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NOTE: See very bottom for a quick summary of what I like if you don't wanna read the whole profile! :) I know it's a book!

what I pledged

RATING: I pledge to rate as soon as I can get online after receiving your item/s so if I didn't rate it means I didn't receive the item so please get in touch with me if you sent it.

HEARTS: Some folks give hearts for everything, some very, very sparingly. I am somewhere in between. I give hearts more times than not if I feel that it's deserved. If I can tell you've read my profile and attempted to give me something I'd like - I normally give a heart. If you go above and beyond, I give hearts. If you don't get a heart from me, that doesn't mean I didn't like what you sent. It just means that you did exactly what the swap asked you to, and I didn't notice any super special things with it.

TAGS: I send my tags within two weeks of being tagged/tagging someone.

FLAKING? I WILL NOT FLAKE so if you don't get my item and it says it's been sent please contact me!

I take my ratings very seriously as many do on swap-bot, I've earned my good rating through hard work over years, and if I have to resend a dozen times before it arrives to you I will (I hope that never happens!!).

I am an honest person and I expect you to be honest to me. I WILL ALWAYS RESEND!!

So please contact me before rating me low, I will do whatever possible to make it up if my package does not arrive after I've sent it. I cherish my 5.0 and do not wish to see it tarnished by 1's or 3's!

HOSTING: I take hosting a swap very seriously, and if my swap rules aren't followed or you are on my flaker/pot. flaker list, you will be banned. I will always tell you why and it is NOT PERSONAL. I am just VERY protective and I want my swaps to be as safe as possible.

SENDING: Most of my mail goes out of my mailbox, or from the hardware store mini-post office. I live in a small community (West Columbia) , an area outside our capital (Columbia) . Please keep that in mind before you accuse me of sending days after I mark sent. I mark sent when that package or postcard goes in my mailbox. My mail service is haphazard when it comes. Sometimes, it takes my mail that day. Sometimes, it takes it the next day. Sometimes, it gets processed the day after that. So please, please, please if you are going to be a stickler for checking the postal mark to make sure it got sent on the VERY same day....take that into account for me, and for many, many other people on swap-bot. And, relax. If it gets to you in a timely fashion, does it REALLY matter if the stamped date and send date are one or two days different??

Taken Autumn 2012

My name is Pamela and I'm a 45 year old disabled mother of two sons (Josiah 19, Hudson 17), and I live in the beautiful state of South Carolina in the southern USA. I have lived here since the early 80's. I love to garden, especially growing herbs and flowers.

I feel that I am a survivor, and a stronger person now than I ever have been. I suffer from something called fibromyalgia, as well as a few other illnesses (including depression, borderline personality disorder, diabetes, anemia and CFIDS - yikes!) that make everyday life hard and cause me to get sick very easy from a low immune system, so I really feel like art is a great ESCAPE for me.

I am currently disabled, but I try very hard not to let that get me down. Encouraging quotes and notes are very meaningful to me in that regard. I really love things from Miguel Ruiz, he's very encouraging and eye-opening. I also collect pretty stones, there's something calming and centering about stones such as moonstone, rose quartz, tiger's eye, mookaite... I'd love one that you've blessed in some way. One of my favorites is HERKIMER DIAMOND.

Meet Jet, my labrador! She smiles.

I have lots of pets - Jet Flash, my chocolate labrador. She's getting old and only has one eye now, but she is the sweetest thing ever and a dear friend. We also have a rescue dog, her name's Lilith (Lili) she's a mix but has lab in her. And I have a sweet yet ornery black cat with beautiful yellow eyes named Ember. In November 2016 I finally got the pygmy goats I've been wanting for years, Heathcliff and Munson.


I enjoy many types of art, and dabble in various artistic pursuits but I do love photography. All the personal photography on my profile is by me!

Taken Spring 2013, Tybee Island near Savannah, GA

Taken Autumn 2012

I am interested in jewelry making and ATC's - Artist Trading Cards. I had been doing trades on deviantart.com and posted in craigslist for swaps and someone kindly told me about this web site many years ago, so I thank them!

Some of my ATC's and Inchies

I also really love postcards, and am also on postcrossing under the same moniker "druideye". I love all sorts of postcards, but vintage, pinup, nature, waterfalls, portraits are all some of my favs.

Taken in Maggie Valley, NC June 2013

I love nature, it is where I find the divine. I especially adore flowers, waterscapes, the mountains, and I also enjoy visiting cemeteries and taking pictures of tombstones. I am a huge fan of celtic art, and my favorite piece of celtic art is the triskele, very important to druids. Knotwork is extremely pretty. I also have a large collection of stamps and enjoy them as well, I'm trying to get my kids interested in it.

This is a triskele.

I would like to start making more steampunk jewelry and ATC's, so if you have any old clocks, gears, hands- I'd be glad to have them! I love clocks, and am interested in time travel theories. Allons-y!

Books, Movies, Music, TV

My favorite author is Holly Lisle and my favorites from her are the Secret Texts trilogy. I prefer fantasy and science fiction to anything else. Though I have to say that I love Wuthering Heights, and am a huge Emily Dickinson fan - her poetry is inspiring and I also like Ogden Nash's poetry. I enjoyed reading the C.S. Lewis "Narnia" books as a child. I like mysteries too like Agatha Christie. I have a huge collection of Dragonlance books, but I haven't read them all. Wrinkle in Time series, Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis...I would be open to new fantasy/sci fi books so any lists of authors are appreciated, as are sci fi/fantasy books you want to pass on. A wonderful friend of mine got me a Kindle so I'm loving being able to use it to read.

Emily Dickinson ATC I made

MOVIES My favorite actress is Grace Kelly, and my favorite actors are Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Stewart. I also like Marilyn Monroe. My favorite movie is THE FOUNTAIN and I love ANYTHING that has to do with that movie! I also really enjoy the Matrix movies, Star Wars, Blade, Pan's Labyrinth, Constantine, Dogma, Mirrormask, Underworld, Narnia, the Golden Compass, Stardust, Dracula, V for Vendetta, Princess Bride, Fifth Element, Stigmata, Gone with the Wind, Dark City, The Birdcage, Sin City, Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, X-Men, Mamma Mia, Across the Universe....

TELEVISION I used to watch Doctor Who when I was younger and I loved it, Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor, that shows my age huh!? I love Westworld, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, criminal investigation shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS etc. I like Arrow. Warehouse 13. I used to watch Frasier, Firefly, Monk, Alias, The Dollhouse... before they were cancelled.

I love watching things like "Make me a Supermodel" and "The Fashion Show" and "RuPaul's Drag Race". The IT Crowd makes me laugh.

MUSIC I love a lot of different music, but some of my favorites of all favorites are U2 (Bullet the Blue Sky is my all time fav), Sting, Counting Crows, Tool, Fiction Plane, Muse, Yes, Kamelot and NIGHTWISH! I also love Epica and tons of other "wizard rock" as my husband calls it. And I'm a huge fan of Lana del Rey, the Queen.


I also like such things as the Cruxshadows, The Beatles, Dido, James Taylor, Nirvana, Earthsuit, Flogging Molly, Glassjaw, Civil Twilight, Billy Idol, Family Force Five, A Perfect Circle, 2 Skinnee J's, God Lives Underwater, AFI, Crossfade, Death Cab for Cutie, Bella Morte, Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Baumer, Villanova, Guns n Roses...I like Big Band, bluegrass, folk music, celtic, punk,alt rock, classic rock and lots more! Eclectic!

If I had to pick a FAV singer though I'd say Sting for male - he's just really an excellent song writer even if you don't like his style; and Bono is one of the people I definitely consider a hero. For female I'd really have to pick Lana del Rey. There's just something about her that has caught me fast and held me tight. I love her style.

Lana del Rey

POSTCARDS Trees, Nature, Flowers, Fashion, Vintage, Butterflies, Keys, Stonehenge, Pyramids, Egypt, Hydrangeas, Roses, Sunflowers, Frank Lloyd Wright, Interesting Landscapes, Pamukkale Turkey, Gothic/Dark, Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Waterfalls, Caves, Clocks, Old Advertisements, Modern Art, Alphonse Mucha Paintings, Cemeteries, Statuary, Mountains, Waterscapes, Old Hollywood, Non-touristy Art, Doctor Who, Cute Animals, Black and White, Stained Glass, Castles & Manors (inside and out), Pagan

The ZAZZLE Question: I like zazzle postcards. Zazzle as a company makes A+++ Quality Postcards. Sure, I've gotten a few that weren't great (but when they aren't great it's the error of the person posting NOT Zazzle) but overall they are prettier and more "Non-touristy" than I get from the local gas station or truck stop. So if a swap says no zazzle I will never rate you down for sending me a zazzle card. Please, though, make sure you don't stretch or cut off the graphics when you make zazzles! Zazzle as a whole is excellent quality, it is the USER that gives zazzle a bad name. Watch when you create, don't stretch graphics, make sure everything is inside the dotted lines.

Some of my Favorite Things

GENERAL FAVS Some of my favorite things are gravestones, trees, nature, silver, flowers, fashion, poetry (writing and reading), italian pottery, chinese coins, butterflies, dragonflies, keys, stone circles, sacred stones, healing crystals, ankhs, anything egyptian...a glance at my postcard loves would also tell you what sorta things I like!

Taken in Savannah, GA April 2013.

I love traveling, both around the US and overseas. I've been to Germany, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt and always interested in those cultures both current and ancient. Especially the pyramids of Egypt, as I was able to go inside one of them and it's special to me. I also like Native American culture and mythos as I have several Native Americans in my ancestry. I recently discovered the Irish heritage in my family (McClure) came from Ballymena.

Taken at Looking Glass Falls, June 2013

I love stamp collecting (started in the 80's as a kid). Dreamcatchers are cool. I'm interested in celtic culture and knotwork. I love the triskele. I'm way into druidic things. I love great quotes. I like runes, and I like tarot themed things (but my husband doesn't like me to have actual tarot cards in the house - ATC's would be fine). My fav tarot card is "Temperance". Ravens are interesting to me. I like world deities, Mercury is a favorite. Some would describe me as "mercurial". I love anything related to The Morrigan.

I LOVE pin-up style, retro, vintage, rockabilly. I love vintage photos and postcards. I like vintage nudes as well, especially with great poses to recreate with my photography.

I love watercolors but I can't draw for the life of me. I love hydrangeas, orchids, sunflowers, lavender, roses, and daisies. I'm into dragons, nymphs, elves, mages, angels, demons, vampires.. Dungeons and Dragons style. My favorite number is "21". I'm a video gaming momma and love Diablo 3 at the moment.

Taken at a Civil War Reenactment.

JEWELRY I love anything made with rose quartz, and turquoise, and jet and would be over the moon if I got something with herkimer diamond. I prefer medium to long length necklaces. I don't wear rings at all except my wedding ring, my fingers swell badly. I like bracelets, and I have a charm bracelet that I like silver-tone charms for. I like jewelry that has to do with world religions, or celtic knots. I love trees in my jewelry. Earrings are great, make sure the hook part is allergy sensitive or white gold. I don't wear ANY gold-tone jewelry.

COLORS I like the colors black, blue, dark purple, brown and red. Red is my favorite color, though, any shade the darker the better. My kitchen walls are brick red. My bedroom walls are a nice soft brown. My office walls are an orangy/yellow.

GEMSTONES/HEALING CRYSTALS I really like healing stones and crystals of all kinds, but my favorite of all are rose quartz & moonstone. A few other favs are turquoise (my birthstone), coral (red, my fav color), clear quartz, tiger's eye and snowflake obsidian. I like geodes and mineral slices. I like mother of pearl. I'm all about herkimer diamonds.

THEMES Themes I enjoy are "peace", "love", "hope", "nature", "music", "quotes", "wine", "gothic", "photography", "vintage", "death", "alternative"... I love pressed flowers, and I'd love to have some pressed flower stickers. My kitchen is themed "wine" and "Mediterranean/Italian".

Graveyard on SC's Coast

ANIMALS Butterflies, big dogs such as labrador retrievers, pandas (My son loves them), big and little cats, and swans are my favorite. I have a special love for doves, mainly because of how they represent "peace", and I love love love ravens/blackbirds. Monkeys make me laugh. Goats do too. Monkeys riding goats is an instant ♥♥♥.

FOOD and DRINK I LOVE Chai Tea. It's my all time favorite. Iced, hot, anyway I can get it. I also like other teas, and being a Southerner am a big fan of iced sweet tea. Darjeeling is great, and I like mint teas hot. I LOVE flowering teas - you know the wrapped up ones that open up into a flower in your teapot!

I own a Keurig machine, so K-Cups would be a godsend! I especially like flavored coffees, dark rich coffees, chai, and hot chocolate.

Chicken is my favorite meat dish, I also make a lot of things with ground turkey. I would enjoy pasta sauce recipes, as well as Mediterranean and Greek foods and recipes, and Lebanese recipes. My family loves hummus and baba-ganoush. I love a spice called "za'atar". I grow rosemary and basil, and one of my favorite spices in the whole wide world is herbs de provence! It has lavender in it!

We also like chinese food. I once made homemade wonton soup for my grandmother's old country church and while I was in service a nice old lady got the "lumps" out of my soup for me HAHA! I'll never forget that, I was so upset as I'd made the wontons from scratch.

My husband and children love Twizzlers, my husband's fav is Jujyfruits.

MY HUSBAND'S LIKES - for the swaps where this matters (I'm not trying to get you to send him something, it's for husband swaps!!!)--- - Jujyfruit candy - any type of rock n roll / musician biography - 80's metal cd's (like Anthrax, Megadeth, etc) - fruit flavored gum - Hershey's chocolate - World's Finest Chocolate - He likes things from the thrift store and is looking for the following: tuxedo shirt (XXL), cool vests to wear in his band (XXL), ties (for tall man - he's 6'7"). - anything to do with drums - ATC's made just for him - protein/ health food bars (like Clif but healthier) - any back issues of Modern Drummer (magazine)

What I Collect

I have collected stamps since I was a child in the 80's, but I haven't actively been collecting lately. I collect teapots and teacups and saucers. I like Italian themed things for my kitchen, or wine themed things. I've been collecting pretty corked bottles as of late.

I tend to collect books as well, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I collect ATC's, and would love to get into inchies.

More of my ATC's

I like Martha Stewart magazines, and foodie magazines, I also have a big collection of the now-defunct magazine "Dragon" from Paizo Publishing which is a dungeons and dragon themed mag, if you have any you'd like to send my way i'd be eternally grateful!!

I want to start collecting vintage photographs, including pin-ups and nudies, as I have been working on taking these kind of photos myself. I want to recreate that style so I'm trying to find as many as I can for inspiration.

I also collect gemstones and crystals, sometimes using them in my jewelry and ATC's. So no matter their size I like them, even tiny chips can be incorporated into my art or used in my mini-bottles.

I like celtic crosses, Jerusalem crosses and ankhs.

I like sea glass! Blue, green mostly.

NOTE: I don't expect you to buy me anything off my wishpot list, it's just there for ideas of things that I like, same with my Amazon wishlist.


These are just some of the things I really don't care much for or don't collect:

  • cutesy stuff, kawaii stuff
  • Hello Kitty and other things similar
  • bright schoolbus yellow (saffron/mustard is fine)
  • Japanese culture (except postcards are fine)
  • contemporary country music
  • rap, r&b music
  • wheat
  • pecans
  • anime
  • "chick flicks"
  • satanic/demonic horror
  • comedies (husband likes them though)
  • gold jewelry
  • rings
  • camels (disgusting!)
  • churchy "christian" things
  • anything scented
  • romance novels

I am pagan, so I do enjoy a lot of different pagan books.

Banishing the Darkness

I'M ALLERGIC to most scents, so please no scented cards, letters, perfumes, lotions, soaps, etc. Some scents like rosemary, peppermint, etc I can handle in small doses. So feel free to ask before you send. There are some scents at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab I LOVE, though so if you wrap it in plastic I can always see if I can handle it. BPAL is a fav.

I'm also allergic to CIGARETTE SMOKE so nothing that smells like cigs, it gives me a migraine - if you are a smoker in your home, you might not be able to tell your stuff smells but it probably does. I don't know how much stuff we had to throw in the trash from my grandmother growing up because she smoked in her house for decades and she'd send me packages. :( Sorry. Even food can taste like smoke if it sits around a smoker.

My Swaps & Flakers

My Swaps I have been hosting the P.S. Write Back Swaps for a very long time now, over 2 years! Others have started hosting them too, it seems, and that's perfectly fine. I just ask that you come up with your own name for the swap!

Flakers Here's my new flaker list, these are for 2012 onward. I decided to not list for years before that, it is too long! If anyone wants to be a kind soul and angel any of them, let me know!

-Merry Christmas USA Card Swap (2013) - Flaked by @forsara

-JAPC 15 - Sender's Choice - Flaked by @tinkerbell1982

-Private PC Swap - Flaked by @sassyinspringfield

-ATC: Gone with the Wind - Flaked by @shaundadixon

My P.S. Write Back Flakers @bb @hellokimmie @crystaljo330

Quick Summary!

If you don't want to read my entire profile, here's a short list of things I really like and would love to have sent to me!

  • empty bottles, such as from spices
  • corks from wine bottles, I craft with them
  • sea glass
  • any scrapbooking materials even scraps
  • cool paper
  • vintage ephemera like old book pages, postcards, receipts, magazine pages, tickets
  • old photos, even if you print them out from the 'net. black and white is the best.
  • modern ephemera is great too, esp in other languages than English
  • chai tea
  • flowering/blooming tea
  • any tea really! Esp no caffeine
  • K-Cups for my Keurig (coffee, tea or cocoa)
  • ATC's done with any of my themes
  • ATC blanks
  • encouraging quotes
  • anything nature themed
  • anything ancient cultures esp. Greek/Egyptian
  • flowers esp hydrangea, daisy, lotus
  • gothic / alt / pinup stuff
  • colors: red, blue, orange, black, brown, green
  • vintage postcards / pictures esp pin-up & nude
  • healing crystals
  • gluten-free recipes
  • chicken recipes
  • Mediterranean recipes
  • dried pumpkin seeds
  • candy and chocolate - sour gummy worms, sweettarts
  • Nutrageous bars
  • silver toned jewelry (no rings)
  • The Fountain stuff - fav movie
  • cross shaped charms esp. celtic or ankh
  • poetry
  • sci fi and fantasy themes
  • celtic / druidic / pagan themes
  • postcards (envie or naked)
  • time, clocks, gears, clock hands (steampunk)
  • bits of cloth for making dotee dolls
  • SCRABBLE tiles and Dominos
  • Tarot themed esp. Temperance
  • 1 inch pinback buttons
  • keys, older the better. LOVE old skeleton keys.
  • Buxom lip gloss - so addicted.
  • cute baby animals
  • Zazzle Cards
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps

Taken on a visit to Angel Oak

Allergies/Sensitive to: • cigarette smoke • perfumed items / scents except BPAL • pecans • wheat


Response: This swap is from 2015, 7 years ago. Are you 100% sure you didn't receive this swap?? Unfortunately, it's been too long and I can't remember, but my track record is pretty good so I'm disconcerted at being rated a 1 for something so long ago.
Comment: Than you for your lovely photo of the salt marsh. Sorry I't taken 8 years to rate you.
gmasusie rated for Christmas Card Fun - #15 Noel - USA on Jan 22, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the card. So sorry for being slow in rating you.
Comment: Thank you for the interesting pc of Lee and Jackson conferring in their winter tent.
kristenita rated for Zazzle PC Swap #14- US Only on Jan 2, 2016
Comment: Very cool photo from your gypsy photo shoot- it sounds like a fun day in your backyard!
tatntole rated for Zazzle PC Swap #14- US Only on Jan 2, 2016
Comment: I love the autumn picture, well done. Thank you.
goinjenny rated for Zazzle PC Swap #14- US Only on Dec 30, 2015
Comment: Thank you
millie52 rated for Christmas Card Fun - #15 Noel - USA on Dec 22, 2015
Comment: Thank you.
GrammaSherry rated for Another Christmas Card Swap on Dec 18, 2015
lastivka rated for Photography Passion on Dec 18, 2015
Comment: So many awesome photos! And thank you for DA link :)
mellyrose89 rated for Photography Passion on Dec 17, 2015
Comment: Great photos!!
marles rated for Send 3 Christmas Cards on Dec 17, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card!!
Response: Happy Holidays!
watercolorgirl rated for Send 3 Christmas Cards on Dec 16, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the funny card. It made me smile. Happy Holidays.
Response: Happy Holidays to you as well!
Rcinderella7 rated for Send 3 Christmas Cards on Dec 14, 2015
Response: Happy Holidays!
Karen07 rated for Winter Solstice Postcard Swap on Dec 14, 2015
Comment: Thanks so much! I love the card you sent and it was a pleasure to read about how you celebrate.
Response: Thank you and have a wonderful solstice!
Stellaerrans rated for Photography Passion on Dec 12, 2015
Comment: Gorgeous pictures!!
Response: Thank you!
hollowfyre rated for I♥PC Holiday Postcard on Dec 12, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful PC! Happy Holidays!
Response: Happy Holidays!
KSENiA rated for Totally Inappropriate Postcard on Dec 11, 2015
Comment: Nice card, he-he-he! Thank you.
Rattie rated for Magazine Article and A Cup of Tea on Dec 9, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much - I love the tea!! :)

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Merry Christmas ♥


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Happy New Year and wishing you many blessings in 2016! Susie

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Hi, I am inviting people in groups that might be relevant to my PC Swap. I also have a USA only one. Please join if you like. If not, that's cool too. :D Have a great new year, Chinese and American alike!

anrtist on Oct 9, 2015:

Praying for you and yours and all affected by the flooding!

Blessings! cc

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Thank you so very much for angeling the pick a theme postcard swap! I love the postcard. Thank you for your kindness!

BTim on Jun 21, 2015:

Happy Solstice!


by Petritap, via Wikimedia Commons


from Anders Dahlberg’s Instagram

Stonehenge Midsummer Sunset

Stonehenge Midsummer Sunset by Stonehenge Stone Circle, on Flickr

Breggie81 on Jun 18, 2015:

APDG-Summer Solstice

anrtist on Jun 16, 2015:

June 21 is SUMMER SOLSTICE ;-)
This is our celebration with the
APDG ~ Summer Solstice Swap,
The Definition:
sum·mer sol·stice
the solstice that marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day, about June 21 in the northern hemisphere and December 22 in the southern hemisphere.

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK to 15 very interesting facts about SOLSTICE that I HOPE you will enjoy!
That article is so interesting and I was happy to find this graphic after reading the significance of Stonehenge. I have a friend named David who grew up there and says they climbed all over those stones growing up and played there, can you imagine that?

I like this sun ART so much! I collect sea shells and luv the beach so this one reaally caught my eye! I hope you enjoy it too ;-)

I like this art too.... I hope you like the "Variety" of SUN Graphics I tried to share ;-) Blessings, cc

anrtist on Jun 6, 2015:

WELCOME to the APDGroup! ;-) Please feel free to host some swaps & Join in all you will Enjoy! ;-) We try to keep a good variety and more host = that! ;-) Come in the group and play & visit & learn & inform too ;-)

I hope you Enjoy the group as much as I do! Blessings, cc

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