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Last Online: January 6, 2012
Birthday: August 5
Country: South Africa
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WELCOME, Please park your broom & have a cuppa with me for a spell. I am an ordained High Priestess.

My spiritual name is: U-no-le-a-do-nuh-doe, which is my Cherokee name, meaning: WindSpirit It fits so well. Because I am strong like the strongest wind and I can be gentle as the soft breeze. I am everywhere all at once.

I am a free spirit. I am strong as the strongest wind, but yet am also as gentle as a breeze. I am an American married to the most wonderful man that has ever walked the face of Mother Earth. I am a witch. I do not worship Satan; I am not interested in Satan. Satan was invented by the Christians. Satanism is a form of Christianity. I am not a Christian. I don't go to church on Sunday. Jesus is NOT my savior. He was simply a holy man who lived 2,000 years ago. I am not afraid of going to Hell because I don't believe in Hell any more than I believe in Satan. I believe in reincarnation; that I will come back to this world or another and live out another life. I am not evil. Telling people I am a "good witch" or asking me if I am a good witch implies that there are evil witches. There are evil people in the world and there are people who choose to work with the forces of nature in a way that harms others; those people are NOT witches. The central law of being a witch is: "if it harms none, do as you will." Please don't ask me about sacrificing cats or desecrating churches. I love my animals!, and have all the respect for the churches, just not my place to be there unless invited by someone for a wedding, funeral, etc. I do not need to be in a so called “House of Worship” to speak with my Lord & Lady. Wearing my pentacle is no different than wearing a cross, crucifix, or Star of David or any other symbol of faith. The five points of the pentagram signify the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water, and the fifth point is Spirit; encircled by the Universe. Please don't ask me if I'm in a "coven. I personally do not like coven’s as to me they are another type of organized religion. To belong to a coven, you must believe in their ways and not independently, therefore a coven is NOT for me. I am an eclectic practitioner; I have no coven to discuss. In any case, our rituals have candles, food, drink, poetry, dancing. Don’t condemn me for my beliefs and try to convert me to your ways. I will never ever try to force mine upon anyone else. You either accept me for whom and what I am or you don’t. Sometimes I wear black because it keeps negativity away! If you want to ask me something related to MY religion, ask me when the next full moon is. Or what a blue moon IS! Ask me about herbs, Crystals, or Healing. I don't cast spells on other people and I won't cast a spell on you to make you prettier, thinner, and more desirable. Trust me, you don't want that, you don't want the Karma that involves and neither do I! That's a form of manipulation, taking away someone's power, infringing on their free will. I also won't cast a binding spell to make someone STOP doing something to you. Spell work is about co-creation. A witch works with universal energy, with the gods and goddesses, to tilt the engine of probability somewhat. Spell work infringes on NO One’s free will. Don't try to make me ashamed of who I worship and what I am. Please don't try to convert me or "save" me. Witches are proud of the fact that we don't recruit people to become witches. We simply are what we are and those around us see how we think, how we act and our inner peace. I am not asking you to convert. I am only asking you to please understand. If you don't want to understand, well then that is your loss.

I follow no path per say. I take some from here and there and what works for me and my beliefs and that's the way I am. I study various pathways, including Wicca, Native American, Shaman or any that gives me the answers which I seek. I am a WITCH and proud of it.

I do not like rude & disrespectful people, so if you cannot say anything good, then it is best not to say anything at all. I do not deal well with peoples drama, that is a negative & I avoid it at all cost.©

Favorite Music

I love all types of music, especially Gypsy, Esoteric, Aroma Therapy, Meditation, Opera, Ballet, Oldies but Goodies, Country, Soft Rock, really kool beans Dance music.

The one I cannot stand at all is: Rap..hate it with a passion.

The other one that really gets my goat which I do not like is Heavy Metal.

There is always music in my heart.

Favorite Movies

My most favorite Movie of all time is CASABLANCA. Most romantic movie in the world as far as I am concerned. I could watch it over and over and over and yes I have.

I am adding FLAKERS in here, as I am running out of room on my profile.

@alwayschic flaked on Swap What you Make. Will not even respond to my messages. @thunderstruck flaked on International Tea Party, she said on the swap that she posted it on May 1st, but this is now July 21st and no package has ever arrived. Now her profile has been deleted, so I will NEVER get to have my Tea Party.

Favorite Books

Anything pertaining to Alternative Healing, Herbs, Crystals, Esoteric, and I love to read True Crime stories, or True Life things.

Recipe books are a must have for me. I adore cooking or baking and always find something new to try, even if I have to eat it myself, as my husband is strictly a meat, potatoes & green veg man. He is a typical Englishman & I LOVE him with all my heart & soul.

Favorite Television

I actually prefer the computer to TV most of the time, but I do watch a lot after my work day is done.

I love the following:

Border Security NCIS (all of them) Sea Patrol Final Justice Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives Army Wives Ugly Betty Law & Order (all including UK & SVU) Columbo 24 Chuck It's a Miracle with Roma Downy Cake Boss

Hubby is into all things UFO & History, along with most of the same as me, that is why we get along so well together.

I guess one could say I am a Crime Junkie.

Favorite Crafts

My very first Amigurimi I have ever made and it just took me 2 days. Started it on August 25 and finished it on the 26th. I am really proud, did not know I had it in me. He sets by my computer to keep me busy as a bee!!

I have now made another Amigruimi so I put them both together for you to see. I am so proud of myself!

I just had to share this one with you. My latest one is the Goddess. I plan to make another and try to get a little more room between her head and her arms, but not bad for the first one. She sits on my altar.

Now on to the good stuff: Crafts is my middle name as I crochet, sew, do bead work, stained glass, decoupage most anything I will try once in my life. I make my own watch bands with beads and lobster clasps. I make bracelets & anklets with beads. I also make friendship bracelets with embroidery floss.

I absolutely adore clunky gaudy pins & bracelets. I am probably the Queen of Gaudy. Well that's not true, I am the SUPER QUEEN of GAUDY. I wear things that others would not be caught dead in. I am different. The more bells and whistles a bracelet has, the more charms it has the better. I adore things that make a noise when I wear them. I LOVE anklets too. In fact when it comes to jewelry, I will wear it all at once. A modern day Mr.T!! Gold, Silver does not matter, I wear it all. The shinier the better, the gaudier the better, the most outrageous, the better. Yep, told you I was the Super Queen, now you see why. I am super easy to please.

I am conservative when I make things for others, so please do not let my personal taste in this area scare you away if you are my partner for such swaps.

For swaps I am most interested in the crafts that are crocheted, knitted, sewn or beaded as they are usually small enough to post quite easily and inexpensively. I LOVE all Crafts, because you took the time to make it yourself. I cannot get plastic canvas over here & would absolutely LOVE to have some. I do not like posting stained glass because of the breakage. Seems no matter how good you pack it they always find a way to destroy it.


I collect Witches, Lighthouses & Dragons. These all have a special place in my heart and bring me such joy in my life. In fact in my home I have a room dedicated to the lighthouses, curtains & all.

Please, please I beg you, nothing with SPIDERS. I have a complete phobia about them, which stems from my childhood. Even plastic ones, felt ones, paper ones, REAL ones, in other words in any size shape or form. I almost have a heart attack each time, so please nothing like that.

In the crocheted area, I do dishcloths, small bags, granny squares, etc. I have developed a few shoe styles, but they take forever to make and I always end up larger than needed, so I do not even try to send those away, ever. I love the Pineapple stuff, but have not mastered them yet, but keep trying.

What Does Not Fit Elsewhere

I do Woodworking, lathe work & regular building tables, lamps, beds etc. Used to have a woodworking business, which I have now sold all equipment as we are moving to the US once we get our property over here sold.

My favorite sodas are Pepsi & Cheerwine

My favorite Wine is Naturally Sweet Red

My favorites in candy is M & M's both plain and peanut & Peanut Butter Cups. Cannot get enough of either, but it has been many years since I was able to have both as they are not that available over here. I miss them so much. I cannot wait until I am back on US soil and get to Wal-Mart and be able to buy a whole 1# bag of these. I will be in candy heaven.

I NEED Large Tea Towels. I love anything Funky, outlandish or what some would call Gaudy. I have gotten into a TEA TOWEL or Kitchen Towel Fetish and well over here they are not the same quality as maybe the $1.00 Store. The size is apx 12" x 21" or larger. I really do not want fringe, but if it is there I can deal with it.

My favorite Alcohol Drink is Irish Cream

I LOVE flavored coffees & teas, either bags or loose.

My favorite colors are: Red, Purple, Hot Shocking Pink, any Bright Bright Neon Colors.

My ears are pierced & sometimes I wear clip ons as well. I love any color earrings. I am not picky. I also love long long ones or short stud ones, I am totally easy to please.

I am looking for usable teapots not novelty kind that are witches, dragons, lighthouses, etc.

When it comes to swaps, I am not picky, I accept whatever anybody wishes to send me, because I feel they took the time to either spend their hard earned cash or their precious time to make something, & I am one who shows appreciation to all things.

I am looking for a wonderful & unique Cigarette Case. I would like one that holds a full pack of smokes, but I am not looking for the one shaped like the pack, more like the old fashion kind that opens & the smokes are held on both sides. I can find some over here, but they do not hold a complete pack. I would love one that is so unique that there would not be another one like it anywhere. Strange thing to want, but, that's me.

I try to avoid stickers & post cards because, well quite frankly here in SA they are really expensive & come from China anyway, which can be found worldwide. I like unique things.

T-Shirts, oh my one of my all time favorites to sleep in. I like them big and long so sometimes in the summer I can use them as a cool dress.

Sweat-Shirts, love them. Cannot find them over here & I miss them, again love them roomy and long if possible.

By having them extra size it means my husband & I both can make use as long as they are not too feminine. Advertising ones are great, touristy ones are great as well. I wear them a lot even if it is to sleep in them.

I LOVE anything that has to do with computers. I am always trying to locate different types of free software to try. I spend most of my time on the computer, because of the work that I do.

One of my all time favorite games is Mahjong. I usually have a game on my computer & have to have at least one game or level before leaving the computer for the night.

I am trying to collect a Charm from all 50 States, & from as many countries as possible. It does not have to say the state or country name, something that is representative of that state or country, for instance NC would be a Tar Heel, South Carolina a Palmetto Tree, England a policeman's hat etc. Silver is preferred, but not mandatory.

A Summary of Who I Am

I am a Private Investigator, a Mediator, a Virtual Assistant, a woodworker, a beadier, a crocheter, a sewer, a Domestic Violence Advocate, a mother to a wonderful & loving grown daughter and grandmother to two of the most wonderful children you would ever want to be around. I am a wife and love my husband unconditionally & I take life one day at a time. I always try to be the best I can be at all times & treat others with respect.

I do not like to make what one calls a wish list, because I accept anything and everything that is given, because someone took the time to make it or to spend their hard earned cash to buy it. I show appreciation no matter what the circumstances may be.

My life is an open book & I try to keep it that way. I do not believe in keeping secrets about ones life as it can only lead to confusion & sadness.

I wanted to put these in here:

The 10 Commandments of Swapping

1-Know what the hostess has in mind

2-Know your own schedule and commitments

3-Know how to say no

4-Know the costs in dollars and time

5-Know how to operate a calendar

6-Know your own skill level and limitations

7-Know when and how to ask questions

8-Know that it’s not all about you

9-Know that not everyone is like you

10-Know that it’s not about getting stuff

Last but certainly not least:

Be Prepared for Anything Expect Nothing & Whatever You Get Is a Total Surprise

I live in the Blue Section that says Eastern Cape of the above map.


I am a smoker & I have cats & dogs, so if you have any allergies to these, you must alert me so as not to bring any harm to your health. That is the last thing I would ever want to do.


This was taken on our wedding day May 2, 2005

My husbands name is Mike. His B/D is May 26. He says that his one wish would be for ALTOIDS. He loves them. He prefers the strong Peppermint ones. We cannot get them over here & have to have them posted to us when we can.

One of his passions is UFO's and their stories. He is fascinated by them & reads everything he can get his hands on. He reads a lot of different books. Prefers male writers vs female writers. He is a retiree of the British Royal Navy where he was an aviator. One of his favorite airplanes is the Buccaneer, as that was his plane in the Navy.

Because we live in an area that does get cold in the winter, he likes long manly scarfs, gloves & hats. Homemade ones are fine, in fact I made a matching hat & scarf for him which he loves, but can always use more. He would really appreciate that someone took the time to make something just for him. He likes nice heavy long socks.

Mike loves his Opera, Classical, Old Old music (like 30'40's) & Ballet music & videos DVD's

He is a Boston Red Sox fan, big time & New England Patriots. In fact we are still waiting for a package that was mailed over 4 years ago, the year the Red Sox won the World Series. His daughter sent him a World Series Baseball Cap, which has never arrived. He is so so so sad about it going missing. If anyone would send him one of these it would be so appreciated, I can not tell you how much as it is beyond words to be able to describe.

His favorite drink is Plain non-flavored tea or non-flavored coffee.

Favorite alcohol is Scotch, cannot stand Southern Comfort. Loves white wines will drink red, but they give him a headache most of the time.

He enjoys anything that is what would be considered Manly..I do get him to wear purple or pink shirts once in a while. He does like T-Shirts in any color as they can be worn with jeans, etc. The size of these would be large, so as to give a little extra room. He also uses them as undershirts in the winter to stay warm. He wears a lot of suspenders, loves them, in fact I do too, but this is about Mike.

All in all, Mike is the same as me, when something is sent to him, it is appreciated no matter what it might be. He really loves Altoids, yep I said it again.

Last but certainly not least, here is a recipe we all can use:

            Recipe For Success

1 C Success 1 C Consideration 2 C Human Kindness 2 C Carefully Expressed Compliments 5 Liters of Faith in Each Other 2 C of Praise A Dash of In-Laws A Dash of C0-Operation 3 t Pure Extract of “I Am Wrong” 1 C Contentment 1 C Each of Confidence & Encouragement 2 C of Blindness to Each Other’s Faults

Mix together all ingredients & stir well, removing specks of Jealousy, Criticism, Temper & Lack of Forgiveness. Sweeten with generous portions of Love. Keep warm with a steady flame of Devotion. Never ever serve with a cold shoulder or a hot tongue.

Flavor with frequent portions of recreation & a dash of happy memories.


paperbutterflywings rated for Swap What You Make on Feb 1, 2012
Comment: Never received the first package. Contact was made about a resend but as far as i know it wasn't sent. Gutted as this was set to be great swap. I will rerate if/when I receive something.
Comment: Never received first package. Again, never received the second one as promised. Have no choice but to give you rating, I feel enough time has passed.
CINDYAC rated for tote and a note on Jan 23, 2012
Comment: I know you are in the midst of moving, but i have not heard from you and have left a message - if you are ever able to get back to us, I will re rate you.... :(
nasreen rated for MEGA end of year swap on Jan 12, 2012
Comment: I have not received anything either for this swap. I will change the 1 if I ever receive anything.
Runebound rated for MEGA end of year swap on Jan 11, 2012
Comment: I still haven't received anything and you haven't replied to my message sent at least a week ago.
Earthworm rated for MEGA end of year swap on Jan 6, 2012
Comment: :(
Sevendevils rated for 100,000! on Dec 11, 2011
Response: Oh I am soooooooooo glad you liked it. I had so much fun with it, but yet it is a very useful little surprise. Just think of me each time you use it. Thanks a million for the heart as these always make me smile.
Seanna rated for **New Member** Pagan bookmark on Nov 7, 2011
Response: I hope you liked them. I tried to follow the rules and sent extra just in case you were not pleased. Enjoy them.
mydnite rated for Color Tote Bag Swap on Oct 17, 2011
Comment: Wow! I opened up my sad little mailbox today and 2 very pretty handmade totes! Thanks so much for taking the time to make them- I especially like the grey/black patterned one. Thanks again! jen
Response: I am so happy you liked. I always try my best to read profiles, swap regulations and do what is right. I always like to put the little bit of extra in every package in the hopes that I have made someones day just a little more special.
maxbenleo rated for tote bag *2* on Oct 14, 2011
Comment: Thanks
Response: My pleasure. If you really don't like, you can always pass them on. Enjoy.
nasreen rated for Check my Skillz - the sequel! on Sep 12, 2011
Comment: Thank you for my swap.
Response: You're welcome. Enjoy and thank you for the heart.
Comment: Thankyou Liz for the lovely Profile Wish swap. I love the crotchet bag it is nice. The feet memo's are nice and thanks for the note books. A very thoughtful, package. love jennifer.
Response: You are welcome. Please enjoy and think of me when you use them. Thanks a million for the heart, as these always make my day.
vickerypokery rated for tote bag *2* on Sep 8, 2011
Comment: Thanks once again for the great bags :-)
Response: Glad you liked. Enjoy and tks for the heart, those always come in handy..
patumma rated for Quick and Easy Earrings Swap-INT on Sep 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for resending. It is so frustrating when packages go missing. Thank you for sending so many pair and for checking out my profile for colors. My favorites have to be the orange and purple!!! Thanks for the crocheted pouch too so cute and useful!!! Pat
Response: So glad you got these this time. Wear them in good health and think of me. Thanks a million for the heart.
EsmeAna rated for kitty crazy on Aug 20, 2011
Comment: Hehe love it! Thanks!
Response: You are welcome. Enjoy.
winniethepooh rated for kitty crazy on Aug 18, 2011
Comment: Thankyou Liz for the sweet picture of all the mischevious cats !!! a great picture thanks, love jennifer
Response: You are so welcome. Thanks for the heart too as they always make me smile.
reauk rated for kitty crazy on Aug 18, 2011
Comment: great picture liz
Response: Thanks. Glad to have the heart too, thank you.
takaratown rated for kitty crazy on Aug 18, 2011
Response: Thanks
Comment: thank you and the handmade bag was nice.
Response: You are welcome and I hope it will all be enjoyed.
Comment: My tooth fairy box was very nice! I can hardly wait to send it to a favorite little person.
Response: Oh I am so glad it arrived safely and you liked.

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Have just read through your profile again and have to say that your Goddess ami rocks!

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Thank you so much for the great recipes for the September WTA! I'm looking forward to trying them out soon. :) ~ Seanna

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