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Date Joined: March 16, 2008
Last Online: January 24, 2017
Birthday: February 27, 1972
Country: Canada
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I add both sent and received swap photos to Flickr, so if you do not want to see your items sent to you do NOT look at Flickr until after you receive your items please.

My Swapping Practices

badge I take my swapping seriously! I am not a flaker! I put time and effort into my swaps and expect the same in return. I will rate everyone as soon as I receive the package, and hope you will do the same.

I am in Canada and quite often our post is slow, and the border crossings never help. Knowing this fact I will get my swaps sent a day or two after the sign up ending date so there is lots of time for your package to arrive. If for some reason it takes longer please message me as it was sent. I will track down the package or resend if tracking is unavailable.

Thank you and I hope to swap with you soon!

I want to let you know also that if you are ever unhappy with anything I send, please pass it onto someone else. (This is what I do also, if something is not useful to me then I pass it on or swap it again so it can go to someone who will appreciate it, instead of sitting a junk drawer, so to say)I will NEVER give away anything that was handmade by you. If you put time into making something especially for me, I will TREASURE it!

I will do my best to read your profile and make an interpretation of what you want. I put time, effort and money into the swaps I sign up for. If you are unhappy with anything please let me know and I will make it right.

I give hearts when EXTRA attention is paid to my profile or when you do an EXTRA special job with preparing your swap to me.

About Me

My name is Brooke and I joined swapbot in March 2008. I am a loving mother of 3 girls: Meadow 19 years (who joined swapbot in May 2008 as A11ThatJazz), Sierra 21 months and Aayla 5 months,(ages as of March 2008), devoted wife to husband Ian. I have my Early Childhood Education, and have worked in the field since 1990.In 2002 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.(Don't be sad... it's OK.) Being diagnosed was a blessing in disguise as it gave me the courage to open my own childcare centre, as I was unsure how long I would be able to work for someone else. We now own 2 centres and I have never enjoyed my work more! Also I have not had another attack so cross your fingers for me....

I am a creative, compassionate and caring individual. I love to create.... be it a painting, creating a scrapbook page, making a handmade card or a flannel story for work...crafting is fun! I am very busy and rarely take time for myself. (I guess that's called being a mom!) I always go the extra mile to help out someone in need and ask nothing in return.When I do take a moment for myself I like to be creative (I find it relaxing), or sit down with a good book,go to a yardsale or second hand store to find the ultimate treasure, have coffee with a friend, go for a walk on the beach,watch a heart wrenching movie, but best of all I love to watch my children discover their world. A child's curiosity is full of wonder and magic which we can only hope we never loose.


I am a dependable, and determined individual and try to live life to it's fullest!

I love the outdoors, camping, strolling along the beach collecting treasures (shells or small neat rocks), horseback riding.

I love animals, horses in particular then dogs come next. (Baby billy goats are pretty darn adorable)I also love manatees and orca's. (I like the real live animals, I don't collect figurines, pictures etc of these animals)

I have a natural ability to find four leaf clovers.

I love to take pictures so scrapbooking comes easy however the journaling isn't always as easy. I do sometimes trip over the words. They buzz around my head but don't always come out with ease. hence the reason I have always been a better listener then a speaker. Apparently I am pretty good at rambling. Any other questions... please feel free to ask.

TV & Movies and BOOKS

I am a reality TV junkie. Survivor, and Big Brother are my fav's. Others TV includes Jericho, LOST, Prison Break, Hells' Kitchen, Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares,House, Law and Order, CSI, ER... Pretty much anything that is on HGTV....Can you tell I like a lot of things.... how do you pick just one?

Too many to list... but I did recently watch Transformers and thought I wasn't going to like it but I loved it! I cried when poor Bumblebee got caught. Titanic was probably the movie I have watched the most times and still cry to this day when I watch it. I am such an emotional sap!

BOOKS: The Clan of the Cave Bear Series was my all time favourite. I also really like the "People Of..." Series, and Diana Gabaldon and her Scottish series is high at the top of my list. Of course we can't forget the children's books...I love.. Love You Forever,(I cry everytime I read it) Go Dog Go was a childhood fav, the lists go on and on. (I am a Pisces so I am indecisive.. I like lots of everything) Can't forget about Creative keepsakes, my all time fav scrapbook magazine.

Favorite Crafts

I touched on this in about me but i have always been crafty since a young girl. It runs in our family. My mother, grand mother and great grandmother all draw and paint. (I do not do nearly as much painting as I would like and haven't painted anything in a couple of years but I do have a mixed media piece for my girls room I am just chomping at the bit to start!) Scrapbooking is my passion in the creative department for the last few years. From there I have branched off to card making as well and am eager to start a couple mixed media pieces after falling in love with the Cloth, Paper, scissors magazine.

Wish list

Handmade pincushions

Cute Owl items

Loopy Dolls (Their on etsy- so adorable-or something similar)or a monster type doll...they are so cute too.

Anything made by you! If you put the time into it, I will love it!

Whimsey jar, Matchboxes and ATC's

Colourful Buttons (not shaped, just colourful)new or vintage

Handmade wind chimes

Santas for my collection or Christmas tree ornament (I LOVE Christmas!)

Felt for Felting. I'd love to try this craft. (I have received needles and a board to do it on )

ANYTHING for scrapbooking, card making or rubber stamping. Especially paper or material flowers, brads, or ribbon.

A vintage find from your local second hand store. I've recently made a few purchases of jars, containers, teacups etc to use for storing small craft supplies on my desk and I just love the eclectic look of all the old vintage items put to a new use.

Images of people (children especially), birds, eggs, nests, feathers, mermaids, owls...any collage bits and pieces and ephemera.

Things I like/do not like

I'm not too picky but here are a things I like/don't like-I'll find a use for anything though:

I like vintage items, treasure hunting is a favourite past time

I do not like smelly things, (lotions, perfume etc I do love Lavender but no other scents especially NOT rose scent.)

I love DRAGONFLIES and cute OWLS, fairies, dragons,crows, ravens, muscaria mushrooms (the red ones with white spots)and gnomes.

I collect Santa's and handmade Christmas tree ornaments.

I do not like snakes, coconut, dark chocolate (I love milk or white chocolate and hot chocolate to drink.... mmmmm chocolate!).

I like black licorice and toffee for treats. (any sweets really... I have a sweet tooth)

I love Chai Tea and Coffee.NO green tea please, I can not drink it. If it's all you have, send it and I will pass it on to someone else.

Favourite colours: I really like all colours but I am particularly fond of Pink/Brown, Red/Black, Brown/Turquoise. (I do not like purple and orange much, nor pastel shades)

I love scrapbook embellishments like ribbon, funky yarn, brads, rub ons, colourful buttons, bling, rubber stamps with inspirational quotes, paisley, florals, circles, or anything really. For papers I love circle designs and funky florals (not old english rose types). Colourful papers, or beautiful designs. I don't like paper with small prints on them.

I do NOT like cheaper dollar store items for my scrapbooking and card making.

I like windchimes and relaxing music, lavender bath stuff, candles in either lavender or scent free.

I have a 21 month old daughter (Sierra)who loves Dora, Hi5, Bo on the go and music of any sort. She is also crazy about her baby dolls and Dogs! Her room is decorated in pink roses. My 5 month old (Aayla)is too little for anything really.

Sticker likes: anything dragonflies, gnomes, fairies, owls, butterflies, birds, nature or anthing you think is beautiful, I am sure I will too! NO teacher type or religious stickers please.Thanks!

I've recently discovered that I like to make ATC's, matchboxes and postcards. They are fun to make, easy to ship, and fun to receive! An all around win!

Taggs sending/receiving

I have just recently joined a few tags and am losing track quickly so I hope this helps me out a bit. If you think I owe to you, let me know please, I may just have missed it. (I will delete the info when both parties have said they have received)

Waiting to receive WTA#4 QHCC-notecards from glendas and alifromourpatch

Colour Pay it back tag: Sent to teardrop on June 13th Received pincushion from rainylady june 26th

Pick 2 tag: Sent to teardrop on June 13th RECIEVED from nolagirl July 9th

I collect tag: Sent to rainylady June 16th (Rainylady received June 18th) waiting to receive from nanamint

Flaked on

I am listing the following NOT because I am looking for an angel but to let other swappers know certain swappers haven't lived up to their commitments. I will delete these if something does arrive from them.

Button scavenger hunt: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16778 By Shesins. angeled by "Karen" as a real name, no swapbot name given....Thank you very much...so sweet of you :)

Adopt a critter 2 MB: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/13639 flaked on by juliejewl

100 loose stickers Flaked on by yakimo http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/15763

Mizuuko flaked for the favourite animal swap http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/13480 (never marked as sent and doesn't respond to messages) This WAS angelled by TeaNi. Thanks so much for all the owl goodies

Kraftytanya home made notecard swap http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/14205 I know she's been ill but I haven't heard anything from her. This WAS angelled by yooperhill

Katie 143-I never sent to her for our private swap...as she has been banned so I wasn't burned.

lovexhina- Sticker swap:) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/14145 hosted by nooris Angelled by nooris Thanks!!


Ceinwyn rated for I <3 Hearts ATC on Jan 27, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the prettiest ATC I received since quite some time. I love the whole composition. Great work ! (and the extras were great too, but it's the ATC that earned you the heart :o) )
Basilika rated for MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap! on Nov 22, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the cute ornament and pin, merry christmas!
bleh rated for MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap! on Nov 12, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the adorable bear and wool pin! :)
honeybee rated for MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap! on Nov 9, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the cute bear and sheep! You are a very talented painter.
Comment: the wooly lamb pin was very special!
Comment: Thank you for the extra lil' pin - the sheep is so cute!
SamiE rated for MEGA Christmas 2009 Ornament Swap! on Nov 7, 2009
Comment: Extra heart is needed. Thanks for the really sweet bear and the wonderful little lamb.
gem rated for BIRDS - Scavenger hunt on Sep 28, 2009
Comment: Lovely swap, all the items you chose were perfect for me, and I adored the paper wrappings :) thanks so much!
Response: Glad you liked everything, and thank you for the heart even though I was late. I am glad you thought it all was worth the wait :) Happy swapping!
Santa rated for Forest Lucky Parcel on Sep 16, 2009
Comment: OMG! MANY THANKS for all the goodies you sent. They look so vintage-forest, which I LOOOOOVE! I love the house sewing basket, really! So vintage! I'm going to move all my sewing stuff there for sure. I loved the trims, the fabric, the mushroom box... it was a great package and worth the waiting. THANKS!!!!!!!
Response: I am so happy you liked it all, and again apologize for not being to send it airmail as it was too big and too expensive from Canada to you. I feel really bad it took so long. I am very happy you liked it all...Enjoy :) and thankyou for your generosity with the heart.
jessmarie rated for Rainbow Chunky Page Series #3 Pink on Mar 23, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for the package! The pink page is very lovely and how thoughtful of you to send all the other goodies. It really made my day! A heart for communicating well about why you sent late, and for sending all the other fun things. :)
Response: Thank you so much for your understanding and your generosity since I was soooo late! I am happy you liked all the goodies, it was the least I could do to try to make things right. thank you again!
Cocoa rated for Rainbow Chunky Page Series #3 Pink on Mar 21, 2009
Comment: Thank you very much for the pink page, It will look great in my book if. Thanks for a wonderful package, I had no idea it would have so many wonderful items in it! And my favorite color, Red!
Response: Thank you for being ever so generous with your rating since I was so inexcusably late! I am glad you liked the package, it was the least I could do since I was so far behind. Thank you again!
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely ATCs!! And all the little goodies were so very thoughtful. Hope everything is ok with you and your family and your daughter is doing better :)
Response: Thanks so much for your concern. She is starting to do better thank goodness. Not fully out of the woods but definitely on our way!
Comment: Thanks for the Atc's and the book was a great addition.
Response: I am happy the book was OK. When I got to the store I remembered that I forgot to see how old your daughter was so I hope it is age appropriate. Thanks so much for the 5 and the heart even though I sent late. Enjoy and happy swapping!
Comment: Brooke, you did a beautiful job of finding things I'd love -- all three fabrics are really great, the one with Chinese characters will be special fun to use. The buttons & ribbon are a great match and the candy bar - yummm! I wish the very best for you little one and her worried mommy. Thanks a lot.
Response: Thanks so much June for your kind thoughts for us and as well as for the 5 and even a heart since I was late in sending. I had hoped the parcel would make up for the lateness and am glad you liked your fabric. Enjoy and happy swapping!
Comment: Thanks for the ATCs and extra goodies. I hope your daughter is getting better!
Response: Thank you for your kind thoughts and I am happy you liked the goodies. Enjoy. Thank you for the 5 even though I was late. I do appreciate it! Happy swapping!
ParkinsCrw rated for Canada Scavenger Hunt on Nov 22, 2008
Comment: Wow! Thanks so much. It's great to see that some people take so much time and effort into making their partners happy! Thanks a million we LOVED everything!
Response: You are so very welcome. Thank you so much for your understanding. I am so pleased that you and your children liked the swap. thank you for your generous heart even though I was late. Take care and happy swapping
lob rated for Rainbow Chunky Page Series #1 Red on Nov 10, 2008
Comment: I was ready to give up on this, and then it arrived! The p.o. obviously kept it for quite a while! Thanks for the lovely red chunky page and the beautiful green extras! And Thanks for communicating!
Response: I hope you checked the postal date to see I really did send it when I said I did. Thank you for your patience and I hope you liked it. It must really have gone on a journey to take so long. Thank you for the heart even though the post office made you wait sooo long :)
Sunnygirlpetra rated for One Stamp 3 different Ways on Nov 10, 2008
Comment: thank you very much for the lovely ATC and the Extras. i like them!
Response: Glad they arrived safe and you liked them. Enjoy and happy swapping. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Your e-mail had me worried, but I loved the preparation of the package and the contents. The pumpkin was very cute. Thanks so much.
Response: Thank you so much for the heart! I knew it wasn't exactly as it was supposed to be so thank you for your understanding. I didn't mean to worry you with my email, I just wanted to explain the circumstances. I am so glad you did like it. I hope you can find a use for the contents of the ball and the other goodies too. Enjoy and Happy swapping! Thanks again for your understanding :)
Comment: What a nice package! Love everything in it --journal is love and I prefer the no-lines kind. Pens are so fun! Teas all great and chocolate-- when it's a gift I don't feel guilty at all like I do when I buy it for myself. And yes, you're right, everyone needs to visit NYC at least once -- but I think most Canadians ought to visit Hiawaii in January. Have a great day.
Response: Glad you liked everything and it arrived safely. Someday I'll make it to NYC but for now my upcoming Hawaii trip keeps a smile on my face :) Take care, Thank you for the heart! Happy swapping!

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