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Aug 21, 2015

Just updated my list of state map PCs. Lacking 2 states, Mississippi and North Dakota. I am joining state maps swap in hopes of completing the list.

Summer is wrapping up and school is starting. I'll be volunteering at the Early Childhood Center with pre K. Should be a interesting and fun school year.

Nov. 8, 2014

I took a break from Swap-bot for numerous reasons but I missed swaping. I missed opening my mailbox to lots of mail and I missed the joy of sending out cards and PCs so I decided to start again. I want to be able to send out Christmas cards to all the good swappers out there. I did last year and got great pleasure doing so.

January 24,2014

This month has not been easy for me. My Mom passed on the 18th after suffering a stroke. I was with her until the end. Now I need to get on with my life. I know that it won't be easy but I have the love of my family and friends to get me through. So swapbot friends I will get caught up on my ratings and start joining swaps again.

My precious little great grandson has had two of a series of six casts put on for his club feet. He is dealing with them quite well, poor little guy.

January13, 2014

Please bear with me. I know I have swaps that need rating it might be a while before I get around to them. My Mom has had a stroke and I have spent most of the past week in the ER, in hospital rooms and now I am sitting in a nursing home where I will be spending days and nights with her. I don't want her to be alone. I have one swap that I need to send out and after that I wouldn't be joining any for a while.

Dec. 13, 2013 I'm not going to Florida this year for Christmas. I'm a little disappointed but there are things( or should I say people ) here at home that need me to be here. My first great-grand-son was born on Dec.8. He has some problems so I thought it best I be here for support to my granddaughter and my daughter. He weighed in at 6lb.1oz. so that's good news.But still we have to deal with physical problems with his legs and feet. Prayers would be great from any and all.

Then there's my 92 yr.old mom. She fell Tues. Dec 10 didn't break anything but is pretty banged up. On Thurs. Dec. 12 she was found slumped over in her chair by a CNA so off again to spend more time in ER. Dr. not sure what happened but it is sure a worry.

Then there is my daughter that had hip surgrey. She has needed me to drive her to Dr. appointments and Physical Therapy.

Life has been crazy to say the least.

Oct 21, 2013 Well here it is over half way thru Oct and I'm finally updating my profile. I didn't meet all my summer time goals of watching every movie I own but now I got winter coming on so I'll try then to see if I watch them all. It just seems lots of things come along like friends calling to say "Let's do lunch" or "What about a game of cards tonight". So off I go. Not enough time in a day to do everything. I started back volunteering at school. This year I'm working with two 1st grade classes and two 3rd grade classes. What Fun !

Update : July 30

I would like to explain my 3 rating. It is for a swap that my partner, Alisha Kostiuk ( megankayden ) did not receive her envie so she just rated me a 1 without any communication. So I PMed her and we PMed back and forth with her being very unreasonable. I resent and decided to take a 3 and just deal with it.

Update: May 30

Spending my time fighting an ailing computer. It seems to do its own thing. Kicks off without a moments notice. Then I lose everyting that I've been doing. So bear with me if I'm slow to rate.

I'm a mother of 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren,2 teen-age girls and a 6 year old boy. They are my pride and joy. I volunteer at the local elementry school. .I love children and enjoy being around them. So many of the children where I volunteer are in need of a hug and words of encouragement. I gladly offer them. I teach Sunday School to the pre-K class. I believe in recycling I want to leave the planet in the best condition I can. I enjoy the outdoors. I now live in an apatment so my gardening has come to an end. I'm a bargain shopper. Saving money is a way of life and it is a fun hobby. I love to go to garge sales, thrift stores & flea markets. I love to travel. My goal is a trip to Alaska, a cruise trip would be awesome. I go to Florida at least 2 times a year to visit my grandson and oh don't forget my daughter and son-in-law. My son lives in The Lake of the Ozark, Missouri. I make a trip there often. It is a 4 hour drive for me. My other 2 daughters and families live close by. I am lucky to have my 92 yr old mother still living and fairly healthy. We talk everyday.

Favorite Music

I enjoy country music. The songs by the Zac Brown Band are some of my favorite. I also like the oldies, 50's & 60's & ABBA Songs.

Favorite Books

My favorite books are:

The Help,

Gone With the Wind

Little Women.

I enjoy books by Debbie McComber ( read the whole Blossom Street Series & The Cedar Cove Series ) Susan Wiggs loved her Lakeshore Chronicles.Beverly Lewis and other authors that write about the Amish. Histoical fiction and Christian themed novels are high on my list.I also enjoy reading John Grisham & Nicholas Sparks.

I like reading Dr. Suess to the students when they come in the library. Harold & the Purple Crayon and When You Take a Mouse to School are fun.

I read every night before turning out the light.

Favorite Movies

The Help

Mama Mia

Gone With the Wind

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Legally Blonde 1 & 2

Sweet Home Alabama

Sleepless in Seattle

When Harry Met Sally all movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

I also love Sandra Bullock Movies.

Cary Grant Movies

Favorite Television

Andy Griffith,

The Dick Van Dyke Show,

Everybody Loves Raymond,

and most recently Parenthood.

I don't watch alot of TV. Most things on are not worth wasting my time with.

Favorite Crafts

Sewing, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Baking. My granddaughters love me to stop by with a surprise baked good. Most requested by them are a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and Puppy Chow. My Grandson lives in Florida so he doesn't get the treats delivered to the door. I try to bake something when I'm down there visiting. I like to embroider. I never learned how to knit or crochet and not sure if I want to. I'm in charge of the costumes at my church. We put on The Live Nativty at Christmas and an Easter Production and various things in between. It is a huge responsibility but I enjoy it.

My Likes

My favorite colors are red, yellow and blue. I love cats especaily white ones with blue eyes. Fall is my favorite season. The leaves are all in such a full display of color. I don't like Halloween, it is my least favorite holiday. Christmas being the holiday I like best. I say it can snow on Chhristmas Eve and stay on the ground until school starts back up. That way the kids can play out in it until tiheir little hearts content. The first snow of the season is always so beautiful. But then bring on Spring. I guess I'm not big on the winter months.

I could wander around a book store or library forever. So many books So little time. I also get lost in the greeting card isle at the store. I want to read them all and then buy them.

As I wrote above "I love children''

I love to cook, bake, and EAT. I bake surprise treats for my family. Family gatherings are important to me. Playing games and lots of laughter.



Apples to Apples,

Pharse 10,

Skip Bo

I like to go to Trivia Games in my community. It's a fun evening and a way to give to a good cause.

I LOVE : These are not in order of likes, just as they came to mind:

Lady Bugs


Country Theme

Norman Rockwell Paintings

Debbie Mumm

Mary Engelbreit

Gooseberry Patch

Precious Moments



Note Cards

Cards (store bought or hand made)

Wrapping Paper





Smiley Faces

Gingham Fabric




Chocolate YUM YUM YUM !!!!!!

Scented Candles ( vanilla ,cinnamon )

MY Grandson is into : Courious George & Spiderman

My Granddaughter is into: Hello Kitty,

I have joined a lot of postcard swaps since I came on swap-bot. I have recieved so many and they are all different. I had no idea what there was to offer out there. It had been years since I even bought a postcard. It's hard to say which ones I like best. I have some of state maps. So I think I want to collect all 50. Here is a list of the states I have:

     1.  Alabama ( 3 ) 

     2.  Alaksa ( 3 )

     3.  Arizona ( 6 )

     4. Arkansas  ( 3 )

     5. California ( 9 )

     6. Colorado  ( 3 )

     7. Connecticut  ( 1 )

     8. Delaware    ( 2 )

     9. Florida   (9 ) 

    10. Georigia   ( 4 )

    11. Hawaii    ( 3 )

    12. Idaho    ( 2 )

    13. Illinois   ( 5 )

    14. Indiana   ( 3 )

    15. Iowa   ( 2 )

    16. Kansas   ( 4 )

    17. Kentucky   ( 5 )

    18. Louisiana  ( 3 )

    19. Maine    ( 2 )

    20. Maryland  ( 2 )

    21. Massachusetts  (   4 )

    22. Michigan   ( 2 )

    23. Minnesota   ( 3 )

    24. Mississippi

    25. Missouri   ( 4 )

    26. Montana   ( 1 )

    27. Nebraska  ( 2 )

    28. Nevada   ( 2 )

    29. New Hampshire  ( 1 )

    30. New Jersey   (  3 )

    31. New Mexico   ( 3 )

    32. New York   ( 3 )

    33. North Carolina  ( 3 )

    34. North Dakota 

    35. Ohio   ( 3 )

    36. Oklahoma  (  4 )

    37. Oregon   ( 2 )

    38. Pennsylvania  ( 2 )

    39. Rhode Island    ( 1 ) 

    40.  South Carilina  ( 2 )

    41. South Dakota   ( 1 )

    42. Tennessee   ( 3 )

    43. Texas  ( 6 )

    44. Utah  ( 5 )

    45. Vermont  ( 2 )

    46. Virginia   ( 5 )

    47. Washington  ( 4 )

    48. West Virginia  ( 3 )

    49. Wisconsin  (  4 )

    50. Wyoming  ( 1 )

          Washington  DC   ( 2 )

I will give a star for any state map so I can collect them all.

I also like postcards with birds

I don't have the Illinois state bird, the Cardinal. I have one from Virginia with the Cardinal on it, that doesn't count or the other states with it on it. And again the first one that says Illinois state bird on it gets a star. I have PCs with the state birds of Nebraska, The Western Meadowlark and Texas, The Mockingbird.

I like to add to my bird collection. I want PCs with birds set in the wild (outdoors). Although I would gladly accept any with birds on them.

My Dislikes

Things I dislike : These are not listed in order of dislikes. Just as I stated above, as they came to mind.

War related items


Tattos ( temporary or permanent ),

Rap music,




Twilight Series,

I don't wear a lot of make-up or jewerly or perfume

Foods I dislike :

Black Licorice

Lima Beans

Buffalo Hot Wings

Hot Tea

I don't need any knick-knacks. I have limited space in my apartment. What I have sitting around has special meaning to me. I don't need things that collect a lot of dust as I really do not like dusting. Housework is not high on my to do list. I'd rather spend my time being creative, reading or just having fun.


Comment: Thanks for the cute puppies! We always have a small gathering for Thanksgiving since we don't have much family here. But my kids are coming home, and that's pretty much all the matters to me!
millie52 rated for ♥ We Love Christmas Cards ♥ on Nov 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you. And, yes, I’ll try to keep count on my side. There’s something about your card and envelope that my dog likes. I sat it down beside me and Gracie came up to see what it was and she tried to slowly and quietly run off with it, but I took it from her before she got away.
Comment: You've been busy baking! Wow!
Comment: On the plus side, this weather is GREAT for baking, right? :) Thanks for the recipe!
Comment: This year I'll be helping my mom cook for the holiday. I can't believe it's almost here!
Comment: Thank you! Cute card!
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much Susan for the sweet notecard and lovely extras. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! :)
Candace rated for *MEGA* Happy Little Notecards #13 on Nov 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the recipe, wish I had a bit of talent with cooking or baking!
nsciambi rated for Dogs & Puppies postcard - US only on Nov 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you! My Thanksgiving is going to be very low key - just my husband and me. And no Black Friday shopping for me, unless I do it from my desk at work.
Comment: Such a pretty thank you card! I like the memos you sent too! Thanks for sharing what you're thankful for! Happy T-day!
squince rated for Flower-theme Postcard - US only on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: I work all holidays -- so they don't mean much to me! :D
Comment: Thanks for the neat balloon card! I have been up twice but not in one like that.
NiniJae rated for Christmas cards on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and tags. Have a lovely Christmas.
MarHelene rated for Christmas cards on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: Heh, a bad Santa cat!
Comment: Thank you for the nice card and the recipe, I will have to try it, it sounds delicious. Happy Holidays
Comment: Thank you, cloudy, windy, 45 degrees today at noon.
stiffneck78 rated for Thanksgiving Cards x 2 on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute card! Congratulations on the newest edition to your family. Glad she is doing well. Thanks for the memo sheets as well. Can't seem to have enough of those these days. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Fabriqueen rated for Thanksgiving Cards x 2 on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely card and the note papers! Happy Fall! Hugs, Diane

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Wishing you a Merry CHRISTmas!

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