, well done ATC, PC, or deco I will probably love it no matter what the subject matter is. I am difficult to offend unless its related to animal cruelty or some kind of discrimination. That shit's not funny. I am generally amused by adult/sexual/nudity/swear word type themes. Particularly wieners. XD


Comment: Thank you for your lovely letter! I'll write you back soon. :)
Comment: Thanks Emma!
ccmmsu rated for Decos Only 1/2022 on Jan 21, 2022
Comment: Oooh, a hedgehog deco! So cute! Thank you for passing on the decos and for the awesome stickers, too. :)
Mistyinltown rated for CPG Move Any Deco 10 - Global on Jan 19, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much, yes it is right up my alley! Also I love your envelope!
Response: Awesome! Glad you like it!
Comment: I can't wait to work on this deco, the occult theme RULES. Also, thanks for the cute ATC, I always love a little more pokemon in my life! Hope you are doing well <3
Response: Yay! Yeah I thought that deco was really fun, glad you like it as well! :D
Cryptid rated for International PenPals - Fall 2021 on Jan 16, 2022
Comment: Thank you.
jeka396 rated for USA Last Page Deco 12/2021 on Dec 27, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the vintage children deco, extra stickers, and the bright and cheery envelope it was all sent in!
mcorbus rated for CPG ~ Collab HMPC ~ 12/2021 ~ USA on Dec 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks, I will work on and send on. Happy Holidays
teejlc rated for CPG Move Any Deco 09 - Global on Dec 15, 2021
Comment: This is a great deco! I'll have fun with it! Thank you so much for the extra special stickers too! The moons are fantastic!
ccmmsu rated for CPG Move Any Deco 08 - Global on Dec 4, 2021
Comment: Oh, those ducky stickers ARE adorable! :) Thank you so much for the deco and the awesome extras. I love the Pusheen PCs and the fun stickers!
Comment: Yesss hahaha I love it! I saw you post one of these to insta and I'm so glad I get to add to one! The sticker sheets are so freaking perfect to my taste too, you are a doll as always! <3
Response: Yay! I was very happy to send one of those guys you're way! :D
joppagirl rated for Decos Only 12/2021 on Dec 2, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the decos and canceled stamps.
Comment: HAHAHA yesss! Thank you so friggin much for the amazing 3D printed ornament! I didn't think you could make the subject matter look so pretty, but it's the prettiest!
Response: LOL! That arrived fast, yay! We were cracking up over that... it came together really well LOL. Glad you like it! XDDD
Whippet rated for CPG Move Any Deco 07 - Global on Nov 15, 2021
Comment: Emma, My friend, thank you for your full mail, full of wonders. I love the postcards, yes! I've wanted to decorate an Alice in Wonderland Deco Book for so long, & now enjoyment! Mad Hatter Tea Party it is! Happy November!
Comment: Another great swap & ENVELOPE! Thank you.
Response: Awesome, glad you enjoyed! :D
Ethony rated for ATCs - Profile Surprise - Summer 2021 on Nov 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the most beautiful ACT's for this swap. Adorable.
Response: Glad you liked them!
Comment: Love the pc!! I hope you get yours back soon!! Thank you for a great swap and all the nice extras!
Comment: These ATC's are AMAZING, thank you so much!
Response: Yay! Glad you like them! :D
Comment: Thank you for the great swap these are my first ATC's and I sent the first I made today and I have both joy and a very anxious heart. But getting your package elevated that for a bit. I do like your backgrounds being both transparent and opaque and combining the elements they came together nicely. Thank you. Hope to swap again sometime.
Response: Glad you liked them! Happy to be the one to swap with you for your first ATCs! :D
wyrdfae rated for Decos Only 10/2021 on Oct 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you! I always like seeing your work in decos I receive
Response: Aww thank you! They're so much fun. I'm so happy decos are popular on SB lately.

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9O96O on Jan 18, 2022:

Just a note to let you know I dropped 2 decos in the mail to you today for "Deco Books Forum: Decos to get moving".

ccmmsu on Jan 16, 2022:


So glad to have you with us!

9O96O on Jan 12, 2022:

Got the Bicycle deco that you offered in the Decos to get moving forum, Hell0Z0mbie. Thanks so much for sending it on, very generous of you. I really like your decorated mixed media page, well done.

sassafrass on Dec 24, 2021:

stephiedee on Dec 21, 2021:

Thanks for the great addition to my Halloween exquisite corpse deco, Emma. OMG it turned out so cool! I'll get a video up on IG of it later today.

Happy holidays and all that! :)

joybells2426 on Dec 20, 2021:

I love the page you created for my Just Because deco. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

jeka396 on Dec 6, 2021:

Thanks so much for the free themed deco book! Loved the bright colors on the one deco and your envelope :). Always nice to swap decos with you!

9O96O on Dec 1, 2021:

Got the German deco book for the Deco Book Tag. Thanks so much! I like your contribution. Looking forward to coming up with something to add.

goosey on Oct 25, 2021:

emma, thank you so for your addition to my paris/&thebeach deco! this deco, especially, is a reminder of the fun of open mail art exchange!! i am looking forward to your spinoff.

orneryswife on Oct 5, 2021:

Thank you for the great art in my Fungus Deco. I love it!😘

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