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About Me

My name is Sophia. I'm 28. I'm part Mexican, Japanese or Japnic for short. (Those are the two major players of my heritage) I love anything that has to do with these cultures. I adore anything Japanese!! I am an aspiring photographer. I love art and crafts.

  • For Swaps: I'm pretty much open to anything. I realize we are all not the same type of people, so I like to keep an open mind when it comes to getting things from other people! BUT, and this is a big but, { :) hee, hee} DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY!! Please and Thank you.

Favorite Music

I love different kind of music. Punk, Indie, Rock, Classical, pretty much anything I can sing, dance, and/or drive to!

  • I really like GIRL BANDS :: {Girl in a Coma; Tegan and Sara; Le Tigre; Sleater-Kinney....}

However, I HATE EMO! I can't stand country or honky tonk or whatever it's called. I want to kill myself everytime I hear it. I don't know why.

  • FACT: People who listen to country music kill themselves more often then people who listen to any other type of music. (Manswers)

Favorite Books

I love vampire books. (Yes I read the twilight books but I didn't fall crazy nuts-so over them. Don't get me wrong, they were good but I'm tired of all the hype and stuff! DO NOT SEND ME TWILIGHT THINGS!! Thanks!)

I also like books that are funny but dark. I think my favorite book is Sunshine. Followed by A dirty Job. Also Invisible Monster and Choke.

** PLEASE DON'T SEND ME CHRISTIAN RELATED BOOKS. I have a hard time reading them. I'm not religious, I perfer nothing to do with that kind of stuff. I can respect it, but I don't want anything to do with it. Please. Thank you.

Favorite Movies

I like comedy. Anything that will make me crack up laughing is great. (I love Rainn Wilson.) I love to watch stand-up. My favorite of all time is Mitch Hedberg (R.I.P.) :(

I am obsessed with horror movies. I watch at least one every week. I love them.

I adore, adore, ADORE zombie movies! Who doesn't?

A few of my favorites:

  • Secretary

  • The Crow

  • The Rocker

  • Clash of the Titans (Original)

  • Jason and the Argonauts

  • The Jay and Silent Bob Saga

  • Bram Stroker's Dracula

  • Dracula: Dead and Loving it

  • Interview with a Vampire

  • The Godfather (Part II is the best)

  • Shawn of the Dead

  • Nacho Libre (Love Jack Black!)

  • Amelie

  • The Science of Sleep

  • Edward Scissor Hands

  • Pan's Labyrinth (ADORE Guillermo Del Toro!)

  • From Dusk 'til Dawn

  • Mr. Brooks

  • Inglourious Basterds

  • Donnie Darko

  • Adam and Steve

  • But I'm a Cheerleader

  • Snatch

  • Science of Sleep

......More to come!

Favorite Television

I love watching T.V. shows on dvd box sets. No comercials, one right after the other, perfect! :)

  • I really love Arrested Development. Movie, where are you?

  • I'm obsessed with The Office.

I also like:

  • Trueblood

  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • South Park

  • The Riches

  • Reaper

  • Chappelle Show

  • The Sarah Silverman Program

  • Flight of the conchords

  • Psych

  • 30 Rock

  • Hotel Babylon

  • Family Guy

  • The Wire

  • DEXTER -- there's just something about him!

  • Lie to me

  • Spartacus

  • Party Down

......AND MORE!!!

I know I said I like vampires, but, I don't like Buffy the vampire Slayer.

Favorite Crafts

I really like making jewelry. I'm not exactly great at it but I try my hardest and I do get better results then I expect. I also like sewing, scrapbooking, and I'm getting into baking. I feel that this is a craft to be strong in.

    • I'm trying to find beads and/or charms that are day of the dead, vampire, zombie, monster, wolf related, if you know of some place I can get these, please let me know. Or, if you want to put them in a swap or private swap, that would be sweet!!

Melissa Garcia c/o Vampiragirl

She likes:

  • Organic Fair Trade Coffee (whole beans if possible)
  • pocket knifes
  • mini tools (that work)
  • (regular) tools
  • The Crow
  • The Beatles and John Lennon
  • PS3 games (war games or games like assassin's creed)
  • "Shoot 'em up" type movies or movies like Snatch or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (She's in love with Jason Statham)
  • She's a vegetarian

DOESN'T like: * candy or sweets * She's not crafty so please doen't send her any craft related items, however, homemade things are fine, just not stuff she has to make herself * she's more tom-boy then anything, if you hadn't noticed already. :)

  • Thank you, any questions or problems, PLEASE convo me before sending! Thanks!

Random Things I like

  • I'm an addict for lip balm. The kind that stings your lips are my favorite! {Like Burt's Beeswax. I think because it's the peppermint in it} But I like mostly any kind. :)

  • I'm also addicted to purple lip stick , lip gloss, whatever that will make my lips purple!

  • I'm obsessed with Betsey Johnson earrings. OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vampires and Werewolves (but not twilight related)

  • Items I can't find in my state/country

  • Any and everything that has to do with Japan/Japanese culture. (From books in Japanese to kawii to pictures of Japan.)

  • MONOPOLY!!! (Yes, the game.)

  • Gothic and Lolita!!

  • Gothic and Steampunk jewlery

  • Zombies

  • Different types of music

  • Vespas

  • Many MANY movies

  • Obscene things (I don't take offense easily unless it's christian things. DO NOT SEND ME THINGS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY!!!)

  • Betsey Johnson earrings

  • Zines

  • Tokidoki

  • Bangle bracelets

  • Charm bracelets!!!!

  • Dangle Earrings

  • The Bay Area (California)

  • Photography

  • Melissa {Anything for her}


  • Angry Little Girls

  • Recieving letters

  • Pucca (and Garu!)

  • Illusions (especially photos!)

  • Origami

  • Alice in Wonderland (Any except images from the new Tim Burton Movie!!)

  • Staying at home

  • Vibrant colored items (FAVORITE COLOR: green BUT I HATE FROGS!)

  • I like to recycle/reuse things if possible.

  • Oh, and Betsey Johnson earrings. Did I say that all ready?

I heard that!

  • A woman looking at a Playboy feels a little like a Jew reading a nazi manual ~ Gloria Stienem

  • Our fathers were our models for God. If our fathers bailed, what does that tell you about God? ~ Tyler Durden

  • Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. ~ Eric Draven

  • Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines

  • I am {a} socialist, come close and I will infect you ~ Hugo Chavez

  • I maybe damaged goods, but I'm goods none the less ~ Adam

  • This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell outta here. ~ Michael Scott

  • I will eat your babies bitch! ~ Sweet Dee

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Comment: Wow! Thank you for the wonderful package! I Love Love Love everything! I can't wait to use the lip balm. Happy Valentines Day! <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: You are welcome! I don't know what happened but I thought I marked it sent but I'm glad you got it and liked everything. ^v^
FrancescaP rated for Tea for you and me! on Jan 28, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the awesome assortment of teas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never tried Yamamotoyama teas, and I can't wait any further, I'll put the kettle on immediately :-)
Response: :) I'm glad. I'm happy I can introduce you to some new teas! ^v^
Mirnyj rated for Tea for you and me! on Jan 21, 2013
Comment: Omg what a HUGE package of teas, and so many new flavors for me to try! O.O Tons of thank yous!
Response: You are welcome. I hope you enjoy them all!! ^v^
rosewein rated for Winter's Chocolate Swap on Jan 20, 2013
Response: ^v^
asmom rated for Winter's Chocolate Swap on Jan 16, 2013
Comment: received my candy today!!! Had to eat some right away!! Thanks
Response: I'm glad you liked them. ^v^
craftchick rated for Gorey Alphabet Make-Up A-E ATC on Apr 6, 2011
Comment: I was so excited to receive the ATC's - thank you
Response: You are very welcome! I'm glad you like then! ^v^
NikonGoddess rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter E on Mar 25, 2011
Comment: Super batty love for the E!!! You rock! ^=^
Response: Ha! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it!! ^v^
butterfly123 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter D on Feb 4, 2011
Comment: Thank you for your ATC :D
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the great rating! ^v^
user6937 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter C on Jan 29, 2011
Comment: Great idea for the blanket; thanks for a nice package.
Response: You're welcome. ^v^
paintinglilies rated for Tea Bag Swap on Dec 29, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the great choice of teas and all the wonderful extra drinks! I can't wait to try them all, I've never had any of them before :) The letter was really adorable too! Thank you!!! Happy New Year!
Response: You are very welcome. I'm kind of glad you haven't tried them because I feel like I never know what to send someone overseas that they don't have themselves. :) Well, enjoy your drinks!! Bye! ^v^
Response: Thank you for the rating. ^v^
domesticdays rated for Etsy Promo Swap on Dec 1, 2010
Response: Thanks. ^v^
CallMeStephanie rated for Etsy Promo Swap on Nov 24, 2010
Response: Thanks for the rating. :)
muffinbianco rated for I can't buy THAT here Swap on Nov 17, 2010
Comment: If I was able I would add an extra heart for you!!You Have perfectly taken care of my swap, I like everything, thanks!!! ^_^
Response: Awe. Thank you very much!! I'm so glad you liked everything!! And thanks for the great rating! :) Bye. ^v^
catcrazy rated for Etsy Promo Swap on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: Thank you for your business flyers. I will get them all passed out for you. I checked out your store and I love your items. Thanks for being in the swap!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for checking out my shop too. :)
bookwyrmm rated for Vampire Paperback Book Swap on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: I have not read this but have heard it is great. Thanks for the teas and the nice letter.
Response: You are very welcome. It got to you super fast!! Which is great. Well, have fun reading. Bye. ^v^
ThinkingofBlue rated for Spooky Halloween Card Swap on Nov 13, 2010
Comment: Very creative card! Thanks!
Response: You're welcome. ^v^
AngelFaeryKathleen rated for My favourite poem swap on Nov 5, 2010
Comment: Thank you for 2 great poems, I love them both and the Love poem I read to my DH on Valentines day. I love the way you enclosed them. Sorry it has taken me so long to rate, hugs :-) DH = Dear husband
Response: You're very welcome! I'm not sure what a DH is, but I'm glad you liked them. And don't worry about the late rate. Bye ^v^
Emilydaydream rated for Spooky Halloween Card Swap on Oct 31, 2010
Comment: Nice work! That rhyme sets me back too :) xx
Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. ^v^
paperfairys rated for Spooky Halloween Card Swap on Oct 28, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the halloween card and stickers :) * HAPPY HALLOWEEN *
Response: You're welcome. ^v^

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Jeepers on Nov 21, 2010:

Thank you for the cute ghost sticker sack from the Etsy Addicts WTA #4! I love it!

KellyS on Oct 19, 2010:

Thanks so much for the WTA#2 prize!! That candy is so freakin cute and yummy! I only have a few pieces left :( Sorry for the late thanks, just wanted to let you know I really appreciated it all!!!

alexalgebra on Oct 15, 2010:

I don't want to overcommit myself anymore than I already am, BUT if no one has angeled it by like December (I'm doing Nanowrimo in November, so I'm trying to get everything tied up by then), I'll totally do it for you!

alexalgebra on Oct 11, 2010:

Thanks! LOL I'm emo that you don't like emo :(((( Has anyone angeled the Luigi swap for you?

Laurenbujo on Sep 13, 2010:

I just posted a new ATC swap in the Horror Fans United group! Please Come check it out! sign up by Sept 30th!!

estromberg on Sep 1, 2010:

Thanks for the loads of beads you got me for the Etsy Addicts WTA #1!! I'm off to make some dog collars!!

doublesided on Aug 20, 2010:

Thank you times a million for the great sheets you sent me for my Etsy tag - you went above and beyond and are a star!! Im delighted to have had you tag me! Thanks again xx

elocina on Jun 16, 2010:

I didn't forget. I'll put it the book in tomorrow's mail.

Lieve on Jun 7, 2010:

Oh no...! I just realized that I messed up in the lip balm swap, I only sent one! Of course, I am going to send you the required second one as well, even tough you rated me that 5 I actually didn't deserve. But now I'll make sure I deserve it anyway ;-)

Candyn29 on May 31, 2010:


Wonderful Swapper Award!

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