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About Me

I'm a nature loving, art fanatic living in a yurt on 40 remote acres with solar power and outdoor showers. I am in college working towards a mjor in philosophy. I love taking classes and haven't found a subject yet that doesn't fascinate me. I am a writer-- nothing published yet (unless a college poetry journal counts). I mostly write poetry and short stories. My art rarely follows a trend and I am frequently suprised with how my emotions express themself visualy.

I love our planet and have a particular attachment to the ocean. I visit california's beautiful coast as much as I can (about once every other month).

My spirituality is very tied with the earth and what's here, as apposed to preperation for what's to come. I think earth is a heaven in itself. I do rituals for the old celtic festivles and consider myself a neo-druid.

QUICK NOTE: Due to my solar power some cloudy days I want be able to get on the interenet because our batteries won't be charged enough, so I may be late responding to your messages.

Favorite Crafts

Painting: watercolor, guache and acrylic. Scrapbooking, silk painting, origami, paper cutting, beading, wire working, mask making and sculpting in polymor and clay.


I like all kinds of movies. Especially those which tell a story and have a good script & Dialog. I feel that the essence of good filmmaking is slowly dying out as filmmakers put more focus on special effects and shallow entertainment while consquently making something less like real life and sped up to flashing images on a screen. So I watch a lot of indie-films, old movies and some foriegn to see the kind of story telling I like on screen.

My favorite movie at the moment is CiderHouse Rules.

I love Frank Capra films

  • You Can't Take It With You
  • Meet John Doe
  • It's A Wonderful Life

Some Favorites Include: - Little Miss Sunshine - Sunshine Cleaning - I Heart Huckabee's - Harold and Maude - WonderBoys - Knights Tale

Drama/Suspense: -Cave Man's Valentine -Slueth -Rope -Quiz Show -Everything is Illuminated -Almost Famous

Comedy: -Bowfinger -My Cousin Vinny -Hamlet 2 -Marx Brothers Movies

Shows: I don't have TV because I think it is inherently evil but I do watch certain shows on DVD.

-Northern Exposure -Star Trek Voyager -The Muppet Show -FireFly

The Movie Ever Person Must See (in my oppinion): Protagonist.


I LOVE BOOKS, libraries, the scent of dust on old pages, litrature, stories, plays, poetry! I probably spend about three hours a week minimmum at my local library just browsing. ~Favorite Books~

Fiction: - Looking For Alaska -The Amazing Adventures Of Kavelier and Klay -Catcher in the Rye -Cannery Row -Wonder Boys

Fantasy/Sci-fi classics -A Wrinkle In Time -The Wizard of Earthsea -Farenheit 451 -Brave New World -Elsewhere

Plays: -Cyrano De Bergerac -The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds

I collect books on philosophy and would love to recieve them!

I also have a theatre troop and apperciate any books of plays or acting to share with them.

I would like to recieve...

Homemade anything!

Scraps of ethnic designed or unique fabric Bookmarks

Origami papers

Tribal designs and styles

Scrap Leather

Celtic designed things

Plays (in books or printouts)


Black & White Photos

Unique Quotes

Rice crackers and japanese snacks

Nature items: seedpods, stones, feathers, etc.

t-shirts: blank or with nifty things printed on them (secound hand is fine with me!)

Art Postcards (handmade or printed with art images)


Comic book pages

Vintage sci-fi or fantasy images/book pages

Interesting Magazine or Newspaper Articles

Meditation Music Cds

Teas (green, herbal)

Yoga anything

Seeds for herbs

Smudge sticks

Incense (musk, myrrh, cedar, nag champa)

Candles (any kind, shape, size or color)

Soap: Natural or Homemade

Essiental oils/ritual oils

Prayer/worry beads

Scarves(not girly please)

Spirit animal imagery

Things I dont like or can't us

I'm not a coffee drinker, infact I do not drink many caffinated beverages. I do love green and herbal teas though! I dont wear make-up because I like myself without it. I do like natural chapsticks though! I'm not a big nail polish person I haven't worn any since my pre-teen days. I'm really not into kawaii or cutesy stuff. I dont really like photo realistic pet pictures or really sparkly bright things. Oh yeah and no earings please my ears are not peirced. Gum?- I advertly stay away from the stuff.

Other Favorites and Prefrences

Music: - Americana/Alt Country - Folk - Jazz - Opera - Celtic - Salsa - Flamenco - World

Favorite Bands and Music Artists: -Ani Difranco -Circe Link -Llhasa -Paul Simon -Simon & Garfunkle -Carlos Santana -The Gypsy Kings -Mary Youngblood -The Loose Acoustic Trio -Jane Monhiet -Django -Bela Fleck -Dave Stamey -Nuyorican Soul

Favorite Metal: I LOVE copper!!! Its my favorite metal of all. I also like Brass and Silver but copper is the best!

Animals: I seriously appericate all animals. But I do have some favorites: Apes and Monkeys, Elephants, Cats, Spiders, Snakes and Sea turtles. Oh yes I can't forget whales! I have yet to connect with horses but hope to change that.

favorite famous artisits: -Paul Gauguin -Van Gogh

-Maya Lin

Plants: All trees especialy Oaks, Willows and Ginko trees. if you send me a gingko leave I will love it :) I also like pomagranits, figs and pears. I like flowers of all kinds but dont really like floral designs on things.

Subjects: Philosophy, Biology, Cultural Anthropology, History, English, Spanish, Nutrition, Geology, Art, World Religions and Palentology. I would love to recieve articles on any of these subjects.

Colors: Earth and ocean tones are my favorite. I also like the hues of autumn, morning shades of gray, and green green Green! On ATCs I am not picky about color it is your work of art after all. The only color I am at odds with is pink. I may admire it in sunsets and some art but It feels phoney to me elsewhere and I don't like to recieve it on items. For instance if I am in a journal swap a pink journal wouldn't make me very happy.

Styles and Designs

I like Laura Birch designs (particularly her cats!) Susan Seddon Boulet (her art is sooo beautiful!!!)

I like Organic shapes and patterns. Nature inspired stuff is wonderful but I like it to look sharp and classy rather then cute and crafty (that pretty much goes for everything).

I like ethnic things such as those found at world market or actual markets. Although I like the ethnic look, some forms of folk art can be to busy or done in colors combinations that I dont like (white, pink, baby blue combos or orange, yellow and pink)

I love simple and handmade things (in other words I think to many flourishs distract from the beauty of practicality).

Favorite Figures

I love Mermaids, Water Nymphs, Sea Fairies and Woodlen Fairies too. I like Tree and Animal spirits.

Cats are really cool especially when done in intresting styles and unordinary colors.

Animals such as Elephants, Whales and Snakes hold special significance to me.

Oh yes I like frogs and insects (dragon flies, crickets, grasshoppers, praying mantisses ect.) Spiders are also a favorite.

My favorite deity icons are Mother Earth, the Greenman, Yemanya, Artimis, Brigid, Cernunnous, Hanuman or the Monkey King, Ganesh, Athena, Pele and and Spiral Goddesses.


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Comment: Thanks for the insight into your life! You sound like a wonderfully interesting person. I adore your passion for nature!
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Comment: Thanks Gloria...the wolf looks quiet scary!
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Comment: Thank you very much for the B(.)(.)Bies. I too enjoyed doing this ATC as well. I spent a lot of time on making it perfect. I hope more of these come along in the future. Thanks agin for the eye candy Zach.
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