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Birthday: March 23, 1976
Country: United States
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About Me

Ok, lets see... I am 41, living in the USA (Michigan) since 4,5 years. Before that I lived in Germany, where I was born.

Happily married, new mom of a baby girl and having two rescue cats with us too.

I guess I am all excited about swap bot. I did some private swaps before and aside from being a snail mail enthusiast its really nice to find little surprises in the mailbox in addition to long chatty letters (and shorter letters or notecards or... of course :-)

Name and address

My name ---

please note that in my address the first two names are my first name! Even if written apart. I feel very uncomfortable to receive mail where only half of my name is used, altohugh I write it here, it sadly happens often. -- Especailly if you decide something custom made like address labels, bookmark, PLEASE always use "both names" everyone calls me by that and I am used to it...


PLEASE write my address exactly as in the address window, that pops up, once you are my swap partner! PLEASE use the extended zip code always, as it helps mail to arrive safely and hopefully prevents letters from getting lost or misplaced.

Low rating

The 1 rating - this is definitely NOT ACCEPTABLE in any way. I have fulfilled my swap according to the requirements and sent right in time. In fact, even after around THREE weeks after deadline @kintsurukoi has STILL NOT sent out her swap and it seems she's not interested to send it out, which is not acceptable in itself, aside from rating a one for a sent out swap!

I have a lot going on in my life and have neither time nor patience for this kind of drama. And sorry but after what happened I am no longer interested to swap with newbies. (Maybe, maybe if YOU send first but these encounters turn me off and kill the fun of swapbot should be!)

I will always rate asap to let people know I received something. I will always resend, when I made a mistake/misunderstanding (e.g. I overlooked allergies) or when mail was lost. but I refuse to resend for perfectly good swaps - I am not going for games, blackmail (=resend or bad rating) banned from swaps or groups.

Favorite things I do and like

I love to read, movies less so (veeeery few exceptions, I am no into it!) and we dont have a TV at home either :-)). I am very interested in learning languages and about other cultures and countries, a great "side-effect" of letter writing and swapping especially which can be a window in another country I might never travel to.

I love writing long letters, but also postcards, writing projects, blog, little poems and the likes.

Animals - cats cats cats, butterflies, horses, dolphins, bears....

Spending time in my garden, seeds, plants, flowers - Sunflowers, Tulips, Daffodils, Zinnia, Dahlia, Marigolds, Wildflowers, Herbs, exotic housplants (palm trees, bananas...) vegetables (crazy about trying new kind of tomatoes, all kind of chilies/hotpepper, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, beans, peas, melons, squash, potatoes....)

All around writing letters - stationery, stickers, wax seal, fountain pens, gel/glitter pens, Mailart, homemade envelopes, beautiful notecards, beautiful stamps, beautiful postcards, washi tapes...

Love to cook and to bake and always interested to try out new recipes,especially tried and true ones of all countries and regional kitchen...like the recipes that your grandmother used to make. Making my own food, bread, soft cheese, granola, nutbutter, jam, pickles etc...love canning and preserving and combine it with the things the grow in my garden.

Recently discovered to do my own cleaning agents, cosmetics, herbal pillows, teas, handcremes, lotion...with herbs from my garden.

Favourite colours - green, orange, yellow, brown. Bright and autumn colours.

Love beautiful headscarves. Would be curious to see how other countries native fabrics/headscarves are.

Love chocolate, coffee, candies, caramels... but please note that all food sent must be kosher certified, and please see below under the food section for more explanation.

Favorite Books

Favourite reading - biographies, other countries and cultures, traveloge, history, non-fiction about cats, gardening, canning&preserving, crafting... with the one or other novel in between.

Favorite Crafts

Love crafting. I do decoupage, quilling, Scrapbook, Cardmaking, Papercrafts and- cuttings, crazy about re-purposing and upcycling. I get a thrill out of it :) Cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting, tatting, would love to learn more stitching techniques and going beyond my basic sewing skills.

happy to receive/please send..

STOCKINGSTUFFER SWAPS - in general: we don't actually use real stockings, as we dont do christmas, so the size/shape. of the item is not as important to us. And I will rate upon arrival and than re-rate in December ;-)


Anything interesting for age 0-3, girly things,

Items for kids scrapbooking/journaling (I'm journalling for her, hope to scrapbook if I find the time ;-),

baby/toddler cloth books/board books, books or puzzles or items to learn about colors-shapes-numbers-animals-different topics etc (more than happy to received anything used as long as in somewhat decent shape;-) - you can check my amazon for ideas

young kids coloring/activity/themed books or booklets

if you are from germany or in general the "was ist was" themed learning books, "was ist was junior", "was ist was junior activity hefte", "was ist was atlas", "was ist was quiz" " was ist was mini" "wieso weshalb warum junior" "peter lustig" etc.used more than welcome

cute, girly room decorations, also homemade more than welcome here! :)

care bears related things/toys

montessori related toys

ravensburger/haba (style) games or puzzles

addresslabels- contact me for name/address

please no food

no clothing (unless homemade clothing/toys would love and be thrilled!! to receive homemade things!! I wish I could but lack the time and energy to knit/crochet for my baby...please see the etsy favs for some ideas :)

please not directly christmas related, as we don't celebrate it (and most other holidays)

anything kids for hanukka or other jewish holidays

butterflies, cats, horses, dolphins

flowers, plants, seeds )organic, Non GMO)

recipes, recipecards (blank)

Fridge magnets - prefer the "tourist style" with a picture of a place, native flora, fauna, city, lighthouses, bridges, covered bridges... no religious/churches etc

Postcards I like - I prefer the singleview over multiview, and real pictures/photographies over painted cards or art cards, don't really like comic/cartoon and similar

Love tourist postcards that depict landscape and native flora,fauna special to your country/region. Landscape, flora, fauna cards are my main preference, also of course cards with cats, butterflies, real bears and teddybears ;-)

Also ok - ciyview/city birds eye view, nightview, skyline, landmarks, historic buildings, love lighthouses cards! But please no religious landmarks, churches, statues, holidays, symbols, crosses and so on, thank you

Special postcard interest in Jewish heritage around the world (Synagogues, Buildings, old cemeteries, museum, vintage, black/white etc)

stamps - used/mint, vintage - likes/dislikes same as in postcards/magnets

Minisheets, FDC, same topics as in stamps

coins/small currency, special editions like in the US we have State Quarters, America the Beautiful...

I don't really need:

coins from USA

coins from Russia

coins from EU

coins from Israel

I received here in Swapbot coins from:

South Africa







so I don't really need more from these countries right now, unless it's a special coin like the US parks/state quarters.

baby/girl(ish)/newborn/cute incl homemade/handcrafted !! :)

natural: shells -- stones -- leaves -- sand -- feathers from your country/area/beach...

pretty napkins

bookmarks (also homemade ones within the mentioned likes/dislikes)

papercrafts (also homemade ones within the mentioned likes/dislikes)

any homemade crafts, would love to see your homemade things, especially interested in upcycled crafts but others too! :)

herbal pillows (homemade)

herbs (homemade)

Body Shop

Y Rocher

All food/beverages please refer to the food section below. I love chocolate, items with peanutbutter, caramel, certain sweet and savoury snacks.

For recipe swaps: Would prefer to see vegetarian (or maybe vegan) recipes - I am not either, but I think these recipes would work best.. Or cake, cookies, any pastries,desserts ;-) if possible no dairy or whatever can be converted to non-dairy milk. Regional kitchen, what's special for your country or city. The recipe your mother/grandmother used to make (special interest for me! :)

Tatty Teddy


Winnie Pooh


Care Bears

Teddy Bears

all things mail related - washi tapes, stationery, stickers, letter opener, notecards, wax seal etc...

long letters, short letters-notecards, postcards, penpals! :-)

Mailart, homemade envelopes

beautiful headscarves

craft instructions, cross stitch instructions, craft supplies,scrapbooking, cardmaking, Quilling, decoupage-napkins paper, Regenbogenpapier, Wellpappe, Transparentpapier, Plusterpen, little craft instructions brochures/booklets like from TOPP or Frech book series (Germany) mainly about papercrafts (Origami, Fensterbilder/papercuts, Fenstersterne/suncatcher...) or maybe other crafts too :)

Astrid Lingdren - Madita, Ronja Raeubertochter, Brueder Loewenherz...

anything special from your place/country

green, orange, yellow, brown, autumncolours

rather not receive/ can't use

nothing religious on cards/stationery/magnets/stamps/crafts etc, like: citations, churches, cathedrals, statues, festivals, monasteries, angels, holidays like christmas, halloween etc, no no. thanks but no thanks :) I am sure someone else will appreciate these themes :)

We are not a christian household and I have no use for these things and also can't pass them on usually.

I am also not too much into mapcards, and please no recipecards (unless swap would ask for it) but I am just not into it thank you. No free ad cards and please rather no cards with art, painted, cartoon, comics or half-dressed people on a beach ;-D

food that is not kosher, please refer to the food section below

while I love to cook and bake, cookbooks mostly don't work for me, so I would rather not receive.

I barely or not at all wear, or I "am picky" with nailpolish, makeup, jewelry etc. I do like certain things, but culturally it can be difficult or tricky and it's hard to explain so I rather not receive.

I have a problem with certain smells on e.g. candles, body lotion etc, and especially my husband is sensitive to all kind of smells from air or car refreshener, scented candles etc, so while I like certain things it can be again tricky, so I rather not receive, unless it's something I particularly mention in my likes section or a etsy wish or the like.

no xmas,easter, halloween etc related items - we dont celebrate these/we are NOT a christian household, please dont send! (For stocking stuffer swaps, no I don't mind wrapping paper ;-)

not in any way into anime, manga

Kawaii, Hello Kitty, Disney - I am not or not much into it (ok there are some exceptions I like Winnie Pooh or the like) but refer to the section of "what I can always need" I am happy to receive for "the kids".

please please no mother day or similar, I have no use for it and it's painful! please use your common sense, thank you.

(Kosher) Food

I usually dont participate in food related swap, so if you don't know or are not sure or dont want to ask about kosher in a multiple items swap like "Happy Mail yay" one stamp randomness etc, please refrain from sending and food, drinks, teas etc. and choose something from the many items listed above aka stickers, stationery etc etc. Otherwise I am always happy to answer questions to this topic. I would prefer you rather ask, please dont google...

As a side note, kosher is NOT Halal, sorry :)

All food in the USA that is kosher is signed with a symbol on the package.

I can usually not forward food to others, as everyone around me also only eats kosher and understandably I would hate to throw out food.

All followed listed brandnames are 1) food I love to eat 2) food that is kosher.

Most teabags in the USA are kosher. Otherwise in general and for other countries, any UNFLAVOURED tea (no flavours whatsoever) aka your good old plain black or green tea are kosher. Personally prefer herbal teas, but any tea is good.

Any ground, and again UNFLAVOURED coffee is kosher.





Kinderschokolade (Kinder chocolate)

Ueberraschungsei (Kinder surprise)

Rittersport Marzipan

Lindt Pistazie, Lindor Herb&Milch

Milka Luflee, Milkini

Erdnussflips (Lorenz)


Snickers, Snickers Peanut

all M&Ms (peanut! ;-D)

Hersheys Cookies and Cream

Hersheys (almond, dark etc) nuggets

everything Reese's

Ghirardelli (Salt and Caramel, Mint etc, no fan of Raspberry Flavour :)


I can always need&private swap

I'm a "Senior and/or Chemo- Angel" and postp need&direct swapsals penpal (=very sick kids). Always on the lookout for things to send them e.g. uplifting notecards

(non-denominational, "thinking of you" is good " get well soon" etc better not :)

stickers (Disney is often a fav of the kids :)

anything and everything that could make a sick person/child"s day and can be tucked easily in an envelope. (partially intl postage).

homemade is great too.

And btw preferably rather flat/lightweight for the kids, as its mainly international postage.

PRIVATE SWAPS I WOULD LOVE TO DO/OFFER: (sorry no newbies, unless you are willing to send first)

-- (11/25/16) Current specially interested in homemade/crochet/knitted baby items!

-- I can (currently) offer 4 little bananas (afaik not fruitbearing but easy AND fast to grow ;-), strawberry runners and tons of marigold seeds (mostly striped, brocade mix) some other flowers (Zinnia, Cosmos, Bachelor Button) homegrown&organic - preferably for your homegrown plants or seeds.

-- German sweets and snacks

-- German stationery including Diddl etc

  • homemade things! (crafts, herbs, maybe homemade cremes etc?)

  • Jewish holidays swaps, gift swaps etc (e.g New Year's, Hanukka-winter holidays etc) would be GREAT, feeling left out seeing all the Halloween and Xmas swaps ;-)))

-Birthday related swaps!

  • Fridge Magnets from your city/country/area!


JazmínFV rated for A Gift a month July on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the swap! loved the chocolate and the cookie cutter!
dreamlady66 rated for Profile based stocking fillers on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Great choice in total, thanks so much! ❤
jlink rated for newbie welcome November 2017 on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: beautiful items - thank you
esmy77 rated for Happy Notecard November #1 on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: Super cute notecard! I loved it! thank you so much!
Response: you're welcome ;-)
AmookIslandCreations rated for CHWH: profile based pc on Nov 3, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful fish-owl PC! Such beautiful markings! You should come to Alaska! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
LouiseW rated for Blind Envelope - International #12 on Nov 1, 2017
Comment: This deserves s many extra hearts. The magnet was so special to me, not only because I love Jerusalem but it corresponded so nicely with an upsetting family event the day before and it felt like it was meant to be I received it today. I will be using the seeds to brighten my garden! Thank you for everything. x
Response: happy to hear, thanks for your rating and heart, and all the best :)
Tjace007 rated for WIYM: SEND ME SOMETHING - Oct. 2017 on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: Love my magnet thank you.....
Slippy8 rated for Stocking Stuffer Swap - OCTOBER on Oct 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks! Can't wait to give Dave his gifts!
Comment: Your package stuffed with great surprises delighted me, I love it all. I can never find postcards any longer, all the stickers will come in handy soon, the washi tape is awesome, I love the flower seeds most of all and can't wait till spring :) The stationary is very pretty and will be sent out to cheer someone else, very soon.
Comment: thanks for a nice swap!!♥♥♥ Mari will love her book!! I love ther diddl baggie. I love that style, Wish I could buy but they dont sell here in USA.
craftykat68 rated for Happy Notecard October #2 on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely card an I love the sunflower stickers!!
spicemom rated for Fill My Stocking - October on Oct 22, 2017
Comment: Hi Chayah Thank you I'll open it on Christmas day Spicemom
Comment: Thank you for the gift!
kfaye rated for Autumn Comfort Swap on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the autumn gifts. I am enjoying a cup of the tea right now :)
Judykkm rated for Happy Notecard October #1 on Oct 13, 2017
Comment: I hope all your holiday planning went well! Thank you for the postcard too!
SoloWytch rated for Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy on Oct 12, 2017
Comment: What a great envelope of goodies! Thank you very much!
Comment: Thank you for the interesting Lighthouse PC. :-)
dvmac rated for Who LOVES Happy Mail #3 on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Hi Chayah Nechama. Please forgive me for the late rating. You got buried under a pile of mail. Thank you for the lovely envelope, postcards and the pretty gold note card. Shanah Tovah!
Avi rated for A Gift A Month October on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Thank u so much for the stickers from my etsy wish List!

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esmy77 on Nov 13, 2017:

Thank you for

the sweet Notecard

snail mail by esmeralda3

AmookIslandCreations on Nov 3, 2017:

Hi Chayah! There are so many things about Alaska to charm a girl from Michigan. I am originally from Tomah, Wisconsin, "Where the I Divides." and lived there for 40 years. Let me jst say a few words to spark your imagination: Aurora, Mountains, Ocean, Wildlife, Gateway to the World, 1 person per square mile, Iditarod, Fur Rhondy, Crab Fest, Exotic Foods and Diversity in People, 20,000 years in human history, Dinosaurs. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

LavenderSprinkles on Sep 30, 2017:

You are now an officer in LSRUS!

pattiairel on Sep 13, 2017:

isabellasnow on Sep 3, 2017:

Thank you so much for the cute postcards and journal spots--much appreciated!

Dsweeny on Aug 28, 2017:

You are so sweet! Thank you from the heart for the surprise wishlist goodies from $1 store addicts !!! I'm crazy about the amazing variety of postage stamps and the gorgeous butterfly stickers. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. Thank you!

LavenderSprinkles on Aug 27, 2017:

Thanks for the LSRUS wishes!

pattiairel on Aug 21, 2017:

Hello sending you a big package with wishes from two groups. I forgot to put paper in there saying so. $1 store and Girly things. Hope you like it all!!!

pattiairel on Aug 18, 2017:

So glad you like the baby clothes. They are used but in great shape. Babies that young don't ruin clothes!! I will keep looking for you! I am happy to spoil a baby again!!♥♥♥

Sazza on Aug 4, 2017:

Thank you for the nice envelope of goodies you sent me. I received them today and like everything, but I am especially excited about the acloud washi!! :D It was so sweet and thoughtful of you to send these, thank you kindly!

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