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12 June 2018

When I sign up for a swap, I start on it right away unless it is profile based and even then I make the basic shell and leave the embellishments to reflect my partner's profile

If I cannot make something I would want to keep I do not feel as if I should send it. I usually withdraw from the swap then, unless partners have been assigned. I only want to send the best I can do. I know my partners appreciate the effort.

About Me

I grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky, the oldest of 6. Because we had no TV until I was 14, I spent a lot of time crafting.

Later when I was out of school I worked as an illustrator and cartographer.

While raising my children I took ceramic & woodworking classes at the local craft shop.

Now I work with paper. Making paper, marbling paper, making paste paper and creating all sorts of things from those papers. To see some of these visit my Pinterest board SuZi's Samples.

Books, Movies & TV

Many of my favorite books are posted on my Pinterest board, "Best Book EV-VER"

I can speed read but never bother to if I am enjoying what I call "entertainment reading".

To find most of my favorite movies check out, "Movie Magic"

Many of my favorite TV shows are just a click away, "Turn on the Telly"

Likes and Dislikes

Any of these things will make me when I receive them in the mail;

a. ATCs, Alphabets

b. BTCs, Butterflies, Birds, Books, Buttons, Blue (color), Brown (color)

c. Chocolate (I am always up for chocolate as my lack of waistline will attest), Cats, Cards

d. Dragons, Dragonflies, Doodles, Dogs (all sorts but if I was going to have one I would want a Heinz 57.)

e. Envelopes (handmade), Ephemera, Easter (anything/anytime)

f. Faeries, Foxes, Frogs, Folios, Fortune cookie fortunes

g. Gnomes, Glitter, Green (color)

h. Handcrafted anything, Halloween (cutesy, please not horrific)

i. Ice cream, Irises

j. Junk journals

k.Kittens, Kitsch, Kites, Keys

l. Long letters, Lace

m. Minions, Maps, Music

n. Nature, Note paper, Note pads

o. Origami, Owls, Orange (color)

p. PAPER (exotic or plain), Pocket letters, Postage stamps, Pen pals, Purple (color)

q. Quilts, Quilling

r. Ribbons, Recycle/Re-purposed/Reused items, Red (color)

s. Stickers (Teeny tiny to ATC size, I love em all and can find a place to use them), Skinnies, Sunflowers, Stamps (rubber), Stamps (postage), Short letters

t. TEA (all sorts) I maintain a board on Pinterest where I rate teas as I experience them. I am always looking for something new, Twinchies, Turtles

u. Unusual paper

v. Vintage things, Violet, Valentines

w. Washi, Washi, Washi

x. X-mas anything/anytime

y. Yarn, Yellow (color)

z. Zendangles (not to be confused with zentangles®)

Things that will make me ;

  1. Cosmetics, bath & body items.
  2. Jewelry and hair accessories
  3. Food out of the original packaging
  4. Heavy Metal, Death Metal, etc
  5. Blood and gut images
  6. Cartoons like Cow & Chicken, Beavis and Butthead, Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, etc.

If you happen to send something from the dislike list I promise not to hate you.

Anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask.


I belong to two art based clubs.

LAFTA "Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists".

STABA (Second Tuesday Artist Book Association) a very small group devoted to creating books that are also works of art.


I have 4 International penpals, 2 of the 4 started with flat swaps I joined at random about a year ago. Another blossomed from my Post Crossing exchange, and the last came from a blog I follow called Penpal of the Week I was even featured as Penpal #141 on Aug 4th.

I am hoping to form several new penpal relationships with people I have met here on swaps.

I have been very bad about answering letters lately. If I owe you a letter and you read this, feel free to give me a hard nudge in messages.

Mini albums

Mini albums made from Project Life sized cards have replaced my love of Pocket Letters.

I don't do Project Life but have received many cards as extras in swaps. Rather than sending them to another swapper I decided to use them. The 1st couple of mini albums were easy and so much fun that now I am making my own 3 x 4 cards to match the swap themes I have found for these little gems.

You can still include things like a confetti packet and tags. Even add a full-fledged letter or just a note. The possibilities are endless.

more of my Mostly Gold swap

Perfect pairing. Paper scraps 3 x 4 and smaller with Washi (I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of both). Cannot get much better.

How I became a gnome Mom

My sister in Iowa created a bunch of gnomes. She gave them to her friends in hopes that they would photograph the gnomes in their travels and send back pictures to a project she called "Gnomes2Roam".

When she made Wally (named after Crocodile Dundee's mate, Walter, because of his hat) for me, I offered to send some gnomes to my overseas pen pals. She made 6 brothers for Wally. The gnomes refer to her as "the creator".

The first brother to move out was Wiggo who went to Norway and started his own home security business and has fallen in love with the smallest Matryoshka sister living there. Wyatt moved out to live with my daughter in Ohio and practice his yoga. William went all the way to New Zealand where he had a shock shortly after arrival when it snowed. Wilson (named after the Seahawks quarterback) moved to California to quarterback his own team of Lego® football players. Finally Thor flew off to the Netherlands to live the quiet life.

After he named himself, Soren decided he liked it just fine here with Wally. He is the only gnome I know without a mustache.

Watch Wally and Soren's cousins on YouTube

Meet Olav in grey and Lars in red.

They are the newest Gnomes to move in with me.


We have one cat, Kit, who loves putting in her 2¢ on all my creations but I try very hard to limit her contact with anything I send people with allergies. So far I have been successful. Please just be aware.

" Hope to swap with you again." Six of the most coveted words on here. It really makes me smile to know what I gathered together has made someone happy.

I ALWAYS send. If the unforeseeable happens and I am going to be late, I will contact you.

I ALWAYS rate. My mail comes in around 5 PM and I am down here on the computer rating right after supper.

I ALWAYS respond. Even if it is just a ♥. This helps me keep track of the swaps that got to their destination.

What I pledged...


I learned several things from joining Swap-bot.

One - I have way too much .

Two - All my efforts to downsize using Swap-bot have

My partners are sending back waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff.

Three - There are a lot of lovely, talented people out there that have no idea what a gift to the world they are.


SGriffin rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: ♥ You are welcome. Thanks for the heart.
denisedecker58 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: ♥ You are welcome. Thanks for the heart.
liljennyfoofoo rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 21, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the cute goodies!
Response: ♥ You are welcome. Thanks for the heart.
luvmesum20 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 21, 2018
Response: ♥ Very glad to see it got to you.
jenlovespsu rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 19, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the fun envelope! :)
Response: ♥ Hope it inspires creativity. Thanks for the heart.
LizzyJo rated for 9LP Send a MINI Letter on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely 9LP Mini Letter. It was nice of you to use and send things you saw I liked on my profile. It really made my day!
Response: ♥ I try. I was lucky you were so easy to find things for. Thanks for the heart.
MarblexJam rated for MAE. - Swapping Out on Jun 16, 2018
Comment: I love the envelopes you sent! Especially the “Go Green” recycled one :) Thank you!
Response: ♥ I wish I remembered the artist that sent me that or even the swap it was for. I liked it too that is why I shared it cause I hoard all together too much stuff. Thanks for the heart.
Germanbaby77 rated for 9LP Send a Letter on Jun 16, 2018
Comment: As usual, this was a fantastic pocket letter! Thank you so much for your beautiful work!
Response: ♥ Always happy to have you as a partner. Thanks for the heart.
1koolkrafter rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 16, 2018
Comment: Thanks!
Response: ♥ You are welcome.
Peaches12 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the goodies!
Response: ♥ You are welcome and thanks for the heart.
Wildchild rated for WIYM: Mini flipbook - Recycling on Jun 14, 2018
Response: I am glad to see it made its way to you. Thanks for the heart.
spicemom rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Hi Suzi Thank you I like what you sent me Spicemom
Response: ♥ You are welcome. I hope you get creative. Thanks for the heart.
provadia rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you!!
Response: ♥ You are welcome. Thanks for the heart.
Karen07 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much!
Response: ♥ You are welcome. I hope it inspires you. Thanks for the heart.
Jsereg001 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks!!
Response: ♥ You are welcome.
PostcardAl rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Hi Suzi -- thanks for the fun stuff! Best, al
Response: ♥ Hope they inspire. Thanks for the heart.
Created46 rated for JJJ ~ Envelope Junk Journal on Jun 12, 2018
Comment: Wowzeers, this is a stunningly beautiful gem of a junk journal. Thank you for creating this for me.
Response: ♥ I had a lot of fun making that. I am so glad you like it. Thanks for the heart.
tlemon4 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #8 on Jun 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you si much :):)
Response: ♥ You are welcome. Thank you for the heart.
thureris rated for P&F USA ~ Mini Matchbook Flip Book on Jun 11, 2018
Comment: SuZi, thank you for hosting this fabulous swap and for the absolutely stunning flipbook! I loved the theme and tuckins. And I will definitely check out that author, thanks for the recommendation!
Response: ♥ Glad you liked it. I thought the tea appropriate. Thanks for the heart.
Comment: I'm so sorry I missed this rating. I know how it is to be waiting for the rating. I did receive your goodies and I appreciate everything you sent. Thank you so much!
Response: ♥ I am very glad it made it to you. Thank you for the heart.

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nancylee on May 3, 2018:

APDG April Showers bring May flowers challenge

HI and HAppy MAy - our temperature shot up from 49 on MAy 1st t 89 yesterday May 2nd and now lots of tulips, daffodils, pansies,hyacinth, petunia and geranium are blooming - we need rain again or I will need to water tonight :)

Happy Spring!

ladydy5 on Apr 22, 2018:

CurlyTea on Apr 16, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

emeraldawn on Mar 20, 2018:

Sorry this is a few days late, we are still in the LION part of march and last week my roof leaked and water took out the internet! And the hours I work (overnight) my work shuts off the internet.

Anyway hope you're getting a nicer spring like weather...we have 3 to 4 more days of rain, then nice spring like weather.

The "out like a lamb" APDG swap

nancylee on Mar 12, 2018:

MARCH out like a lamb APDG Hi Thanks for joining my swap - enjoy the decorations and hope you have a lovely mild March

spring flowers in early March

soft spring rain and sun getting brighter

time for outdoor fun bubbles, kites, hoola hoops!

emeraldawn on Mar 10, 2018:

Hope you're March is more lamb than Lion. (In like a Lamb swap )

nancylee on Mar 10, 2018:

MARCH In like a lion APDG

Hi and thanks for joining my swap!! It snowed the other day at home and was 70 the week before for our fun wacky early MARCH weather( NYC)

I always feel like this weather messes up my hair (hare) !

CurlyTea on Mar 6, 2018:

CurlyTea on Feb 14, 2018:

CurlyTea on Dec 31, 2017:

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