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I can't buy THAT here Swap

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I can't buy THAT here Swap
Swap Coordinator:viv1972 (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:94
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:October 11, 2010
Date items must be sent by:October 25, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

In my many travels, it is always fun to learn of cultures and things that are so easy to buy where I live, may be exotic to someone in another county. Like how Japan has Blueberry Kit Kats, I cant get that here. In Australia Kool Aid and Lawyer's seasoned salt is hard to find, in Europe they don't have Peeps and Hershey's are not popular, in Canada it's hard to get Nips. For this swap you will give your partner something that is easy to get where you live but would be hard to find where they live. It can be Salt water Taffy if you live in Atlantic City or Mango Jam if you live in India. It does not even have to be food. Please read you partners profiles or comments and message them if you have any questions. It should be a $5 minimum (you can spend more) with shipping being additional. You can send 1 item or several small item (like candies). You will have (1) partner. It is possible you will not get someone overseas.... you may get someone in your own country. In this case - try to send something unique from your own area. Like I know in Minnesota Wild Rice is sold in stores and easy to find, where you cannot find it easily at all in Georgia.

You must have a rating of 4.8 or higher to join this swap. No 3's or 1's within the last 6 months and only active swappers please. Swap is international - so, you may have to send overseas or you could receive from overseas.

I ask that you send your swap within 2 weeks of partner's being assigned. You may use the discussion thread to list ideas of things you like - but, I strongly encourage everyone to check profiles before buying and mailing a parcel to your partner. It should be alot of fun and who knows what might arrive in your mailbox! :)

If you have any questions - please ask.


janeengland 09/10/2010 #

those kit kats look gorgeous, can anybody get hold of unusual kit kats if so would you be intrested in doing a private swap with me?

Carolinev237 09/10/2010 #

What a good idea for a swap! On my watchlist - blueberry kitkats yum!! x

VampiraGirl 09/10/2010 #

I love these swaps!!! I'm not sure what I have to offer but I am able to get my hands on some items from Mexico. I'll watch this one for now. ^v^

vintervila 09/10/2010 #

would it be OK if it isn't a multinational brand? I mean, may I send out an item which brand isn't known abroad, or something local?

EllyScissorhands 09/10/2010 #

i'm in diet so please no sweet things for me ç___ç

A127 09/10/2010 #

Suprise me with something Lucious!

viv1972 09/10/2010 #

You may send 'local' items or multi-national brands. If anyone from Japan joins and gets me as a partner - I would love a Blueberry Kit Kat. Smile. All wonderful candies or foods (non-spicy) would be fantastic.

nlgrudis 09/10/2010 #

Be sure to check what items are allowed to be sent to your partner. I know some countries will not allow seeds, feathers and such. Also, can we send Non-food items like things made by local craftsmen or craft items like washi tape from Japan, etc.?

papercrafter23 09/10/2010 #

I have some great ideas that are local to Colorado for this swap! Joining now!

iLoveMail 09/11/2010 #

I love this idea! To my future partner - please feel free to PM me with your request! I'm near Boston, MA in the US, but also have access to CA or AZ products!! (Will join closer to the deadline.)

viv1972 09/11/2010 #

You may send non-food items, but PLEASE see what your partner likes. If they like/want food - try to send food - if they want other things - that is ok. too. I hope this makes sense to everyone. It is for items you cannot get where you live from food to misc. = however, the biggest factor is your partner once partners are assigned. CHECK PROFILES. I strongly encourage you to look at your partner's profile before deciding what to send.

showniez 09/12/2010 #

This sounds interesting. I will join :)

ladonnatwinmom 09/13/2010 #

i will join as its closer n would love chocolate! lol

Unmutual 09/16/2010 #

Marvellous swap! I can't commit to sending something potentially big, but oh! What I'd give for a box of "Lucky Charms" cereal...

happyhaylee3 09/28/2010 #

Awesome idea! To my future swap partner, I'd prefer getting something other than food. :) Thanks!

happyhaylee3 09/28/2010 #

Another thing.. how exactly do you join the swap? haha sorry I'm new. :)

viv1972 09/30/2010 #

HappyHaylee - you join after you are rated from another swap with a good rating. Maybe join a quick postcard swap - send the cards as described - and once rated, you can join this swap :)

terrimamma 10/ 1/2010 #

i cant wait for this swap! i can think of a few things unique to my area that i wouldlove to share:)

FiWebster 10/ 2/2010 #

On this other swap it says we're allowed to send dead cats. Are we allowed to send dead cats in this one? I need to know right away.

craftyvox 10/ 2/2010 #

Awesome idea for a swap!

mauiwahine 10/ 2/2010 #

Are there coconut m&ms in other states besides Hawaii?

ObsessedAngel 10/ 3/2010 #

We have the coconut m&ms in Minnesota.

coleenfranks 10/ 3/2010 #

For my future partner, I have a dream list on my profile of small items (not food) I can't get here. That would be awesome to get an item from that list. No scrapbook shops in Ukraine.

hbanana 10/ 4/2010 #

i would SOO love coconut M&Ms haha

BeautifulMess 10/ 4/2010 #

Hershey are sold in Miss Selfridges for those in the UK :)

BeautifulMess 10/ 4/2010 #

Land O Lakes Hazelnut hot chocolate and Gypsy Raspberry grey earl are things I can't get here. my boyfriend is very fond of Peanut M&MS which again can't getr in the UK.

iloveletters 10/ 4/2010 #

I always have a US friend sending me butterfingers to Germany as we cannot get them here. I love the idea of this swap and will join.

teemnis 10/ 4/2010 #

Ok, there are no real foodie items here that I can share, asides from local honey or tea. But we have some lovely crafts, and they all go to a good cause. If I were to make a wish list, then Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Reese Peanut Butter cups, from Holland, the salted black licorice. And hey, that blueberry KitKat looks awesome! ;)

happysaz133 10/ 4/2010 #

There's so many things the UK misses out on...only red kitkats here, at least where I am. Only brown and yellow M&M's, I'd love to try peanut butter M&M's and other flavours. Anything really! I would definately prefer food items, as other things wouldn't be kept.

Mamasch 10/ 4/2010 #

what about shirts or bags from local places? is that a good idea or would most people not prefer that?

stitchsleuth 10/ 4/2010 #

If I have a European partner, I would love another packet or two or box of Nescafe Latte Macchiato. You just pour hot water on it, stir and drink. Otherwise, I love all things Cadbury and we can only get the bars here. Irridescent Czech beads are high on the list. Also coffee and black teas.

scrapkween 10/ 4/2010 #

Id prefer non food related items, =)

joyohjoy 10/ 5/2010 #

I'd love a surprise !

starrycat 10/ 5/2010 #

Sounds fun. I love to travel internationally and my profile either does or will contain more info on some things internationally that i would like. I do perfer food/tea over anything else unless you're from japan...see my profile for more info ;) I would kill though for a bottle of Fanta melon soda...which you can only find in Japan if that's even possible to be sent in the mail.

porpie5 10/ 5/2010 #

Chocolate would be great, but I know postage is an issue, so anything from your area would be wonderful!

viv1972 10/ 5/2010 #

A t-shirt or a bag from somewhere is fine, but the only issue for a t-shirt would be size as everyone is a different size or shape. Some people do prefer food items. I guess if in doubt, simply check with your partner once assigned. I don't think anyone would be offended if asked their preferences for this swap and then everyone stays happy. I strongly encourage everyone to look at your partners profile and also read comments here before choosing an item to send.

viv1972 10/ 5/2010 #

melusina - how rude!! I hope you were being funny. Of course we are not going to send dead animals for this swap or any other swap. Yikes!

jmjelde 10/ 5/2010 #

I've got allergies to nuts, but otherwise, did you know spam comes in FLAVORS?

A Hawaii person

TheNyxie 10/ 5/2010 #

Oooh, definitely want to join this. I'm always excited to get food and candy and stuff from other countries! There are some import stores I can hit up sometimes, but they're kind of pricy and out of the way.

I'll have to think long and hard about whether there is anything super interesting that is unique to California. Hmmm.

IiPuska 10/ 6/2010 #

i was thinking whats spesial my county and came up whit vodka, salty licourice and raideer meat :D . well we do have some nice candy here too and its likely to be rare :)

alicaurusrex 10/ 6/2010 #

Ooh yes please! I'm a candy obsessive! Only something vegetarian please (any candy with gelatine in I will give to my little brother, so that's fine). In the UK there's loads of candy that we can't get, so I'd love to try anything unusual or hard to find :)

kaydee 10/ 6/2010 #

No teas or coffees. Other than that surprise me!

viv1972 10/ 6/2010 #

It is the senders option what to send - food item - drink item - clothing/cloth item - ect - but, please please please folks - contact your partners if you are in doubt what to send to ensure we have a smooth swap and try to honor preferences - although, you do not have to send exactly what your partner wants. I think it will be ultra fun and successful, though. Just use good common sense guidelines. :)

allthisbeauty 10/ 6/2010 #

I would love to get candy, food, snacks. :)

I'm in Maryland and I can get a lot of Pennsylvania things too. PA is famous for their snack foods, especially pretzels and chips and Amish stuff.. Martin's, Utz, Snyder's, Middleswarth, Herr's, shoo fly pie, birch beer, Wolfgang candy, of course Hershey's.

I'm not sure what is Maryland local.. uhh Old Bay seasoning? lol

nlgrudis 10/ 6/2010 #

@allthisbeauty = I am from the Eastern Shore of Delaware & Maryland, been in Indiana for 10 years. You could send Dolley's salt water taffy or carmel popcorn. Scrapple would be great for me but way to exspensive to ship (I have done it).

Non food - crab malette or other Maryland Crab collectables?

nlgrudis 10/ 6/2010 #

Twix has a new flavor!! Think it's called Latte, I will check if anyone is interested. It is very Yummy, if you like coffee.

papercaper 10/ 6/2010 #

Considering joining this once I get some other swaps sent off (my list is long), but I just wanted to chime in and assure you, @viv1972 that @melusina was not being serious! I'm actually really surprised you thought she might've been. :D I love cats to death (oops) and didn't think her comment was rude - rather, I found it highly amusing! (Did you click the link she provided?) And I'm one of those people who, if I hadn't got married, would be a crazy cat lady, so I can assure you nothing about REAL dead cats would amuse me either. :0

iggygirl 10/ 7/2010 #

Oh mango jam sound yummy

viv1972 10/ 7/2010 #

@papercaper - no, I guess I would assume no one was serious about sending a dead animal for any swap. But, not so much for myself - but, in general - humor and personality types vary MAJORLY so I simply wanted to reinforce the basic premise here - it is a friendly swap (not to shock or offend anyone). Her comment might be funny to some or shocking to others. Do you see what I mean?! Everyone is different. So, I have nothing against @melusina Smile. Just keeping a grin myself and also - to anyone (maybe overseas going - HUH?!) - just supporting this was indeed a joke and words can be easily misunderstood. You are both welcome to join this swap. It is going to be a good one! I know it :)

heidiling 10/ 7/2010 #

i would love to receive some sort of candy, chocolate or food. I am addicted to sweet things:)

InFlorida 10/ 7/2010 #

What a great idea! I live in Miami so I have tons of options to send out. Yay!

Falkentraum 10/ 7/2010 #

I really love the idea. There are lot of things i didn´t get in Austria, and i think there are also things you can+t get in usa. :( But I am new, and so i can´t join the swap :(

Jadelynn 10/ 7/2010 #

I joined the swap after reading in the profile it would be about food. I don't really understand why people ask for non-foods things in a food swap. So I'll drop. If anyone'll like a swap with me (foods!) please, contact me! I am from Belgium.

nlgrudis 10/ 9/2010 #

That new flavor of Twix in the USA is called "Twix Java". Very yummy if you are a coffee drinker.

EcoGoth 10/10/2010 #

Feel free to send me any food related items. I'm not picky. :-)

lysandr 10/10/2010 #

I would love some candy, or local crafts - something useable. Fo eg. Folk craft or specialty candy :D

Bloempje666 10/10/2010 #

Whoa!!! What a great swap!!! I just read all the comments and updated my profile with the stuff mentiond here while I can't buy it in The Netherlands. If my partner can't buy those either, please mail me some suggestions or surprise me with something we don't have here.

For the one I'll sent to: i have Nescafe Latte in all kind of flavours here (I see someone ask, I can also do a private swap if you like) ) and all the other Dutch candy: boterbabbelaars (butterycandy), liquorice (salt and sweet), pepernoten (sorry, no translation here), marzipanballs coated in chocolate, M&M crunchy, hopjes (coffee candy)... Well that's what I can think of :) If my partner has a preference, please let me know!


Fittzwm 10/10/2010 #

Cool idea for a swap - I will touch base with my partners once they are assigned!

shexshay 10/10/2010 #

Sounds like a great swap! Too bad i am maxed out on my swaps!:(

ObsessedAngel 10/11/2010 #

My fiance and I love milk chocolate, hard candy, soft candy. etc.

emilybee123 10/11/2010 #

This is a great swap! I'll contact my partner after assigned if they'd like particulars. If from the US though, I really miss candy corn and composition notebooks (the plain B&W one, as simple as it gets). They don't make notebooks that size here :) Only if possible, of course.

provadia 10/11/2010 #

Awesome, I'm in:) I love to try new teas, chocolate and candy of course! Thanks in advance!

daarhon 10/11/2010 #

I'm from Russia so I probably will find something unique ;)

KarinaWorninger 10/11/2010 #

i am from Denmark. would love to join but wonder if wee have something that you cant get other places.

LeishaCamden 10/11/2010 #

If my partner is American, then DON'T send me any Hershey's chocolate. There's a reason why that stuff isn't popular ... ;-)

LygiaKarla 10/11/2010 #

I'm from Brazil. Please DON"T send me Hershey's either! I'll put a list of what I want on my profile. I'll accept anything, specially chocolate and candy ^^ And I'll send a box of marvelous chocolat Garoto or Cacau Show! Yummy! (Question: Kopenhagen chocolat shop exists out of Brazil??)

cinderella730 10/12/2010 #

I am in USA... near Charlotte, North Carolina. there are lots of wonderful things local to this area i love swaps like this.

and I don't really know too much of what's out there, so I don't really have a specific WISH list from other places... other than yarn... I LOVE yarn from around the world.. just not acrylic.

i also enjoy making bento... and it's so hard to find great supplies around here.

beads are another favorite of mine... I love making jewelry.

i like some food items.... but, please nothing too sweet.

happymilk 10/12/2010 #

Awesome! I would love some chocolate and candy that is limited to that particular country, as well as anything else that represents the country (for example, I would get something koala or kangaroo related as I'm from Australia). Please, no Reese's, Hershey or anything Tootsie related... We can get those here in Australia although it is a bit expensive as it's imported from the US.

Please nothing orange or lemon flavoured (unless they're included in a range of different flavours as you see with Starburst chews, etc.), and please nothing with nuts and fruit in it - Australian customs is very strict about nuts and fruit - and no Turkish delight.

Thank you, can't wait to receive mine!

heidiling 10/12/2010 #

i would love some sort of candy or chocolate. especially something unike from another country.

happysaz133 10/12/2010 #

I can only get Reeces PB cups here, so would appreciate other Reeces items! :)

viv1972 10/12/2010 #

Partners are now assigned. Please contact your partner to send to or receive from now for additional requests. Please do not leave anymore comments here regarding requests as they may not be seen. This is a fun swap. Let's not be too demanding of our partners.

burntbao 10/12/2010 #

Yay! I would love to get Kinder Bueno Bars! Those are fantastic! I love Chocolate, please no common chocolate like Hershey's.

reauk 10/13/2010 #

DON'T send me any Hershey's chocolate. i dont like it. id like chocolate strawberrys or maybe some jam id like to try bananna jam lol never heard of it here lol or if not food something for my son he eminem crazy thanks.

viv1972 10/13/2010 #

PLEASE NO FURTHER REQUESTS HERE - partners are assigned. Direct further questions or requests specifically to your partner to send to or partner to receive from!! Thank you.

Any additional requests here will be deleted. Likely people are not looking here for requests anymore as partners are assigned.

Also - please do not be specific to what to send. You may request. But, this is just a fun swap. Thanks everyone for understanding.

kirstykai 10/21/2010 #

Darn I missed this. There are so many foods I miss not living in my home country at the moment. For 2 months I have been craving Minstrels chocolate and oranges Twix. If anyone wants to do a private swap give me a shout

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