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Date Joined: November 21, 2007
Last Online: March 4, 2013
Birthday: November 8, 1986
Country: Canada

About Me

This is something I actually have a really hard time saying but I've been having a tad bit of a problem with money and the person who was supposed to be mailing my swaps wasnt. So all the swaps will get there it will just take sometime to get postage again. I apologize profusely.

Well, its a new year so lets start some swapping again. I'm back from a 3+ year break? Wow. My tastes have changed a bit so i'll be updating this profile when I can.

Please let me know before you rate me a one/three. There are a lot of non-raters out there so I naturally assume that is what has happened. Please let me know you haven't received my swap!

Lets see.... I never like filling these out, its so hard for me!I have diverse tastes. I love to learn about/experience new things so throw your most eclectic ideas, crafts, and facts at me! I like to read, I like movies. I enjoy crafting but dont get much time to do.

I love languages. Im in university learning spanish, french, and japanese. I would like to learn more.
I love traveling.

I would ****love**** to recieve (Japanese) Kawaii things (sticker flakes/sacks, deco tape, memo pads, etc!!) Since kawaii swaps are quickly turning into my main type of swap, theres a section about my likes/dislikes a little below!

I will always rate my partners when I recieve things. I will notice if youve tried to include things I like from my profile, and I will love you for it! I tend not to rate down because you're a late, though please PM me first. I understand things come up.

I do re-gift/re-swap items that are not my style/I couldn't use. Please dont be offended, if you would like your items to not be re-gifted please tell me so. However, I will never re-gift/re-swap an item handmade for me. Ever.

Please don't send items that smell like smoke, thanks.

Generally, its easier for me to tell you things I dont like rather than things I do (because the things I do like are so varied)!! So here goes (haha after re-reading these I just noticed what does half of them have to do with swapping anyways?!? Im so silly sometimes)

-Meat/meat products/I have a preference on products not tested on animals or with no animal products in them as I am a vegetarian.

-Im not big on western religion/spirituality. While I am open to the fact that you are, I hope you can understand that im not.

-I have an intolerance for the intolerant. Conundrum, I know. I think you should be able to not hold the beliefs of others, but be able to respect them.

Favorite Movies

I worked in a video rental store. Rogers. So... this list is long. I even had to cut movies because this list was so long!

The Royal Tenenbaums
Little miss sunshine Perespolis Ghost world
Lost in Translation
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Kill Bill 1&2
Donnie Darko
Pulp Fiction
Spirited Away
American Beauty
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Minority Report
Fight Club
Interview with a Vampire
Girl Interrupted
Triplets of Belleville
Pretty much all Studio Ghibli Films

Favorite Books

I enjoy literature.
I enjoy poetry. Though I am picky...
I dont enjoy romance/mystery/law novels.

Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson
Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee
Lost Horizion by James Hilton
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The writings of:
Flannery O'Connor
Sylvia Plath
Ernest Hemingway
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Chuck Palahniuk
Douglas Coupland
Hunter S. Thompson
Douglas Adams
William Faulkner
e. e. cummings
William Carlos Williams
William Butler Yeats

Favorite Television

I don't have cable and I dont watch tv that often but when I do, it usually is one of the following:

80's cartoons I grew up on
Arrested Development
Home Movies
Space Ghost
Family Guy
Clone High
The Oblongs
Harvey Birdman
Daily Planet
Discovery Channel
Batman (Adam West batman)
Venture Brothers

Favorite Crafts

Mostly things I dont know how to do! Which is a lot.... :)

Needle felting has always interested me so much!
Glass work/metal work!


Since I do a lot of Kawaii swaps I think it should have its own section.

More will be added later!

Nyan Nyan Nyanko
Banana Boss
Awa Awa Chan
My Melody
Nemukko Nyago


Any human character!
Any real animal characters!

Things I like:

Japanese Kawaii items**** (especially weird ones)(I do have some dislikes though...)
Quirky things
Vintage everything-from papers to fabric to beyond.
Fabric (see dislikes for the few exceptions) Tea
Interesting Envelopes
All colours (but not all colours for all things, pink and clothing =no)
Found objects
Recipies (mainly for breads/desserts from other countries then Canada/USA)
Interesting stickers
Jewelry (I love costume/vintage jewelry!)
Eco-friendly products

Dislike/Please dont send:

Western religious items
Spiritual items
Earrings (no pierced ears)
Smokey smelling items
"Popular culture" of today in Canada/USA
Cute things (excluding kawaii)
Kawaii items that feature real humans/animals, or boys/girl thats are drawn
Fabrics that are realistic animal print/pattern


Comment: your taste is pretty cool, but you haven't been on since march so i'm assuming you're flaking on me :(
geekylemur rated for handmade item swap on Mar 16, 2013
Comment: I've never received anything, and despite attempts to contact my partner I still haven't heard from her. It seems that SheSins is a flaker... :( I hope I'm wrong!
Tomomi rated for Project Life flat goodies on Feb 27, 2013
Comment: Sorry I still not received...
Comment: thanks for sending through your RAKs. you've done some lovely things :)
chiken79 rated for Surprise in a envelope #2 on Feb 24, 2013
Comment: thanks for shareing
MrsVee rated for Surprise in a envelope.. on Feb 17, 2013
scrappercreations rated for Project Life flat goodies on Feb 14, 2013
Response: Hey there. My items should be arriving so give it a bit more time :)
Joshcoop rated for Whatchulookinat? on Feb 1, 2013
Comment: I love pets!!! Thanks for sharing the pics with me. :)
sammylouise40 rated for Whatchulookinat? on Feb 1, 2013
Comment: Edward is such a cutie. I'm sure the kitties are too but can't really see them. :)
Comment: what amazing RAKs you have done! i hope your brother is ok and Edward is going well :)
Comment: well done crystal
Comment: Hey, I've tried contacting you via, swapbot etc but you haven't answered my concerns that this swap is 5 weeks late. I really hate to give out ones, but I'll be happy to change the rating if anything comes, or at least respond to my messages about it. edited: 24-9-2010 I still haven't recieved anything. As as I can remember I asked you to at least send me a picture of the dotee you made. I had so much fun with this swap, yet I was disapointed that I never got anything in return. Edited: 9th Nov 2010 No I just completely forgot about the swap, after our initial messaging. And I remembered last month.
Response: Im sorry I didnt know you were trying to contact me! I've received no emails about anyone rating, commenting, or messaging me. I haven't had the time to be on swapbot so I only checked my email and thought everything was okay! I pm'd you!
amberlantern rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Oct 6, 2008
Comment: Although this clearly didn't meet swap requirements with date or content, I am glad you made the effort to send something.Thank you.
Response: Thank you.
shebadger rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Oct 5, 2008
Comment: Thank you for sending it even though it was 2 months late. Hope everything is well with you.
Response: Thanks. And getting better, and worse! School!
camkin rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Oct 2, 2008
Comment: Took nearly 2 months to send a date specific postcard and never contacted me to say that she was sending late. In all fairness, I can't give you a 5.
Response: Don't worry, I understand. Thanks
boriquaz rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Sep 30, 2008
Comment: Thanks so much for the card, better late than never. loved it. so weird how it's burned down twice lol what's that all about :-)
Response: I know huh? I think if the dates were closer together then i'd be suspicious but I guess its just one of those odd things in life that happen.
ginating rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Sep 29, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the card. Best, Gina
Response: Thank you!
julieb rated for Button Scavenger Hunt on Aug 28, 2008
Comment: After contacts from Crystal, I have been reminded that she did send and I did receive the buttons. So I have re rated
siayla rated for Button Scavenger Hunt on Aug 11, 2008
Comment: No replies. Marked as sent July 16th but it still hasn't arrived. She last logged on as of today on July 21st. I will change this if anything arrives.

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carmen on Mar 20, 2013:

Thanks for your interest in The group Gastronome, unfortunately, I see you are currently partially suspended. Please reapply when you get that straightened out.

ladydy5 on Jan 30, 2013:

Glad to see you are getting on with it and getting fives with hearts. You are in one of my swaps and I always check. Since your ones were in Sept of 2010 I see no reason why you shouldn't be given another chance. But, please don't send two months after due date anyhmore and always check your messages or send them. Thanks P.S. I am writing this on here so others can also see that you deserve another chance.

Jex on Jan 20, 2009:

Hello there!

You are invited to my new swap:


Hope you join us, it will be fun! =)

iamjenii on Nov 18, 2008:


Please click on the photo to see the swap! Hope we can have some PuchiKawaii fun for the holidays!

  • Jenii
Erdbeersternchen on Nov 14, 2008:

joinSailor Senshi Club

iamjenii on Nov 13, 2008:


Click here to check out the new PuchiKawaii Swap

I hope this one is LOTS of fun!! I really can't wait to swap this swap XD Hope everyone will be stoked!

If you have any questions/concerns/etc. please don't hesitate to ask!

Hope everything is okay :T

<3 jenii

krissi on Sep 26, 2008:

You absolutely MUST join the GO TEAM VENTURE swap!

Amandalee on Jul 31, 2008:

Hi, Just touching base to see if my DIY kit went out yet?

You tagged me on March 1st, I think it it a little rediculous to make me wait so long (5 months!!!), and with so little communcation from you.


PS: If I don't her from you soon, I am just going to get a friend to angel for me.)

gogoringo on Jul 17, 2008:

Click the picture above to check out the Street/Lowbrow Art Appreciation Society's latest swap: Photos of Street Art in Your Town. And if you haven't joined our sticker swap don't forget to take a peek at that too! Have a great day :)

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