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Birthday: November 28, 1977
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As of January 1st, I start a new job with the Girl Scouts as the Outdoor Program Coordinator. I am so excited, but my swapping may lessen as I figure out the new job and where swapping fits in with this new adventure. I will continue to finish the themed series I have started, but after that, I am not sure how much swapping I will do. :)

I have moved & my address has changed. Please DO NOT send to the previous address. Please make sure to send to the new one. =D

My rating is not perfect, Some people aren't satisfied, no matter what you do. I once had a late swap & another one lost in the mail. Unfortunately the person that rated me the 1 no longer is an active member on swap-bot. I have no way to fix it with her.


Some of my characters that I have carved and stamped:




I love living simply and try to send out swaps that are beautiful and also functional. I really like receiving the same. I adore receiving a swap that is creative and unique, but also useful. No knick knacks for me!

I am also a sock junkie! I admit it. Especially from Sock Dreams

I prefer crew length or under -the -knee socks, in vibrant colors, or amazing designs. But, I love receiving any type of socks, b/c if I don't like them, my girls will happily take them from me!

Happy Hooker...

I crochet, cross-stitch, sew, and love making altered items. I've been really into mail art and my Groups lately. Especially: Crafty Witches

Here is a Chunky Book Page I made. It is Clio, the Muse of History Clio

My favorite thing about swap-bot is making something for someone else that they will love and use. If we are in a swap together & you have a favorite color, a wishlist item that I can make, or a favorite animal/theme/God(dess), etc. please let me know. There is nothing like receiving something that you truly will use or love!


  • My favorite color is red, but if you are in a fabric swap with me PLEASE DO NOT SEND me any red fabric!!! I am stocked up on red. I'm currently looking for Batik FQ's.

I wear XL shirts

When it comes to receiving things, anything in primary colors is definitely appreciated.

I really,really don't like pink. But if you must send something in pink, please send something in green as well because I have twin daughters (they are 15 years old) and their fav colors are pink and green. That way if I give to one I can give to the other. :-)



100% cotton spools of thread...I need ANY color

Bandanas with primary colors or interesting characters

Halloween stuff: Vampire ,Pirates, zombie, voodoo, B-Grade horror

Felt, in any colors

Sharpies - any color, any point...but especially fine point

Sculpey - any color

Stamp pads...any color, especially the raised type.

Fancy, designed card stock

Unique paper & paper packs of all sorts

Washi tape

Deco tape

I geocache & would be thrilled to receive small trinkets...like small toy machine items or foreign coins

My nickname is Owl & I would love to receive anything in an owl theme

I love receiving really funky/crazy stickers. Nothing "normal" - but if it is strange or unusual, I would love it!

Please Don't!

I DON'T LIKE DOGS! I am not a dog person, so please don't send me any stickers, post-its, stationary, ANYTHING WITH DOGS. If you like dogs, great. I just don't collect or enjoy receiving items covered in doggies, puppies, etc.

I'm also not super-keen on kitty cats. Cute kitties in pink are so NOT MY STYLE! I like black cats or dark, interesting cat-people. But, that's about it. Unless it's a unique animal or an interesting portrayal, it's not my bag, baby.

If you just MUST send me something animal-themed, the only animals that I enjoy are owls or snakes (specifically asps).test Otherwise not so much. And of course, I won't be joining the pink puppy swap. :-)


This is to help my partners that are in a Pagan/Witch themed swap w/ me.


I am looking for patterned fabric for a Wheel of the Year Quilt---I really need greens & yellows. I have ALL the red & blue I need.

Please,Please no patchouli scented items or essential oils

Anything with Papa Legba imagery or the Marasa

Anything to do with keys or crossroads

Items with owls or serpents


I am becoming a fabri-holic! So, I may be in a fabric swap/tag with you.

Here are some wants:

  • primary stripes (wide or thin)

  • Tattoo Fabric test

  • Horror based/Halloween fabric anytime of year, not just Halloween! test

  • Bright, colorful pieces test

  • Strange Prints test

But, I appreciate anything that is sent! These are just a guideline...I can use anything.

Bath and Body

I love bath and body products, if they are natural, organic, fair trade and/or packaged in recycled/reused packaging. I DO NOT use Dollar store type items. I especially love: Jason, Kiss my Face, Burt's Bees or ETSY products that fulfill the above.

Please DO NOT send me items that could have been tested on animals or that use excessive chemicals or dyes. Thank you.


I love earrings. But, only if they are the hook style. I can't wear any others. And surgical steel, if at all possible.


I have an eclectic taste in earrings. Please check out my etsy favorites for inspiration. I trully love hand crafted, steam punk & Goddess earrings.


I am a voracious reader and LOVE children's classics, including but, not limited to the following. This list is for the Hundred Acre Wood Group, but if you'd like to send something to me in one of these themes, I'd be delighted!

  • Sleepy Hollow

  • Little House on the Prairie

  • Maurice sendak - Especially "Where the Wild Things Are" & "In the Night Kitchen"

  • Secret Garden - Love a swap in that theme!

  • Gulliver's Travels

  • Heidi

  • Anne of Green Gables

  • Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

  • Little Women

  • Pippi Longstocking

  • Mrs. Grigsby & the Rats of Nihm

  • The Last Unicorn

  • The Wind in the Willows

  • Marushka & the Seasons

  • Oz books, not limited to the Wizard, but more on the Ozma

  • Peter Pan series

I also like "modern classics" like:

  • Madeleine L'Engle's series "Wrinkle in Time"

  • Harry Potter

  • His Dark Materials

  • C.S. Lewis - I never "saw" the Chrisitan propaganda, always thought is was just a delightful story

  • I finished the Olympian series (Percy Jackson) and think it's wonderful

  • Hunger Games series,loved books 1 & 2...3 not so much

  • The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)

  • Spiderwick -Finished the series & it was great. Fantastic imagery!

These are just the ones off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more I just haven't remembered. I read 3 books @ 1 time & always listen to an audio book, too. My tastes run from intellectual to straight smut....It depends on my mood.:-)

A bit on ATC's

I am an ATC purist. I believe that each ATC should be a mini work of art. "Artistic" trading card....get it. =D I generally hand draw and/or paint my ATC's. I find the collage type ATC's beautiful. If they're done correctly. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but if you print out or cut out of a magazine a picture, glue it onto a card & then add some stickers and gems....well, I feel it's not an ATC. It's a collage card. A completely different type of art work and thusly, a different swap category. I have a shoebox of ATC's. Most of them are the aforementioned collage cards and b/c of that I quit joining Swap-bot ATC swaps. I kept my ATC's within my local art community or on specific ATC sites. Recently I have started joining ATC swaps here again....if it's from a specific Group or with people I know who make "real" ATC's. This rant is for those people that are in non-ATC swaps with me and send a collage card as a component in a non-ATC swap. If your ATC is actually a collage card, I will probably not give you a heart.....unless you have added to an existing piece with your own art work. Just letting you know. I felt I should put this on my profile after some discussion about everyones opinion on ATC's. =D Just elaborating on my personal opinion. And I want to state that I am a collage artist and respect and enjoy collaging. My issue is with the influx of "art" that is being touted as an ATC or collage art and it's a printed picture glued onto a card & a little glitter and a sticker is added on. Collage artists are amazing. Check out this link for some amazing artists. ;-) I'm off the soapbox now.


Alyson rated for Elemental Swap - Round 1- Earth on Mar 23, 2013
Comment: I'd love to change this rating!
mlookyloo1 rated for 4th Annual Cup of Winter Solstice on Mar 18, 2013
Comment: never got anything
TangleCrafts rated for DEC: A Booklet of Artistamps #5 on Jan 22, 2013
Comment: Wow, this one really did get caught up in the Christmas postal delays! Thank you as always for a beautifully hand-stamped project - I especially liked the upcycled booklet cover. :)
Gofeen rated for Fat Quarter Frenzy # 1 on Jan 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much.
bluemoonrising2 rated for Yule Card Swap on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: Arrived today. Most pleased.
eepy rated for POSTCARDS for Laura on Jan 1, 2013
Comment: Happy New Year! And congratulations on the new job. It sounds great. I love "ChiTiHow" which arrived in my p.o. box yesterday. It looks as though he had some adventures with the postal machinery on his way. But he came through. I make postcards from my own carvings too, and I love trading these! If you want to flip me your snail mail address I'll send you one. I also like the mini-carvings on the reverse of your card... I do some lil ones too, but I like yours better. I have enough scrap material to carve hundreds of these. I like your bio, and I just put The Spiderwick Chronicles on hold at my library. I've got one for you... I'm 25 pgs from finishing up Seraphina, a YA book by Rachel Hartman. Her writing is superb, her characters are fascinating and well developed and the plot will knock your socks off! Thanks for the card!
FaeLaume rated for NMS Recipe Page M on Dec 26, 2012
Comment: Yummy I love Salad this just fits right in over here thanks! Its my first recipe page!
1leemeadows rated for Fat Quarter Frenzy # 1 on Dec 23, 2012
Comment: Loved the Fat Quarter (have acouple cats, one that has 7 front paws and 6 in the back) the buttons was a nice surprise, use those for the YoYos and to tie a quilt, always need buttons! Thank You
snickerdoodle21 rated for Fat Quarter Frenzy # 1 on Dec 21, 2012
Comment: thank you for the cute fabric!
AmyMarie rated for DEC: A Booklet of Artistamps #5 on Dec 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the artistamps.
rngstgstll rated for DEC: A Booklet of Artistamps #5 on Dec 15, 2012
Comment: I really love the design of the stamp booklet -- wish I would have thought of that! -- and the stamps are amazing. I love woodcuts and prints, these ones are so small and special. Thanks!
tinnuwen rated for Yule in Avalon**edited** on Dec 13, 2012
Comment: Thank you SO much for this swap. I love eveything, but as I've told you yesterday, the knitted hoodie scarf is just the BEST ever. It's so cold here by now, -7°C today, and it's PERFECT. :) Love it!
mamainshane rated for NOV: Traveling Mail Art Kit 2012 on Dec 11, 2012
Comment: Well how about that box. I <3 it so much. You do fabulous work. It will be wonderful after the holidays when I can implement the kit into my mail art:) cthulhu xmas stocking cap is a fave!!! thanks so much.
katiewoo rated for $6 - 7 Etsy Favorites! on Dec 11, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the felt flowers, lovely!
Comment: Thank you very much for such a beautiful card.
Tjrenee rated for Krampus Ornament Swap on Nov 29, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much for both of the ornaments that you sent!! I LOVE them!! So creative! Happy Holidays! Hope to swap with you again!
Comment: Thank you for the poe image ornament and the extra ornament too (very cute!). I'll probably put my tree up this week.
Amuterasu rated for $8 - 11 Etsy Favorites! on Nov 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great surprise! I love this set! <3
kezeven rated for Birthday/UnBirthday etsy SWAP on Nov 21, 2012
Comment: He he he I have my wool and knitting needles it it already. Very lovely! Thanks heaps.
Response: Sweet! Sorry it took so long. :)

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LauraAust on Dec 23, 2012:

serafina145 on Nov 16, 2012:

I got your Angel tarot bag. Thank you verry verry much! I really really really really really like it!!!!!!!! It so totally fits me! It was worth the waiting! thank you so much! greetings serafina145

misskrystalx on Nov 7, 2012:

Thanks for accepting me in your group! I must have some of your stamps! They are beyond awesome!

audreydoll on Sep 25, 2012:

Thank you for the beautiful handmade postcards!

NaughtyElf on Aug 29, 2012:

You are welcome, I was so happy to make the set for you, no one will ever go without receiving something for a swap as long as I am a host. I am just sorry your partner flaked on you, but maybe it worked out all right after all!? Hugs back and have a great week! Sher

Nandin on May 17, 2012:

It is so seldom that I get handmade postcards, and especially postcards that are so awesome I will never send them to anyone! These are going in a frame! Beautiful work, and I love them so much! Thank you!

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

HarlequinEyes on Mar 26, 2012:

Thanks for sending me more skull stampings! You're awesome :)

agonysdecay on Mar 21, 2012:

Girl, I don't mind that it wasn't witchy, I like all Etsy favs;) Half the time that I go to buy my partners stuff, I have the item in the cart and then I realize it has to be witchy and have to choose something else! I just love them!

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